Monday, August 08, 2011 7:01 PM

I was sad and lonely in life. Living in a pit of hatred. Everywhere I walk; I saw hate. I saw only anger. No -where was there hope for me. It was getting worse everyday Like a disease which has taken root in my empty heart Then spreading across my body. I was being consumed by the evil I had created So I thought I just end my existent right there. Yeah I know I was stupid But then that was the only way out for me as I saw no alternative at the time. But then you appear in my life. My friend. You had accepted me for my faults; You always forgive my rash actions let me get on with my peculiar methods. you listen to my hopes and dreams My pain and grieve You are my voice of reason. You are my friend. You are where my loyalty lies. Where my respect for humanity thrives. I promise I will become a better person. While Never wasting my second chance. Thank You Emma.

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