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Gaga has many followers, her "Little Monsters", but she has just as many people who dislike her and think she stole most of her "art" from other artists. I are from acts done 20-30 years ago. Gaga used the social and digital world as a major platform to pave the way to her success. These mediums can also other side. This blog will show the side of Gaga that her Little Monsters are too in awe to acknowledge or notice.

05 October 2011 Links The Anonymous

Lady Gaga: The Death of Sex
I know this isn't recent but the article is insightful and fits in nicely with the dynamic of this blog. I've been trying to find the full version for some time now as most of them linked to the Sunday Times which was a dead link. The amazing and fascinating piece was first appeared on 12 September, 2010. Camille's scathing article is about Lady Gaga but it touches on many different topics as well that encroach on us each day. Lady Gaga: The Death of Sex Article written by Camile Paglia Lady Gaga is the first major star of the digital age. "The planet's biggest pop phenomenon." "The most famous woman in the world." "The new Madonna." Since her debut album, 'The Fame', was released in August 2008, Stefani Germanotta (aka Gaga) has risen from obscurity in grungy downtown Manhattan to sell 15m albums and 40m singles worldwide. Her videos have garnered hundreds of millions of hits on the web. Her Facebook page alone has more than 10m followers. Fans of Gaga have grown up with sell phones and iPods as sticky extensions of their bodies. It is an era of miniaturisation, computer-generated special effects and image manipulation by Photoshop, with everything steeped in unreal, highly saturated colour disconnected from nature. The fine arts have been replaced by video games, from which the cartoonish Lady Gaga seems to have popped. Since her rise, she has remained almost continually on tour. Hence, she is a moving target who has escaped serious scrutiny. She is often pictured tottering down the street in some outlandish get-up and fright wig. Most of what she has said about herself has not been independently corroborated ... "Music is a lie", "Art is a lie", "Gaga is a lie", and III profusely lie" have been among Gaga's pronouncements, but her fans swallow her line whole.


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Posts Gaga's Hairstylist Quits, S,

OK, this is way out there, r Apparently Stefani's hairst) quit because he boo.

