Indian Entrepreneurs

Indian entrepreneurs are making waves all across the world. Indian business firms are making acquisitions abroad and spreading their tentacles in various corners of the world. Indian Entrepreneurs have proved all doomsday prophecies wrong and on the contrary have flourished under globalisation. Here is a brief profile of famous Indian entrepreneurs.

Dhirubhai Ambani JRD Tata Jamsetji Tata Adi Godrej Anil Ambani Dr. K. Anji Reddy Azim Premji Bhai Mohan Singh B.M. Munjal Ekta Kapoor Ghanshyam Das Birla Karsanbhai Patel Kiran Mazumdar Shaw K.P. Singh Kumar Mangalam Birla Lalit Suri M.S. Oberoi Mukesh Ambani Nandan Nilekani Kasturbhai Lalbhai S.L. Kirloskar A.M. Naik Analjit Singh Anand Mahindra Biki Oberoi Captain Gopinath Chanda Kochhar Deepak Parekh Harish Manwani

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Dhirubhai Ambani Biography
Born: December 28, 1932 Died: July 6, 2002 Achievements: Dhiru Bhai Ambani built India's largest private sector company. Created an equity cult in the Indian capital market. Reliance is the first Indian company to feature in Forbes 500 list Dhirubhai Ambani was the most enterprising Indian entrepreneur. His life journey is reminiscent of the rags to riches story. He is remembered as the one who rewrote Indian corporate history and built a truly global corporate group. Dhirubhai Ambani alias Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani was born on December 28, 1932, at Chorwad, Gujarat, into a Modh family. His father was a school teacher. Dhirubhai Ambani started his entrepreneurial career by selling "bhajias" to pilgrims in Mount Girnar over the weekends. After doing his matriculation at the age of 16, Dhirubhai moved to Aden, Yemen. He worked there as a gas-station attendant, and as a clerk in an oil company. He returned to India in 1958 with Rs 50,000 and set up a textile trading company. Assisted by his two sons, Mukesh and Anil, Dhiru Bhai Ambani built India's largest private sector company, Reliance India Limited, from a scratch. Over time his business has diversified into a core specialisation in petrochemicals with additional interests in telecommunications, information technology, energy, power, retail, textiles, infrastructure services, capital markets, and logistics. Dhirubhai Ambani is credited with shaping India's equity culture, attracting millions of retail investors in a market till then dominated by financial institutions. Dhirubhai revolutionised capital markets. From nothing, he generated billions of rupees in wealth for those who put their trust in his companies. His efforts helped create an 'equity cult' in the Indian capital market. With innovative instruments like the convertible debenture, Reliance quickly became a favorite of the stock market in the 1980s. In 1992, Reliance became the first Indian company to raise money in global markets, its high credit-taking in international markets limited only by India's sovereign rating. Reliance also became the first Indian company to feature in Forbes 500 list. Dhirubhai Ambani was named the Indian Entrepreneur of the 20th Century by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). A poll conducted by The Times of India in 2000 voted him "greatest creator of wealth in the century". Dhirubhai Ambani died on July 6, 2002, at Mumbai.

JRD Tata Biography
Born: July 29, 1904 Died: on November 29, 1993 Achievements: He had the honor of being India's first pilot; was Chairman of Tata & Sons for 50 years; launched Air India International as India's first international airline; received Bharat Ratna in 1992. JRD Tata was one of the most enterprising Indian entrepreneurs. He was a pioneer aviator and built one of the largest industrial houses of India. JRD Tata was born on July 29, 1904 in Paris. His mother was a French, while his father was Parsi. JRD's full name was Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata and he was popularly known as Jeh to his friends. JRD's father Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata and Sri Jamsetji Tata shared their greatness from the same great-great-grandfather, Ervad Jamsheed Tata, a priest of Navsari. JRD Tata was the second of four children. He was educated in France, Japan and England before being drafted into the French army for a mandatory one-year period. JRD wanted to extend his service in the forces but destiny had something else in store for him. By leaving the French army JRD's life was saved because shortly thereafter, the regiment in which he served was totally wiped out during an expedition in Morocco. JRD Tata joined Tata & Sons as an unpaid apprentice in 1925. He has great interest in flying. On February 10, 1929, JRD became the first Indian to pass the pilot's examination. With this distinctive honor of being India's first pilot, he was instrumental in giving wings to India by building Tata Airlines, which ultimately became Air India. His passion for flying was fulfilled with the formation of the Tata Aviation Service in 1932. In 1938, at the age of 34, JRD was elected Chairman of Tata & Sons making him the head of the largest industrial group in India. He started with 14 enterprises under his leadership and half a century later on July 26, 1988, when he left , Tata & Sons was a conglomerate of 95 enterprises which they either started or in which they had controlling interest. JRD was the trustee of Sir Dorabji Tata Trust from its inception in 1932, which remained under his wings for over half a century. Under his guidance, this Trust established Asia's first cancer hospital, the Tata Memorial Center for Cancer, Research and Treatment, Bombay, 1941. It also founded the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, 1936 (TISS), the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, 1945 (TIFR), and the National Center for Performing Arts. In 1948, JRD Tata launched Air India International as India's first international airline. In 1953, the Indian Government appointed JRD as Chairman of Air-India and a director on the Board of Indian Airlines-a position JRD retained for 25-years. For his crowning achievements in Aviation, JRD was bestowed with the title of Honorary Air Commodore of India. In 1956, JRD Tata initiated a program of closer "employee association with management" to give workers a stronger voice in the affairs of the company. He firmly believed in employee welfare and espoused the principles of an eight-hour working day, free medical aid, workers' provident scheme, and workmen's accident compensation schemes, which were later, adopted as statutory requirements in India. JRD Tata cared greatly for his workers. In 1979, Tata Steel instituted a new practice; a worker is deemed to be "at work" from the moment he leaves home for work till he returns home from work. The company is financially liable to the worker if any mishap takes place on the way to and from work. Tata Steel Township was also selected as a UN Global Compact City because of the quality of life, conditions of sanitation, roads and welfare that were offered by Tata Steel. JRD Tata received a number of awards. He received the Padma Vibhushan in 1957 on the eve of silver jubilee of Air India. He also received the Guggenheim Medal for aviation in 1988. In 1992, because of his selfless humanitarian endeavors, JRD Tata was awarded India's highest civilian honor, the Bharat Ratna-one of the rarest instances in which this award was granted during a person's lifetime. In the same year, JRD Tata was also bestowed with the United Nations Population Award for his crusading endeavors towards initiating and successfully implementing the family planning movement in India, much before it became an official government policy. JRD Tata died in Geneva, Switzerland on November 29, 1993 at the age of 89. On his death, the Indian Parliament was adjourned in his memory-an honor not usually given to persons who are not Members of Parliament.

However. China and several parts of the Middle East. Jamsetji Tata founded the vast industrial empire that has received an identity today all over the world. Nevertheless. The Empress Mill set up in Nagpur in 1874 brought Jamsetji Tata huge amounts of money. It was Jamsetji Tata who appealed to the Japanese Steam Navigation Company to reduce freight charges. Entrepreneur Nationality: Indian Whenever we think of the name Jamsetji Tata. Jamsetji Tata was the son of Nusserwanji Tata. 1904 Occupation: Industrialist. but also in Japan and China. The mills were largely established to satisfy Jamsetji Tata's business acumen. Jamsetji Tata took up trading at a very early age of 14. office there. a factor which was largely diminishing his profits. however. following which Jamsetji Tata gradually acquired and established several cotton mills of his own. 1839 Born In: Navsari. Career As A Businessman Though Jamestji Tata started off working ever since he was 14. after which he started a trading company of his own. was to establish an Indian Bank in London. The name of the mill was so inspired after Queen Victoria became the Empress Of India. therefore it was quite natural that he chose to be a businessman very early in his life. office in Hong Kong was the beginning of the expansion of the Tata empire throughout Asia and the first step towards the creation of Tata & Sons. a time when he was still studying. but were thereafter sold off by Jamsetji Tata for a higher sum of money. proved highly unsuccessful for the Tatas because it was not a favorable time for the banking sector. were a part of the companies owned by Jamsetji Tata. Gujarat. Jamsetji Tata did emerge successful in reducing freight charges and thereby increasing profits for . Jamsetji Tata belonged to a trading family and business ran in his blood. like medical facilities for the sick and for women with children. Nusserwanji Tata started off as a small trader. Along with his wife Jeevanbai Tata. Following the huge business success in Asia. the future business tycoon got married at the tender age of sixteen to the ten year old Hirabai Daboo. India Died On: May 19. Nusserwanji Tata had moved out of his family to carry on his passion of business in Bombay. little did anybody know that Jamsetji Tata would be successful in redefining the concept of industries in India and would be listed in the pages of history as the 'Father of Indian Industry'! Early Life Born as Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata on March 3. there were Tata offices not only in Hong Kong. Jamsetji Tata remained in Hong Kong for the next four years. accident compensations and on the job training. The Tata companies were then also known to provide the best working atmosphere for its workers. Jamsetji Tata now traveled to Europe. we think of the expansive Tata Group of companies which continue to rule the industrial world of India till today. Eventually. The Tata companies in India and all over Asia faced huge monetary loss after the failure of the establishment of the Indian bank. Part of Jamsetji Tata's aims in visiting England. Korea. where he was known as such a bright student that the principal decided to refund Jamsetji Tata's fees once he completed his degree. It was a turbulent time to step into business as the Indian Rebellion of 1857 had just been suppressed by the British government. This project. He became actively involved in his father's export business at a time when the business scenario in India was far from prosperous. Though it was for the benefit for the entire nation. The mills made large amounts of profit. apart from increasing the number of contacts for his father's export business based in India. but unlike in Asia. provision of pensions. Policies which were unheard of during those times. Later Stages of Career Jamsetji Tata worked with his father until the age of 29. with a financial crisis hitting the markets in several parts of India. his real contribution came only after he had graduated in 1858. he faced with a drawback in the initial stages. but it may be recalled that the Dharamsi cotton mill which was later renamed to Swadeshi cotton mill kept the nationalistic sentiment in mind and made use of only Indian products. Jamsetji Tata completed his graduation at Elphinstone College in Bombay.Jamsetji Tata Born On: March 3. trying to fulfill and realize his father's dream of setting up a branch of the Tata & Co. By the year 1863. largely because of the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. He graduated from college in 1858 and joined his father's trading firm. Jamsetji Tata made it a point to spend his own money to get the case solved when his demands led to huge upheavals in Japan. Since child marriage was practiced during those days. a work that Jamsetji Tata completed successfully. but nevertheless did quite well. Jamsetji Tata's cotton mills produced cloth which were used in India and also exported to countries of Japan. Jamsetji Tata made it a point to look after the best interests of the workers in Tata & Sons. which had been suppressed by the British Raj and had taken India by storm. particularly promoting the non-use of British raw material. the only businessman in a Parsi family that earned its living as Zoroastrian priests. Nusserwanji Tata sent his son on a trip to Hong Kong in 1859 to expand his business interests there. The establishment of the new Tata & Co. even in the pre-independent era. Just like it is today. This was in the year 1868. 1839.

1858: Joined his father's trade firm. One of the most affluent. In addition. The Tata Group was succeeded by his two sons. 1901: Traveled to Europe and America to receive education on making of steel. Death Jamsetji Tata breathed his last on May 19. a world class hotel. Dorabji Tata and Ratanji Tata. In 1901. His vision was to establish an iron and steel plant. Legacy Post Jamshetji Tata's death. he made it a point to educate himself on the latest technological progress that had taken place over the years all around the world so that he may use it for the betterment of the industries under Tata & Sons. the group boasts of being the founder of projects like Tata Steel. the vision and aim of Jamsetji Tata came to life with time as his family gave wings to each of his dream projects. because of the many facilities that the group has endowed the city with. 1853: He married Hirabai Daboo. the Indian Institute of Science. Business Legacy The cotton mills did satisfy his business acumen. 1904: Died on May 19. 1874: Set up the Empress Mill. 1903: Established the Taj Mahal Hotel. the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and many more. only the second was fulfilled during Jamsetji Tata's lifetime when the Taj Mahal Hotel was established on December 3. such was his contribution that the city of Jamshedpur in Jhakhand is today popularly known as Tatanagar. Today. the Tata Group is today amongst the largest and most respected companies of the world. the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower. Sadly. 1904. .Indian traders. Jamsetji Tata traveled to Europe and America to educate himself on the making of steel. Timeline 1839: Jamsetji Tata was born on March 3. In fact. the Tata Power Company Limited. 1903. but to remain stuck on the production of cloth was not the aim of Jamsetji Tata. prosperous and well-to-do organizations. Jamsetji Tata could not stay alive to realize his dream of establishing an iron and steel plant in India. 1868: Established his first independent company. A pioneer of his field. a learning institution and a hydro electric power project. He was the sole inspiration behind a group that today is one of the biggest industries of not only India but of the world also. Among his four wishes.

Under Adi Godrej's leadership. the Group completed a 10-year restructuring process through which each business became a stand-alone company with a CEO/COO from outside the Godrej family. . Adi Godrej restructured company's policies to meet the challenges of globalisation. The Godrej products were among the first indigenously manufactured products to displace entrenched foreign brands.Adi Godrej was born in a business family.Adi Godrej Profile Achievements: Chairman of Godrej Group Adi Godrej is one of the icons of Indian Industry. . the group is also involved in philanthropic activities. He modernized and systematized management structures and implemented process improvements. Though he planned to study mechanical engineering but he later on switched to management. Adi Godrej joined the family business. it has developed a green business campus in the Vikhroli township of Mumbai. Adi Godrej took the Godrej Group to great height during controlled economy era. the Godrej's were into manufacturing locks and vegetable-based soaps. Godrej is major supporter of the World Wildlife Fund in India. In the early 2000s. After his return to India. Adi Godrej left India at the age of 17 to enroll at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His father's name was Burjorji Godrej and his mother's name was Jai Godrej. He is the chairman of Godrej Group. which includes a 150-acre mangrove forest and a school for the children of company employees. More than a century age. After the liberalization process.

Anil Ambani did his Bachelors in Science from the University of Bombay and Masters in Business Administration The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. convertibles and bonds. In January 1997. 'The Entrepreneur of the Decade Award' by the Bombay Management Association. around US$2 billion from overseas financial markets.Anil Ambani Profile Born: June 4. Anil Ambani has won several awards and honours. He is the Chairman of all listed Group companies. 1959 Achievement: Chairman of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. Starting from 1991. Earlier. He pioneered India Inc's forays into overseas capital markets with international public offerings of global depository receipts. the 100-year Yankee bond issue was launched under his stewardship. Born on June 4. he led Reliance in its efforts to raise. which include: Reliance Communications. Reliance Capital. 'MTV Youth Icon of the Year' in September 2003. But he resigned voluntarily on March 25. 1959. After the split in Reliance Group. Anil Ambani founded Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. He is the Chairman of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. Major among these include: 'CEO of the Year 2004' in the Platts Global Energy Awards. Anil Ambani held the post of Vice Chairman and Managing Director in Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). Anil Ambai was elected as an independent member Rajya Sabha MP in June 2004. Business India in 1997. Anil Ambani joined Reliance in 1983 as Co-Chief Executive Officer. and 'Businessman of the Year Award' by leading Business Magazine. Chosen as the 'CEO of the Year 2004' in the Platts Global Energy Awards and MTV Youth Icon of the Year' in September 2003 Anil Ambani is one of the foremost entrepreneurs of Independent India. . Reliance Energy and Reliance Natural Resources Limited. 2006. before the split in the Reliance Group.

By the end of fiscal year 2005. K. Leadership and thrust on Innovation. Reddy is a serving member of the Prime Minister's Council on Trade & Industry. Dr. for his Entrepreneurship. Anji Reddy is also a philanthropist. He is the founder-Chairman of Dr.Dr. K. Dr. Dr. Anji Reddy is a pioneer in the pharmaceutical research in India and is founder-chairman of Dr Reddy's Group of Companies. Dr. Anji Reddy has received many awards and honors. Reddy's Laboratories transformed Indian bulk drug industry from import-dependent in mid-80s to self-reliant in mid-90s and finally into the export-oriented industry that it is presently. he was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India. K. Awarded with Padma Shri in 2001. Dr. Reddy's became the first company to take up drug discovery research in India and in April 2001 it became the first non-Japanese Asian pharmaceutical company to list on NYSE. leading business magazine Business India voted him Businessman of the Year in 2001. which acts as a catalyst of change to achieve sustainable development. These include Sir PC Ray award (conferred twice. Dr. K. and has been nominated to the Board of National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER). Dr. Dr. K. in 1984 and 1992). Reddy's Laboratories was India's second largest pharmaceutical company and the youngest among its peer group. in 1969. Dr Kallam Anji Reddy did his B. CHEMTECH Foundation bestowed on him the Achiever of the Year award in the year 2000 and the 'Hall of Fame' award in 2005. In 1984. Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations (FAPA)'s FAPA-Ishidate Award for Pharmaceutical Research in 1998. . Government of India. In 1993. Anji Reddy founded Dr. a social arm of Dr.Sc in Pharmaceuticals and Fine chemicals from Bombay University and subsequently completed his PhD in Chemical Engineering from National Chemical Laboratory. Reddy's Laboratories and soon the company established new benchmarks in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry. Reddy's Foundation for Human & Social Development. K. Presently. Anji Reddy Profile Achievements: Founder-chairman of Dr Reddy's Group of Companies. and in 2001. Reddy's. Dr. Pune. Reddy was the founder-Managing Director of Uniloids Ltd from 1976 to 1980 and Standard Organics Limited from 1980 to 1984. Dr. Anji Reddy served in PSU Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited from 1969 to 1975.

hair care soaps. a shareholder doubted Premji's ability to handle business at such a young age and publicly advised him to sell his shareholding and give it to a more mature management. Born on July 24. Today. Azim Premji has several achievements to his credit. Azim Premji was among the 50 richest people in the world from 2001 to 2003 listed by Forbes. baby toiletries. Under Azim Premji's leadership Wipro has metamorphosed from a Rs. lighting products and hydraulic cylinders. Asiaweek magazine. USA when due to the sudden demise of his father. he was called upon to handle the family business. In 2000. ethnic ingredient based toiletries. one of the largest software companies in India. voted Premji among the 20 most powerful men in the world. Azim Premji is Chairman of Wipro Technologies. Times Magazine. He is also the richest Indian for the past several years. .70 million company in hydrogenated cooking fats to a pioneer in providing integrated business. 1945 Achievements: Chairman of Wipro Technologies. Thereafter Premji made a focused shift from soaps to software. Wipro dealt in hydrogenated cooking fats and later diversified to bakery fats. At the first annual general meeting of the company attended by Azeem Premji. Richest Indian for the past several years. In 2005. In April 2004. 1945.Azim Premji Profile Born: July 24. This spurred Azim Premji and made him all the more determined to make Wipro a success story. When Azim Premji occupied the hot seat. technology and process solutions on a global delivery platform. rated him among the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine.Government of India honored Azim Premji with Padma Bhushan. Wipro Technologies is the largest independent R&D service provider in the world. Honored with Padma Bhushan in 2005. He is an icon among Indian businessmen and his success story is a source of inspiration to a number of budding entrepreneurs. Azim Premji took over the reins of family business in 1966 at the age of 21. And the rest is history. Azim Hashim Premji was studying Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Ranbaxy was started by his cousins Ranjit Singh and Gurbax Singh. He established an R&D facility at Mohali and launched one blockbuster pill after the other. Ranbaxy's name was a fusion of Ranjit and Gurbax's names. Bhai Mohan Singh was born on December 30. in 1999 in a boardroom coup of sorts Bhai Mohan Singh was forced to bow down and Parvider took over the company.5 lakh. They were distributors for A. Analjit Singh. His firm bagged a contract to build roads in the North East. He is the founder of pharmaceutical giant Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. For his contribution to the industrial development of Punjab. Bhai Mohan Singh began his business career in the construction business during the Second World War. Awarded with Padma Shri Bhai Mohan Singh can be called as the doyen of pharmaceutical industry in India. Bhai Mohan Singh started business as a moneylender. Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd went public in 1973. Bhai Mohan Singh made his mark in the pharmaceuticals industry in the late 1960s when he launched his first superbrand.Bhai Mohan Singh Profile Born: December 30. a Japanese pharmaceutical company manufacturing vitamins and anti-TB drugs. When Ranbaxy defaulted on a loan. In early 1970s when Indian adopted a regime of process patents in the Bhai Mohan Singh quickly realised that one could make any product in the world through reverse engineering. This broke Bhai Mohan Singh's spirit and he retired from active company affairs. Subsequently. His father Bhai Gyan Chand was a Hindu and his mother Sunder Dai was a Sikh. With liberalisation differences arose between Bhai Mohan Singh and Parvinder Singh over the expansion and professionalisation strategy of Ranbaxy. Bhai Mohan Singh bought the company on August 1. Shionogi. who later on became the company's Managing Director in 1982. Calmpose. Cifran etc. Bhai Mohan Singh also co-founded Max India with his youngest son. 2006. Bhai Mohan Singh was a former vice president of the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) and was awarded the Padma Shri for his contribution in civic matters. 1952. Bhai Mohan Singh collaborated with Italian pharma company Lapetit Spa and later on bought it. he left Rawalpindi and settled down in New Delhi. Calmpose was an imitation of Roche's valium. 1917 Achievement: Founder of pharmaceutical giant Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. the Punjab Goverment had named an Industrial Township near Ropar after Bhai Mohan Singh. such as Roscillin. At this time Bhai Mohan Singh introduced his eldest son Parvinder Singh in the company. He died on March 27. for Rs 2. 1917 in Rawalpindi district. . After Partition. But Roche had not patented it in India.

