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Enduring Understanding: Building and maintaining relationships takes thought, effort and sensitivity. Students are inquiring into: 1. 2. 3. 4. What is a friend? How can I be a friend? How do I connect and relate to others? What makes a friendship last?

Students will: - Making connections to others (students, characters) - Working in groups and accepting group decisions - Reflect on how to communicate with others - Using conflict resolution strategies to negotiate, take turns, etc. - Discuss and practice accepting and responding to feedback - Plan and prepare for activities for visitors from another school - Focus on maintaining relationships - Focus on the dispositions fair and caring - Use connection and collaboration skills to work cooperatively, respect others and their ideas and make shared decisions - Use personal management and reflection skills to set goals and develop plans Transdisciplinary Skills - Connection and Collaboration - Personal Management and Reflection Dispositions - Fair - Caring Standards
Social Studies

Students will understand that culture explores the inherited ideas, beliefs, values and knowledge that a group of people share. Students will understand that citizenship explores the rights and responsibilities that individuals have as members of a community. Students will understand how to read fluently using the skills and strategies of the reading process. Students will understand how to comprehend, respond to, analyze and evaluate a wide variety of texts. Students will understand how write with clarity, logic, validity and effectiveness on a wide range of topics and for a variety of purposes and audiences. Students will understand how listen to and respond critically to oral communication. Students will understand how to communicate coherently and appropriately in a range of oral settings.

Language Arts