*FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, January 26th 2012* Contact: OccupyUMB@Gmail.

com - 508-868-8670 School administration served an eviction notice to the ongoing, four day occupation of the University of Massachusetts Boston Campus Center *Monday, January 23rd, School Administration Serves Occupy UMass Boston Eviction Notice* For four days Occupy UMass Boston has built a community based on the political idea that public higher education should run on the principles of transparency, democratic decisionmaking, accessible public higher education, and protection for the rights of students, staff, and faculty. Tonight the University of Massachusetts - Boston's administration served us with an eviction notice stating we are not permitted to stay past the 11pm normal hours of operation and we would only be allowed to continue our protest within the confines of a free speech zone that is not in sight or sound of the majority of the campus community who we are trying to engage with. The administrations tactic leading up to tonight has been a refusal to communicate or acknowledge our grievances and needs as a coalition of students, staff, and faculty. Occupy UMass Boston sees this as a direct political attack, orchestrated by the university administration, on our right to free speech and assembly. The administration is attempting to distance itself from the serious issues that our movement continues to discuss during this occupation. Occupy UMass Boston continues to maintain its commitment to democratic values and nonviolent peaceful opposition to the privatization of public higher education. "Education is a right, now a privilege" "Education for the 99%" "UMass for the Working Class" Official website: www.occupyumassboston.org Facebook: www.facebook.com/OccupyUMB Twitter: @OccupyUMB Youtube: youtube.com/occupyUMassBoston

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