the critic IA Richards. as religion was a problem of the last. That banal voice . made landmark films of decadent eroticism in Germany.. thrilled by her jeweled parody crutches in the Paparazzi video. which continued through Hedy Lamarr to Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe. domain name ladygaga. there is little evidence that she ever was one. ~ September (35) ~ August (43) ~ July (37) ~ June (40) ~ May (7) . The. She told a magazine with messianic fervour: "I love my fans more than any artist who has ever lived. How could a figure so calculated and artificial.. which moviemakers found ingenious ways to evade. marginalised artist and the powerful corporate apparatus that bankrolled her makeover and has steamrollered her songs into heavy rotation on radio stations everywhere. The sexual icon of 1920s BOw. who exploded on the international scene in 1930 as the heartless cabaret singer of The Blue Angel. The Waste Land. Keane . and she attended the same upscale Manhattan private school as Paris and Nicky Hilton. writing about The EmmyAwards 2011 Tonight are the 2011 EmmyAwards wher Stefani's art director nominated in the 01 Vari. bubblegum soprano and pushy.alternating between bland. the daughter of a Jewish tailor in Cincinnati. eh-hem For two years. faux-manly alto.•. The Gaga of world fame.. with her heavy wigs and giant sunglasses (rudely worn during interviews) looks either simperingly doll-like or ghoulish. which make me leap for the radio dial to switch stations.Jamey Rodemeyer. without a trace of spontaneity. Lady Gaga Sues Fan. Little Monsters are Bullies OK. Lady Gaga is a manufactured personality. drank. she was actually Theodosia Goodman. Gaga vs Adele This Ways sales are imp album a flop is that Stefani the albu.. Her upbringing was comfortable and eventually affluent. who smoked. despite showing acres of pallid flesh in the fetish-bondage garb of urban prostitution. a madcap flapper University of Southern Hollywood was Clara who was probably football team. Theda Bara. GaGaNip Slip!! Since no one else." She claims to have changed the lives of the disabled.. In 1933. Marlene toyed with and created the sophisticated look of hard transvestism (based on the drag balls of Weimar Berlin) glamour that remains a staple of fashion magazines. In her subsequent films with the director Josef von Sternberg. where outfit Every public acknowledgeGaGa·snip sli At the 2011 CFDAawards il Lady Gaga DropsDn Both fl By Peter Buchananat The E getting spins from Chicago story nationwide... Hollywood discovered that sex was great box office leading to pressure from civic and religious groups for a production code. bobbed her hair BlDg Archive " " 2011 (176) October (14) I AM NOTMOVING.. Scissor Sisters. with her signature bobbed hair. spoke ofTS Eliot's 'persistent concern with sex. even absurdly at airports scripted in advance with a flamboyant elves. who she inspires to "love themselves" as if they are damaged goods in need of her therapeutic repair. Theda Bara If there is a Tumblr blog everyone s DearAnthagio You haven"! pissed m Obama Comments on Gaga·sClowni falsely rumoured to have bedded the entire California Lithe Louise Brooks. so stripped of genuine eroticism have become the icon of her generation? Can it be that Gaga represents the exhausted end of the sexual revolution? In Gaga's manic miming of persona after persona. we may have reached the limit of an era. Wicked Mae West and lushly buxom Jean Harlow began the tradition of the sex bomb. whose influence endures around the globe. registered in bad faith and This Ain"! Lady Gaga XXX'C Guesswh.. where she is wildly popular. so clinical and strangely antiseptic. Stefani sued. over-conceptualised and She constantly touts her symbiotic bond with her fans.Short Film . not sure what the message here Lady Gaga: The Death of Sex Thanks CrapGa for inspiring others Dorothy and Lilian Gish. Gaga CopiesAnnie Lennox Annie Lennox at the ·84 Gn it in my post titled . Photos of Stefani Germanotta just a few years ago show a bubbly brunette with a glowing complexion. and a recent one at that. I have spent an irritating amount of time trying to avoid Gaga's catchy but depthless hits. portrayed on screen by Mary Pickford and BeYourself Add Another One To The List: Bai L Lady Gaga: When The Annoying Has Lady Gaga ReachesFar and Wide T. rebellious. however. the "little monsters". although the studio publicity department claimed she French artist born in the Sahara to a Arabian princess. like Lady Gaga. Gaga's proper ambiance is bars and dance clubs. taking from her routine in most celebrities want to pass incognito.. has been lavishly and bizarre hairdo assembled by an invisible company of Furthermore. no matter who you are!" She earnestly tells them from the stage. the problem of our generation. Noel Gallagher On Lady Ga! The former Oasis guitarist his rants about other acts. There is a monumental disconnect between Gaga's melodramatic self-portrayal as a lonely.she's like a gangly marionette or plasticised android.. saintly woman-child. while their cash ends up in her pockets. appearance. was a was and manufactured personality. Gaga isn't sexy at all . Bullying Ughl Do I have to do this d thing again!!! At this point teen and little monste." After the first world war. "You're a superstar.00 Gaultier on Gaga Lady Xerox Learns Sanskrit and danced the antic Charleston. In fact... We are approaching the 100-year anniversary of Hollywood sex: Theda Bara's incarnation as The Vamp in A Fool There Was (1915). Lady Gaga is far less sexy than Stefani Germanotta used to be. Gaga showed early talent as a pianist but was never a prodigy. But the cardinal sexual pioneer was Marlene Dietrich. a lurid femme fatale who slew overnight the lingering Victorian ideal of the pure. sexual experimentation and titillating smart talk became the hallmark of the emancipated new woman. Still V Doesn't Care About Money Last August.. little monsters! lt's here 2 before anothe. Although she presents herself as the clarion voice of all the freaks and misfits of life.

