This is to determine your availability for work during the Garden next year and to also confirm a few

key pieces of key information I need to write the roster etc. It is important you fill this out correctly as it will be entered into an automated database, and please read this e-mail carefully. We will have shifts available pretty much all the time all week so even if you think the time you are unavailable may not be relevant just let me know anyway. At the bottom of this e-mail there is a list of days. Please type your availability next to those days. To make things easier, please use the following codes for each day. AND PLEASE USE 24 HOUR TIME! FOR EXAMPLE: Available all day: 0001>close Only available til 5pm: >1700 Only available after 7pm: 1900> Available all day except you have an appointment from 11-1pm: >1100-1300> Not available that day: NA So, for example, some of your times might look like this: Monday Feb 26 : 900>1700-2100> Tuesday Feb 27 : 1100 >1700 Wednesday Feb 28 : 1200> This means to me, that you are available from 9am until 5pm on Monday and then after 9pm again until close, 11am until 5pm on Tuesday, and from midday until close on Wednesday.

Please fill in the times below.

Name: Mitch Lloyd Please confirm your phone number: 0424432896 T shirt size : Large Do you have a Forklift licence?: No Do you have any other licences?: driving licence Is there any reason you may not be able to do heavy lifting?: No Do you have experience in making cocktails? No FEB 7th Tues 8th Wed 9th Thu 10th Fri 11th Sat 12th Sun 13th Mon 14th Tue 15th Wed 16th Thu 17th Fri 18th Sat 19th Sun 20th Mon 21st Tue 22nd Wed 23rd Thu 24h Fri 25th Sat 26th Sun 27th Mon 28th Tue 29th Wed MARCH Thu 1st :NA Fri 2nd : 1700>close rd Sat 3 :0001>close Sun 4th :0001>close th Mon 5 : 1700>close Tue 6th :NA th Wed 7 : 1700>close Thu 8th : 1700>close Fri 9th : 1700>close Sat 10th :0001>close :0001>close :0001>close :0001>1630-2200> :0001>close :0001>close :0001>close :0001>1630-2200> :0001>close :0001>1700 : 0001>1630-2200> :1700>close :0001>close :NA : 2200> :0001>close :NA : 0001>1630-2200> :0001> close :NA :0001>close :1700>close : 1700>close : 1700>close .

Sun 11th Mon 12th Tue 13th Wed 14th Thu 15th Fri 16th Sat 17th Sun 18th Mon 19th Tue 20th Wed 21st Thu 22nd Fri 23rd Sat 24th Sun 25th :0001>close : NA : 1700>close :NA : 1700>close : 1700>close : 0001>close : 0001>close :NA : 1700>close : 1700>close : 1700>close : 1700>close : 0001>close : 0001>close .