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Presented by Asha Augustine Joseph Kalyani Krishnan Nimmy Mathew Sreelakshmi V

Types Of Wastes

Domestic Wastes Agricultural Wastes Wastes in Construction Sites Power Stations Industrial Wastes Radio Active Wastes from Nuclear Installations Mining And Quarrying Sewage Sludge Bio- Medical Wastes Plastic Wastes E- wastes

Integrated System for Waste Management

Minimum Production Of Waste Maximizing Reuse of Waste & Recycling Promoting Environmentally sound Waste Disposal Practices Recycling & Reuse Landfills Composting Incineration Extending Waste Services

Case Of India
Industrial Hazardous wastes Existing Policy Responses Policies for Hazardous Waste Management Initiatives Taken

What are the different types of wastes? How can we efficiently manage solid waste? How is hazardous waste disposed? Incineration?


Out in the field.

Interactions with: PRA & TRA (20) Personal Interviews Different perspectives.. Different approaches.. Kabeershas Knowaste

Why/ How Waste???

Lack of Awareness Space constraints No Proper Initiatives Lousy System Inefficient R& D The Cost Illusion Psychological factors Insensitivity

On Biogas Plant

No Say! 35%

Wish For 50% Say No 5% Owned By 10%

What Can Be Done???

Individual Ownership Collective Efforts Not Another Copenhagen Awareness Campaigns Government Initiatives Technological Advancements Huge Market for Renewable Energy Knowaste Mysore Model