ALL I WANT Db Gb I hear You whispering my name, a wind that stirs my soul Db Ebm7 And when I hear that

voice, I don t know how I got so cold Db Gb Though this distance is my fear, the fuel of brokenness and doubt Db Ebm7 I know how much I need You, God, and so my restless heart cries out CHORUS Db You re all I want Ebm7 You re all I want Db Gb You re all I want x2


Db Gb Even when I feel so far, when the feeling fades away Db Ebm7 Even when the clouds roll in and I cannot see the way Db Gb Even though my life exposed shows betrayals of Your love Db Ebm7 These words are written on my heart, from the lies they rise above CHORUS BRIDGE Bbm Dbmaj7 Fm - Gb Oh Lord, my God You ve set me free And when all this falls away You ll hold onto me

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