stars have steadily waned in power and sexual charge. Jane Fonda as Barbarella. rabbit grin. draining energy from the performing arts. Av Rentals & E\ent Staging SeNee. as Gaga recently did. In fact. for all her writhing and posturing. her father (an Internet entrepreneur who was once a bar-band rock musician in New Jersey) was clearly less repressive than Madonna's old-school authoritarian Italian-American father. with their dynamic Arkham City At Best Bull® Find The New Batman Arkham City Videogame At Best Buy®. are usually far sexier in many of her over-the-top outfits than she is. Madonna wanted to play Marlene on film.which is why Madonna's ideas waned after she drifted into misty Kabbalah.DIRECTV. She is the diva of deja vu." Weimar cabaret was recreated in the 1972 film Cabaret.99/mo(1yr) VWiW. 210 Chs & 43 Prem Molie Chs(3mo). with their dominatrix. Marlene and Madonna gave the impression. who (as the proud daughter of a Prussian officer) decreed Madonna "too vulgar. with its Audio Visual Support Serv The Corporate Audio Visual Experts.something she has tried to make a virtue of in her song Poker odd place for it to drain by any standard. Gaga. "Got no salvation. So it is unsurprising to hear that Gaga is consulting celebrity "spiritual guides" like Deepak Despite her phobias. a stimulating burst of novelty. The gym-going Madonna. And it's criminally counterproductive. Gaga's sexual reticence can't be chalked up to priest-ridden guilt: although she was nominally raised Catholic. Alarmingly. erasing the cultural associations from that transgressive garb and neutering it.comlBa . Gwen Stefani and Pink. her lyriCS can be blatantly explicit. Gaga has borrowed so heavily from Madonna (as in her latest Alejandro video) that it must be asked. is asexual. However. that blazing trajectory is over. commanding Marlene permeates Madonna's brilliant videos of the 1980s and the early '90s. she's like a laminated piece of ersatz rococo furniture. She was indeed the incandescence is still on view in videos like Open Your Heart. there is nothing remotely comparable to the sweeping gospel-choir crescendo of Madonna's Like A Prayer. got no religion" (in So Happy I Could Die). Shop Now! VWiW. . except when she goes weepy-tremulous or flashes a goofy. Compare Gaga's insipid songs. Thus Gaga seems comet-like. revealing that she is "quite celibate" and that she avoids sex because she fears losing her creativity through her vagina . VWiW. it's creepy and coercive. $34.9Jperstage. Going off to the gym in broad daylight. as well as from fashion muses like Isabella Blow and Daphne Guinness. has always been brutally honest about publicity showing herself in ratty gear with no make-up. Vogue and Express Yourself. fishnet stockings and stiletto heels isn't sexy it's sexually dysfunctional. Without taboos. there can be no transgression .net Mobile Stage Rental in FL SeNng special e\ents in Florida. whom Gaga professes to admire. of being pansexual. which perfectly describes her frosty mug. where the theme is anal ("rear window") and safely vagina-free. Generation Gaga can't tell the difference. but the idea was overruled by Marlene herself. avssinc. to the title and hypnotic refrain of the first Madonna song and video to bring her attention on MTV. Her videos repeatedly thrust that blank. even though she is a ruthless recycler of other people's work. the puritanical strictness of Madonna's background sparked her ambition and strengthened her best work. ------------------MChaiee. Gaga has glibly appropriated from Madonna performers like Cher. The web has been a communication revolution. Bob Fosse's dazzlingly aggressive choreography in that blockbuster film was adopted by Madonna for her videos and stage shows .com Peeping dourly through all that tat is Gaga's limited range of facial expressions . at what point does homage become theft? But the main point is that the young Madonna was on fire. dressed in a black bustier. the seductive. sex is mainly decor and surface. There is no religious frame of reference in Gaga's songs. to her credit. 40x24/28 with load bearing roof. as in the crass clunker of a line "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick" (from Love Game). with their nursery-rhyme nonsense syllables. for Gaga. There's more carpentry talk of a "vertical stick" in Bad Romance." But it has also fragmented and dispersed personal expression. For a decade and a half. Gaga has become increasingly frank about airing her sexual issues. the magnificent fulfilment of Marshall McLuhan's prophecy of a "global village. transvestite and bisexual motifs. based on Christopher Isherwood's Berlin stories. Drag queens.all of which have been doggedly imitated by Lady Gaga. Cli:k here nr a FREE co nsul1atlo n [t> OrREC1Y® Official Site Free HD In E\ery Room. Burning Up.. Is it the death of sex? Perhaps the symbolic status that sex had for a century has gone kaput.Marlene Dietrich Marlene was Madonna Louise Ciccione's idol. aside from the passing assertion. lugubrious face at the camera and us. true or false.

