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EkadantaM bilahari mishracApu Pallavi : I worship the single-tusked one,the one who bestows not only the single

le ultimate fruition of liberation but also the other benefits of righteousness,material wealth and desire1. Anupallavi : One who was prayed to by Indra 2 ,One whose feet are worshipped by the unlettered and scholars alike. Charanam : One who is the son of the Lord of Kailasha , one who captivates the mind of Karthikeya, One who dwells in the Halasya kshetra3 on the banks of the River Vegavathi,the one who is truly the form of Shiva,the one who is with the delightful guha (who is my guru) , one who is similar to a crore cupids,one who is good,one who wears the garland and amulet,one who is the consort of Vallabha4 who is represented by a mound of gram.

Notes :

1.Dharma(righteousness),artha(material wealth),kama (desire) and moksha (liberation) are the 4 purusharthas or the ends of human endeavour. Hence eka here means the lone ultimate goal of liberation. 2.Indra is called pAka shAsana as he killed the demon pAka. 3.Madurai is called hAlAsya kshetra as it is said to be in the shape of a snake.Legends reveal that this was suggested by Shiva himself who sent a serpent which helped mark the boundaries of the city.The puranic account says that shrine was discovered by a merchant dhananjaya who observed Indra worshipping the linga here on a somavara(monday).He reported this to the king who built a temple here.

4.Sage Marichi,the son of Brahma asked him the name of the supreme power.Brahma replied that it was Ganesa. Marichi performed penances to please Ganesha and when Ganesha appeared before him to give him a boon, Marichi requested that Parvati should be born as his daughter and that he should give her in marriage to Ganesha. Ganesha granted this boon. As a result of this Parvati on a disagreement with Shiva was found on the banks of the river Yamuna, by Sage Marichi's ashrama .Marichi brought her up as his daughter. At the end, by the grace of Ganesha, Siva would marry her in the form of Ganesha, and fulfil he wish of Marichi..