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Self Determination Assignment Presentation-ppt

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Published by: Danielle Chemello on Jan 27, 2012
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Our Classroom¶s Goals

Miss Chemello¶s Classroom

Classroom Rules
Each classroom member will respect each other and their belongings. Each student will raise their hand for a chance to speak. Everyone will walk quietly in the halls.

Now Let¶s Think of More!

Academic Goals
All students will turn in assignments on time. All students will complete assignments individually (unless otherwise stated) and to the best of their ability. All students will participate in class.

Now Let¶s Think of More!

Goals For Yourself
Homework: Think of 2 or 3 academic goals that you can accomplish this quarter. Think of 2 personal goals about anything else that can be accomplished. These can be sports related, family or friends related. Anything! Begin to think of ideas of how to accomplish these goals.

Tomorrow We Will Discuss:

How to reach these goals!

What Can I Do?
Goal: I want to swim 3 seconds faster in my event at next month¶s swim meet. I need you to help me think of three ways I can accomplish this goal!!

For Tomorrow:
Homework: Have 3 ways to accomplish each of your goals. Tomorrow, we will talk about how to reflect on working towards each of your goals.

Sample Journal Entry For Personal Goals
I have the conference swim meet coming up in a month so I have to practice really hard so that I can swim the fastest I have ever swam. Right now I can swim 50 yards in 30.29 seconds but my goal is to go 29.99 seconds or faster. My coach told me that I could do it if I eat well, get lots of rest, and come to every practice. I have been doing all of these things in order to reach this goal. (10/24/11)

Sample Journal Entry For Academic Goals
This week, I chose to study extra hard for the upcoming science test. I knew that I needed to do well on this test because I did not do too well on the last test. I need to do well in school so that I can move on to the 5th grade. If I do not, I will have to repeat 4th grade. I would not want to do that. (10/24/11)

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