is set in a prison. Another inspiration regularly cited by Gaga is Andy Warhol. Nelly Furtado." Yes. symptomatic of Gaga's alienation from her own body . from Frank Sinatra driving bobbysoxers wild and Elvis Presley lewdly gyrating his hips. the theatrical denizens of the Factory were not hidden backstage as cogs in a commercial machine. Rihanna. the style team whose leading figures are Matt Williams and Nicola Formichetti (the true inventors of her look). Many of Warhol's . mummified saints under glass in Italian churches. to the Beatles waking people up with a bang after their dreary upbringing in the conformist. after which her bloodied body was hoisted up to dangle limply above her piano. A Washington Post article described Gaga at a gay-rights event last year as "looking slightly embalmed. But Elton never tried to present himself as a sexual athlete. exactly as he transformed newspaper photos of stars and politicians into brightly coloured silk-screens. On her current tour. "Take a bite of my bad girl meat" must be the eat's meow among smirky teens. her longest to date. meant to amuse and render him harmless. his sequined costumes were self-satirising. typified by a tattoo on her arm with the death date of an aunt she never knew. flailing arm moves imposed on her by professional choreographers can't disguise her essential depressiveness and spiritual paralysis. postwar 1950s.elemental fire imagery and its then shocking offer what we find in Gaga is a disturbing trend towards "Show me your teeth". Furthermore. Ellen DeGeneres went offon a servile. Bowie at his height in the early 70s was one of the great avant-garde artists of the 20th century. Gaga is often compared to Elton John. Like Boy George (another of Gaga's claimed models). "Need a man now. stammering encomium in which she implied that Gaga had surpassed Bowie . symbols of a new dawn. Shakira. whose code of fame and celebrity she has adopted. Gaga is pleased as punch with her ostentatious fusillade of empty flourishes. she carries her own detention camp around with her. And in his daring gender-bending. Elton's supple piano work was superior to anything Gaga has shown thus far.Beyonce. International idols have always been springtime spirits of infectious energy. Another leading performer whom Gaga has claimed as an influence is David Bowie. and are still on the radio after 40 years. who gnaws her throat as the blood pours down her chest. And Elton's co-written original songs were well-constructed populist hits that won a huge. she appears to be killed by a psychotic stalker. Never has there been a breakthrough mainstream performer like Gaga who obsessively traffics in twisted sexual scenarios and solipsistic psychodramas. Gaga staged a barbaric spectacle where she was seemingly crushed to death by a falling chandelier. Gaga does not belong in Bowie's company. Warhol was modest and recessive. mutilation and death. At last year's MlV awards idiocy that should have been instantly punished by a lightning bolt from Zeus. Several of her videos feature murders of men .faintly sadistic cunnilingual jokes that of fellatio. Gaga has a bunkered mentality. multi-generational audience. in her video of her performance on BBC1 last year of an acoustic performance of Poker Face. registered in her videos in her often inert torso. Gaga is like Norma Desmond entombed in her own deadly cult of self. as if she can't escape the burden or rigid limitations of her own assumed personality. Elton sang feelingly. Thus we get Gaga lyrics like me your fangs". Warhol would certainly have endorsed Gaga's relentless marketing of appropriated material. Insurgent performers have often captured the spirit of a generation. The layer of plastered make-up without which she never leaves her room makes her resemble the waxy. In place of Madonna's valiant life force. he was a warrior for sexual liberation and for a redefining of the psychic fluidity of sexual orientation. Rootless. For example. which Gaga does not. The grisly mix of sex and death is sick. It's no coincidence that Gaga's Telephone video. even soulfully (as in the tender Your Song). All the rat poison or by being burnt alive from Gaga's flame-throwing brassiere. Welcoming Gaga to herlV show in Los Angeles last year. Monster claws and other horror-movie regalia are a Gaga staple. On the contrary. Among the magnetic presences in music today are tigresses of charismatic sensuality or gamines of buoyant charm . He was the brilliant heir to Dada and surrealism. With her garish costumes and piano playing.another example of which is her promise to reveal the title of her next album tattooed on her body next New Year's Eve. so show (from Teeth) . Her Bad Romance video ends with the tableau of Gaga prettily gloating on a bed next to the incinerated skeleton of her victim. In person. which are embarrassingly unsupported by the song itself. But comparisons are less convincing of Warhol's Factory to the Haus of Gaga.

It is a world of blurred borderlines .. Joplin..a-. including the bold-as-brass drag queens (Jackie Curtis.. for example.oC.:. They have been raised in a relativistic cultural vacuum where chronology and sequence as well as distinctions of value have been lost or jettisoned by politically correct"""JO"'p."a"s ~Trcin"' a cluttered. backed by virtuosic Generation Gaga doesn't identify with powerful vocal styles because their own voices have atrophied: they communicate mutely via a constant stream of atomised.TCu. Old family hierarchies have broken down.superstars were authentic misfits. channelled raw technique of black blues psychedelic gUitars.-. decentred environment of floating bits. gets drunk with her parents and calls her father her "best friend. cell-phone conversations blare be nd universal. with th e ir hug e personalities and deep wells cruelly ostracised in her Texas was in Manhattan. secrets are heedlessly blabbed on Facebook and Twitter. They were edgy and sometimes self-destructive. a her worshippers h such powerful :':p"e. telegraphic text messages. They don't notice her awkwardness because they've abandoned body language in daily interactions..rm"e"'r.-."o.. Casual "hooking up" blends friends and lovers. Gaga's flat affect doesn't bother them because they're not attuned to facial expressions.:-r~J. Borderlines have blurred too between public and private: reality-lV shows multiply. Camille Paglia Professor of Humanities and Media Studies.r. ~ Be the first of your friends to like this. with sex becoming merely an excuse for filial hugging.-ne"'r. Holly Woodlawn.between childhood and adulthood as well as between parents and children. Gaga.rJ. Posted by Miss 5tef Like (1&) Dislike {1) She Leeks Stupid (0) Reactions: .:s:-.:. far more home town than Gaga ever the profound emotions and singers.n. the borderline between fact and fiction has melted away. Gaga's fans are marooned in a global technocracy of fancy gadgets but emotional poverty. They're not repelled by the choppy cutting of her videos (in febrile one-second bursts) Bette Midler because that's how they process reality . Everything is refracted for them through the media. University of The Arts in Philadelphia. The young waver between dependence and independence and are slow to leave the comforts of home..l." She startlingly said this summer: "I've been in my father's arms for two weeks wishing him happy Father's Day.. Hence Gaga gratuitously natters on about her vagina.. of passion. Gaga is in way over her head with her avant-garde back to her real al comedy in the with her spindly metimes seems e Citizen Kane's ed out onto the oth ways . In the sprawling anarchy of the web.inr. Candy Darling) who cross-dressed when it was dangerous to do so.. Thus Gaga welcomed the rumour about her being intersex and converted it into a fashion statement." There are blurred borderlines between the sexes: gender is now alleged to be fabricated rather than biological. products of New York's bohemian and beatnik underground in the 1950s.. so everything is a pose..