Honored with Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2001 B. Munjal Profile Achievement: Chairman of the Hero Group. Hero Group is the largest manufacturer of two-wheelers in the world and Brij Mohan Lal Munjal is the man widely credited with its success. The brothers started supplying components to the local bicycle business. the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles. the family was forced to move to Ludhiana. Today.M. In 1956.000 to supplement their own limited capital resources. . He is a first generation entrepreneur who started very small and through sheer hard work and perseverance made it to the top. Satyanand (27) and Om Prakash (16) moved from his birthplace Kamalia in Pakistan to Amritsar. the first Hero Honda motorbike was rolled out.500 units per year. The hero cycle was comparatively cheaper and was sturdy and reliable. Soon Hero Cycles started giving well-established players such as Raleigh. Helped by the Punjab government financing of Rs 600. In 1952 Munjals made a shift from supplying to manufacturing. Today.B. The Munjals slowly spread their bicycle component distribution network in other parts of the country and became one of India's largest bicycle parts suppliers. For his outstanding contribution to the success of Hero Group. the company is the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. Munjal's journey began in 1944 at the age of 20.M. the Punjab state government announced the issue of twelve new industrial licenses to make bicycles in Ludhiana. front forks and chains. In January 1984. The Munjal brothers cashed on this opportunity.M. elicited interest in collaborating with the Hero Group to manufacture motor cycles in India. the Munjals set up Hero Cycles. Munjal (Brij Mohan Lall Munjal) is the Chairman of the Hero Group. They started manufacturing handlebars. The town of Ludhiana was already a major hub of the Indian bicycle business and an important textile center. B. Hind Cycles. An agreement was signed and on 13 April 1985. Dayanand (32). Munjal was honored with Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2001. Hero Cycles was registered as a 'large-scale industrial unit' and it initially produced 7. After partition in 1947. Japan's Honda.M. Brij Mohanlall along with his three brothers. B. and Atlas Cycles a run for their money. It gave the customers value for their money.

Ekta Kapoor can be aptly called as the reigning queen of Indian television industry. For her entrepreneurial skills and achievements Ekta Kapoor was awarded with Ernst & Young (E&Y) Startup Entrepreneur Of The Year award in 2001. Born on June 7. Her company has produced more than 25 serials and each one is being shown. She was not interested in academics and on the advice of her father ventured into TV-serial production at the age of 19. Ekta Kapoor is daughter of former Bollywood superstar Jeetendra and sister of current Bollywood hero Tusshar Kapoor. "Kahin Kisii Roz". Her other famous serials include "Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki". . "Kasamh Se". Today. Her most famous television venture has been "Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi" which began in 2000 and is still leading the TRP ratings in India. The serials produced by her company Balaji Telefilms are a great hit with the masses and are dominating all the major T. Ekta Kapoor's serials have captured the imagination of masses. "Kkusum". 1975. "Kasautii Zindagi Kay". four times a week on different television channels. "Kavyanjali". Ekta Kapoor is the creative director of Balaji Telefilms.Ekta Kapoor Profile Born: June 7. "Kutumb". Awarded with Ernst & Young (E&Y) Startup Entrepreneur Of The Year award in 2001. She broken all previous records of TV serial production and popularity in India. "Kahiin To Hoga". "Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Kaa". Ekta Kapoor did her schooling from Bombay Scottish School and later on joined Mithibai College. channels in India.V. And soon she changed the face of Indian television industry and completely dominated it. "Kalash". 1975 Achievement: Creative Director of Balaji Telefilms. and "Kundali". on an average.

He is also popularly known as the builder of Birla Mandirs. much to the consternation of established European merchants. chemicals. Ghanshyam Das Birla is considered as a doyen of Indian Industry. In 1940s. He was the most important pre-Independence contributor to the Indian National Congress. with an investment of Rs. He also established many temples. He established a cotton mill in Sabzi Mandi. founder of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). Ghanshyam Das Birla died in 1983 at the age of 90. In 1919.Ghanshyam Das Birla Profile Born: April 10. G. and hospitals. G.D. rayon and steel tubes. 1894. His grandfather Shiv Narayan Birla was a traditional marwari moneylender. Ghanshyam Das Birla entered the business arena during the time of First World War. Birla award for scientific Research has been established to encourage scientists for their contribution in the various fields of scientific Research.D. . He also expanded and diversified into cement. and later on established Keshoram Cotton Mills. G. In 1930s. He was the man who laid the foundations of the Birla Empire. Birla. Ghanshyam Das Birla was the founder of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). He was a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi and advised Gandhiji on economic policies. was a native of Pilani. Birla set up Sugar and Paper mills.D. 50 lakhs. Ghanshyam Das Birla also founded several educational institutions. he ventured into the territory of cars and established Hindustan Motors. planetariums. Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS) Pilani has today evolved into one of India's best engineering schools. Ghanshyam Das Birla invested in tea and textiles through a series of acquisitions of erstwhile European companies. He established Birla Jute Mills in Bengal. In his honour. 1894 Achievement: Laid the foundations of the Birla Empire. G. the world's largest jute producing region. Along with cotton mills he diversified to jute business and shifted his base to Calcutta city in Bengal. After independence. Birla was a multi-faceted personality.D. the Birla Brothers Limited was formed and a mill was set up in Gwalior. Born on April 10.

Karsanbhai Patel Profile Achievement: Man behind the hugely successful brand. Patel) came from a humble farmer family from Mehsana. which global detergent giants were later on compelled to emulate. His' is a legendary rags to riches journey during which he shattered established business theories and rewrote new ones. at a third of the prevailing price.13 per kg. it was phosphate free and hence environment friendly. It built up a 30% market share in the premium detergent segment and achieved a greater than 20% share in the premium soaps market. He offered a quality detergent powder. without compromising on the product. Nirma was made of an innovative formulation. After establishing its leadership in economy-priced detergents. The Federation of Association of Small Scale Industries of India. Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel (K. . Nirma. which offered large scale employment. To add to all this. Karsanbhai Patel has won many accolades on his way to success. He worked as Lab Assistant in the Geology and Mining Department of the Government of Gujarat. Nirma. Karsanbhai Patel started door-to-door selling of Nirma and priced it at Rs. at the age of 25. awarded him with the 'Udyog Ratna'. Nirma foray into the premium brand segment. The Gujarat Chamber of Commerce felicitated him as an 'Outstanding Industrialist of the Eighties'. The Govt. New Delhi. Karsanbhai Patel is the man behind the hugely successful brand. It gave the bigger established brands a run for their money and soon occupied the top market share. 3 per kg. Gujarat. Karsanbhai named the detergent powder Nirma after daughter Nirupama. Soaps & Detergents. of India twice appointed him Chairman of the Development Council for Oils. At that time domestic detergent market was limited only to premium segment and was dominated by MNCs. In 1969. The next available cheapest brand in the market at that time was Rs. Karsan Bhai Patel started a small-scale enterprise.K. and the process of manufacturing was labour intensive. in cakes and detergents was equally successful. Karsanbhai notched up one success after another. using indigenous technology. Nirma revolutionized the whole detergent powder segment and in a short span of time created an entirely new market segment in the domestic detergent sector market.

In 1978. 1953 in Bangalore. Felicitated with Padmashri (1989) and Padma Bhushan (2005). 2. Model Employer. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is the recipient of several prestigious awards. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw was born on March 23. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw started her professional career as trainee brewer in Carlton & United Beverages in 1974. Outstanding Citizen. Post-IPO. Today. In 2004. 1953 Achievement: Chairman & Managing Director of Biocon Ltd. etc. After doing completing her B. These include ET Businesswoman of the Year. Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Life Sciences & Healthcare. Leading Exporter. Banks were hesitant to give loan to her as biotechnology was a totally new field at that point of time and she was a woman entrepreneur. Best Woman Entrepreneur. she joined as Trainee Manager with Biocon Biochemicals Limited in Ireland. Biocon's initial operation was to extract an enzyme from papaya. Australia and qualified as a master brewer. she went to Ballarat University in Melbourne. In the same year. in Zoology from Bangalore University in 1973. She had her schooling at Bishop Cotton Girls School and Mount Carmel College at Bangalore. Biocon is recognised as India's pioneering biotech enterprise. with a capital of Rs.000.Sc. India's biggest biotechnology company. Biocon came up with an IPO and the issue was over-subscribed by over 30 times. Technology Pioneer. she became India's richest woman. which was a rare phenomenon. Government of India also felicitated her with Padmashri (1989) and Padma Bhushan (2005). In 2004. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is the Chairman & Managing Director of Biocon Ltd. Under Kiran Mazumdar Shaw's stewardship Biocon transformed from an industrial enzymes company to an integrated biopharmaceutical company with strategic research initiatives.100 crore. .10. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw held close to 40% of the stock of the company and was regarded as India's richest woman with an estimated worth of Rs. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw founded Biocon India in collaboration with Biocon Biochemicals Limited. She initially faced many problems regarding funds for her business.Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Profile Born: March 23.

Singh is also the recipient of the 'Delhi Ratna' Award for his valuable contribution to Delhi.P. Singh is the Chairman of DLF Group and can be christened as the real estate baron of India. Thereafter.P. DLF has 100 million square feet under development in residential. He had the foresight to saw the untapped potential of the place and today Gurgaon is one of the real-estate hotspots of the country. K. Presently. commercial and retail projects all over the country. 1931 Achievement: Chairman of DLF Group. K. Singh promoted another company. Michigan and his family. by British Officers Services Selection Board. 1931 at Bulandshahar in Uttar Pradesh. K. When American Universal Company merged with DLF Universal Limited. After graduating in Science from Meerut College. Willard India Limited in collaboration with ESB inc of Philadelphia for manufacturing automatic and industrial batteries in India and became its Managing Director. Recipient of the 'Delhi Ratna' Award for his valuable contribution to Delhi K. In 1979. He was the President of the ASSOCHAM (Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India) and the PHD Chambers of Commerce & Industry. Kushal Pal Singh also held a number of professional positions in India. Singh was selected to the prestigious Indian Army. Singh joined DLF Universal Limited. In 1960.K. which was then a barren village on the outskirts of Delhi.P. Singh Profile Born: August 15. Singh became the Managing Director of the new company. a joint venture between Universal Electric Company of Owosso. DLF has a strong leadership presence in Indian real estate industry and the company is credited with developing the modern township of Gurgaon.P.P.P.P. K. K. he went to UK to study Aeronautical Engineering. While pursuing engineering in UK.e. K. . K.P. Singh joined American Universal Electric Company. Singh had the vision to buy land in Gurgaon. He joined the Indian Military Academy at Dehradun and was later on commissioned into The Deccan Horse-a renowned cavalry regiment of The Indian Army. UK. i.P. Singh (Kushal Pal Singh) was born on August 15. K.P.

Kumar Mangalam Birla also holds several key positions on various regulatory and professional boards. . changed business strategies. aluminium and fertilisers on the other. 1967. UltraTech Cement.2003 by Business India. Kumar Mangalam Birla took over as Chairman in 1995. Major among them include The Business Leader of the Year (2003) by The Economic Times. Egypt. The group is India's third largest business house. Aditya Birla Nuvo and Idea Cellular. Malaysia. after whom the group is named. apart from consolidating its position in existing businesses. Doubts were raised about his ability to handle a giant business house with interests spanning viscose. Hindalco. Philippines. He is a Chartered Accountant and did his MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from the London Business School. 1967 Achievement: Chairman of the Aditya Birla Group. the Aditya Birla Group. asset management.India in 2005. Canada. and membership of the Central Board of Directors of the Reserve Bank of India. and The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year . Chosen as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year . after sudden demise of his father. Under Kumar Mangalam Birla's leadership. including chairmanship of the advisory committee constituted by the ministry of company affairs for 2006 and 2007. Kumar Mangalam Birla has won several honors. Kumar Mangalam Birla spent the early of his life in Calcutta and Mumbai.Kumar Mangalam Birla Profile Born: June 14. London. at the age of 28. chairmanship of the board of trade reconstituted by the union minister of commerce and industry. China and Australia. Business Man of the Year . also ventured into sunrise sectors like cellular telephony. But Kumar Mangalam proved his skeptics wrong. Born on June 14. professionalised the entire group and replaced internal systems. software and BPO. The group also has its presence in various countries such as Thailand. textiles and garments on the one hand and cement. Indonesia. membership of the prime minister of India's advisory council on trade and industry. Aditya Birla Group's joint ventures include Birla Sun Life (Financial Services) and Birla NGK (Insulators). Kumar Mangalam reduced his group's dependence on the cyclic commodities sectors by entering consumer products. He brought in radical changes. Major companies of Aditya Birla Group in India are Grasim.India in 2005 Kumar Mangalam Birla is the Chairman of the Aditya Birla Group. When Kumar Mangalam Birla assumed the mantle at the Aditya Birla Group. noted industrialist Aditya Birla.

the group has spent Rs 42 crore on a 30-year lease on the former Bangalore Ashok. In the last few years Bharat Hotels has invested Rs 500 crore on its properties in Mumbai and Goa. He commissioned his first hotel in Delhi in 1988. Udaipur and Khajuraho. Ahmedabad. and Jaipur adding 400600 rooms to the Grand chain. Lalit Suri is currently on an expansion mode. Bharat Hotels chain comprises seven hotels which include the flagship InterContinental The Grand in Delhi. Sites for hotels have been identified and negotiated in Amritsar. Since then there has been no looking back. Lalit Suri is an alumnus of St Columbus and Sri Ram College of Commerce. He is the Chairman of the Bharat Hotels chain and is the single-largest hotel owner with over 1600 rooms. Lalit Suri is also an avid traveler and an art lover.Lalit Suri Profile Achievement: Chairman of the Bharat Hotels chain and the single largest hotel owner. and a further Rs 40 crore on renovations. Ahmedabad and Jaipur. Srinagar. In the first phase hotels will be constructed in Amritsar. Bangalore. Presently. he is also a Rajya Sabha MP. Lalit Suri was trained as an automobile engineer and started his career manufacturing vehicle bodies. while the next phase in Chennai. and six Grand hotels in Mumbai. Lalit Suri can be called as the uncrowned hotel king of India. In addition. Goa. while search is on for the right locations in Chennai and Hyderabad. New Delhi. . He represented both his school and college in swimming and athletics at the state level. and Hyderabad) will take the tally up by another 500 five-star deluxe rooms. Apart from a successful businessman.

five star international hotel in the country. in Delhi. The Oberoi Group opened the 35 storey Oberoi Sheraton in Mumbai. he came to Shimla.S. named by Newsweek as one of the "Elite Winners of 1978" and the PHDCCI Millennium award in 2000. the Maidens and the Imperial in Delhi. Oberoi was honored with Padma Bhushan in 2001. In 1943.S. In 1943. In 1938.S.M. M. Man of The World by the International Hotel Association (IHA) New York. in the erstwhile undivided Punjab. to escape the epidemic of Plague.S.S. He was also elected to the Lok Sabha in 1968. The Oberoi Group became the first group to start flight catering operations in India. He thus became the first Indian to run the largest and finest hotel chain. M. recognized by the International Hotel Association in Paris. 2002 at the age of 103. In 1959. M. In 1934. Oberoi can be aptly termed as the father of the Indian hotel industry. he signed a lease to takeover operations of the five hundred room Grand Hotel in Calcutta.S. In 1973. M.S. acquired the controlling interest in the Associated Hotels of India (AHI) which owned the Cecil. M.S. Oberoi was a quick learner and shouldered many additional responsibilities along with the job of desk clerk. Clarke to request Mohan Singh Oberoi to assist him when he acquired Clarkes Hotel. Oberoi was elected to the Rajya Sabha in 1962 and in 1972. Oberoi was recipient of many awards and honours. He did his early schooling in Rawalpindi and completed his graduation from Lahore. Oberoi was born on August 15. Honored with Padma Bhushan in 2001. The Oberoi Group owns or manages 37 luxury and first class international hotels in seven countries. Oberoi Profile Born: August 15. In 1966 he established the prestigious Oberoi School of Hotel Management.S. its ability to contribute to India's economic growth and generate direct and indirect employment. at The Cecil Hotel at a salary of Rs 50 per month. M. Oberoi's diligence prompted Mr. Rai Bahadur M. M. Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi. Oberoi was the first to employ women in the hospitality sector. Other honors include admission to the Hall of Fame by the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). 1898 Achievement: Founder of the Oberoi Group of Hotels. He worked tirelessly to put Indian hotel industry on global tourism map. which was up for sale following a cholera epidemic. Oberoi passed away on May 3. Murree. by mortgaging his wife's jewelry and all his assets.S. . he was conferred the title of Rai Bahadur by the British Government. In 1922. now in Pakistan. S. Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi was among the first to recognize the potential of the tourism industry. At the Clarkes Hotel. Today. M. The Oberoi Intercontinental. Oberoi acquired The Clarkes Hotel from his mentor. Oberoi gained first hand experience in all aspects of hotel operations. 1898. Oberoi opened the first modern. and Corstophans in Shimla. Rawalpindi and Peshawar. In 1965.S. and a hotel each in Lahore. M. and got a job of front desk clerk. M.S. M.

November 2004. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited. India's largest private sector company. He was ranked 42nd among the World's Most Respected Business Leaders and second among the four Indian CEOs featured in a survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers and published in Financial Times. world-class manufacturing facilities involving diverse technologies that raised Reliance's manufacturing capacities manifold. 1957 Achievement: Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited. Mukesh Ambani did his Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from University of Bombay and Masters in Business Administration from Stanford University. October. Washington D. Mukesh Ambani joined Reliance in 1981 and was the brain behind Reliance's backward integration from textiles into polyester fibres and further into petrochemicals. USA. London.. He was also the incharge of Dhirubhai's dream project Reliance Infocomm.C. He has plans to establish big retail stores all over the country. Mukesh Ambani has many achievements and honours to his name.Mukesh Ambani Profile Born: April 19. During the process of backward integration. . Mukesh Ambani led the creation of 51 new. Ranked 42nd among the World's Most Respected Business Leaders and second among the four Indian CEOs featured in a survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers and published in Financial Times. His father Dhirubhai Ambani was then a small businessman who later on rose to become one of the legends of Indian industry. he also entered into an agreement with Haryana Government to establish a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) with an investment running into thousands of crores. Reliance Infocomm went to his brother Anil Ambani. But after the split in the Reliance Empire. He was conferred the World Communication Award for the Most Influential Person in Telecommunications in 2004 by Total Telecom. Mukesh Ambani was also conferred the Asia Society Leadership Award by the Asia Society. November 2004. 2004. Mukesh Ambani was born on April 19. Mukesh Ambani was chosen as the ET Business leader of the Year 2006. Recently. USA. London. Mukesh Ambani is the face of new emerging India. Chosen as ET Business Leader of the Year 2006. 1957 in Mumbai. World's largest grassroots petroleum refinery at Jamnagar is the brainchild of Mukesh Ambani. Mukesh Ambani is now planning to enter retail sector in a big way. India's largest private sector company.

In 1973. Nandan Nilekani shifted to the US to take care of Infosys' interests there. His father Mohan Nilekani was a manager in Minerva Mills. Due to his father's transferable job Nandan moved to his uncle's place at Dharwad at the age of 12. In January 2006. Nandan Nilekani was conferred the Padma Bhushan. Nandan Nilekani is the CEO and managing director of the Infosys. Here he worked under Narayan Murthy. 2006. The lessons he learnt here-meritocracy. In 1980s and 90s Nandan Nilekani and his team worked hard to build Infosys. and the importance of giving back to the society-have stood him in good stead. Nandan Nilekani is recipient of several honors and awards. annual revenue of $2 billion and $21 billion capitalization. Nandan became one of the youngest entrepreneurs to join 20 global leaders on the prestigious World Economic Forum (WEF) Foundation Board. . Nandan Nilekani joined Patni Computers. In 2006. hard work. He was the company's marketing face. In 2005 he was awarded the prestigious Joseph Schumpeter prize for innovative services in field of economy. After graduating in electrical engineering from IIT Mumbai in 1978. he was one of the co-founders of Infosys. Nandan Nilekani got admission in IIT Mumbai. Nandan Nilekani along with Narayan Murthy and five other co-founders founded Infosys. Today. Nandan Nilekani had his initial schooling in Bangalore. at the age of 18. Nandan Nilekani held the post of Managing Director. economic sciences and politics. President and Chief Operating Officer. Before assuming the post of CEO in March 2002. Conferred the Padma Bhushan in 2006. one of the highest civilian honors of India. While Narayan Murthy stayed in India. Three years later in 1981. He has served as a director on the company's board since its inception in 1981. the ability to work as part of a team.000. This taught Nandan Nilekani to be independent. Today Infosys' success story has become a legend in India's corporate history. The stint at IIT Mumbai transformed Nandan Nilekani from a small town boy to a confident mature man. He figures among one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine. Nandan Nilekani was born in Bangalore.Nandan Nilekani Profile Achievement: CEO and Managing Director of the Infosys. Infosys has an employee strength of 58. Along with Narayan Murthy.

transparency. Infosys became the first Indian company to be listed on NASDAQ.000.2003 by Ernst and Young. ." Conducted in the same year. Narayana Murthy is a B. Narayana Murthy founded Infosys with six other software professionals. Infosys was ranked No. Born on August 20.R. Infosys grew rapidly. Asiaweek magazine featured him in a list of Asia's 50 Most Powerful People. UK. Infosys opened its first international office in U. In 2002.2003 by Ernst and Young Narayana Murthy is the Non-Executive Chairman and Chief Mentor of Infosys Technologies Limited. 1 in the "Best Employers in India 2002" survey conducted by Hewitt and in the Business World's survey of "India's Most Respected Company.A.S.Narayana Murthy Profile Born: August 20.2004 and 2005. With the liberalization of Indian economy in 1990s. it set up its first office in Europe in Milton Keynes.Tech from IIT Kanpur (1969). In 2001. the company came up with its IPO. In 1999. Narayana Murthy was named by TIME/CNN as one of the 25 most influential global executives. In 1987. The Economist ranked Narayana Murthy eighth on the list of the 15 most admired global leaders (2005) and Narayan Murthy also topped the Economic Times Corporate Dossier list of India's most powerful CEOs for two consecutive years . Infosys has a turnover of more than $ 2billion and has employee strength of over 50. In June 2000. 1946. Along with the growth of Infosys. Electrical from University of Mysore (1967) and M. Chosen as the World Entrepreneur of the Year . He has received many honors and awards. In 1981. Narayan Murthy began his career with Patni Computer Systems in Pune. He is a living legend and an epitome of the fact that honesty. He was the first recipient of the Indo-French Forum Medal (2003) and was voted the World Entrepreneur of the Year . 1946 Achievement: One of the founders of Infosys Technologies Limited. In 1993. Infosys set up development centers across cities in India and in 1996. and moral integrity are not at variance with business acumen.E. Narayana Moorthy too has grown in stature. Today (in 2006). N. He set new standards in corporate governance and morality when he stepped down as the Executive Chairman of Infosys at the age of 60. In 1995.

