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“Letters must be no longer than 300 words.” – Star Banner What voter fraud? – practically non-existent; fixing a problem that doesn’t exist for the sake of keeping political power How about our community’s real problems? - voter fraud is not a problem; where are the jobs? where is the help for struggling citizens? where is funding for public education? etc. Only certain populations targeted – early voters, unregistered, young and mobile, elderly are all targets, many who are less likely to vote Republican Certain populations not targeted – none of this fake voter fraud happens with mail-in/absentee ballots, those who are most likely to vote Republican? Also, the only noteworthy case of voter fraud in Madison Co involved mail-in/absentee ballots Promote voting, don’t hinder it – the emphasis should be to encourage voting and make it more possible and accessible; attempts to curb and control voting to preserve incumbency and power deny free and fair elections to all citizens

Protect Our Voice Our Vote What voter fraud?

Must include your full name, full address, and phone number
Pass the Reform HB 1189 Snail mail to: Editorial Page Editor, Box 490, Ocala, FL 34478 Or email to: Or fax: (352) 867-4018

Or use your own sign text, but keep it brief; 3-4 words are best, aim for BIG FAT letters that can be read from a car going by at 50 mph.

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