October 5. I Like It Rough.2011 3:07 AM Anonymous said .. who certainly is the carbon copy of a Camilla Paglia nailed it. Things have changed.. Instead of just making money from her fans. The only problem themselves.. . but it's not okay that Gaga's copying I love how it's okay that Madonna. Madonna copied Marlene. That doesn't make Gaga any less of an artist because she's famous in the 21st century. That is a lot of music to sample in a span of just 3 years. she gave credit to all of her photographs inspired by old hollywood. People like Anthagiox. Everyone makes money from their fans. piece of ersatz rococo furniture.2011 sa id .. layout. but a lot of which she doesn't and it's only a matter of time she is sued successfully) and her fanbase has no idea. Congratulations on possessing certainly one of one of the vital sophisticated blogs Ive arrive across in a while! Its just superb how a lot you'll be capable of think about away from a thing mainly simply because of how visually gorgeous it is. The Queen. but it's only bad now because Gaga's doing it. Bad Kids.2011AVEF October 5. At first that didn't bother me since I considered myself a little monster. lied. and then got in trouble again when Rihanna used the lines and he didn't contact the original artist and had to pay him again. Alarmingly.. she tries to put out a positive message that helps the very fans that put their money in her pocket. and just because Gaga tells her fans to love themselves.. She copied.. Damn that bitch! People don't get it. Born This Way. lied. You guys act like you expect her not to make money. Generation Gaga can't tell 3:10 AM "she's like a laminated the difference. Fashion of His Love (and I am probably forgetting some) all contain samples taken from other artists. Edge of Glory. I find it funny that Gaga's the only person people seem to pick out for making money. Damn.. No. films. Electric Chapel. it's bad Isn't this the woman who put Gaga down for not being pretty because she thinks that Gaga's famous and not conventionally beautiful? Lmao.39 comments: Anonymous said .2011 3:05 AM Anonymous said .. Fancy Pants. who was sued for taking lines from Wanna Be Starting Something from another artist without permission and had to pay him. October 5. How many of you know that Government Hooker.2011 3:48 AM Anonymous said ." Omg . nearly all of her music contains a sample n contrast to legends like Michael and Madonna (some of which she does credit. though.2011 1 :50 AM Anonymous said .. and credited all her samples. October 101 5. Madonna did the same exact thing Gaga is doing now. Gaga's also a businesswoman and her job is to make money for herself and for her label. Alejandro. Dance in the Dark. are we really going to whine because the woman dare say something nice to the millions of people who make her famous? God forbid her try to be nice. which everyone does including Michael Jackson. but she did get in trouble a few times..Bad Romance.2011 3:02 AM Anonymous said . It always makes me laugh when people try to use Madonna as a way to validate their points.. Youve place collectively an incredible weblog site space -nice graphics. and so on.. October Designer 5.. October 5.2011 3:45 AM Anonymous said . October 5. The problem with Gaga is. what a fraud. but when Born This Way came out it was just plain ridiculous. and deceived. You and I.... Money Honey. Eh Eh Nothing Else I Can Say. October 5. faster. This woman seems to be stuck in the past.. Hypocrite. Poker Face. I have here is how the writer ignorantly generalizes all of Gaga's fans.2011 1 :29 AM Anonymous said .. but it's only bad now because Gaga's doing it. This is definitely a should-see web site! Acheter vimax en France... doesn't mean anything. and deceived. Things on tv and in music are different.' 'She copied.