Naresh Goyal Profile
Achievement: Founder Chairman of Jet Airways; Recipient of the first BM Munjal Award for Excellence in Learning & Development in the Private Sector category in 2006. Naresh Goyal is the founder Chairman of Jet Airways, India's largest domestic airline. Jet Airways presently operates over 320 flights daily to 48 destinations, of which five are international. Naresh Goel also figures in Forbes list of Indian billionaires. Naresh Goyal completed his graduation in Commerce in 1967 and joined the travel business with the GSA for Lebanese International Airlines. From 1967 to 1974 he learnt the intricacies of the travel business through his association with several foreign airlines. In May 1974, Naresh Goyal founded Jetair (Private) Limited to look after Sales and Marketing operations of foreign airlines in India. Naresh Goyal was involved in developing studies of traffic patterns, route structures, and operational economics and flight scheduling. His rich and varied experience made him an authority in the world of aviation and travel. In 1991, when the Indian economy was being opened up, Naresh Goyal took advantage of Open Skies Policy of the Government of India and set up Jet Airways for the operation of scheduled air services on domestic sectors in India. Jet Airways started commercial operations on May 05, 1993. Today, Jet Airways has evolved into India's largest private domestic airline. Jet Airways has been voted India's "Best Domestic Airline" by several organisations of world-class repute. In 2005, Jet Airways came up with an IPO and it was a huge success. Jet Airways was recently in controversy over its merger deal with Air Sahara. The merger was called off and the too airlines are currently considering arbitration. Along with Jet's meteoric rise, Naresh Goyal too rose in the entrepreneurial arena. He has won several honors and accolades. These include Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Services' from Ernst & Young in 2000, 'Distinguished Alumni Award-2000 for meritorious and distinguished performance as an Entrepreneur', Outstanding Asian-Indian' award for leadership and contribution to the global community given by the Indian American Centre for Political Awareness, 'Aerospace Laurels' for outstanding contribution in the field of Commercial Air Transport twice, in April 2000 and February 2004. Naresh Goyal also received the first BM Munjal Award for Excellence in Learning & Development in the Private Sector category in 2006.

Dr. Pratap Reddy Profile
Achievement: Founder of the Apollo Hospital Group Dr. Pratap Reddy is the founder of the Apollo Hospital Group, India's first corporate hospital group. He revolutionized the whole health care scenario of India and inspired others to follow the suit. Today, India has over 750 corporate hospitals all over the country. Dr. Pratap Reddy came to India after serving as the Chief Resident of the Worcenter City Hospital in the US to start his practice in Madras with a modest earning of Rs 100/- per day. The idea to establish Apollo Group of Hospitals came when Dr. Reddy lost a patient who couldn't make it to Texas for an open heart surgery. This inspired Dr. Pratap Reddy to create world-class medical infrastructure in India and make it more accessible and affordable to common people. Dr. Reddy's efforts bore fruit when he succeeded in setting up the first center of the Apollo Hospitals Group in Chennai in 1983. Dr, Pratap Reddy soon followed this with India 's first hospital consultancy body - the Indian Hospitals Corporation - and commissioned two more Tertiary Care Centers in India. Since its inception, Apollo has demonstrated that Indian skills are equivalent to the best centers in the world and has produced world-class results in the most complicated Cadaver Transplant. Today, the Apollo Hospitals Group has over 22 centers in major cities in India and a combined turnover of over US $ 100 million. Dr Reddy is now spreading Apollo Hospitals Group to other parts of Asia. The group opened its first clinic in Dubai in March 1999 and is coming up with projects in Sri Lanka, Africa, Bangladesh, and Oman. Dr. Reddy is currently looking at secondary health centers in semi urban and smaller cities and has already identified 23 sites for the purpose. Dr. Pratap Reddy's latest initiatives are "Med Varsity"-a virtual medical university providing total access to experts in the field of medicine anywhere in the world- and "MEDNET" - Hospital Systems Management package. Both the initiatives are expected to transform health care sector in India.

Rahul Bajaj Profile
Achievement: Chairman of the Bajaj Group Rahul Bajaj is the Chairman of the Bajaj Group, which ranks among the top 10 business houses in India. The Bajaj Group has diversified interests ranging from automobiles, home appliances, lighting, iron and steel, insurance, travel and finance. Rahul Bajaj is one of India's most distinguished business leaders and internationally respected for his business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. Rahul Bajaj is an alumnus of Harvard, St. Stephen's and Cathedral. He took over the reins of Bajaj Group in 1965. Under his stewardship, the turnover of the Bajaj Auto the flagship company has risen from Rs.72 million to Rs.46.16 billion. Rahul Bajaj created one of India's best companies in the difficult days of the licence-permit raj. He established factories at Akurdi and Waluj. In 1980s Bajaj Auto was top scooter producer in India and its Chetak brand had a 10-year waiting period. The initiation of liberalization in India posed great challenges for Bajaj Auto. Liberalisation brought the threat of cheap imports and FDI from top companies like Honda. Rahul Bajaj became famous as the head of the Bombay Club, which opposed liberalization. The scooter sails plummeted as people were more interested in motorcycles and the rival Hero Honda was a pioneer in it. The recession and stock market collapse of 2001 hit the company hard and it was predicted that the days of Bajaj Auto were numbered. However, Bajaj Auto re-invented itself, established a world-class factory in Chakan, invested in R&D and came up with Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycle. Bajaj Pulsar is currently a leader in its segment. Recently, Rahul Bajaj was elected to Rajya Sabha from Maharashtra.

Ramalinga Raju Profile Born: September 16. He attended the Owner / President course at Harvard. Raju confessed of his involvement in inflating the profits of the company for the past couple of years. He is the founder and Chairman of Satyam Computer Services Ltd.800-crore fraud started with an initial cover-up for a poor quarterly performance and assumed massive proportion. Ramalinga Raju founded Satyam Computer Services along with one of his brothers-in-law. After returning to India in 1977. With the launch of Satyam Infoway (Sify) Satyam became one of the first to enter Indian internet service market. The 7. Ramalinga Raju has won several awards and honors. Dataquest IT Man of the Year in 2000. Today. with time. Ramalinga Raju had a stint at Harvard too. DVS Raju.Corporate Citizen of the Year award in 2002 and E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2007. In Januray 2009. USA. These include Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Services in 1999. 1954 in a family of farmers. Thereafter he shifted to the real estate business and started a construction company called Satyam Constructions. Ramalinga Raju moved away from the traditional agriculture business and set up a spinning and weaving mill named Sri Satyam. following a failed acquisition attempt involving Maytas. The ever-soaring share prices of Satyam witnessed a sharp decline in December 2008. . CNBC's Asian Business Leader . Com from Andhra Loyola College at Vijayawada and subsequently did his MBA from Ohio University. Raju resigned as the Chairman of Satyam after he admitted to major financial wrong-doings. In 1987. 1954 Achievement: Founder and Chairman of Satyam Computer Services Ltd. Satyam has a global presence and serves 44 Fortune 500 and over 390 multinational corporations. . The company went public in 1992. In January 2009. Chosen as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Services in 1999 Ramalinga Raju is one of the pioneers of the Information Technology industry in India. Ramalinga Raju was born on September 16. a company owned by Raju's family. He did his B.

Ratan Naval Tata is also the Chairman of the major Tata companies such as Tata Steel. Ratan Tata was honored with Padma Bhushan. Ratan Tata was appointed Chairman of Tata Industries in 1981. In 1998. before returning to India in late 1962. He joined the Tata Group and was assigned to various companies before being appointed director-in-charge of The National Radio & Electronics Company (NELCO) in 1971. Ratan Tata is presently the Chairman of Tata Sons. and a promoter of new ventures in high technology businesses. Indian Hotels and Tata Teleservices. California. Under him Tata Consultancy Services went public and Tata Motors was listed in the New York Stock Exchange. one of the highest civilian awards in 2000. Ratan Tata had a short stint with Jones and Emmons in Los Angeles.Ratan Tata Profile Born: December 28. He has taken Tata Group to new heights and under his leadership Group's revenues have grown manifold. 1937 Achievement: Honored with Padma Bhushan. in Bombay. and an honorary doctorate in science by the University of Warwick. Tata Tea. He was also conferred an honorary doctorate in business administration by Ohio State University. Ratan Tata took over the Chairmanship from JRD Tata. the first truly Indian car. In 1991. Tata Motors. one of the highest civilian awards in 2000. 1937. Bangkok. an honorary doctorate in technology by the Asian Institute of Technology. the holding company of the Tata Group. Tata Chemicals. Tata Consultancy Services. . The car was the brainchild of Ratan Tata. Tata Power. Tata Motors came up with Tata Indica. Ratan Tata was born on December 28. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in architecture from Cornell University in 1962. He was assigned the task of transforming the company into a Group strategy think-tank.

Raunaq Singh was born in 1922. was elected as a member of the Executive Board of the International Chamber of Commerce. Bharat Steel Tubes Ltd. Chairman Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association. Raunaq Singh was a great advocate of economic liberalization and globalization of the Indian business. 2002. Menarini Raunaq Pharma Ltd. Raunaq International Ltd. Exporter". Elected as a member of the Executive Board of the International Chamber of Commerce.Raunaq Singh Profile Born: 1922 Achievement: Founder of Raunaq Group. Paris for a three-year term. He was often referred as "Mr. He held several key leadership positions in Industry & Trade Associations. Raunaq Singh won several awards for his entrepreneurship. He worked tirelessly to put the Indian industry on the global map. because of his inclination for exports and export promotion for Indian Industry. . Bharat Gears Ltd. President The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM). Chairman Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC). These included President Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI). and President Federation of Indian Export Organization. He was the founder of Raunaq group. Paris Raunaq Singh was one of the earliest entrepreneurs of independent India who made it big. The Raunaq Group's major companies include Apollo Tyres Ltd. and Raunaq Automotive Components Ltd. At one point of time in his life he could afford only one paisa a day for meals and when he retired his group was employing 9000 people on his payroll. After initial struggle he went on to become a powerful figure in corporate India. Raunaq Singh died on September 30. Raunaq Singh also won international recognition for his entrepreneurial skills.

In a short span of time.S. he along with six of his colleagues launched a firm making office products like copiers. Tamil Nadu. with salaries much lower than those of their American counterparts. HCL has adopted innovative practices to achieve growth. Today. India's largest infotech conglomerate Shiv Nadar is the Chief Executive Officer of Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL). Every morning. enables computers to read handwritten tax returns. He worked as an engineer with DCM Ltd.S. a software subsidiary. India's largest infotech conglomerate. In the U. the company's Chennai office receives software assignments from the U. vision. .Tutocorin District.Trichendur. He figures in the Forbes list of Indian billionaires. Shiv Nadar has reached pinnacle of success by his hardwork. Far East Computers. just after work stops there for the night. HCL derives 80% of its revenue from computers and office equipment. HCL has also been spreading its global reach. HCL came out with its first computer. when IBM quit India. HCL America. complete the jobs and send them back in the evening. Shiv Nadar moved to Delhi in 1968. A team of Indian engineers. Shiv Nadar's HCL stepped in to fill the vacuum. has reaped huge dividends by taking advantage of global time zones. and entrepreneurial spirit.Shiv Nadar Profile Achevement: Chief Executive Officer of Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL). But the entrepreneur in Shiv Nadar wanted to set up his own business. Therefore. among other applications. In 1982. achieved a breakthrough in imaging technology. In late 1970s. which. Originally hailing from Moolaipozhi Village. Its Singapore subsidiary.

In 2000. Subhash Chandra's meteoric rise in the past decade is somewhat similar to the rise of Dhirubhai Ambani in 1980s and 1990s. lotteries and cinema multiplexes. In 2003.India's first Hindi satellite channel. Zee TV became the first cable company in India to launch Internet over Cable services. In 1995. After the launch of Zee TV. Before the launch of Zee TV viewers in India were under the firm grip of Doordarshan. Zee News and Zee Cinema. It was Subhash Chandra's vision that helped give birth to the satellite TV industry in India and inspired others to follow suit. . the state-controlled terrestrial network. This onetime rice trader from Hissar. he commenced Siticable operations in 1995 and also started a joint venture with News Corp. Haryana has today transformed into a media baron and his other interests include packaging. theme parks. Zee TV became the first service provider in India to launch Direct to Home (DTH) services. India's first private TV channel Subhash Chandra is the founder of Zee TV. Subhash Chandra launched Zee Telefilms Limited in October 1992 as a content supplier for Zee TV .Subhash Chandra Profile Achievement: Founder of Zee TV. he launched two new channels. India's first private TV channel. In a short span of time Zee TV has become a big media and has give tough competition to international media moghuls such as Rupert Murdoch. Subash Chandra was the first in India who sought to harness the huge business potential of satellite television channels.

when he founded Sahara in 1978 with three workers in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh as a small deposits para-banking business. .5bn) Sahara Group. housing finance. is the head of the $10bn (£5. namely Amby Valley Project. entertainment and news television channels. Sahara Group has a huge complex in Lucknow. Sahara Group presently runs a private airline. media and aviation. Today. aviation.000 acres of real estate across India. Sahara Airline was recently in news for its merger with Jet Airlines. But the deal fell through. It also sponsors the Indian cricket and hockey teams and intends to move into life insurance. and claims to own some 33. Sahara Group has interests in banking. consumer products. sportswear.Subroto Roy Profile Achievement: Chairman of the Sahara Group Subroto Roy. Sahara Group has come up with one of the most prestigious real estate projects in India. The who's who of Indian elite attended it and its expenditure ran into hundreds of crores. The wedding of his two sons became talk of the town. The project boasts some of the biggest name in Indian entertainment and sports arena as well as some former international Olympic medal winners as its brand ambassadors. The complex is known as Sahara City. entertainment. Subroto Roy began his journey in 1978. Subrato Roy is famous for his flamboyant lifestyle. and healthcare. Uttar Pradesh. a newspaper. Subroto Roy calls himself as the group's "chief guardian". the group has diversified into a giant business conglomerate with interests in housing. media and housing.

2002 Award (World HRD Congress). He spent a few years in Mumbai and in 1982. India's largest GSM-based mobile phone service provider. Chairman and Managing Director of Bharti Group and runs India's largest GSM-based mobile phone service. Sunil Mittal started a full-fledged business selling portable generators imported from Japan. This gave him a chance to acquaint himself with the nitty-gritty's of marketing and advertising. Bharti Cellular Limited also rolled out India's first private national as well as international long-distance service under the brand name IndiaOne. In 2001. Sunil Mittal founded Bharti Cellular Limited (BCL) to offer cellular services under the brand name AirTel. IT Man of the Year Award 2002 from Dataquest and CEO Of the Year. Sunil did not followed his father's footsteps. Bharti became the first telecom company to cross the 2-million mobile subscriber mark. so he moved out to Mumbai from Ludhiana. cordless phones and other telecom gear. In 1986. by 'Business Week'. By 1979.P.000 people. Sunil Mittal runs a successful empire with a market capitalization of approximately $ 2 billion and employing over 5. His business was running smoothly but later on the government banned the import of generators as two Indian companies were awarded licenses to manufacture generators locally. He also received IT Man of the Year Award 2002 from Dataquest and CEO Of the Year. he set up a small bicycle business in Ludhiana in partnership with his friend. In 1995. . He has been honored with several awards. Sunil Bharti Mittal incorporated Bharti Telecom Limited (BTL) and entered into a technical tie up with Siemens AG of Germany for manufacture of electronic push button phones. Soon. 2002 Award from World HRD Congress. India's first ever undersea cable link connecting Chennai in India and Singapore. Today. Sunil Bharti Mittal was chosen as one of the top entrepreneurs in the world for the year 2000 and amongst 'Stars Of Asia'. After graduating from Punjab University in 1970s. Gradually he expanded his business and by early 1990s. Sunil Bharti Mittal's father was an M.Sunil Mittal Profile Achievement: Chairman and Managing Director of Bharti Group. BCL entered into a joint venture with Singapore Telecom International for a $650-million submarine cable project. Sunil Mittal clinched Delhi cellular license in collaboration with French telecom group Vivendi. Sunil Mittal realized that his ambitions could not be fulfilled in Ludhiana. He is the founder. In 1992. Sunil Mittal can be called as originator of cellular phone revolution in India. when the Indian government was awarding licenses for mobile phone services for the first time. Sunil Mittal was making fax machines.

he ranks among top 10 richest men of India. A commerce graduate and a diploma holder in mechanical engineering. and made it big. Ranks among top 10 richest men of India. But he found that the prospects stunted due to infrastructural bottlenecks. he formed Suzlon and gradually quit textiles. Maharashtra. Suzlon Energy is the sixth largest wind energy company in the world and the largest in Asia. The biggest of them all was the cost and unavailability of power. which formed a high proportion of operating expenses of textile industry. Tulsi Tanti is the Chairman of Suzlon Energy Ltd. In 1995. a company dealing in wind energy. He started his textile business in Gujarat. Suzlon is also building a rotor-blade factory in Minnesota and has invested $60m in a factory in Tianjin. Tulsi Tanti was earlier into textiles. He is one of those first time entrepreneurs who saw potential in an inchoate idea. a Belgian maker of windturbine gearboxes. ventured into it. Today.000 MW capacity. It recently acquired Hansen Transmissions. It is presently building what will be among the world's largest wind parks of its kind at 1. China. Suzlon is currently concentrating on global expansion drive. Tulsi Tanti is poised to make India a wind-power export hub. In 1990. Tulsi Tanti invested in two windmills and realized its huge potential.Tulsi Tanti Profile Achievement: Chairman of Suzlon Energy Ltd. Tulsi Tanti originally hails from Gujarat and is presently based in Pune. .

which was a giant in its field. Dr. Dr. This led to the birth of AMUL and the rest is history. Wisconsin. Padma Bhushan (1966). to set up a processing plant. the newly formed cooperative dairy. In 1965. christened as Operation Flood. Varghese Kurien was the architect behind the success of the largest dairy development program in the world.(Mechanical) from the Madras University and went to USA on a government scholarship to do his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University. In between. Dr. Padma Bhushan (1966). Verghese Kurien won many accolades and awards. Kurien's stewardship India became the as the largest producer of milk in the world. Bihar. Subsequently. Verghese Kurien is better known as the "father of the white revolution" in India. Dr. Enthused by the challenge. 1921 in Kozhikode. Krishi Ratna Award (1986). and Padma Vibhushan (1999). and Padma Vibhushan (1999). Dr. Wateler Peace Prize Award of Carnegie Foundation (1986). Madison. Dr. He was the chairman of the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd.E. During his illustrious career. Gujarat. In May 1949. he was posted as Dairy Engineer at the Government Research Creamery. These include: Ramon Magsaysay Award for Community Leadership (1963). in Anand. in February 1946 and underwent nine months of specialized training in dairy engineering at the National Dairy Research Institute of Bangalore. (GCMMF) and his name was synonymous with the Amul brand. Madras in 1940. Verghese Kurien returned from America in 1948 and joined the Dairy Department of the Government of India. Verghese Kurien left his government job and volunteered to help Shri Tribhuvandas Patel. Winner of Ramon Magsaysay Award. the then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri. 1921 Achievement: Known as the "father of the white revolution" in India. In 1973. Padma Shri (1965). Around this time. Kurien set up GCMMF (Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation) to market the products produced by the dairies. International Person of the Year(1993) by the World Dairy Expo. was engaged in battle of survival with the privately owned Polson Dairy. Awarded with Padma Shri (1965). Verghese Kurien graduated with Physics from Loyola College. Verghese Kurien to replicate the success story of Amul throughout the country.Verghese Kurien Profile Born: November 26. . USA. he did his B. Dr. Kerala. Born on November 26. Kaira District Cooperative Milk Producers' Union Limited ((KDCMPUL). He is also called as the Milkman of India. he completed special studies in engineering at the Tata Iron and Steel Company Institute at Jamshedpur. a small milk-powder factory. Under Dr. World Food Prize Laureate (1989). the Chairman of KDCMPUL. created the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) under the leadership of Dr.

