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Pharmacologic management Generic Name: Hydrocortisone Sodium succinate Brand Name: Solu-Cortef Indications: Replacement therapy in adrenal cortical insufficiencyHypercalcemia; associated with cancerShort term inflammatory disorders Nursing Considerations: 1.Give daily before 9AM to mimic normal peak diurnal corticosteroidlevels and minimize HPA suppression.2.Space multiple dose evenly throughout the day.3.Use minimal dose for minimal duration to minimize adverse effects.4.Use alternate day maintenance therapy with short actingcorticosteroids whenever possible. Generic Name: Acetylcysteine Brand Name: Fluimucil Indications: Mucolytic Adjuvant therapy for abnormal, viscid, or inspissated mucussecretion in acute and chronic bronchopulmonary disease(pneumonia,asthma,TB). Nursing Considerations: 1.dilute with normal saline solution or sterile water for injection.2.Administer the ff drugs separately because they are incompatiblewith acetylcysteine: tetracyclines, hydrogen peroxide, trypsin.3.Use water to remove residual drug solution on the patient s faceafter administration by face mask.4.Inform patient that nebulization may produce an initial disagreeableodor, but will soon disappear

Nursing Care Management for Pneumonia

o Provide a thorough assessment (vital signs) o Splint the chest or apply chest binder o Turn the patient towards affected side o Maintain patent airway o Provide adequate rest o Provide comfort measures. Keep patient warm and dry o chest physiotherapy, o turn the patient every two hours to loosen up the secretions