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Originally Posted by RavSingh 50 mocks challenge!!!

Guys lets remove the gloves and get ready for the knuckle fight.. I have put up 50 mocks at the various coaching institutes in mumbai... please go and take copies... Andheri - Ujala Photocopy, outside bhawan's campus.. first shop while going towards bhawan's campus Thane - Hari krishna enterprises, Opp thane west station.. walk left from station u will see it on the right side in a street (small shop) Vashi - first shop in Jai jawan market, next to vashi plaza... warning please start with 5 - 10 mocks.. dont take 50! 50 is recommended only for students who are scoring 120 - 130 marks.. for rest lets go easy on this.. As said earlier it will take 5 hours to solve a mock... 2.5 hours to take mock and 2.5 hours for analysis of the mock. for OMS candidates please ask your friends in mumbai to help you picking up a few copies and courier it to you.. remember to pay him the money lolz... I recommend solving mocks from various coaching institutes.. so that you get flavour of all type of mocks.. IMS TIME etc.... If you are taking 50 mocks solve 5 - 10 mocks of each coaching institute. Request: If you have unsolved mocks from any coaching institute can you please donate a copy to the this noble cause. I am ok to bear the cost of the photocopy If you cant travel to vashi thane or andheri to donate your mocks.. then please put it up at any photocopy shop near station... it will be of great help to all Cheers Rav