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22 York Street Bridewell BR 8 450 7th December 2011 George Smith Town Hall Clifton CL52RE Dear Mr.

Smith, Im writing to express my concern about the dangerous state of the pavements in the suburb of Clinton, where I live. Severe weather last winter caused many of the old paving stones to crack and distort so that they now provide a very uneven surface to walk on. The worst affected areas are in Gloucester Lane, Queens Street and on the corner of Victoria Avenue and Windsor Road. As you well know, many retired people live in the district and these pavements represent a particularly serious hazard for them. Walking unsteadily, and perhaps suffering from poor eyesight, an elderly person could all too easy fall and badly hurt himself. I must urge you to take immediate action to repair the damaged paving stones in order to prevent such accidents from occurring.

Yours sincerely, John Roach (signature)