. Vijay Mallya is the Chairman of the United Beverages (UB) Group. Presently.Vijay Mallya Profile Achievement: Chairman of the United Beverages (UB) Group. Rajya Sabha M. Vijay Mallya has also won numerous trophies in horse racing including several prestigious Derbies. Launched a new domestic airline called Kingfisher Airline. He has won trophies in professional car racing circuits and is a keen yachtsman and aviator. Under his dynamic leadership the group has grown into a multi-national conglomerate of over sixty companies. agriculture. Kingfisher Airlines is also the first Indian airline to order the Airbus A380. Vijay Mallya entered politics superceded Subramaniam Swamy as the president of Janata Party.P. The UB Group has diversified business interests ranging from alcoholic beverages to life sciences.P. During this process United Beverages acquired several companies abroad. In 2005. He assumed the Chairman of the UB Group in 1983 and took the company to great heights. engineering. In a short span of time Kingfisher Airline has carved a niche for itself. In 2000. chemicals. he is a Rajya Sabha M. Vijay Mallya has other interests too apart from business. Vijay Mallya is the son of a famous industrialist Vittal Mallya. Vijay Mallya is famous for his flamboyant and flashy lifestyle. Vijay Mallya established Kingfisher Airlines. He recently launched a new domestic airline called Kingfisher Airline which is making great waves. It was the first airline in India to operate with all new aircrafts. information technology and leisure.

hydraulic pumps. But.Mallika Srinivasan Economic Times Businesswoman of the year 2006. she planned to join the family business. She is also a prominent member of the governing board of the Indian School of Business. The company has had a long alliance with Massey Ferguson. she went abroad to pursue further studies. She converted Tafe into a hi technology-oriented company. even then. . director of the Rs 2500 crore Amalgamations Group Tafe. so read on… Life History Born on November 19. Mallika Srinivasan is serving as the president of premier industrial bodies like Tractor Manufacturers Association and the Madras Management Association. she brought about a major transformation. and farm implements. Hyderabad. She was always brilliant in academics. Married to Venu Srinivasan. She is the first lady to have assumed the role of a president of the Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It has been a long journey for the Company. Agro has a stake of 24% in the company and the rest lies with Simpson & Co. panel instruments. however. Mallika Srinivasan is one of the most successful women CEOs in India.200 cr. she is the pride of her parents. Thereafter. She was made the General Manager of Tafe (Tractors and Farm Equipment) Company. she is a well known entrepreneur of India. which is now a part of Agco. the CMD of TVS Motor. the Company invested a huge amount of over Rs 70 crore in the designing and development of product. She is a strong headed woman. but has deeply rooted her foot into the ground. 1959 as the eldest daughter of industrialist A Sivasailam. Presently. which has witnessed many ups and downs. who is leading the activities of a Company that is involved in macho business such as tractor manufacturing. we are talking about Mallika Srinivasan. She has been able to rise and stand out above all others and make a name for herself in the competitive business world of today. Today. She has always strived hard to reach for skies. thereby becoming the initial choice of the farmers. The company is looking forward to exporting fully constructed tractors to Agco. She did her MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. she is living happily with their two children. It has also entered into others businesses like engineering plastics. She did her in MA (econometrics) from Madras University. the turnover of the Company was Rs 85 cr. When she took over the responsibility of furthering the economic wealth and business. There was a period. automotive batteries gears. the Company is earning a business over Rs 1. Presently. the Company has not only found a niche for itself as the leading tractor manufacturer. it was the strong determination of this courageous woman that slowly and steadily made the firm climb the ladders of success. when the Company had to face a tough time. but also expanded its area of operations. we will present you with the biography of Mallika Srinivasan. In this article. In the year 1986. Well. At present. Under the expert guidance of her father and the whole hearted support of the team.

Well. She kept climbing the ladders of success. Her commendable work has been given due recognition by honoring her with the Padmashri award. In this article. She took up a variety of banking assignments before moving to Morgan Stanley's India operation. She is among the top business women of India. she did her schooling from Simla. She was born in the year 1957. she is the first Indian woman to have graduated from Harvard Business School. Naina Lal Kidwai has received many accolades. She was instrumental in facilitating the cellular phone services nationwide through a deal involving the Tatas and Birlas. we are talking about the corporate diva Naina Lal Kidwai. She is very fond of Indian classical as well as western music. when she joined the ANZ Grindlays Bank.Naina Lal Kidwai A prominent personality of the corporate world. we will present you with the biography of Naina Lal Kidwai. She loves to go on trekking tours to the Himalayas. who has a keen interest in observing the wildlife. . which is now known as the Standard Chartered Bank. the Fortune magazine declared her as the third most powerful businesswoman in Asia. In the year 2000. She began her career in the year 1982. To know the complete life history of Naina Lal Kidwai. she became the Managing Director of the HSBC bank. She played an important role in NYSE listing of Wipro. She is the mother of two children. Raised in Mumbai and Delhi. she is the first woman to guide the functioning of a foreign bank in India. She is a nature lover. read on. Alumna of Delhi University. who have made it to the top with their constant hard work and sincerity. who is maintaining a great balance between work and home. At present. she is working as the Group General Manager and Country Head of HSBC India. For her praiseworthy work. Last November.

She has been continuously striving hard to slow down the aging process and nourish the skin of people and thus make them look younger than their age. when she was only fifteen years old. People who go to space usually suffer from skin problems. Galleries Lafayette (Paris). Harrods and Selfridges (London). but made her presence felt in international market too. It is here that Shahnaz Hussain comes to play a major role by providing people with products that can bring the glow back to their skin. She has launched more than 400 different kinds of beauty products. While pursuing studies. She returned to India in the year 1977 and established her first beauty salon in her abode. In the year 2002. Her beauty products are very skin friendly and give a beautiful glowing look. After leaving Teheran. Shahnaz Hussain is focusing her attention on creating products that can prove to be beneficial for the astronauts. During 1990s. "Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award" and many more. In the contemporary times. Paris. Since a very young age.Shahnaz Hussain She is one of the most prominent personalities of the corporate world. we are talking about none other than the ruler of the beauty world. She is making a constant effort to beautify the skin of people with her beauty products. "The 2000 Millennium Medal of Honor". She has received many awards such as "The Arch of Europe Gold Star for Quality". she learnt about the harmful effects of chemicals on human body. she took an extensive training in cosmetic therapy for a long period of 10 years from the leading institutions of London. In this article. her aim is to set her foothold in the space. New York and Copenhagen. To know the complete life history of Shahnaz Hussain. people are becoming more and more conscious about the way they look. she had an interest in poetry and English literature. read on. She comes from a royal Muslim family and her father was a very powerful man. . Unlike other salons. she became a mother. She studied Ayurveda and believed that it is the best alternative to chemical cosmetics. which is based in New Delhi. She has not only been able to tap the markets of India. The next year after her marriage. the average growth rate of her company.4%. Well. When she went to Teheran along with her husband. Rather. but was privileged to receive modern education. her Company touched $100 million. Shahnaz Hussain. she developed a keen interest in beauty treatments. At present. She got married. She grew up in a traditional family. Eventually. Now. she decided to study the cosmetology course. we will present you with the biography of Shahnaz Hussain. she made use of Ayurvedic products that are absolutely safe on the human body. Seibu (Japan). and La Rinaeccente (Milan). She has dominated the market from the USA to Asia. She has ushered an era of herbal cosmetics. Her works are real praiseworthy and have been appreciated all over the world. she did not use chemical cosmetics. Her company Shahnaz Husain Herbals has witnessed tremendous growth throughout these years. She wanted to be self independent and so she began writing articles for the Iran Tribune on varied subjects. She did her schooling from the Irish convent. was nearly 19. The products launched by her Company head their way to leading global stores such as Blooming Dales (New York).

we will provide you with the biography of Sulajja Firodia Motwani. Sulajja has been instrumental in designing and implementing the marketing strategies of the Company. who has made an incredible contribution in making the firm reach heights of success. she is the in charge of the Company's overall business developmental activities. She is an MBA degree holder from the reputed Carnegie Mellon University at Pittsburgh. a well known magazine honored her by presenting her with the title of business "Face of the Millennium". She has played badminton on the national level. She graduated from the Pune University. she has been a rank holder. This major collaboration has led to the launching of the most popular Kinetic Aquila and Comet. Kinetic is also working in partnership with Hyosung Motors of South Korea. In this article. She has been an active participant in setting the operations of the company in India. she went to the United States for pursuing further studies. who is very conscious about her health. She has always cleared exams with merit. Her name appeared in the toppers list in the SSC examinations and HSC examinations. . She has been called upon to deliver speech in a number of public forums. Read on to know the complete life history of Sulajja Firodia Motwani. Italjet Moto. From being a mere moped manufacturer. These motorcycles are very much in demand. In the year 2003. Sulajja worked for a period of four years with a well known investment analytics company. it has set its foothold in the industry as a manufacturer offering a complete range of two wheelers right from mopeds. For her great job. She has always been enthusiastic about sports. she was chosen as the "Global Leader of Tomorrow" by the World Economic Forum. It ranked her among the top twenty five business entrepreneurs of the country. we are talking about Sulajja Firodia Motwani. Kinetic has collaborated with the well known Italian company. Sulajja has played an active role in plotting the course of action for the Kinetic Company. Well. In the recent times. Prior to joining Kinetic Company. she has received many accolades. Kinetic Company has been constantly coming up with new models to cater to all segments of the society. she has been able to establish a niche for the firm in the business world. She is a fitness person. She also received the Young Super Achiever Award from the leading magazine "Business Today" in 2003. which is driven by the market and customers. Thereafter. based in California. BARRA International. The same year. With her strong determination and courage. "India Today". She is very particular about carrying out one or the other activity for keeping fit and active. She is also very fond of pursuing adventurous sports like skiing & scuba diving. This major transformation can be attributed to the new competitive business strategy that the Company has adopted. especially badminton. She was presented with the Society Young Achiever's Award for Business in the year 2002. She tries to spend as much time as possible with her five year old son Sidhant. She is an epitome of boldness and courage. The Company has witnessed tremendous expansion during her tenure. She is also very well performing the role of the Director of Kinetic Motor Company Limited and Kinetic Marketing Services Limited. today. the Institute of Marketing and Management bestowed her with the award for excellent performance as the woman CEO. scooters to motorcycles.Sulajja Firodia Motwani Joint Managing Director of Kinetic Engineering Ltd. Throughout her studies. This acquisition has given full rights to the Kinetic Company to launch seven new scooter models in the country.

also among the youngest.Daughter of renowned industrialist KK Birla. he operates lifestyle businesses like Domino's Pizza franchise in the country and a convenience store chain in Bangalore city. Shobhana Bhartia is the vicechairperson as well as the editorial director of the Hindustan Times group.1957 Achievements . Shobhana was nominated the member of the upper house of the Indian Parliament i. is also a member in the HT Media group. Shamit Bhartia. At the same time. their son. Then again in the year 2001. the daughter of renowned industrialist KK Birla and grand daughter of GD Birla. the Birla family owned 75. The National Press India Award was given to Shobhana in the year 1992. which is among India's major newspaper and media houses. a Pharma company. Shobhana Bhartia is the vice-chairperson as well as the editorial director of the Hindustan Times group. Till the year 2004. In the year 2001. Here's more information about the biography of Shobhana Bhartia.Shobhana Bhartia Born .e. Shobhana Bhartia was also handed the Global Leader of Tomorrow award by the World Economic Forum in the year 1996. she was the very first woman chief executive of a national newspaper and in all probability. At the time when Shobhana Bharatiya became a member of the Hindustan Times in the year 1986. Shobhana Bhartia is regarded as one of the crucial people there who played a pivotal role in revamping the image of the Hindustan Times into a "bright and young paper". she received the Outstanding Business Woman of the Year award. This lady holds the credit of raising Rs 400 Crore via public equity launch of the HT Media group in the year 2005. who graduated from the Calcutta University and later. which is among India's major newspaper and media houses. Born in the year 1957. This particular gentleman is the chairman of the Rs 14 billion Jubilant Organosys Limited. she received the Outstanding Business Woman of the Year award.36 per cent stake in HT Media. the Rajya Sabha. The life history of Shobhana Bhartia's career is full of achievements. wedded Shyam Sunder Bhartia. .

He was one of the first Indian industrialists to set up the largest multinational empire. he even served as a member of the Trade Mission led by the Indian Finance Minister in 1992. 1995 Career: Industrialist Nationality: Indian The grandson of the legendary G. In 1974.T. With immense profits from overseas joint industrial ventures. in Thailand in 1969. thereby placing India on the world map in 1969. Aditya’s next challenge was the expansion of the group’s oil sector which again was a victorious attempt. wherein he taught people to work and feed themselves and their families for lifetime rather than simply living on the food given. he started his own textile business with Eastern Spinning Mills that became an instant hit in Kolkata. with Indira Gandhi’s socialist ideas of preventing foreign trade. Elegant Textiles for manufacturing spun yarn in Indonesia in 1973. P. himself became one of India’s foremost businessmen. he introduced the concept of “sustainable livelihood”. Xavier’s College. Thai Carbon Black in Thailand and in 1982. cement. Career Life After Aditya completed his degree course in chemical engineering. By the 1980s. 1943 Born In: Kolkata. In 1978.K. Instead of moving towards the West. With this. He then went to United States to pursue higher studies in chemical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Aditya concentrated on Indian rayon with accepting bigger challenges of taking it worldwide. Aditya set up a global business empire. and expansion of old plants. however. Aditya is said to be highly responsible for building and improving the country’s commodity business. He was the grandson of the legendary G. aluminum. With his magnificent and phenomenal efforts to develop his business across India and overseas. Aditya was actually generating indirect employment for more than 2 lakh people. Air India. Over the next few years. which later became the world’s largest singlelocation palm oil refinery. he not only gained name and fame amongst the masses but also set an example for other businessmen to learn from him. He was appointed as a director on the . Aditya received his formal education from Kolkata and graduated in science from St. financial services. he returned to India and was handed over a part of Birla Company to run.professional.000 employees. Not to be satisfied with just that. Aditya Birla served as the director of Reserve Bank of India. Besides giving name to one of the largest industrial empires in India. In the following year in 1975. Aditya focused on the east and set up Indo-Thai Synthetics Company Ltd. and The India Fund. Such was the contribution and prosperity brought to India that Aditya helped in earning respect for the “Made in India” quality stamp. Aditya launched several more companies and joint ventures throughout the Southeast. he launched the group’s first carbon black company. He had been a member of the Economic and Trade Mission to Japan led by late L. Even before the word globalization was included in India’s dictionary. His innovative ideas and marvelous abilities helped India to expand trade to foreign countries. The latter had good terms with Mahatma Gandhi and began his fortune with building the popular Ambassador car and aluminum prospecting. and Indo Gulf Fertilizers. he put the company’s sinking rayon and textile business back on track.Aditya Vikram Birla Born On: November 14.. thereby launching the group’s first overseas company. he incorporated the group’s Viscose Rayon Staple Fiber as Thai Rayon in Thailand.D. However. Apart from carrying forward his grandfather’s legacy. software. the companies were making immense profits in key sectors of textiles. and forward looking. Though his companies had over 70. Aditya. He established Pan Century Edible Oils in Malaysia in 1977. This was. Under his guidance. he helped several companies prosper. West Bengal Died On: October 1. Indo Bharat Rayon in Indonesia.D. Birla. importing world-class technology. sponge iron. just the beginning as he showed immense interest and paved the group towards success with every assignment handed over. With this. the first Indo-Filipino joint venture producing spun yarn was established with The Indo Phil Group of Companies in The Philippines. Aditya had established 19 companies in South and Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Aditya Vikram Birla was one of the most inspirational and outstanding industrialists that India has ever had. Contribution to India It was under the dynamic and influential leadership of Aditya Birla that the company was able to intensify and firm its presence in the core sectors. These were just some efforts that transformed the Birla Group into a blooming blue-chip company and one of India’s largest business conglomerates. This was the company’s first venture there. Indian Rayon. Jha in 1985. Further. Birla Group became the largest multinational company set up by a resident Indian industrialist. modern. With the marvelous success of his Grasim. fertilizers. Early Life Aditya Vikram Birla was born to the industrialist Basant Kumar Birla and Sarala Birla in Kolkata in West Bengal. chemicals. he became the new face of Indian business . and petro-refinery. Aditya established P. thereby leaving an indelible mark on the corporate landscape. fiber. a prominent industrialist and founder of the vast Birla industrial empire. thereby creating India’s first truly global corporation. Hindalco. Flourishing Years After the flying success of Indo-Thai Synthetics Company Ltd. Birla.T.

Honors & Awards Outstanding Young Person Award by Bombay Metropolitan Jaycees.T. leaving the entire Birla Empire under the charge of his young son Kumar Mangalam. September 1996 Melvin Jones Fellow Award for Dedicated Humanitarian Services by Lions Club International Foundation Paul Harris Fellow Award by Rotary Foundation of Rotary International Timeline 1943: Born in Kolkata. 1995. Indo Bharat Rayon launched in Indonesia 1985: Conferred upon the Man of the Year Award by Amravathi Chamber of Commerce & Industry 1990: Awarded Businessman of the Year Award by Business India 1995: Died on October 1 from prostate cancer in Baltimore. at the age of 51. daughter Vasavadatta (married to Kushagra Nayan Bajaj). 1986 Business Leadership Award by Madras Management Association. 1990 Businessman of the Year Award by Business India. Pan Century Edible Oils in Malaysia 1978: Established Thai Carbon Black in Thailand 1982: P. 1994 Vocational Excellence Award by Rotary International. aged 51 1996: Bestowed with Lifetime Achievement Award by All India Association of Industries .. He was admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.T. 1990 Management Man of the Year Award by Bombay Management Association. Maryland. in Thailand 1973: Established P. West Bengal 1965: Completed chemical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and returned to India 1965: Started Eastern Spinning Mills in Kolkata 1969: Set up Indo-Thai Synthetics Company Ltd. 1992 Platinum Jubilee Rotary Award for contribution to industry by Rotary Club of Calcutta. 1978 Outstanding Citizen Award by North Bombay Jaycees. Personal Life Aditya Vikram Birla was married to Rajshree. United States for treatment and died after four months of struggle on October 1. Elegant Textiles in Indonesia 1974: Incorporated Thai Rayon in Thailand 1975: Launched The Indo Phil Group of companies in Philippines 1977: Set up the world’s largest single-location palm oil refinery. USA. 1992 Rashtra Bhushan Award by FIE Foundation. Death Aditya Birla was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1993.boards of Industrial Credit and Industrial Corporation. Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services Ltd. January 1996 Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Phenomenal Growth of the Indian Cement Industry by All India Management Association. thereby transferring the responsibilities of the group to wife and son. January 1995 Lifetime Achievement Award by All India Association of Industries. 1984 Man of the Year Award by Amravathi Chamber of Commerce & Industry. 1985 Giant International’s Award in the filed of Business & Industry. The couple had two kids. and Bajaj Auto amongst other organizations. and son Kumar Mangalam (current head of the Aditya Birla Group).