Lots of people dress up as classic Hollywood legends. mustc or rasruon. and the depth of a Camilla Paglia article will fly right over their heads. Her's being the fact that she likes to proclaim that she does NOT care about money and then does everything counter to that like get in bed with big corporations such as Barney's and Polaroid. She seems like an uptight militant lesbian with a misguided understanding of feminism so she can just keep her nasty opinions about GaGa to herself. Do you understand that? Can you see the difference? Madonna and others never claimed to not care about money. And little monsters were insulting this woman and calling her a lesbian. Veronica Lake.2011 4:33 AM Anonymous said ••• Well what she said about GaGa only just her stupid opinion and I never even heard of her to begin with.. McDonalds Culture is their forte. Gaga lies and lies and lies and she has said so herself.201112:55 said ••• PM Anonymous "Isn't this the woman who put Gaga down for not being pretty because she thinks it's bad that Gaga's famous and not conventionally beautiful?" No. Try to figure out the difference. If anyone is making excuses for theft.2011 Spectre 6:18 AM said ••• @ Anonymous Interesting October Oct 5th 2011 6:18 AM in knowing if you read the article your self Little Monster but im more interested 7:37 AM 5. the mystery. but she looks like a woman . Madonna has not copied Marlene. Your knowledge October 5. that started with Theda Bara (and of course way before motion pictures) seems to have died with The Lady Gaga Corporation. I don't condemn the act of making money. and the cream his pants to the utterly generic BTW performance 3:53 AM Anonymous said ••• message that helps the very fans that put their money in her "she tries to put out a positive pocket" What positive message would that be sound and helps society prosper? October 5. October Leather 5. I can give you a long list of celebrities who dressed up as Marilyn Monroe.2011 "Monster" of the deeper context going on in Gaga-World.2011 4:05 AM ? Ripping off one artist after the other is genuinely Anonymous said ••• be changed to Lady Spam I think her name should October 5.wermanorta Tan.. For me personally. etc for a photos shoot or music video or as inspiration for a film character. She seems like an uptight militant lesbian with a misguided understanding of feminism so she can just keep her nasty opinions about GaGa to herself. etc.. IS ce rtarmy not: me uemoqrapruc tnar IS srumeu In art. who are dead and no longer working I might add. *watches again* October screaming 5." Wow of course a little monster who has to resort to insults instead of coming up with a well thought our counter argument. BUT I have a HUGE problem with her hypocrisy..2011 8:45 AM Anonymous said ••• "and I never even heard of her to begin with" 101. October 5. The posts already show no grasping effects on culture.2011 Anonymous said ••• "Well what she said about GaGa only just her stupid opinion and I never even heard of her to begin with.2011 9:30 AM Anonymous said ••• everyone copys to a point in somethings BUT GAGA COPYS EVERY FUCKINGTHING its not even funny my grandpa who 70 even thought gaga was a copy cat of Madonna and he doesnt even like Madonna 101 but could tell right away she a copy i was shock myself when gaga was on TV and my grandpa said why is she trying to be like Madonna October 5. Madonna certainly is no "classic" beauty .2011 probably only extends to Kelly Clarkson (or Twilight). Elizabeth Taylor. She laments the fact that the glamourofthe female. it's Gaga's fans. 9:20 AM m Miss Stef said .. Gaga is entitled to make as much money as she wants. isn't Gaga supposed to be in favor of lesbians? October 5.

