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Published by Babavali.S
it's an great book for beginner's !
it's an great book for beginner's !

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Published by: Babavali.S on Nov 13, 2008
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1.Open the original form RoofHouse.skp. (Or

download it from


2.It would be easy to create an overhang roof on the

large, 90-degree wing, since it is already parallel to

the red and green axes. But to show another feature

of SketchUp, we will use the narrow, diagonal wing.

It is always a good idea to set the axes to match the

geometry, so right-click on the front face of this wing

and select Align Axes.

3.If the axes are not displayed, turn them on (View /

Axes). Your axes should look like this:

4.Turn off the axes if you want.

Now we will create the section for the overhang roof.

It will be a simple rectangle that touches the front

face at its top left corner. There are infinite ways you

can create this section, but this way seems the fastest.

5.Use Line to create the interior roof line. Make it

pretty long - this section will be driven along both

sides of the house, and will need to overlap the other

side of the roof.

6.Draw a short line for the overhang, making it parallel

to the previous line.

7.Select both these lines and use Move with

Ctrl/Option to copy them. Press Shift to lock the

Perpendicular constraint, and make the section a

reasonable thickness.

8.Complete the rectangle. For contrast, you can keep

the section in the “Face Back” color.

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Working with Roofs


9.This section will have to be used for the other side as

well, so it will need to be copied and mirrored. To

make this easier, create a construction line via the

Measure tool. Click on any vertical edge, and place

the construction line at the midpoint of the diagonal


10.Select both the roof section and the construction line

and use Move to copy it anywhere in the blank space.

NOTE:For details on copying, see "Basic Move and Copy" on

page 135.

11.If you did the previous exercise, "Roofing with

Follow Me" on page 169, you’ll know what to do

next. To create the first half of the roof, start by

selecting the three roof edges shown.

12.Activate Follow Me (Tools / Follow Me), and select

the roof section. It is now extruded along the three


13.Now to set the section for the other half of the roof.

Select the copied roof section and construction line

and activate Scale (Tools / Scale).

The drag handles are based on the current set of axes.

If you hadn’t set the axes to this wing, you would be

seeing a 3D set of scaling handles, and flipping the

section would have been much harder.

14.Drag one of the side handles toward the opposite

side. Stop when the scale factor is -1.0 (or you can

enter -1 manually). This flips the section.

* * * Printed from PDF version. Not for external distribution.* * *

the SketchUp Book Version 5


15.With the section and construction line still selected,

activateMove. Drag the objects by the intersection

point shown . . .

16.. . . and place them at the similar intersection point on

the original roof section.

17.Make sure nothing is selected.

18.Previously we used Follow Me by selecting the

edges first; this time we will use the tool another way.

First, activate Follow Me and then select the roof

section you just moved. Drag the cursor along Edge 1

- the section follows along.

19.Continue along Edge 2 . . .

20.. . . and along Edge 3.

21.The rest should be familiar. Activate Select. Use

Front view and a right-to-left selection window to

select all roof faces.

22.Right-click and select Intersect with Model.

This creates intersection lines where faces meet other


23.To clean up, select all faces above the top ridge line.

* * * Printed from PDF version. Not for external distribution.* * *

Working with Roofs


24.Erase everything that’s selected, and use Erase to do

some more cleanup. Check in Wireframe or X-Ray

for short, stray edges.

25.The fronts of both wings also need to be cleaned up.

Complete both faces using Line and Erase as


26.Use Push/Pull to extend the overhanging roof.

27.Clean up the other face the same way.

28.Use Push/Pull and double-click on the roof face to

extend it the same distance as you used for the other


The results - all edges on the top are neatly

resolved. . .

. . . as are the intersections on the underside of the


* * * Printed from PDF version. Not for external distribution.* * *

the SketchUp Book Version 5


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