Delhi. Vandana Bajpai. Although his next two movies. Today. with support from his family. He launched his younger brother Krishan Kumar in the 1993 movies “Aaja Meri Jaan” and “Kasam Teri Kasam”. grossed an average overall earning. 1997 Career: Businessman. he. or the . With this. “Meera Ka Mohan”. other young talented signers introduced to the music world by Gulshan Kumar include Anuradha Paudwal. both of them proved to be major duds. Gulshan Kumar set an example for Indian businessmen by donating a part of his wealth to the community. Kumar got involved in producing movies and launching several new faces to the Indian cinema that have turned into distinguished celebrities today. His other movies included “Ayee Milan Ki Raat”. remixes. which became a massive hit. melodies from the 1960s. Gulshan Kumar successfully infused life and energy into the music industry. To add on. Next came the big musical blockbuster “Aashiqui” in 1990. old devotional songs. Film Producer Nationality: Indian While the music industry was still lacking the much-needed appreciation to get popular amongst the masses. He introduced religious music cassettes at extremely low prices with the aim of promoting religion amongst Hindu fellows. He established a bhandara. With over 2500 dealers in India. This film also brought the. and Kumar Sanu. 1956 Born In: Delhi. he began exporting good-quality music cassettes to abroad. Word has it that he got involved with the Indian Mafia. only to rule Bollywood. Gulshan went ahead and made a third movie with Krishan “Bewafa Sanam” in 1995. starring Rahul Roy and Anu Agarwal.Gulshan Kumar Born On: May 5. With the music business producing fruitful profits. near Delhi. Early Life Gulshan Kumar was born as Gulshan Dua into a Punjabi Arora family in the heart of the capital city. new-age albums. he started producing cassettes himself. amongst several others. but also exports music to 24 countries across six continents. he began a music production company in Noida. he became a millionaire and rose to the top of music business. Film Career His first movie in Bollywood was “Lal Dupatta Malmal Ka” in 1989. India Died On: August 12. Apart from Sonu Nigam. and “Jeena Marna Tere Sang” which failed on the box office. As his business started growing. He was the top tax payer for the financial year 1992-93. By presenting the general public what it wanted. With an aim of ruling Bollywood just as he did with music. Soon. Introduction of New Talents Gulshan Kumar was known not only as the ruler of music in Bollywood. which is still remembered for the romantic and harmonious music. an ordinary man named Gulshan Kumar entered from nowhere and raised the industry to its unbelievable heights. Kumar established a vast music empire. featuring Aamir Khan and Pooja Bhatt. producing them at cheap rates so that they were made available to all classes of people. but he also introduced several new talents to the film fraternity. His 1991 “Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi”. It not only covers over 60% of the Indian music market. Super Cassettes Industries Limited (SCIL) became the topmost music company in India. Beginning with selling of audio cassettes and later. As if this was not enough. To cover up the overpriced poor-quality audio tapes marketed and sold by reputed music companies. He founded the T-Series music label. serving free food to the pilgrims who visited the Hindu shrine of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi. TSeries has the largest distribution network. Despite the discouragement received from both the movies. Gulshan Kumar started selling the 1970s music cassettes with a decent quality at cheap rates. However. struggling singer Sonu Nigam into limelight. That’s where Gulshan started earning his life in his early days. This was just the beginning of the career of a music baron. He had even made and produced movies and serials pertaining to Hindu mythology. Launch of T-Series Music Label Established by Gulshan Kumar. At the age of 23. acquired a shop and started selling records and cheap audio cassettes. His father was a fruit juice seller in the Daryaganj market in New Delhi. particularly for its music. the music of both the movies was highly appreciated. which turned into a profitable organization later on. Gulshan Kumar established himself as the music tycoon in the film industry. Music Business Gulshan Kumar then started his own audio cassette operation known as “Super Cassettes Industries”. he moved to Bombay. It runs the business of publishing original soundtrack from movies. then. The film had romantic melodious and catchy songs which declared the movie a great hit. and pop hits of the 1990s. TSeries is the largest producer and publisher of music and videos in the country. under the same music company. but its music was a big success. “Bahaar Aane Tak” and “Jeena Teri Gali Mein” didn’t fair well. Social Life Apart from being a prominent personality in the film media. which eventually turned into one of the top music labels in India.

on January 9. 1997. his son Bhushan Kumar took over Super Cassettes Industries Limited. On April 29. 1995 Jai Maa Vaishanav Devi. on the grounds of failing to provide evidence of him being a contract killer. His daughter. a Hindu temple in Jeet Nagar in Andheri West suburb of Mumbai city on August 12. 1992 Aaja Meri Jaan. known for financing Bollywood movies. 1991 Meera Ka Mohan. Rauf was sentenced to life imprisonment. Although the police accused Nadeem of music-director duo Nadeem-Shravan for planning the assassination. He refused to succumb to the extortion demands. Gulshan Kumar was later cremated in Delhi. 1990 Aashiqui. 1993 Kasam Teri Kasam. Legacy After Gulshan Kumar’s death. 2009. 1992 Jeena Marna Tere Sang. rather than death sentence. Movies Produced Laal Dupatta Malmal ka. 1990 Jeena Teri Gali Mein. Abdul Rauf confessed on receiving money for assassinating Gulshan Kumar. as per his family’s wishes. Tulsi Kumar. 1991 Aye Milan Ki Raat. 2001. aged 41 .The Great. Death Gulshan Kumar was shot dead outside Jeeteshwar Mahadev Mandir. 1998 Papa .Mumbai Underworld. 1995 Char Dham. which was why it is believed that he was shot dead. is a celebrated playback singer. 2000 Timeline 1956: Born on May 5 in Delhi 1979: Started a music shop selling records and audio cassettes 1989: Produced first Bollywood movie “Lal Dupatta Malmal Ka” 1993: Launched younger brother Krishan Kumar with “Aaja Meri Jaan” 1995: Introduced singer Sonu Nigam with “Bewafa Sanam” 1997: Shot dead in Andheri West. Mumbai on August 12. 1989 Bahar Aane Tak. 1991 Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin. 1993 Bewafa Sanam.

during that phase. Early Life Shantanurao Laxmanrao Kirloskar was born as the eldest child to Laxmanrao Kirloskar and Radhabai in Sholapur. Amongst the numerous companies set up by Kirloskar. After the end of World War II. Today. Additionally. Kirloskar for short. Kirloskar successfully established a golden age for Indian industry and the country on the whole. Kirloskar was married to Yamuna (fondly known as Yamunatai). He was followed by brothers. In 1922. 1910. and Ravindra. Kirloskar spread the Kirloskar Group on a national level and later globally. The group. Ramchandrarao had set up the Kirloskar Group and the township of Kirloskarwadi on March 10. Maharashtra 1922: Went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1926: Completed mechanical engineering degree and returned to India 1946: Established Kirloskar Electric Company in Bangalore and Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited in Pune 1988: Memorial postage stamp released on the occasion of Kirloskar Group's 100 years 1994: Died on April 24 in Pune. thanks to the ingenuity and business mind of Shantanurao Laxmanrao Kirloskar. Rajaram. in 1988. 1994 in a hospital in Pune after a stroke. Kirloskar raised the company generating one of the highest growth rates in Indian history. and sister Prabhavati. In 2003. During the period 1950 to 1991. and other engineering equipment. on the birth centenary of Kirloskar. he is believed to be one of the best role models for young industrialists who are keen on following his footsteps.. Presently. This became evident with the establishment of Kirloskar Electric Company at Bangalore and Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited at Pune in 1946. exhibited an unbelievable 32. Cambridge. strong thoughts. The couple had two sons. emerged as one of India's flourishing business ventures. Kirloskar Brothers was already making plows to establish the company. the Kirloskar Group has set its foot in all branches across the world. Career On his return to India in 1926. daughter of Rangnath Pathak.L. some of them include Kirloskar Oil Engines. Kirloskar expanded the Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. He was born in the Karhade Brahmin family of the Kirloskars. now in Karnataka. With the entry of junior Kirloskar. the company expanded and extended the manufacturing of diesel engines. Chandrakant Kirloskar and Srikant Kirloskar. Shantanurao received his primary education from Aundh and joined New English School in Poona for the rest of his schooling. the most popular products amongst them being pumps. He was 90 years old. The company then ran a bicycle business in Belgaum. he went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).L. Such was his courage and confidence that Kirloskar turned the family business into one of India's largest companies and an energetic exporter. Kirloskar Born On: May 28. Kirloskar Pneumatic Company. 1903 Born In: Sholapur. Kirloskar Ebara Pumps Ltd. S.S. scattered over the southern portion of Bombay presidency. he also worked as the director of Reserve Bank of India and Industrial Development Bank of India. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Apart from attending and managing the Kirloskar Group. Death S.. in USA to pursue his bachelor's of science degree in mechanical engineering. A man of both Indian and international stature. Honors Rajiv Gandhi. throughout India and gave it a global perspective. He returned back to India in 1926 and was one amongst the batch of first Indians to graduate from MIT. Prabhakar. Timeline 1903: Born in Sholapur. Maharashtra Died On: April 24. Kirloskar died on April 24. and Gondwana Engineers Ltd. and unending struggles. electric motors. Industrialist Nationality: Indian What had started off with a small bicycle business by his father and uncle. Right from oil engines and electric motors to machine tools and tractors to hotels and consultancy services. Kirloskar served as the first president of Indo-American Chamber of Commerce. A man of principles.401% growth of assets. aged 90 2003: Honored with a commemorative postage stamp as his 100th birth anniversary . SPP Pumps. a memorial postage stamp was yet again released by the then Prime Minister of India. Kirloskar Group is the largest engineering conglomerate in India. 1994 Career: Entrepreneur.L. the then Prime Minister of India released a commemorative postage stamp to honor the Kirloskar Group's 100th anniversary. Personal Life S. the other being Chintalapati Satya Narayana Raju. 220 miles southeast of Bombay. Kirloskar Construction and Engineers Ltd. His father and his uncle. Kirloskar Ferrous Industries.L.

With gradual expansion. Building Institutions Kasturbhai was elected as the President of Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries in 1934 and the President of Ahmedabad Mill Owners Association in 1935. Kasturbhai received Raipur Mills in his share but since the business was not fully established at the time of his father's death. at a time when the largest mills were built with a capital not more than Rs. such as dyes. 1980 Career: Industrialist Nationality: Indian Very few people are able to achieve a meticulous working system and win the appreciation of a very large number of people. thereby keeping his family business ongoing. From 1937 to 1949. After the end of World War I. He formed Ciba-Geigy called Cibatul. there was no looking back for this determined and powerful man as he turned into a successful industrialist establishing a large empire in the coming years. He completed his schooling in 1911 in Ahmedabad. Kasturbhai worked throughout his life with immense hard work. to run the old mill. He established the Ahmedabad Education Society in 1936. he served as the Director of Reserve Bank of India and took steps to groom the Indian employees to run operations in independent India. His first diversification was Anil Starch Limited in 1939. As such. Apart from setting up numerous companies in various industries.Kasturbhai Lalbhai Born On: December 19. Thus. with American Cyanamid called Cyanamid of India. he set up Arvind Limited in 1931 with a capital of Rs. and with ICI of UK called Atic Industries. sincerity. However in 1912. he managed to stabilize the operations of the firm due to the increasing demands. leaving 17-year old Kasturbhai in charge of his father's share of the business. His far-sighted vision. was the main face behind instituting IIM-A. dedication. he was able to gain recognition in the management of the mill and became famous for his abilities of handling dealings. With a wide business spread over the country. He was the second of the three sons and belonged to a reputed family running their own textile mills in Ahmedabad. 5 lakh. Kasturbhai served in the council for a three-year term. he diversified his business into other fields as well after independence. he was appointed as a member of the Standing Committee of Department of Industries and Labor of Government of India. He. Apart from handling responsibilities for expanding his business across India. honesty. he was also involved in promoting institutions that served both the country and the industry. Aruna Mills in 1928. Kasturbhai began working as a timekeeper in the mill but was unhappy with the job profile. Right from stabilizing his father's yet-to-be established business to instituting a vast business empire. Birla. belonging to a temple town named Osian in Rajasthan. Kasturbhai was able to rule over the textile industry. followed by Atul Products Limited in 1952 for producing textile-related chemicals and dyestuff. a tribute that is often related with another business tycoon G. He was elected as a Representative of Mill Owners Association to the Central Legislative Council of 144 members constituted under Montague-Chelmsford Reforms Act 1919 at a young age of 29 years. Kasturbhai had to abandon his studies to look after the operations of the mills. in Ahmedabad. and Ahmedabad New Cotton Mills in 1938. Nutan Mills in 1931. He became the chairman of the mill in January 1928 and established a new company named Saraspur Mill Ltd. he started working with the suppliers and traveled far and wide to understand the supplier market. his father Lalbhai suffered a serious heart attack and died. along with Sheth Shri Amrutlal Hargovindas and Shri Ganesh Mavlankar. and determination. 1894 Born In: Ahmedabad. his father had divided the property amongst his brothers. and so on. It was this society that donated land for establishing the prestigious Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A) in 1961. Flourishing Years The first large scale textile mill was established as Asoka Mills in 1920 with a capital of Rs. Kasturbhai saw this period as the most effective time for prosperity and growth. Though he was amongst the . along with Vikram Sarabhai. Struggle as a Businessman To start off with. pharmaceuticals. After tasting success in the textile industry. and devotion helped him reach the highest position in the industry and community. Further in 1924. he was also associated with establishing new institutions to promote education in the country. Henceforth. Kasturbhai Lalbhai was one such prominent industrialist who was successful in attaining the honor of a nationalist businessman and a renowned magnate.D. With the right kind of experience and knowledge of operations. 20 lakh. This society was later transformed into Gujarat University. thereby becoming a great business magnate in the country. Hence. With the Swadeshi Movement in its peak time during 1930-31. Gujarat Died On: January 20. Kasturbhai formed joint ventures with foreign companies through Atul. 25 lakh. He later founded three mills for the families of his three sisters. ever since his ancestor Shantidas Zaveri began in the Mughal Era. Early Life Kasturbhai Lalbhai was born in a Visa Oswal Jain family. Just a few days before his death. chemicals.

the company was inaugurated by Jawaharlal Nehru. adjacent to Gujarat University. he founded the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries. thereby becoming its Founder-President. He was appointed as the Trustee of Gandhi Smarak Nidhi. 1980 in Ahmedabad. he was elected as the Governing Trustee of Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust. India's first Prime Minister. Gujarat 1911: Completed matriculation 1912: Father died and took over the Raipur Mills 1920: Established Asoka Mills 1923: Elected as Representative of Mill Owners Association to the Central Legislative Council 1924: Appointed member of Standing Committee of Department of Industries and Labor of Government of India 1928: Formed Saraspur Mill Ltd. aged 85 . Sankat Nivaran Society was jointly set up by Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Ahmedabad Mills Owners' Association. became Founder-President 1952: Established Atul Products Limited 1961: Co-founded the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA). he retired from his services in 1977 and handed over the responsibilities to his relations. known as Gujarat University today 1937-49: Served as Director of Reserve Bank of India 1939: First diversification company Anil Starch Limited formed 1948: Set up the Lalbhai Dalpatbhai College of Engineering 1949: Founded Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries. aged 85. In 1949. Honors & Awards In 1952. In 1948. He died on January 20. Timeline 1894: Born on December 19 in Ahmedabad. Death Due to his declining health. 1931: Founded Arvind Limited 1934: Elected President of Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries 1935: Appointed President of Ahmedabad Mill Owners Association 1936: Founded the Ahmedabad Education Society. Today. with Vikram Sarabhai 1962: Established the Lalbhai Institute of Indology 1968: Honored with Padma Bhushan Award 1972: Sankat Nivaran Society was launched 1977: Retired from business responsibilities 1980: Died in Ahmedabad on January 20. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan Award by the Government of India in 1968. From 1955 to 1965. In 1957. Later. Member of Indian Investment Centre. rare books. With this. and microfilms on various subjects. he refused to become the chairman. IIM-A has a Kasturbhai Lalbhai Management Development Center and a Kasturbhai Lalbhai Chair in Entrepreneurship. when Kasturbhai founded Cyanamid of India with American Cyanamid. In 1972. and Member of Board and Governing Body of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. which is an encyclopedia of manuscripts. Kasturbhai worked as the Chairman of Industrial Committee of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Fund. to become India's first modern dyestuff manufacturer.board of members. he served as the chairman of Indian Institute of Technology. he founded the Lalbhai Dalpatbhai College of Engineering to promote technology and engineering. Kasturbhai became the President of the society. He founded the Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Institute of Indology in 1962.

8000.Vaman Srinivas Kudva Born On: June 9. This proved right when he started editing the Kannada Weekly "Sathyagrahi" in 1922. Pai. It was during his tenure that the company reached extensive growth and success. this unit was shut down in the 1960s due to undisclosed problems faced by the company.S. Later in 1923. in 1943 through which he started manufacturing automobile leaf springs in 1950. Karnataka Died On: June 30. His father Srinivas Ramachandra Kudva ran a small handloom unit in Mulky and began a hardware shop on relocating to Udupi in 1908. Industrialist Nationality: Indian Known for establishing one of the oldest and commercial banks in India. Yet again in 1960. which he continued for the next three years. thereby generating heavy revenues and earning name and fame across the nation. 1969 by the Government of India. Apart from the establishment of this commercial bank. His was a conservative and traditional Gowda Saraswath Brahmin (GSB) family that was known as the Mulky Kudvas in his hometown. Karnataka (NITK). Kamath. launched as Canara Industrial and Banking Syndicate Limited. 1899 Born In: Mulki. Mangalore in 1918 and went to Bombay to pursue a course in mechanical engineering from Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute (VJTI). With the change of its name to Syndicate Bank in 1964. Kudva thought about starting a mini steel plant to manufacture the desired spring steel in the country itself. he gained high recognition and respect from Kannada journalists that later resulted in the Akhila Karnataka Journalist conference in Mangalore. who remember him for his unexceptional endeavors and extreme hardships faced throughout life. or V. Kudva is popularly known as "Karmayogi" by the people of Mangalore and Dakshina Kannada. (now called Syndicate Bank) in 1925. However. along with other founders Upendra Ananth Pai and T. To add on. he traveled back to Udupi in 1921 and volunteered as a teacher in a national school started by Congress Party. he established the Canara Foundation for employing loan scholarships to students for continuing their higher technical education in foreign countries. along with his good friend U. Career as a Journalist Kudva was very keen into journalism since his student days. Kudva completed his intermediate studies from Government College. Early Life Vaman Srinivas Kudva. While serving as an editor.S. Ltd. Vaman Srinivas Kudva was one of the founding directors of Syndicate Bank. Kudva had been involved in several other social activities through setting up industries for the common man as a source of living. Career as a Social Leader Kudva founded the Canara Industrial and Banking Syndicate Ltd. Kudva joined the company as works manager. he gave up his studies as a mode of support to Gandhiji's Non-Cooperation Movement. Ltd. He was brought up in a simple environment with primary education at Mulky and high school education at Udupi. It is deemed to be one of the oldest and major commercial banks of India which was nationalized on July 19. vertical continuous casting machine. He was selected as the President of Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industries in 1948. Pai and Upendra Ananth Pai in Mangalore (now Udupi).A. a mini steel plant was materialized that constituted of 5 metric tonne electric arc furnace. the then Managing Director of The Canara Public Conveyance Co. During this period. he joined hands with U. in 1947. (CPC Co. Kudva set up another factory in Nagpur to meet with the increasing demands in North India. following which he went to Mangalore in 1926. As such. Establishment of Rotary Club . To produce the leaf springs. at Suratkal. followed by The Canara Motor & General Insurance Co. Kudva set up The Newspaper Publishers Pvt.M. Later in 1938. now known as National Institute of Technology.). Kudva for short. and rolling mill. Ltd. Srinivas Mallya. Therefore. Career as an Industrialist Kudva began an engineering workshop in Udupi between 1922 and 1926. 1967 Career: Journalist. raw materials were imported. he was selected as Managing Director which he held until 1966. Further in 1955. On being invited by V. in 1941 which started the publication of Kannada daily newspaper "Navabharath". With just a capital of Rs. extended the business to over 20 banks within few years of its establishment. On Kamath's death in 1932. Kudva became the General Manager of the company. in 1941. This was not all as Kudva founded The Canara Workshops Ltd. He was one of the major supporters for bringing the weather port and airport to Mangalore. the company expanded its business to all over India and overseas as well. Kudva.A. in 1938. With this. was born in the panchayat town of Mulki in Dakshina Kannada district of Indian state of Karnataka. Apart from being associated with various industries. Kudva began The Canara Tyre & Rubber Works Ltd. he established The Canara Sales Corporation Ltd. along with T. Srinivas Mallya and set up the Karnataka Regional Engineering College. Kudva realized that Indian required more industries to create employment. Social Leader. Ltd. The leaf springs were branded under the name Canara Springs. Despite being a topper for three continuous years. followed by several other transport concerns over the years.M. he took up the job of an editor in Kannada Weekly "Swadeshabhimani" which he continued till 1924. As such.

Development and Welfare Board. Kudva made numerous trips across India and abroad. in 1928. 1947: Launched The Canara Tyre & Rubber Works Ltd. was launched 1943: Founded The Canara Workshops Ltd. was set up 1941: Established The Newspaper Publishers Pvt. aged 68 1969: Syndicate Bank was nationalized on July 19 . and United States. Village Industries Association. Ltd.Kudva brought the first Rotary Club to Mangalore for which he held the position of Charter President for quite some time. The couple had five sons and one daughter. Dakshina Kannada.K. namely. United States. 1941: The Canara Motor & General Insurance Co. he traveled yet again to Europe. daughter of V. Small Scale Industries Association. Personal Life Kudva married Shantha. Karnataka 1918: Completed schooling from Government College. and Japan. Ltd. Ltd. Kamath. S. and S. 1967 at the age of 68 years. Mangalore 1918: Took admission in Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute (VJTI). particularly during a time when traveling to foreign lands was difficult and unusual. 1948: Elected as President of Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industries 1950: Began manufacturing of automobile leaf springs under the brand Canara Springs 1955: Founded the Canara Foundation 1960: Established Karnataka Regional Engineering College at Suratkal 1964: Canara Industrial and Banking Syndicate Limited changed to Syndicate Bank 1967: Died on June 30 in Mangalore. Death Vaman Srinivas Kudva passed away on June 30.K. Timeline 1899: Was born on June 9 in Mulki. 1928: Married Shantha 1932: Became General Manager of CPC Co.S. Ltd. In 1951. he went to the Middle East. He then became and held the post of the President of several other companies and social organizations. Bombay 1921: Quit studies and went back to Udupi to support Non-Cooperation Movement 1922: Started editing the Kannada Weekly "Sathyagrahi" 1923: Turned editor in Kannada Weekly "Swadeshabhimani" 1925: Co-founded the Canara Industrial and Banking Syndicate Limited 1926: Went to Mangalore and joined as works manager in CPC Co. During his lifetime. Later in 1960 and 1963. Europe. 1938: Turned Managing Director and held the position till 1966 1938: The Canara Sales Corporation Ltd.

