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reAct methodological design

reAct methodological design

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Published by Thieme Hennis
the reAct methodological design. More info on http://reactproject.eu
the reAct methodological design. More info on http://reactproject.eu

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Published by: Thieme Hennis on Jan 27, 2012
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The fundamental goal of the reAct Project is to pilot and experiment radical changes in

pedagogical approaches of non-formal education. It aims at reducing the number of dropouts

through leveraging motivation and agency of learners. Instead of the curriculum being the

major factor for instructional teaching, the reAct project aims at improving the students’

capacity to learn, including both cognitive and affective aspects. The students’ motivation

and ownership of his/her learning will be the main driver for organizing teaching practices

that should lead to better learning results, higher efficacy, and higher return on investment.

This document constitutes the reAct Work Package 2 deliverable. It describes a common

educational view and agreement on how to execute the planned pilots, leaving room to both

local conditions and circumstances of each partner institution, and a shared interest in

innovative teaching and learning approaches using ICT, meanwhile addressing the project’s

goals. The document has been authored in collaboration with all partners, and led by Delft

University of Technology and SERVEF.

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