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Electroplated Diamond Countersinks, Drill Countersinks

Electroplated diamond countersinks and drill countersinks are manufactured to customers specifications and are very good for countersinking GRP, carbon fibre and plastic composites. Type A both drill and countersink are diamond electroplated and can be supplied between 4 - 12mm diameters. Type B only the countersink is diamond electroplated, a standard masonry bit is used as the drill. Can be supplied between 5.5 - 9mm Type C electroplated diamond countersink is complemented by a plain pilot to centralise countersinking with the original hole. Type D electroplated diamond plain countersink is manufactured to a point. OPTIONS: Grades - 36/44, 44/60 NOTE: Other sizes and grades are available on request.

Type "A"
DIAMETER "A" (mm) 4 CODE 36/44 ECKA3040 CODE 44/60 ECKA4040

4.5 5 5.5 6 9.5 10 11 12

ECKA3045 ECKA3050 ECKA3055 ECKA3060 ECKA3095 ECKA3100 ECKA3110 ECKA3120

ECKA4045 ECKA4050 ECKA4055 ECKA4060 ECKA4095 ECKA4100 ECKA4110 ECKA4120

Type "B" with Masonry Drill

DIAMETER "A" (mm) 5.5 6.5 7 8 9 CODE 36/44 ECKB3055 ECKB3065 ECKB3070 ECKB3080 ECKB3090 CODE 44/60 ECKB4055 ECKB4065 ECKB4070 ECKB4080 ECKB4090

Type "C" with Plain Pilot

DIAMETER "A" (mm) 4 4.5 5 5.5 6 9.5 10 11 12 CODE 36/44 ECKC3040 ECKC3045 ECKC3050 ECKC3055 ECKC3060 ECKC3095 ECKC3100 ECKC3110 ECKC3120 CODE 44/60 ECKC4040 ECKC4045 ECKC4050 ECKC4055 ECKC4060 ECKC4095 ECKC4100 ECKC4110 ECKC4120

Type "D" Angle 90

DIAMETER "A" (mm) 6.5 11 13 BOLT SIZE M3 M5 M6 CODE 36/44 ECKD3065 ECKD3110 ECKD3130 CODE 44/60 ECKD4065 ECKD4110 ECKD4130

17 22 25

M8 M10 M12

ECKD3170 ECKD3220 ECKD3250

ECKD4170 ECKD4220 ECKD4250

Please state part number when ordering.

Electroplated Diamond Coated Twist Drills

Ideal for drilling GRP, Carbon Fibre and other composite materials achieving a good clean finish. While most popular sizes are ex-stock the DK Twist Drill can be manufactured in other diamond grades and sizes to customer requirements. OPTIONS: Diameters - 4 - 9.5mm Grades - 36/44, 44/60

Diamond Coated Twist Drills

DIAMETER (mm) 4.0 4.5 5.0 5.5 6.0 6.5 7.0 7.5 8.0 8.5 CODE 36/44 EMP225 EMP235 EMP245 EMP255 EMP265 EMP275 EMP285 EMP295 EMP305 EMP315 CODE 44/60 *EMP230 *EMP240 *EMP250 *EMP260 *EMP270 *EMP280 *EMP290 *EMP300 *EMP310 *EMP320