In 1989. 2010. The emphasis on HR and IT as twin engines of growth yielded the organization fruitful results. Anil M. 1942 in Endhal in Southern Gujarat. he became the Chairman and Managing Director of the organisation.M. Naik was born into a family of teachers in June 3. 1989 . 1995 . he came up with a 90 days action plan. Contributions As soon as he took over as the CEO of L &T. the company recorded its most robust performance. he was made the 'General Manager' as he rose quickly through the ranks. This enabled L&T to achieve major success in the indigenization of technology and in the technology and nuclear sectors. In the early nineties. Under his leadership. Naik Born On: June 3.Takes over as the Chief Executive Officer and the Managing Director. He restructured the company into several operating divisions and focused on improving shareholder value. M.A.Joins Larsen & Turbo as a junior engineer. is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in India. Career In 1965. Under his dynamic leadership. 1965 . He was the first professional to head the company and led it through its most unstable times. In a long career spanning around forty-five years. This paid rich dividends and the turnover of the company grew fifty times in eight years. According to him. It began manufacturing plastic machinery. Naik received his early education in Navsari.M. In 2003. In 1995. the best way to attract young engineers to an organization was to change the way of rewarding them. Now isn't this fact a testimony to his achievements? It sure is! Early Life A.Took over as the vice-president of the organization and became member of the director board. Naik took over as the Chief Executive Officer. the biggest engineering giant in India and one of the largest in the world. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Indian Business Trust for HIV/AIDS.M. . Naik came up with the idea of manufacturing engineering equipments which saw the organization treading down the manufacturing path. He brought back a merit system to attract the younger generation to the company. CNBC Asia. he took over as the Vice-President of the organisation and became the member of the Director Board. Anil became the President of L&T and in 1999. 1985 . Naik's broader perspective enabled the company to expand its horizons beyond domestic borders and reach a position which enabled it to become a global player. 2003 . Anil Manibhai Naik was also instrumental in leading the organization through a manufacturing path which helped raise the turnover of the company fifty times over in around eight years. This happened when Anil M. Ever since he took charge of Larsen & Turbo. His father was a teacher and also a strict Gandhian. Anil. He finished a degree in mechanical engineering from the prestigious Birla Viswakarma Mahavidyalaya Engineering College in VV Nagar in Anand. Gujarat Career: Chairman and Managing Director of Larsen and Turbo The Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of India's biggest engineering and construction conglomerate.Was appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director of the organisation. the company expanded its horizons in the IT sector and made huge profits.Born in Endhal in Southern Gujarat. He made L&T a global leader through sheer hard work and through what he calls 'devotion beyond dedication'. Anil Manibhai Naik. Anil M. Anil took just a day off. Legacy Anil Manibhai Naik is an inspirational entrepreneur since he dedicated half of his life to make his organisation. Naik joined Larsen & Turbo as a junior engineer and became the youngest manager in the history of the organisation. In 1985. 2010 'CNBC Asia . Anil. Naik has involved himself in many social activities and is currently into the development of an educational institution set up by his father in Navsari in Gujarat. tire machinery and custom engineering products. he has fought many battles to take the company to the top. He is also associated with several educational and charitable institutions that help support the rural population of India. 2009 'Lakshya Business Visionary’ Award by the National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) 'Asia Business Leader’ Award.Outstanding Business Leader’ Award.Becomes the President of L&T 1999 . 1942 Born In: Endhal. Gujarat Garima Award. took over as the 'Chief Executive Officer' and the Managing Director.Is appointed as the General Manager of L & T. Awards And Accolades Business Leader of the Year – Building India’ by NDTV Profit. Timeline 1942 .

He thereafter ventured into life insurance and healthcare in 1999. Dehradun and then went on to enroll himself in the Shriram College of Commerce to earn a degree in commerce. To aid underprivileged children with good healthcare services. 2008: Ties up with Bupa Finance Plc of London to set up a health insurance scheme. Max Healthcare and Max Bupa Health Insurance. 1. During his career. Analjit then later moved to the USA to earn his MBA from a graduate school of management that was associated with the Bostan University. Early Life Analjit is the youngest son of Bhai Mohan Singh who was the former founder of Ranbaxy Laboratories and Max India. Analjit Singh. his dedication and hard work is an inspiration to many new entrepreneurs. Analjit was left with a rundown factory at Okhla where he had to offer a voluntary retirement scheme to his workers from his own earnings. Despite several efforts to expand his prevailing telecom business Analjit was left with no other option but to close down the company for a whopping Rs. During his initial years Analjit gradually sold off his assets at a profitable price to pump capital for his new business. Recently. However. to gain cellular and radio paging services in India.Analjit Singh Analjit Singh is a self driven man. but then had no idea that he had actually hit a jackpot. 2005: Sell 10% of the holdings. he also received the Padma Bhushan from the Indian President. a pharmaceutical company named Ranbaxy. Awards and Achievements Over the years Analjit has not only proved to be a dynamic business personality but also shown that he is great with philanthropist ideas. Industrial Development Bank of India and Hero Honda Motors. With his business expertise and astuteness he has been constantly reinventing and streamlining his ideas to keep up with changing business trends. CanSupport and Chinmaya Mission. He has been actively involved in several social causes. Coming from an illustrious business family background most would assume that his journey towards being a successful capitalist was an effortless one. Manav Seva Sannidhi. Max New Life Insurance ltd. his hard work and dedication paid off when he put together an alliance with Hutchison Telecommunications.368 crores. Analjit also wanted to get into education and soon figured that the best way to get involved was to become a member of a governing body. Well not in his case. he is the founder member of Indian School of Business in Mohali. 561 crores for the sale of just 41% of the shares. his father divided the business in 1989 to settle the differences. 2000: He establishes Max New York Life Insurance. Hutch held a stake of 49% in the business and the remaining 51% of the equity holdings was held by Analjit's company. The award was given to honor his outstanding contributions in addressing the global community to help understand a modern and effervescent India. backed by buoyancy and zest to achieve his goals Singh managed to outshine his peers. Timeline 1986: He joined his father's company Ranbaxy Laboratories 1992: He partnered with Hutchison Telecommunications 1998: Sells 41% of his holdings to Hutchison and Kotak Mahindra Group. The venture proved to be profitable despite its operations being functional only in Mumbai. and support environmental issues are few of the concerns the foundation has focused on. He grew up with two siblings named Parvinder and Manjit. Analjit Singh is a member of the Prime Minister's Joint Indo-US CEOs Forum and continues to hold top ranking positions in several renowned Indian companies Vodafone Essar. . His company Max India has a trustworthy approach combined with a great business strategy that he strongly believes in. Read on to know more about the man behind Max New York Life Insurance. Hong Kong. MIF is a socially responsible organization and has tied up with many NGO's such as SOS Children's Village. provide medical awareness among womenfolk. In 1992. Tata Tea. Analjit has been conferred with several accolades but the one that stands out the most is the one he received from Senator Hillary Clinton by The Indian American Center for Political Awareness (IACPA). the obvious thing to do was to expand the business by going national but Analjit's ambition to do so failed. Analjit's other brother. In a short span of just six years the company earned a profit of Rs. He is the Chairperson and founding member of Max India. Due to the successful business venture in Mumbai. His elder brother Parvinder was given Ranbaxy Laboratories and the real estate portion of the business went to his Manjit Singh. His business partner Hutch felt that the licensing fee was exorbitant along with certain qualms. He completed his early education from Doon School. being the Chairperson and the Chief Beneficiary of Max India Foundation (MIF). his work at Ranbaxy was short lived due to a family dispute. Although retirement was on the cards Analjit refused to back away from the business circuit as he felt that there were many unexplored pockets. Career When Analjit returned from the USA after completing his MBA he joined the family business.

He is the Chairman of the National Safety Council of India and is the Founder Chairman of the Mumbai Festival. This renowned group was established by his grandfather K. National Institute of Bank Management. The company's possession activities include the possession of Satyam Computer Services in 2009.C. Maharashtra Career: Entrepreneur Anand Mahindra is the Managing Director and Vice Chairman of the Mahindra & Mahindra Group.. The couple together has two daughters. A long list. Along with this. the company has developed through both acquisitions and Greenfield business development. he is the Trustee of the K. Indira Mahindra for supporting the Humanities Center. don't you think? Apart from this. Reva Electric Vehicles in 2010 and Ssangyong Motor Company in 2010. This huge amount was contributed for the advancement of the distinctive interdisciplinary alliances led by the Director of the Humanities Center. . Mahindra Systems and Automotive Technologies to lay emphasis on enhanced modules and to offer better engineering services. Homi Bhabha.Executive Committee. Recently. he is a big fan of football and plays tennis quite a lot too. Kotak Mahindra Bank is now one of the leading banks in the private sector. He is the son of late Harish Mahindra and Indira Mahindra. Anand was ranked as one of the most influential men & women in Mumbai by Daily News and Analysis. Harvard University Asia Centre . He has been entitled as the Business Leader of the Year (2008-2009) by the Economic Times Awards. He took the responsibility as the Managing Director of the business in 1997 and became the Vice Chairman in 2003. Read on to know more about the man behind the Mahindra & Mahindra Group.Governing Board. he received the CNBC Asia Business Leader Award and the Ludhiana Management Association presented him with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. In 2007. the Scorpio. the company opened a new and separate field.C. In 1991. Massachusetts. Apart from this. which is an association devoted to the advancement of professional management in India. Anand is a Director of the National Stock Exchange of India Limited selected under the 'Public Representatives' category. Harvard Business School . which began in 2005. he finished his Masters in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School. Pune .K. Massachusetts. It was in 2005. Punjab. Thus. when he was awarded the Person of the Year award from Auto Monitor and the Leadership Award from the American India Foundation for the commitments to corporate social responsibility met by him and the Mahindra & Mahindra Group.Advisory Committee. he received the honor/title of the 'Most Inspiring Corporate Leader of the Year' from NDTV Profit. Maharashtra and belongs to a famous business family. which built positive impressions for the company and helped give it a global identity. he became the President of this leading group and this was when he expanded the company into the sectors of real estate development and hospitality. which is amongst the top ten industrial houses in India. he was assigned the duty of Deputy Managing Director of Mahindra & Mahindra Group. He was a member of the Phoenix S. is a member of Harvard Business School . The Nehru Centre. Mr. Mumbai . He is also the Co-Chairperson of the World Economic Forum at Davos.Asia-Pacific Advisory Board. In the year 2002. National Council of Applied Economic Research. Mahindra in Ludhiana. In 1989. It was under Anand's management that his group successfully set up global objectives and standards for achieving success. Boston. Under Anand's supervision. In 1981.Member of the Board of Dean's Advisors. who is the famous editor of the magazines 'Verve' and 'Man's World' and is the Editor-in-Chief of Rolling Stone India. National Sports Development Fund (NSDF). Anand has been the past President (2003-04) of the Confederation of Indian Industry and has also served the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) as its President. He is now married to Anuradha Mahindra. he pursued a graduate degree at the Harvard College. Club. Contribution Anand Mahindra contributed $ 10 million to the Harvard University in the name of his mother. which offers scholarships to students and he also on the Board of Governors of the Mahindra United World College of India. New York.Anand Mahindra Born On: 1st May. In 2006. 1955 Born In: Mumbai. Anand Mahindra is the Co-Founder of the Harvard Business School Association of India. Early Life Anand Mahindra was born on 1st May. Career In 1981. and transformed it into a bank in 2003. Besides this. Asia Business Council. Awards and Accolades Anand Mahindra was honored as the Knight of the Order of Merit by the President of the French Republic in 2004 and also received the Rajiv Gandhi Award for his outstanding contributions to the business field. Anand Mahindra is interested in educational issues and sports and thus. This occasion was the first inclusive festival to celebrate the opulent cultural diversity of Maharashtra. 1955 in Mumbai. In 1977. Cambridge.Council and Executive Committee. he was a Co-Promoter of Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd. Anand Mahindra is the Co-Chairman of the International Council of Asia Society. Anand Mahindra came back to India and joined the Mahindra Ugine Steel Company (MUSCO) as an Executive Assistant to the Finance Director. the Mahindra & Mahindra Group introduced an indigenously developed SUV. Mahindra Education Trust. Government of India .

2005: Person of the Year from Auto Monitor and Leadership Award from the American India Foundation. Timeline 1955: Born in Mumbai. 2007: Received the Inspiring Corporate Leader of the Year Award from NDTV Profit. Nissan and the International Truck and Engine Corporation. USA.the firm has made strategic acquisitions of plants in the United Kingdom and China. 2006: Received the CNBC Asia Business Leader Award and Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Ludhiana Management Association. It has three assembly plants in the United States of America and has collaborated with international companies like Renault SA. . Maharashtra 1981: Returned to India and joined Mahindra Ugine Steel Company (MUSCO) as an Executive Assistant to the Finance Director 1989: Became the President of this leading group 1991: Became the Deputy Managing Director of the Mahindra & Mahindra Group 1997: Became the Managing Director of the Mahindra & Mahindra Group 2003: Became the Vice-Chairman of the Mahindra & Mahindra Group 2004: Knight of the Order of Merit by the President of the French Republic.

By the time he was in his early twenties. In the year 2004. Bikki finally disclosed the secret in an interview. Early Life Prithvi Raj Singh was born to Rai Bahadur M. is the son of late Rai Bahadur M. Because of him. the Oberoi hotels are placed and rated among the international line-up of luxury hotels today. taking every opportunity that came his way and making 'Oberoi' a brand name to reckon with.Biki Oberoi Born On: 1929 Career: Hotelier Prithvi Raj Singh Oberoi. and the Chairman of the Oberoi Group. . he married Goodie and had two sons. which has made India one of the best in the hotel business in the world. Coming from an affluent family. Won “Outstanding Business Leader Award” from the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Society of Indian Law Firms in September 2008. He revealed that after he finished his studies. from great food to awesome services. he is the President and Chairman of Investors Grievances Committee at EIH Associated Hotels Ltd. Government of India for his contribution in the tourism sector. Bikki Singh left for a long trip. and Chairman and Managing Director at Indus Hotel Corporation Ltd. Bikki stayed away from the helm of hotel business until the age of thirty-two. Oberoi. Got lifetime achievement award at Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year awards in November 2008. Currently. He was given the lifetime achievement award at the CNBC TV 18 India Business Leader Awards in 2007. becoming one of the leading hoteliers in the world and making significant contribution in the hospitality industry. Apart from this. Contributions Bikki Oberoi has made a huge contribution to the hospitality industry.. Chairman of the Board at Mercury Travels Limited. Squeezed from all these years of travel. This year (2011) he declared Vikram as the heir of the Oberoi Empire. the founder of the Oberoi chain of hotels. S. Received lifetime achievement award at the South Asia Travel and Tourism Exchange in 2008. travelling around the world and experiencing new places and their best hotels. Awards and Accolades Bikki Oberoi was given the Grand Officer of the Alalaoui Wissam award by the King Mohammed VI of Morocco for his contribution to tourism and Indo-Moroccan relations. he started new chains of luxury hotels in many countries. Received Lifetime Achievement award at the first Economic Times TAAI travel awards in 2009. Bikki Oberoi has managed to come a long way. Excellent in leadership and management skills. better known to the world as Bikki Oberoi. Bikki showed keen interest in his father's business. Using this experience into his business. Oberoi. he travelled to almost every major country in the world and stayed in their best hotels where he had the firsthand experience of sampling their best. Director and Member of Investors Grievances Committee at EIH Ltd. his father had already established himself as an hotelier and had expanded his business to an extent that he could pamper his son with all the luxuries in the world. Bikki Oberoi steered the Oberoi chain of hotels to further heights. Personal Life In 1959. he is the Chief Executive Officer. He was felicitated with 'Hall of Fame’ award at the Hotel Investment Forum India in 2009. Career Born in an affluent family. Right from his childhood. He was named businessman of the year by Business India Magazine in 2008. a special award was conferred to him by the Department of Tourism. He received the Padma Vibhushan award in April 2008. He took to his father's ability of a businessman and brought in with him higher goals for the Oberoi Group. He is known for using novel strategies that have become a boon to the business of Oberois-making himself indispensable to the company and proving himself as a worthy heir of the great empire.S. He was conferred lifetime achievement award by the sixth International Hotels Investment Forum in Berlin in the year 2003. Building up on his father's legacy. After completing his education. Chairman of the Board at Mumtaz Hotels Limited. he took back the rich experience of the world to his father's business and strived to boost it up than before. Was given Corporate Hotelier of the World award by HOTELS magazine in 2010. His nephew Arjun Oberoi also helps him to manage his vast hotel business spread worldwide. Bikki Oberoi had an experience that very few people could boast of. After being discreet about the events of his life during these thirty-two years.

Timeline 1929: Bikki Oberoi was born. 1959: Got married to Goodie. 2008: Received Padma Vibhushan. 2010: Received Corporate Hotelier of the World Award. 2001: Received his first award from the King Mohammed VI of Morocco. 2009: Received Hall of Fame Award. . 2011: Declared his son Vikram Oberoi as the heir of the Oberoi Group. the daughter of an affluent Punjabi landlord. 2003: Received lifetime achievement award.

India's leading business man. Go Air. He finished his early schooling at the Sainik Military School that was situated in Bijapur before he joined the famed National Defence Academy and then passed out from the Indian Military Academy. In 1997. Personality of the Decade Award and Sir M Visvesvaraya Memorial Award. but currently boasts of a fleet that commutes across several destinations in the country. Despite his many roles he is well known as a pioneer of low-cost airlines. this air service was a low-cost brand. Meanwhile. On the business front he was also responsible for starting operations for a new freight flight known as Deccan 360. but failed to gather sufficent support from the general public. Captain Gopinath's contributions has won him several accolades. It was him and a close friend from the armed services who came together with the idea to start a private commercial helicopter service known as Deccan Aviation. Awards and Achievements Captain Gopinath has been an important face of India aviation. Rajyotsava Award. Cochin. His book "Simply Fly" sheds light on the remarkable journey of turning his ambitious vision into a successful business story. 2003: He commenced Air Deccan operations. Captain Gopinath served for eight years before he retired from the 'Armed Forces'. 2004: Deccan Aviation extended to Sri Lanka. Career Once he joined the Army. 2009: He commenced Deccan 360 and ran for the Lok Sabha elections. Hyderabad. Delhi. The helicopter service extended to cities like Ahmedabad. an independent political candidate. Early Life Captain Gopinath hails from a small town known as Gorur located in the Hassan district in Karnataka state. It was not until the year 1995 when the government took measures to improve the aviation sector in India. Captain Gopinath is a multi-faceted personality. Spice Jet and Jet Lite. the service became operational. With so much diversity to his personality it is no doubt that he is one of the most interesting and distinguished persons that one can come cross. Indore. several rules where relaxed in order to encourage entrepreneurs to invest and explore air transportation. Time Line 1997: He started Deccan Aviation operations. In 2007. Read on to know more about his life and career. Bhubaneswar. some of them have been the Rolex Awards for Enterprise. Thereafter he became interested in farming and later started a hotel in Hassan. Currently Air Deccan is known as Kingfisher Red with Vijay Mallya being the CEO and Chairman. Once he was done with his graduation he was appointed as an Officer of the Indian Army. The company's overwhelming growth also saw the entry of several other low cost airbuses such as Indigo Airlines. an eco.Captain Gopinath Born In: Gorur. Mumbai. Today. Captain Gopinath was left with no other altenative but to consolidate with the Kingfisher Airlines. while Bangalore became its headquarters.friendly farmer and a well known author. Air Deccan was one of the first low-cost services in India and was an instant success but due to the excessive competiton from other similar airline carriers. Chevalier de la legion d'Honneur. Unlike other entrepreneurs Captain Gopinath's attempts to inspire young business men in the country have been successful. his business ideologies transformed the airline sector into a thriving and profitable sector. This aviation company began with just a single helicopter. Captain Gopinath began his first air-craft service known as Air Deccan. the main aim was to fulfill the comman man's dream to fly. Air Deccan soon started to lose out to the competition. Kolkata. The reforms initiated by the management did see positive results as many new players started to show a keen interest in this sector. His phenomenal success in such a short span of time has been rewarded by many well known and prestigious institutions. the helicopter services exteneted to Sri Lanka in 2004 promoting itself as a major private charter services. Chennai. Bangalore. the merger earned him substanial profits. a airline is no more restricted to just an elite group of people but has become a affordable and feasible transportation means in the country. Karnataka Nationality: Indian Known As: Entrepreneur Coming from a modest background. . Captain Gopinath was also one among them. a venture capitalist who revolutionized the face of Indian aviation in the country. Jamshedpur and Coochbehar. He comfortably shifted into different guises: an Army Officer. In 2003. The year 2009 saw Captain Gopinath get into the role of a politician when he stood as an independent candidate in the Lok Sabha elections. 2007: Air Deccan merged with Kingfisher Airlines.