"'. If she cared so much for Jamey. gay. The Lady Gaga Corporation actually did this research to appeal to those like you. it's only bad now because Gaga's doing it. She copied. why didn't she pay for his funeral? David Bowie set up a trust fund for Marc Bolan's child.. Brigit Helm.. faster. especially in relation to the Madonna thefts? I am so over hating little monsters for their vile and dysfunctional behaviour. child.. Glad seeing the light! "I find it funny that Gaga's the only person people seem to pick out for making money..2011 1 :28 PM Mummy Anonymous said .." copied it any wonder Gaga calles herself "mother" and the come running with "Iii monster" stamped on their tiny heads like a tag on a cows ear? They are the herd and she is the sheperdess. Take a look at ANY traffic site. Dh the nuances and beauty of her as have changed.. Madonna has appropriated ideas. she tries to put out a positive message that helps the very fans that put their money in her pocket. I think for today's talent Beyonce. r" hinh "It's a shame about rn . Marlene Dietrich. Every word Camille wrote made sense to me.. though... hr ." THIS is a main argument from you widdle munsters." right! She has to record on her TOUR least I don't feel depressed by them as I do by Gaga even when she is singing a supposed "up beat" song.. and female sexuality in particular.. her fanbase consists of all kinds. and break down the demographics. What they produced was a modern day Frankenstein in the shape of LG. coolest. it has reminded me of why I ignore every video and avoid as best I can all the songs Gaga vomits for mass consumption. F ." Sorry. but she has given me references that I otherwise would not have known. um .. CI ICI t:'IIIUClIlIlt:U . Munster will save you" really helps others. The Lady Gaga Corporation appeals primarily to young girls (unsupervised) and very young gay men. and deceived.. not liking her somehow . It made me embarressed that as a Gay man I was somehow "reprented" by Gaga.." When you say you don't care about it.. I..not time to their children. Quite the superstar. As Camille rightly polnts out. ." Well educated song . I was unable to deny my own suspicions anymore and could not turn a blind eye to what Gaga represented. .. etc were influenced by the Wiemar Republic. sullenly leading her flock to emptiness and holowness.... "Things doesn't You are to come you are adults listen to her? Ah. what a fraud.they were raised in an age where technology gave them a distraction from reality.. "I love how it's okay that Madonna Madonna.." She is signed to a 360 deal.. ir .. Stefani brags about working New Kids on the Block.. etc did not. and even Katy Perry are more productive in one way or another.. that reality being one of parents who show love through giving money. Things on tv and in music are different. and you obviously do.just like the pied piper she is. only unlike the piper.. r .. no.. women. . I read it one day and that was when I turned off Gaga... I" .. Instead of just making money from her fans. promoting her "victim mentality. straight...III~lt:'ClU UI CI ~1It:'II. hr . No. Gaga has fans from the age of 4 to 80. "To implying fans only like her because they don't know any better is quite idiotic seeing millions of Gaga's fans are well-educated adults capable of deciding for themselves. Great place to foster creativity... into something ugly.. her. The market research shows that very few outside this demographic are interested.. makes me feel like a snob and yet 1 have 1 . . "You guys act like you expect her not to make money.. October 5.. weirdest. child.. not liking her somehow makes me feel like a snob and yet I have some of the cheesiest..." That would not make her a fraud. 1 see what it had done.low brow albums ever released! Unfortunately. Madonna. I.. Gaga is not in my collection and never will be. with but it's not okay that Gaga's copying Did you read this article? This is about how The Lady Gaga Corporation has made sex. She has out every day in a wacky outfit so you won't forget her. "Lmao. Yeah.... but "Madonna did the same exact thing Gaga is doing now. parents have lost their children to mediocrity and financial enslavement through unfounded and undeserved idolitry. etc. Bowie. that draws WTF! With friends like her.. anyway... That make Gaga any less of an artist because she's famous in the 21st century. h . Hypocrite. we don't need anymenemies! Isn't it ironic that this was written beofre BTW was released and yet Camille foresaw much of what to was come from Gaga. lied.... Men.. I remember this article well... It's a shame about her. ""Ih" . It would make her cruel.. Sometimes I get the feeling that she was formed in a laboratory by record marketing executives who were devising how best to fool people into actually buying albums when they can download it for free.. h . okay. October 5. and so on. Pink. such as Lola Montez. high brow.. Some people actually do positive things with their money.......... Do you know what that is? Or are you still playing Farmville and wearing a meat dress?" "The only problem I have here is how the writer ignorantly generalizes all of Gaga's fans.2011 1 :39 PM Anonymous said . '" lI . Nikki Minaj. """'.. Gaga hasn't stolen Children. "'i .. Thank you @miss stef for posting this article. r r .::Jlt:'IClIIi.. Look it up.

Looking at these comments and the picture of the little monsters in the story it makes me think that Stefani may have the power to actually empower people. or they are old or out of touch. to be a little more choosy raises the bar. Lady Gaga's personality is a total rip-off. October 5. like Gaga are the jealous women.. and Anonymous @ 11 :12 LOL! Jealous of what? please explain further. October 5.UUI1i::3L.GUACALAGA QUEEN OF PLAGIARISM CACA A TRASHY PERSON. She copy mimic and she steal a lot from others..2011 1 :31 AM R. imo. She was created in a merketing studio. III!:III UIUn.. Also. Someone serial plagiarising and having such a dumbing down effect on culture and children/teenagers is something one should be alarmed by. then Madonna is not going to be on the blame-game here.. There's too much lowering bars and sprinkling glitter on crap.2011 5:45 PM Glee said ••• Good post anon 1 :38pm October 5. lun ulun ClIUUII13 Ii::VIi::I 1li::lli::Cl3li::LH I don't know why it should make you feel like a snob. but then again she doesn't want the little monster to smarten up too much.2011 5:42 PM Anonymous said ..2011 8:34 PM Anonymous said . such as the one who wrote "The only people this story! ..all talk no action..prove that you monsters have some hope! October 7.. nothing that should make one feel like a snob..2011 8:10 PM Anonymous said ...1l1i::1i::311i::3L.. Just by one glimpse pleasantly words. what's wrong with being a snob towards bad music. or something like that. L.2011 6:02 PM MI SCORPIA said ••• I!I!j Fo rget the article. based on facts. such as the one who wrote this The only people who don't story! Gaga has 44million on Facebook 14million on Twitter!! Paws up Monsters!! October 6. at all.. October 5. October 5. If she can get them to walk around looking like crazy people she could get them to act productively in their lives . To the little monsters anyone who says anything negative about their so called goddess is just a jealous hater.whose going to pay her bills? Gaga doesn't give a fuck about her fans. going up to the two top comments: Madonna was never given an easy ride about copying Hollywood legends but since you kids say that Gaga is original...3UIllli:: UI Lilli:: L.2011 of the Polaroid shot baring her 'assets' speaks for a thousand not-so- pass me a bucket) 6:32 PM Anonymous said .. try to come up with an intelligent argument. inauthentic "art" etc.. How can explain to the all people? Open your eyes and your mind! October 5. and we show that she has not been original. in the study of arts is a jealous hater now too. not the person before the fame... And great job in showing that you didn't read the whole article: she said that Stefani had a sexy glow before the Gaga creation so she is criticizing the manufactured entity. Hardman said . They just have trouble grasping the fact that not everyone loves Stefani.. LADY GUACALAGA A PIECE OF CRAP. Try to prove me wrong little monsters . who don't like Gaga are the jealous women. huh? I guess a professor Well.. Get it right.2011 2:39 PM Anonymous said . nIi::IIUIi::3L. GUACALAGA A FRAUD LADY CACA BRAINLESS . people are bombarded with junk 24/7.. 2011 11: 12 PM said .... Stefani is since she is taking from Madonna. I agree. (Can someone October 5.

