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Matthew Tack 5th Grade Magnet Teacher

Category 1
y Differentiation of instruction using technology to

meet diverse student needs y Demonstration of the use of technology to promote rigor and relevance - ex. higher order thinking, problem solving, real world applications y Evaluation of technology materials and media to determine the most appropriate technology use y Establishment and enforcement of classroom policies and procedures that address legal, social, and ethical issues related to technology use

Artifact 1 -Edmodo
What?: Edmodo is an online micro-blogging network for teachers and students to use. The students are invited to teacher created groups and given a code to join these groups. Our classroom utilizes this tool in various ways varying from the presentation of projects, answering of higher order questions, book talks with other classrooms, critiquing and giving feedback to each other, and asking questions to various community members such as Chris ONeal. So What?: This artifact shows the sense of community provided within the classroom as well as the students vast knowledge of technology. From their work one could see that the students are using technology appropriately and strategically. Students are routinely provided with various challenges or projects in which they can strategically select from a given list how to organize their work. Now What?: Our classroom will continue to utilize this tool into the future. Hopefully we will continue to collaborate with outside experts and other classrooms to increase our learning knowledge of technology as a whole.

Technology standards
y -2B1a-Explain the purpose of and follow the acceptable use policy y -2B1b-Work cooperatively and collaboratively with others when using technology y -2B1c-Practice responsible use of technology systems y -2B2b-Use electronic resources appropriately y -3A1b-Use teacher- selected, technology tools that enhance learning y -3A1a-Use technology tools, including software and hardware, from a range of teacherselected options to learn new content or reinforce skills y -3B1a-Use technology tools to work collaboratively within the school community y -3B1b-Use technology tools to exchange ideas with individuals or groups outside of the school community y -3C1b-Create new documents to complete learning assignments and demonstrate new understanding y -4A1a-Use communication tools (such as e-mail, discussion boards, online conferences, Learning Management Systems, portfolios) to gather information, share ideas, and respond to questions *

Tech Standards cont.

y -4A1b-Present information independently to various audiences y -4B1a-Select and use the appropriate multimedia and publishing tools to y y y y y y

express original ideas with print, drawings, digital images, video, sounds, and/or personal recording -4B1b-Evaluate student-created product design based on purpose, audience, and format* -5A1e-Understand search strategies for age appropriate Web search engines/directories -6A2e-Select an appropriate technology tool to gather data -6A5a-Display data and information using technology tools -6A5c-Present information and conclusions in formats that are appropriate to a specific audience -6A4b-Assess the use of the selected technology for individual learning of the specific task

y -Communication: -Students work is focused on specific goals and communicated to an audience. y -Collaboration: -Students have the option to form small groups or partners to share the work load. y -Creativity: -Students have the freedom to use their original thinking to add, change, or modify their work product/assignment. y -Critical Thinking: -Students critique and question each other based on the presentation of their work.

Coalition of Essential School (CES) Principles

y #1 Using one s mind well y #3 Goals apply to all students y #5 Student as worker, teacher as coach y #7 A tone of decency and trust

Collaborating with Chris Oneal on a project based on light.

Discussion with other 5th graders

Questioning and critiquing peers (see this slide and the next one)

Questioning and critiquing peers (continued)

Posting projects based on a producer/consumer challenge

Posting projects continued

Podcast of a producer/consumer project created by a student posted to edmodo along with pictures

Video of a game created by a student for the producer/consumer project Posted to edmodo

Video of a skit created with models made by two students for the producer/consumer project posted to edmodo

Video of a mini movie created by two students as part of their producer/consumer project Posted to edmodo

Disclaimer: Any students shown have their media release forms signed.