2010' Ranked 11th in the List of 'Top 50 Woman in World Business' by the Financial Times.N Bose gold medal for Cost Accountancy. CEO. she was the Chief Finance Officer (CFO). when the organisation decided to develop its wings. Career In 1984. but was raised in Jaipur in Rajasthan. she handled project appraisal and monitoring and various projects in Petrochemicals. In her career which extends to over three decades of experience. She headed the Infrastructure Industry Group of ICICI. 2010 Ranked 10th in the Fortune's List of 'Most Powerful Women in Business'. She was also the head of the Corporate Center of ICICI bank. she did her Master's degree in management studies from the esteemed Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies in Mumbai from where she received a Wockhardt Gold Medal for Excellence in Management Studies. In 2001. Chanda Kochhar joined 'The Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited' or ICICI Limited as a management trainee. Under Kochhar's leadership. Textile and Cement and Paper. In 1994. She never stuttered in her growth and was one of the few who kept up with the aggressive development run of ICICI bank. 1961. she was instrumental in making ICICI bank the largest retail financer in India. ICICI was awarded the 'Best Retail Bank in India' in 2001. In April 2006. Awards And Accolades 'Retail Banker of the Year' (Asia . Chairperson of ICICI Bank Eurasia Limited Liability Company and ICICI Investment Management Company Limited. she remained strong willed and alert. In 1999. 2004 'Business Woman of the Year' by The Economic Times. In May 2009. and the official spokesperson of ICICI. Kochhar's career growth can be traced along with the expansion of the bank over the past several years. As per Forbes. She is an inspiration to women all over the world. she was appointed as the Deputy Managing Director of ICICI bank and managed the corporate and retail banking business of ICICI bank. Under Kochhar's leadership. she was promoted as the General Manager and became the head of ICICI's 'Major Client Group' which handled relationships with the top 200 clients of the organisation. 2011 . After completing her graduation in 1982. she decided to keep the bank open for twelve hours in a day when other banks were open for four to seven hours a day. In 2000. Early Life Chanda Kochhar was born in Jodhpur in Rajasthan on November 17. the bank was given the 'Excellence in Retail Banking Award'. 2010 Ranked 92nd in the Forbes List of 'Most Powerful Women' in the world. became the biggest retail financer in India. ICICI began its retail business in 2000 and in the next five years. 2006 Featured in the list of '30 Most Powerful Woman Leaders' in business for 8 consecutive years from 2002 to 2010 'Transformational Business Leader of the Year' by All India Management Association. she became the executive director of ICICI bank. 1961 Born In: Jodhpur. 2010 Padma Vibhushan.Chanda Kochhar Born On: November 17. she won the J. This was no easy task. She was also one of the bankers who came up with electronic banking and installed 2000 ATM machines all over India. 2005 'Rising Star Award' for Global Awards by Retail Banker International. In her initial years in ICICI. In the same year. Joint Managing Director (JMD). Read on to find out more about how Chanda Kochhar made it to the top of the corporate pile. ICICI Bank In India's male dominated banking sphere. It's no wonder then that she has been ranked 20th amongst the most powerful women in business and in the world. Legacy Chanda Kochhar is one amongst the two women who is the head of an Indian domestic bank. In 1999. Joining the ICICI bank as a management trainee. From October 2007 to April 2009. Later. Chanda Kochhar also held the positions of Vice-Chairperson of ICICI Bank UK and ICICI Bank Canada and the position of Director of ICICI International Limited and ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Limited. Chanda Kochhar carved a niche for herself. Her determination to make it to the top only grew from year to year. It was her sharp strategic planning which made the ICICI bank the 'Best Retail Bank in India' for five consecutive years. 2010 'Outstanding Woman Business Leader of the Year' award by CNBC TV18. In 2002. Rajasthan Career: MD. the director of the ICICI group of companies. she pursued cost accountancy (ICWAI). She then joined Jai Hind College in Mumbai for a Bachelor of Arts degree. she started handling the Strategy and E-commerce divisions of ICICI.Pacific region) by The Asian Banker. after her masters. 2004 and 2005. she was appointed as the Managing Director and the Chief Operating Officer of ICICI bank for a term of five years. Contributions Chanda Kochhar was a part of the core team when ICICI decided to set the ICICI Bank 1993. she became the Assistant General Manager and was promoted to the post of Deputy General Manager in 1996. 2003.

1984 . 1994 . 1996 . 2006 . 2001 .Completed her graduation and pursued cost accountancy.Born in Jodhpur in Rajasthan. 1982 .Became the executive director of the ICICI bank.Took over as the General Manager and became the head of ICICI's 'Major Client Group'. 1999 .Became the Assistant General Manager of ICICI bank. .Awarded Padma Vibhushan. 2011 .ICICI began its retail business under Kochhar's leadership.Joined 'The Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited' or ICICI Limited.Appointed as the Managing Director and the Chief Operating Officer of ICICI bank.Appointed as the Deputy Managing Director of ICICI bank. 2000 .Timeline 1961 . 2009 .Became the Deputy General Manager.

Awards and Accolades Deepak Parekh was honored as the Businessman of the Year 1996 by Business India. Following immoral methods will lead only to the loss of reputation. he joined HDFC and was promoted as the Managing Director in 1985 and thus became the Chairman in 1993. 2009. Ltd.Deepak Parekh Born On: 18th October. and worked on the Board of Castrol India Limited. In 2010. Timeline 1944: Born in India. he received the Outstanding Business Leader Award from CNBC-TV18. Besides this. he became the Chairman of the National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. 1993: Became the Chairman of HDFC. 2009: Attended a state dinner at the White House hosted by US President Barack Obama in honor of the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and received the Outstanding Business Leader Award from CNBC-TV18. he has also been a part of several Committees made by Indian Government. with his hard work and intelligence developed HDFC into the huge financial multinational firm that it is today. as an Alternate Director and as a Director of Indo-German Chamber Of Commerce. Hindustan Unilever (since 1997). 1996: Businessman of the Year by Business India. According to the Government of France. Contribution Deepak Parekh has played a very significant role in developing the financial sector of India and has also contributed in establishing French firms in India. Read on to know more about Deepak Parekh.. In 1978. it is very important to stick on to moral values and ethics. as a Non-Executive Independent Director. He serves the Exide Industries Ltd. He also served as the Non-Executive Chairman of Glaxo India Ltd. 2006: Honored with Padma Bhushan. He pursued his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Sydenham College of Bombay University and acquired a Financial Chartered Accountant degree from England and Wales. Parekh made it possible for the middle class people of India to own their houses or flats by providing them with loans at affordable rates. only then can one become a great businessman. he is also the unofficial crisis consultant of the Indian Government. which is a top mortgage finance company. Career Mr. In 1964. the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales honored him with an Outstanding Achievement Award. and a Director of Steel Authority of India Ltd. he became the Non-Executive Chairman of IDFC (Infrastructure Development Finance Company Ltd. He was also given the JRD Tata Corporate Leadership Award by All India Management Association (AIMA) and was the first to receive the Qimpro Platinum Award. Parekh started his career as a chartered accountant in Ernst & Young Management Consultancy Services in New York. He believes in hard work. He also served Satyam Computer Services as an independent director from 11th January to 17th July. Mr. Besides being the Chairman. 1944 in India. He was appointed the Chairman of the Advisory Group for Securities Market Regulation by the Reserve Bank of India. When he came to back to India.) which is a Government enterprise for projects of infrastructure. He has served the Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. great zeal and perfection. 1978: Joined HDFC. Parekh has improved the relations of India and France in the economic sector. Ltd. At present. 2010: Received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Later on. Besides this. He was also honored with the Padma Bhushan in 2006 and in 2009 he attended the state dinner at the White House hosted by US President Barack Obama in honor of the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. He. According to him. Mr. 1997: Became the Non-Executive Chairman of IDFC. He is a member of the proactive advisory board of the world's biggest student determined organization AIESEC India. he lives in Mumbai. 1944 Career: Chairman of HDFC Deepak Parekh is the Chairman of HDFC (Housing Development Finance Corporation. Airports Authority of India and Lafarge India Pvt. Mahindra & Mahindra (since 1990) and Indian Hotels Company (since 2000). Siemens Ltd. he was made the Chairman of the high level of expert committee which was formed to suggest the ideas for the growth of the Unit Scheme. till 2008 and is the Chairman of Burroughs Wellcome (India) Ltd. in 1997. Along with this. Early Life Deepak Parekh was born on 18th October. he worked with Grindlays Bank and Chase Manhattan Bank as the assistant representative for South Asia. has been a Director of WNS Global Services Pvt. a prominent Banker and a well-known expert of finance in India. 1985: Became the Managing Director of HDFC. Mr. If a person's reputation is gone it is very difficult to get it back. for his input to the finance and accountancy profession from many years. . Parekh was the youngest man to get the respected Corporate Award for the Life Time Achievement by the Economic Times.

in 1976 and became a board member of HLL in 1995. Career Harish Manwani joined Hindustan Lever Ltd (HLL). He is Unilever's geographical president of Asia. 2004: He was appointed President and CEO of the HPC North America business group. 2005. He became President and CEO of HPC North America in 2004. Harish is married and has two daughters. is described as a go-getter and is known for his consistent performance. Timeline 1954: Born and brought up in India. 2005: Joined Unilever as President. He was also made Chairman of Unilever's Latin America Advisory Council. This helped in the development of his company. He is respected by his colleagues and friends. Contribution Harish Manwani's professional contribution to the field of business is vast. Mr. Central and Eastern Europe at Unilever. Global Hair Care and Oral Care. He has always believed in the 'Think local. Awards and Accolades The Asia Business Leader of the Year in 2008 by CNBC Asia. Central & Eastern Europe and a member of the Unilever Executive (UEx). Latin America business group. He joined Unilever in 2005 as the President of its Asia and Africa division. Success has been in his hands and he is an expert at balancing fun and work. Early Life Harish Manwani is an honors graduate from the Mumbai University and has a master's degree in management studies. He is also the President .Harish Manwani Born On: 1954 Born In: India Career: Entrepreneur Harish Manwani is a business entrepreneur who was named Unilever's first global chief operating officer. Harish Manwaniassumed charge as the Non-Executive Chairman of the Company became effective on 1st July. He is currently a member of the Executive Board of the Indian School of Business. He is personally considered a bold person with a strong will and a focused mind towards his business and life. Harish Manwani. He spends his leisure time with his family and enjoys playing golf and an occasional game of bridge. The next year he was appointed President of Home and Personal Care of the Latin America division. He also took care of the business group in Central Asia and Middle East. Being a devouring and devoted golfer he loves playing bridge occasionally. HUL produces all fast moving consumable products. . 2001: He was appointed President. He became Senior Vice President of Global Hair Care and Oral Care in 2001 and moved to the UK. He was responsible for the Personal Products business. Act local' concept to achieve customer satisfaction. Visiting customers is one of the must-dos in Harish Manwani's list every time he visits a country. He is a man who believes in relentless execution. He served as the Chairman of Unilever's Latin America Advisory Council. He is currently Unilever's Chief Operating Officer. Read on to know more about the life and profile of Harish Manwani. 2011: Becomes the President for Asia Africa. 2000: He moved to the UK as Senior Vice President. 2008: Received the CNBC Asia Business Leader of the Year award. Home and Personal Care. He was appointed as the global COO for Unilever in June 2011. now Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL). Nitin Paranjpe and Harish Manwani's shared vision contributed to HUL's growth story. He also attended the Advanced Management Program at the Harvard Business School.Asia & Africa. He is also a member of the Executive Board of the Indian School of Business and serves on the Supervisory Board of ING Group. Africa and Central and Eastern Europe. Asia Africa.

He finished a degree in commerce from the Osmania University in Hyderabad in 1981. Bilimoria also has authored a book namely 'Bottled for Business: The Less Gassy Guide to Entrepreneurship'. he found out that many of the owners to whom he was trying to sell the brew did not drink due to religious reasons. Bilimoria's profile will leave you wondering a lot on how he found the time to do an endless number of things in life. However. Early Life Karan Bilimoria was born on 26th November.K. Bilimoria is known as Lord Bilimoria of Chelsea and reached the same heights as did his great grandfather. It was in 1989 when he got the idea to manufacture a beer that would be less grassy than conventional beers and a brew that can balance the curry-laden diets of his countrymen. In 1999. their new beer was brewed and was ready to be sold. Karan Bilimoria set out to try his hand in business as it was his passion. Karan visited pubs and restaurants all over India with the samples of his new brew. He finally ended up as the founder of Cobra beer which enjoys a considerably huge turnover and is one of the fastest growing beer brands in the United Kingdom. With no experience in brewing and over 20. Cobra Beer posted a recorded sale of 48 million pound sterling with a profit of 4. University of Cambridge. . With sheer hard work and determination. he completed his education at Hebron School. Contributions and Achievements Karan Bilimoria came up with a program in 2005 called Cobra Vision which allowed amateur film makers in the United Kingdom to screen their films during commercial TV. he went on to become a chartered accountant for Ernst and Young.on executive of Cobra Beer. In the meantime. in the Nilgiri Hils in India. Career Soon after he completed his education. which is the largest brewery in United Kingdom. Then. he went on to form 'Panther' ( the name was changed to 'Cobra' later) along with his partner Arjun Reddy.Italia who started a liquor business from scratch. he always knew he would find a suitable business that would fulfill his dreams. 1961 to Lieutenant Colonel F. He brewed Cobra first in Bangalore in India till 1996. He also works as a guest lecturer at the Cranfield University School of Management. he was appointed the Chancellor of Thames Valley University and became the youngest Chancellor of a university in the United Kingdom. However.Bilimoria in a Parsi Zoroastrian family in Hyderabad.K. Today. where he got trained and worked for four years. His family was not supportive of his business as they believed that he had the education to find himself a secure job. he decided to start brewing beer in England along with the Charles Wells Brewery. Having some experience in sales from his previous polo project. then Karan Bilimoria should be that one man who did so and passed in flying colors. He grew up hearing the fascinating stories of his great grandfather D. London Business School and Cambridge University Business School. Karan Bilimoria is also the member of a National Employment Panel and is the Chairman of the panel's Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Board (SME).Karan Bilimoria Born On: 26 November. His company has won numerous gold medals at premiere international events in Brussels. Then. At present. Arjun's uncle introduced them to Mysore Breweries in India. he completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Law from Sidney Sussex College. whose stories he loved to hear when he was a child. In 2005. the sales grew to over 96 million pound sterling. 1961 Born In: Hyderabad. he worked hard to carve a path for himself in the world of beers. He then offered his beer to the regulars of his establishments and this turned out to be an instant success. he introduced General Bilimoria Wines and by 2006. Soon. However. He is the Deputy Lieutenant of Great Britain and a member of the London Chamber of Commerce. He is the hands . the company imports its products to more than 50 countries. India Career: Entrepreneur If the ability of a good entrepreneur is to bounce back from pits and falls. Having started his journey to the top at the age of twenty-seven. Karan Bilimoria achieved the life of his dreams and even went on to become a member of the House of Lords in England. He started selling polo sticks made in India to retailers from U. 000 pound sterling's in debt.9 million pound sterling. Karan Bilimoria is into charitable activities too.D.N. In 2010. He studied in several schools as a boy since he was born into a military family. apart from being at the helm of numerous organisations and charitable institutions. market. His hands on approach enabled Cobra Beer to enter the competitive world wide market. He is the patron of Thare Mache Starfish Initiative and the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Shrimati Pushpa Wati Loomba Memorial Trust which takes care of the education of children of financially challenged widows in India. in order to capture the U.

2005 Indo British Partnership Award from the Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Institute. 2002: Opens offices in India and New York. 1996: Brewing moved to the U. 1999: Introduced General Bilimoria Wines. 2005 Man of the Year at the Drinks Business Awards. 1981: Finished his degree in commerce at the Osmania University in Hyderabad. 2004 Award for Outstanding Achievement by Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. 2003: Opens offices in South Africa and production moves to Poland too. University of Cambridge. 1989: Started a beer company that manufactured beer which was less grassy than conventional beers. 2003 Commander of the British Empire (CBE).Awards and Accolades Asian of the Year. 1988: Completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in law at Sidney Sussex College. Heriot-Watt University and Staffordshire University Timeline 1961: Karan Bilimoria was born in Hyderabad. The beer was initially named 'Panther'. 2006: Bilimoria becomes Executive Chairman of his company as Adrian McKeon takes over as Chief Executive Officer. 1990: The name of the beer was changed to 'Cobra' and it was imported to the U. 2004 Business Person of the Year by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 2002 London Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. 2006 Honorary doctorates by Brunel University (2005).K.K. . 2004: Exports Cobra beer as 'Krait' to the United States of America.

K.Kamath was elected as the Chairman of Infosys. Kamath belongs to a Gaud Saraswat family. There he worked on several projects carried in different countries including Indonesia. Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University. He is also a part of the National Council of Confederation of the Indian Industry.V. Karnataka 1969: Pursued his MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad 2005: Businessman of the Year award by Business India 2006: Outstanding Business Leader of the Year award from CNBC-TV18 2007: Business Leader Award of the Year by the Economic Times 2008: Honored with Padma Bhushan 2011: Chairman of Infosys . Kamath is a leading personality of the finance sector in India. On 2nd May. popularly known as K. he introduced a series of acquisitions of non-banking financial firms which resulted in the establishment of ICICI Bank. Career K. When he became the General Manager. K.V. with his hard work. Indian School of Business and Gandhinagar Manipal Academy of Higher Education. which is the second largest bank in India. Outstanding Business Leader of the Year (2006) award from CNBC-TV18. The Mumbai Management Association awarded him the Finance Man of the Year and World HRD Congress gave him an award for the Best CEO for Innovative HR practices. he is a member of the governing boards of many educational institutions which include the Indian institute of Management. Vietnam and Bangladesh. 1947 Born In: Mangalore. Awards and Accolades K. he has played a very important role in the growth of ICICI. Business Leader Award of the Year (2007) by The Economic Times and Businessman of the Year award by Forbes Asia. he was honored with Padma Bhushan. Karnataka Career: Non-Executive Chairman of ICICI Bank Kundapur Vaman Kamath. when he came back to ICICI as the Managing Director and Chief Executive and industrialized the retail business.Kamath received many awards including the Businessman of the Year (2005) award from Business India. It was in 1996 May. Contribution Mr. Mr. providing a variety of banking and financial services. He married Rajalaxmi and the couple has two children. In present times.V. Manila and was the delegate of the Asian Development Bank on the boards of many companies. a son Ajay Kamath and a daughter Ajnya Kamath Pai. Kamath has contributed a lot for the progress of the ICICI Bank and after his leadership the balance sheet of this bank has maximized eight times over the last eight years. the bank has around millions of safety bond investors. after completing his graduation he finished a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Management. technology based financial organization that deals in banking.V. Kamath by CNBC Asia. In 1969.V. Thus. 2009 and became the Chairman of the ICICI bank. He has been accredited for the expansion of the business of ICICI Bank to change it completely into a tech-savvy financial firm that provided every kind of financial services to retail consumers and corporates. Read on! Early Life K. Ahmedabad.Kamath has also been a Co-Chairman of the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos and is a member of the Board of the Institute of International Finance. He is the Independent Director of the Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited and Schlumberger Limited. he joined the Private Sector Department of the Asian Development bank. he started and executed the Computerization Programme of ICICI. In 1988. insurance and asset management in India.Kamath started his career serving the ICICI Bank in the finance division project and then shifted to several departments for gaining experience in establishing new businesses such as venture capitalism. Kamath presently resides in Mumbai. 1947 in Mangalore.Kamath is the first non-founder to become the Chairman of Infosys. Aloysius School and then pursued his Mechanical Engineering from the Karnataka Regional Engineering College. Philippines. It was all because of his contributions and direction that the ICICI Group was converted into a specialized.V. Apart from this. He has been entitled the most e-savvy CEO amongst Asian banks by the Asian Banker Journal of Singapore and Asian Business Leader Award of 2001 was given to K.K. leasing. From 1996-98. He finished his primary and intermediate education from St. it was because of his input that this bank has become the first Indian and second Asian bank to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2008. devotion and intelligence he achieved popularity on both national and international levels. Claim to fame: K. Apart from this. National Institute of Bank Management.V. Karnataka. Thus. It has also become an international company. Surathkal which is presently known as the National Institute of Technology. He is very intelligent and has modernized the banking sector in India with his excellent and innovative concepts of 'Universal Banking' and proper management of employees. Ahmedabad. credit rating and also to be on the position of General Manager. India's highest civilian award. China.V. He retired from the post of Managing Director and Chief Executive in May. Timeline 1947: Born in Mangalore. Karnataka. Kamath Born On: 2nd December.Kamath was born on 2nd December. 2011.V.

Modi served as the Vice-President of BCCI. In the past. Karima is Minal's first child from her previous marriage. The contract was valued at $975 million dollars. Today Modi is regarded as one of the most powerful and influential figures in Indian cricket. the President and Managing Director of Modi Enterprises is an innovative and self-motivated personality who has instrumented his success in the field of business.Lalit Modi Born In: New Delhi Born On: 29th November. In 2004. Ruchir and Aliya. During his schooling he was known to have a keen interest in sports and personally played a number of games. Personal Life Lalit is married to Minal who he met in the USA during his student days. He became a member of the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association in 1999. Read on to know more about the life of Lalit Modi and his uphill ascent. His role mainly included the task of collecting funds from local cable companies in return for televising ESPN. Being the business visionary that he was. He has been the engineer behind the Indian Premium League (IPL) which has had four successful seasons. In the next year he became the sole distributor for the whole of India for the ESPN by signing a ten year contract with the channel heads. He has also held several high ranking positions in many cricket associations. which is a cricket tournament modeled around the T20 form of cricket. In the same year he also attained the broadcasting rights of Fashion TV for ten years. Lalit Modi was the brain behind the Indian Premium League (IPL). As a young child he was enrolled into the Bishop Cotton School in Shimla and completed his formal education in 1971. With his intellectual abilities and remarkable business acumen. He first completed his electrical engineering and then got a business administration degree at Pace University and Duke University during the years 1983 and 1986. Vijay Mallya's son Siddhartha Mallya. he chose to skip his exams in India and attended universities in America. thanks to Modi's effective marketing skills. Honored with the title of "Game Changers of the Decade" by Business Standard in 2009. In 1992 he was chosen as the Executive Director of Godfrey Phillips India and has managed to successfully take the company to new heights. president of the Rajasthan Cricket Association and is presently the Vice-President of the Punjab Cricket Association. Lalit Modi joined the Rajasthan Cricket Association and thereafter became the President of the association. he attended St Joseph's College in Nainital but he did not complete his education in India as he had plans to earn a foreign degree. In 2008. Godfrey Phillips India is one of India's leading cigarette companies that is jointly endorsed by Modi Enterprises and Philip Morris International. According to the deal Disney gave some of its broadcasting content to MEN to televise it in India. Since he performed well in the entrance exams held for admission to American colleges. Thereafter. Modi has managed to carve a unique identity for himself. . This was done under the support and guidance of Lalit Modi. Lalit has two siblings named Samir Modi and Charu Modi. He has three children Karima. Legacy In 2008. This in turn earned him a seat at the BCCI.county tournaments played between England and Wales were held. Career Soon after his education. Modi was the mastermind behind the Indian Premier League (IPL) and it proved to be one of his most profitable business ventures. He is a maverick opportunist who has managed to build an expanding business empire. Lalit understood the importance and popularity of cricket in the country. In 1993 he made his presence felt in this field with a joint venture between Modi Entertainment Networks (MEN) and Walt Disney Pictures. He enjoyed a privileged position at the top management level when he was appointed the President and Managing Director of Modi Enterprises. Ruchir also lives in London and is said to be close friends with business tycoon. The concept of T20 was first seen in England where inter. In the three years as Vice-President of BCCI he was actively involved with the commercial aspects of cricket and this helped the BCCI rake in an annual income of 1 billion USD. Lalit's business interests soon diverged to the entertainment networking organization. Modi played an active role in his family business that was set up by his grandfather Raj Bahadur Gujarmal Modi and was taken care of by his father Krishan Kumar Modi. Early Life Lalit Modi was born into an affluent business family and was one of the successors to his father's forty billion business industries. during his tenure he was solely responsible for increasing the revenue seven times over in just three years. The following year Modi was elected as the Vice-President of BCCI. Modi was the first person to introduce this concept to India and it has managed to be a big crowd puller. The business relationship between MEN and ESPN proved to be a profitable as ESPN bagged commercial rights for the T20 Champions League till 2017. Aliya is pressently purusing her education in Switerzerland at Aiglon College. 1963 Known As: Entrepreneur Lalit Modi. Currently she is resides in London. but failed to succeed in his ambition. Modi has won several presitgious laurels for his innovative and constructive ideas by many international business forums.

when Modi transformed his ideas into a reality. 2005: In the same year he was appointed as BCCI's Vice President.Achievemnts and Awards Since 2006. his idea soon became a big success. 2005: He became the President of Rajasthan Cricket Assoication. 1992: He was appointed as the Executive Director of Godfrey Phillips India. 1994: He signed another deal with ESPN to obtain the channel's broadcasting rights. The year 2008 proved to be the best year for his business career as he was awarded and honored by a number of business organizations. 1993: Modi entered into the entertainment networking industry with a joint venture with Walt Disney. During his initial association as BCCI's Vice-President he has been solely responsible for converting it into a thriving and profitable organization. 2010: He was elected as the Vice-President of the Punjab Cricket Association . Modi became an influential and powerful figure in the phase of Indian cricket. Lalit has been an important face amongst professional cricket circuits in India and has been instantly recognized for his work. 2008: He was the first to introduce IPL successfully to India. In 2008. 'Business Standard Award' for making BCCI the Most Innovative Company in India for 2008 Time Magazine ranked him 16th in a list of the world's best sports executives 'Brand Builder of the Year' by Asia Brand Conference 'Excellence in Innovation' .Frost & Sullivan Growth Excellence Awards 'The Most Innovative Business Leader in India' by NDTV Profit 'The Consumer Award for Transforming Cricket in India' by CNBC Awaaz 'Sport Business Leader' award by CBNC-TV18 Timeline 1963: He was born in New Delhi.