said . October 7.. that's even more perverse.. Homage my ass.. "8) Pfft.2011 Anonymous 1 :21 PM is bliss' . Suspiria and Dale Bozzio.2011 Anonymous 3:18 AM said ... young age. Copycat. "However I think the name mainly because the ignorant And ignorant that.2011 Anonymous Her demography are pubescents who need guiding. to read?! both okay lookers. However I think the name of the gaga game is 'ignorance mainly because the ignorant butter her bread October 7. 5) Eh. for the photos in this post: The order of reactions 1) Oh. that The only "arguments" they are capable of are pubescent bullshit.. said .. Oh. Nice one.. 6) Now I don't trust her other photos. Better.2011 Anonymous 3:21 AM said . October 7. dumbshits! But Alejandro was inspired by Steven Klein! Get a life! AM Sorry to break your hearts .7.Gaga has 44million on Facebook and 14million on Twitter!! Paws up Monsters!!" You sound ridiculous. didn't copy that hairstyle from anyone.. 3:15 AM said ..201112:43 Anonymous said . they're Why did I not just continue Real lady there.. If she can get them to walk around looking like crazy people she could get them to act productively in their lives .. 9) He certainly 10) Hi. " Where do her fans look crazy though? They are the norm . I mean. A shame that feeling "special" makes the majority of them act like ignorant.. I think it's normal people that need to feel "special" who are her bliss I mean $$$$$.. Her demography is not couture or high art or music with more depth. It's mass consumerism and watering down cultural history to lowest common denominator.. October 7... But the majority of her fans will not understand because they are not of age yet (or just simply a bit simplistic)... Paglia's article hits the nail on the head. Not just a mediocre rip-off culture but lama's cheering on. Bette! October 7.. October 7. 8) Pfft. "Looking at these comments and the picture of the little monsters in the story it makes me think that Stefani may have the power to actually empower bliss I mean $$$$$.. too.2011 Anonymous 3:37 AM said . mainly through AM of the gaga game is 'ignorance butter her bread" is bliss' . it's "artified" Britney and Celine Dion. and.2011 Anonymous 3:25 PM Homage my ass. 7) See? I knew I would be right.. nice headshot. Copycat.201112:51 LA Monster said . I just wish the little monsters could This article is so on target understand the content. October 8. Not avantgarde. to cash in on October 8. mentally stunted idiots. and well written.. 2) What the hell is this? 3) AHH!! My eyes!! 4) Ahhhh .. and that's what Germanotta is helping produce." Nr.

You are confusing yourself (easy enough. He directed Alejandro and he's worked extensively with Madonna. Sticky & Sweet Tour) PM 12. Don't worry. we straighten out the dizzying world of facts and truths for you. no. understandably)again. template. Do not deflect to a unrelated "inspiration" after what LaurieAnn Gibson said. Sticky & Sweet Tour) "Get Stupid" (2008-2009. . The inspiration is from Madonna's Vogue video and Ace of Base's musical rhythm. It's our responsibility as non-dipshits to inform the uneducated monsters.Anonymous said .. Powered by Blogger. Re-invention World Tour) "Future Lovers"!"i Feel Love" (2006. Rick. Confessions Tour) "Music Inferno" (2006. He directed Madonna's concert back drop videos on: Madonna Madonna Madonna Madonna Madonna Madonna Madonna October "The Beast Within" (2004. you're wrong.201111:25 Post a Comment Newer Post Home Older Post Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Awesome Inc. Re-invention World Tour) "Vogue" (2004.201111:18 PM m Miss Stef said ••• Steven Klein is a photographer and director. Confessions Tour) "Get Together" (2006. No. Confessions Tour) "Human Nature" (2008-2009. October 12..

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