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Combing faults

1. Irregular sliver: Causes: i. Excessive tension draft between calendars Roller and delivery roller. ii. Improper roller setting. iii. Faulty adjustment of suction iv. Eccentricity of roller.

Combing faults

2. Waste flocking on needles Causes: i. Brush set too far from cylinder. ii. Damage wire of brush.

3. Long fiber in the waste: Causes: i. Trailing hook in the lap. ii. Improper timing of nipper

4. Detaching roller lapping: Causes: i. Incorrect atmospheric condition. ii. Oil on roller iii. Sticky dirt on roller. iv. Defective roller covering v. Excessive honey dew in fibres. vi. Bad top cleaners.

5. Cotton not combing through one head: Causes: i. Pawl not gearing properly with feed ratchet wheel. (Lap does not feed) ii. Foreign matters wedged between nipper and feed plate. iii. Damaged part of cylinder and top comb.

6.Curling: This term is applied when a group of fibres curls as they leave detaching roller. Causes: i. Faulty top detaching roller covering.

ii. Dirt in the flutes of the steel detaching roller. iii. Excessive air current. iv. Bent needles of cylinder and top comb.

7. Cutting across: Thick and thin place across the width of the web. Causes: i. The fault may originate in the laps owing to the use of incorrect roller setting, excessive drafts at the lap former. ii. Incorrect timing of detaching roller. iii. Top comb set too deeply.