UTV Movies. his television dramas 'Lifeline' and 'Shanti' were an instant success among many housewives in 1994. for a nominal monthly fee of Rs. Ronnie decided to enter into television broadcasting. but also content heavy. Sony and Overbrook Entertainment with the view to explore and extend his international reach. he has surely come a long way. Khosla Ka Ghosla. and the very recent Delhi Belly. This in turn saw him making advertisements and producing films and selling airtime on India's only national network known as Doordarshan. 1996: He ventured into film production. reaching for the stars all the way. In a short span of time the business increased many folds and proved to be in constant demand among the residents in the area. The venture also provided Ronnie with the sufficient capital for his future endeavor. 1981: He began his career as a local cable operator. From a cable operator to a media giant he has not only reached the pinnacle of success but also overcome many struggles to survive in the entertainment networking industry. In 2007. In 2005 when the Ronnie's company's top management publicly traded it in the stock market. Kaminey. A Wednesday. Thereafter. partnerships. Career Like most business capitalists Ronnie also commenced his career by setting up a cable TV networking company in Mumbai. Most of these films were not just commercial successes at the box office. He has been responsible for establishing his presence in television. 2004: He had earned the number one spot among other children's channels such as Disney and Time Warner. it witnessed extensive diversification in just three years. which has helped him grow step by step. surpassing Disney and Time Warner in 2004. Fashion. UTV Action. broadcasting. Ronnie has co-produced movies like 'I Think I Love My Wife'. With his decision to back films that are entraining and content heavy. Ronnie has established a higher market value by partnering with international media giants such as Walt Disney. Some of the films are Rang De Basanti. The CEO and founder of the UTV group he has been one among many others to first introduce cable television in Mumbai. The channel featured Japanese animated shows and other regional language shows. Ronnie. 2007: His company also ventured into the video gaming sector. animation. 1994: By this year. 1990: UTV Software Communications was established by him. In 1990. 1956 Born In: Bombay Ronnie Screwvala is a self made man and an iconic figure in the networking media industry. The service was exclusively restricted to homes that were situated in an affluent locality known as Cuffe Parade. Since then. His media organization has won several awards for the movies that were produced under his banner. his company also undertook making of gaming software and content. Personal Life Ronnie is married to Zarina who is also the co-founder and one of the business exceutives of UTV. Movies like Rang De Basanti and Jodhaa-Akbar proved to be commercial blockbusters in the Indian market which took UTV Motion Pictures Ltd. the firm was established in 1981. 200. The entertainment house was actively involved in production. Soon after he was seen producing TV serials. It started out as a cable network that provided only three hours of uninterrupted viewing of films by means of a cable service. In the recent years. Dev D. his production house has carved a niche for itself in the Indian and global market. thus. Life In A Metro. film making and distribution. UTV World Movies. to new heights. Rajneeti. It was only in the year 1996 when the production house actually shifted its focus on film distribution and a year later it produced its first motion film "Dil Ke Jharoke Main". joint ventures and the building of subsidiaries. Ronnie has launched many other television channels such as UTV Bindass. From a small cable provider to a media giant. Achievements And Awards Ronnie's achievement since the beginning of his career is a list that continues defying all odds. etc. 'The Happening' and 'The Namesake'. Read on to know more about Ronnie Screwvala and his story of success. 2005: His company went public by trading in the stock market. he launched Hungama children television channel. Time Line 1956: Was born in Bombay. In the recent years he has been responsible for the growing associations with Hollywood with the intention of going global. This move proved to be a well thought of one as it put UTV on the top of the pile. This set them apart from the rest. The couple live in the posh Breach Candy locality in Mumbai. gaming. Fox Searchlight. Ronnie established UTV Software Communications. These movies proved to be a success. . has only set a benchmark for other upcoming entertainment companies. distribution of movies and television family programs and web content. had already ventured into television serials. He has been the pioneer in adopting a modern corporate studio approach to film production.Ronnie Screwvala Born On: 8th June.

In her 28 year old association with the ICICI Group. She is the kind of person who considers every job that comes towards her as a challenge. It's no wonder then that she was chosen as the CEO of Axis bank. She was able to maintain a lead from the first day which helped the organisation to remain the largest private sector life insurance company in India. the leading player in the life insurance business .P Morgan. . she moved to ICICI Securities and was deputed to J. In her 28 year association with ICICI Group. Career Shikha Sharma started her career with ICICI. 1998: Became the Managing Director of ICICI Personal Financial Services.P. Managing Director of Axis Bank Limited and Chairperson and Associate Director of Axis Asset Management Company Limited. she worked towards the development of the organisation. She also completed her Masters in Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmadabad. Shikha Sharma maintained discipline in her life and this disciplined showed right through her career too. She joined ICICI right after graduating from IIM. Legacy Shikha Sharma is one of the two women entrepreneurs who are at the helm of a private bank in India. She finished her post graduate diploma in software technology from the National Institute of Software Technology. the growth of which can be considered parallel to hers. CEO. Axis Bank Starting her career with the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI) in 1980. She started setting up various group businesses for ICICI which included investment banking and retail finance. P Morgan. Ahmadabad. the largest private insurance company in the country. She is the Chief Executive Officer. It is the organization she built from scratch. In 1997. Early Life Shikha Sharma was born to a soldier who travelled all over India.Shikha Sharma Career: Managing Director. 1995: Moved to ICICI Securities and was deputed to J. In a male dominated banking and insurance sector. she carved a niche for herself. Shikha Sharma was picked to head the life insurance division of ICICI when it became the first bank in the private sector to get a license to carry out the business of insurance. she rejoined ICICI as the General Manager in charge of Strategic Planning and Development. 2009 Ranked 89th in the list of 'World's 100 Most Powerful Women' by Forbes magazine. made ICICI Prudential. Morgan. 2010 Timeline 1980: Shikha Sharma started her career with ICICI as a project officer. India's largest financial service provider in 1980. Awards and Accolades 'Woman Business Leader' by CNBC TV18. She completed her school education at the Loreto Convent in Delhi and graduated in economics from the Lady Sreeram College. 2009. 1992: Set up ICICI Securities which was a joint venture of ICICI and J. Considering ICICI as her second home. Born to an Army officer. Contributions Shikha Sharma made ICICI Prudential what it is today. In 1995. 1997: Rejoined ICICI as the General Manager in charge of Strategic Planning and Development. under her leadership. she. Morgan. almost unanimously. before settling down in Delhi. Mumbai. she set up ICICI Securities which is a joint venture of ICICI and J. Here. Delhi.P. 2007 'Business Woman of the Year' by Economic Times. She has left behind a legacy which is followed by millions of women aspirants. ICICI Prudential commanded a market share of 13 %. Managing Director of Axis Bank Limited and Chairperson and associate Director of Axis Asset Management company Limited since June 1. with her exceptional leadership qualities. In 1992. she became the Managing Director of ICICI Personal Financial services. she set up various businesses. In December 2008. she also launched an innovative micro insurance cover of 1 dollar a month for poor people in India. she was instrumental in setting the foundation for the bank's personal financial services business. In 1998. Shikha Sharma also served as the Director of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company till April 2009 and was the Independent Director of ACC limited December 2006 to May 2009. In a male dominated financial world. 2009: Became the Chief Executive Officer.

which paved way for the origin of the 'TVS Group'. During the 1930's. During Second World War. No wonder. He is credited for starting Madurai's first bus service. Sundaram Iyengar was a man of principles and a true visionary. he left his job and ventured into motor transport industry. evolved into a flourishing family business.T. a business. automotive dealerships. British India Died On: April 28. The group started by Iyengar extended its services to motor industry. who was a widow. hard work and determination formed the base for 'T. During the Second World War. .S Santhanam. when Madras Presidency faced huge petrol scarcity. a senior statesman of Congress heaved praise on Sundaram Iyengar for the gesture of announcing retirement and passing on the business to his children. motor services and finances in the following years. He also started factories for rubber retreading besides Madras Auto Service Limited and Sundaram Motors Limited. he got his teenage daughter. T. 1955 Career: Industrialist T. electronics and finances and employs 40.V Sundaram was the one who laid the foundation for the motor transport industry in Southern India.V Sundaram is the founder of 'Sundaram Finance' and is regarded as the 'Father of Truck Finance Industry' in India. Four distinct branches began to work under the name 'TVS'. His innovative and visionary ideas. Business was not only a passion for Sundaram Iyengar. T. which started as a passion of a single man. he went on to design and start TVS Gas Plant in order to meet the demands of the people. today he is regarded as one of the most successful industrialists of his time. T. 000 people. T. Career As Sundaram Iyengar always had a passion for business.V Sundaram Iyengar Born On: 1877 Born In: Thirunelveli. Thus. feats and deeds in the write-up below. he designed and initiated TVS Gas Plant. the youngest son of T.V Sundaram Iyengar was born in 1877 in Thirukkurungudi in Thirunelveli district in present day Tamil Nadu (then a part of Madras Presidency).V Sundaram Iyengar was also a forward thinker and a stringent follower of Gandhian philosophies. It enjoys a turnover of 40.V Sundaram has five sons and three daughters and the business was shared by the male members of the family. Madras Auto Service Limited was the largest distributor of General Motors in 1950's. Among these.V Sundaram Iyengar and Sons Group of Companies. In 1912.V Sundaram Iyengar was a patron of art and a forward thinker. Know all about his life. Rajaji. In 1923. one of India's largest industrial conglomerates. remarried. Under the auspice of Mahatma Gandhi. Madras Presidency. 000 million. he had the vision to start the first ever rural bus service in Madurai. Apart from being an industrialist.V Sundaram Iyengar and Sons Group of Companies'. when riding an automobile was still a distant dream for many Indians. when people faced scarcity of petrol. They are also into IT solutions and services. The group functions in varied fields like automotive component manufacturing. Contributions T. TVS group is currently the largest automobile distribution company in India. he started the first bus service in the city of Madurai. Early Life T.V. but also a service to the common man. Sundaram Iyengar started his career as a lawyer after which he moved on to work for Indian railways and later in a bank. he established the T.

1955: T. Timeline 1877: T.V. especially in Southern India.V. . Death Sundaram Iyengar passed away on April 28.V. 1911: He founded T. 1923: T. 1955 at his residence in Kodaikkanal at the age of 78. Sundaram Iyengar passed away at his residence in Kodaikkanal at the age of 78. He initiated the first bus service in Madurai and consolidated their presence in the transportation business in a period when such a kind of business was nowhere heard of.V Sundaram. Sundaram Iyengar and Sons Group of Companies founded by T. Sundaram Iyengar and Sons Group of Companies which paved the way for the TVS Group.V Sundaram established the T.V. Sundaram Iyengar was born in Thirunelveli in Madras Presidency.Some of the companies that come under TVS group are: Wheels India Brakes India Sundaram Fasteners TVS InfoTech TVS Motor Company ZF Electronics TVS (India) Private Limited Sundaram Finance Turbo Energy Limited Axles India Sundaram Clayton Lucas TVS Sundaram Motors Sundaram Brake Linings TVS Logistics TVS Southern Roadways LTD Sundaram Hydraulics Limited Legacy The history of TV Sundaram Iyengar and Sons group of companies can be traced back to Thirukurungudi Venkagaruswamy Sundaram Iyengar who quit his lucrative careers in railways and started his own business.

In present times. as one of the leading software services company to have hailed from India.V. 2001: Nominated for the CFO of the Year by IMA. and jointly works with the Union and State Governments in educational. Guwahati.V.00. Mohandas Pai was nominated for the CFO of the Year 2001 by IMA.V.V. Awards And Accolades T. 1996: Became the Chief Financial Officer of Infosys. Since December 2010. he is a member of the SEBI Accounting Standards Subcommittee and the Empowered Committee for the setting up of the Tax Information Network of the Indian Government. He has been the Head of Finacle Infosys Leadership Institute at Infosys and then became the Chief Financial Officer of Infosys in 1994 and served the company till 2006.T. mid-day meals are being provided to school going children in almost every part of India. when T. Ahmedabad. At present. 2004: Best Chief Financial Officer Award in India in the Best Managed Companies Poll directed by Asia Money. as its Whole-time Chairman. the organization which supervises the International Accounting Standards Board. 2002: Received the award for Best CFO in India from Finance Asia.V.V. He also works as a Director of XBRL International. This program looks to fulfill the objective of providing food to around one million school going children by 2020. T. Career It was in 1994. 2011: Left Infosys. Bihar. He was the one who framed India's first widely articulated financial strategy for his company. Hubli. Moreover. he played a very crucial role in changing the organization into one of the world's most esteemed and popular software services company. since he desired to work for the betterment of the educational sector of the country. Jaipur. he served ICDS Ltd. India. Mohandas Pai completed his graduation in commerce from St. Besides this. Pai also played an important role in describing the company amongst the investors and improving comprehensibility and disclosure levels. Mohandas Pai is a well-known chartered accountant and was one of the Board Members of Infosys.669 government schools in places such as Mysore. Mangalore. Mr. Under his direction. Early Life T. Read on to know more about T. Apart from this. More than 12. Puri are given the mid-day meal. He is a fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Joseph's College of Commerce. . Pai is also a fund manager at the International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation. He has been outstanding and one of the most powerful makers of Infosys. In 2000. Bhilai. he with other people established the Akshaya Patra Foundation in Bangalore to begin a mid-day meal program for school children.V. Being the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Infosys. it was his contributions that enabled the first listing of an India-registered company on NASDAQ and the first sponsored secondary offering of American Depositary Shares by an Indian company i.000 primary education children in around 7. Mohandas Pai made a great contribution to the welfare of children. Mathura. Infosys China and Tejas Networks India Ltd. Bangalore and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law from the Bangalore University. Contribution T. Vadodara. Mohandas Pai joined Infosys and was amongst its Board Members for a long time. the Infosys Annual Report received the highest awards constantly from the Institute of Chartered Accountants and also from the South Asian Federation of Accountants. He received the award for the Best CFO in India in 2002 from Finance Asia and also for the Best Chief Financial Officer in India in 2004. Education and Research. in the Best Managed Companies Poll directed by Asia Money. Infosys. Mohandas Pai has a keen interest in the progress of education in India. Mohandas Pai T. India. he has also been a part of the Kelkar Committee created by the Ministry of Finance and Government of India for restructuring direct taxes. Bangalore. 2011. Mohandas Pai.V. e. he has also played a very important role in the growth of Infosys. He however resigned from Infosys on 15th April. Mr. He switched from the office of CFO to contribute to the growth of other sectors of the company such as Human Resources. Timeline 1994: Joined Infosys. information technology and business sectors. No doubt. especially primary education which is very important for a child.

Y. the 'Development Gateway Award 'in Beijing in 2005. In 1974. Career In 1968. In 1986.Y. Massachusetts and did a course on advanced training in Hoteliering and Services from Cornell University in United States. . Delhi. Deveshwar has been at the helm of ITC's affairs for about fifteen years and is the longest serving Chairman in the history of the organization. ITC became the first Indian organisation to submit its sustainability report as per the guidelines of the Global Reporting initiative.C.C Deveshwar's term at ITC. He is a member of the Board of Governors in the Indian School of Business and the Board of Governors of the Indian Institute of Management too. In a long career extending for over thirty-six years. Deveshwar came forward with plans to decrease the company's dependence on tobacco sales. He was also instrumental in coming up with strategic ideas which placed ITC among the value creating organizations of India. Under Deveshwar. he finished his Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology. In 1991.C Deveshwar Born On: 4th February. The company's profits grew from 260 crores to 4000 crores.C Deveshwar has also worked at the helm of affairs of the Confederation of Indian Industry. Taking the reins at a time when the company was facing a hard time. ITC won the 'World Business Award' given jointly by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). 1947. The company which was only into cigarette making was converted into a multi-diversified organization. expanded the FMCG business to non-cigarette areas and extended the Wills brand to other products. 000 crores in 2010.000 crore company. Under Y. Y. courtesy innovative business models. He also received an AMP Diploma from the Harvard Business School. In 1972. 1947 Career: Entrepreneur Yogesh Chandar Deveshwar will always be remembered for the deep insight with which he led a multi-business corporation like ITC. He continued with the hotel and paper back business. he was made the MBO advisor to the Corporate Headquarters in Kolkata. retail and distribution of branded FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). ITC's 'e-Choupaw' which is a digital infrastructure plan to empower the farmers in India is being taught in the Harvard Business School. 14. Y. he helped ITC expand its business and make its presence felt in the hospitality sector. he took over as the factory manager in ITC's Packaging and Printing Plant in Chennai.000 crore company to a 27. C. Deveshwar's leadership. Airports Authority of India and Air Mauritius Limited. In 1968. Apart from guiding ITC from a crisis period which hit the company during the nineties.C Deveshwar for his outstanding service to the country.C Deveshwar was born on 4th February. C. he was made a Director and since 1996 is serving as the Chief Executive and the Chairman of ITC Foods Limited. he was conferred with the 'Best Hotelier of the Year' award for his outstanding contribution to the industry. In 2004. He led the company into new forays of growth areas which included agricultural businesses. The market capitalization of the organization was around 147210 crores on April 2011. with its senior officials under the scrutiny of investigating agencies. It won the organisation. Deveshwar handled general management. Early Life Y. the business world witnessed the transformation of ITC from a 5. 500 crores in 1996 to 1. the sustainability efforts of ITC took new shape. as its President. The business was becoming tougher in the wake of restrictive guidelines and antismoking campaigns. In 1984. strategic management and business leadership. Indian government conferred the Padma Bhushan on Y. Contributions To Business During Y. Deveshwar joined the Indian Tobacco Company (ITC) as a management pupil. The value of ITC grew from 5. he was chosen to head Air India as Chairman and Managing Director. Y. International Airports Authority of India. He was successful in this assignment and was also a Member of the Board of Indian Airlines. Deveshwar took the initiative to set up 'The Welcome Group of Hotel Administration' in Manipal. C. International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and International Business Leader's Forum (IBLF).

1972: Made the MBO advisor to the Corporate Headquarters in Kolkata. 1996: Became Chairman of ITC Foods Limited. . 1968: Finished his Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology. 1984: Appointed as the Director on the Board of ITC Limited.Awards and Accolades Honorary Fellowship of the All India Management Association Alumni Award of the Indian Institute of Technology. 2001 'Business Person of the Year' Award.S Chamber of Commerce. 1986: Conferred with 'The Best Hotelier of the Year' Award 1991: Chosen to head Air India as Chairman and Managing Director. 1994 'Manager Entrepreneur of the Year' by Ernst and Young. 2006 Inducted to the 'Hall of Pride' at the Indian Science Congress.S . 2006 Lakshya Business Visionary Award. 2006 Global Leadership Award by U.India Business School of the U. 2007 Padma Bhushan by the Government of India. 1974: Took over as factory manager in ITC's Packaging and Printing Plant in Chennai. 2010 SAM/SPG Sustainability Leadership Award. Delhi 'Marketing Man of the Year' Award. 2011 Timeline 1947: Born in the month of February.

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