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Barnes Method English Blog 2008 barnesmethodenglish.blogspot.com

Barnes Method English Blog 2008 barnesmethodenglish.blogspot.com


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Get regular information every month to improve your English. 2009 Barnes Method Blog is available at scribd.com
Get regular information every month to improve your English. 2009 Barnes Method Blog is available at scribd.com

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Published by: barnes method books international on Nov 13, 2008
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com/ visits us, bookmark us, fall in love with us or not This blog is for Learning English and Improving if you are not a native speaker.

Ogden's Basic English @ Barnes Method English
by muse700 @ 2008-11-10 – 12:43:23 http://everything2.com/e2node/Basic%2520English http://ogden.basic-english.org/ This is an excellent method and exists since 1930. calan method sold a person 12 books and they never spoke english. Yet Barnes Method English prepares you for IELTS or Cambridge in 4 classes and Ogden's Basic English teaches 850 essential words and you can learn it in about 8 classes. One of the things you will love about Barnes Method English is we use some of the techniques from Ogden's English and from accelerated learning. We invite you to choose your favourite Barnes Method book here: http://www.scribd.com/group/17891-barnes-method-english-all-methods-welcome

British English teacher advice for Koreans
by muse700 @ 2008-11-09 – 02:32:03 For English/Americans to understand you better you must open your mouth more when you speak. There are certain letters e.g. R, L, which used to be hard for English people to understand. For example my name is Pery and one of my students says "very good" and I hear "pery good". In this book: http://www.scribd.com/doc/5019671/Barnes-Method-English-Fun-Papers-Best-of The Fun Paper "Japanesy" in the book explains how to say each of the letters correctly. 1st practise saying words "reaaaaalllllllyyy looooonnnnggg wiiiith aaa wiiiddde ooooppeeen mouth and long vowels". > say words really long with a wide open mouth and long vowels. This exercise makes it much easier to pronounce things Have Fun

Can you translate Barnes Method English into your language...
by muse700 @ 2008-11-08 – 06:23:27 Finally I publish one of my books. Its $8 (about £4.50) http://www.cafepress.com/barnesinstitute.292648052 and because I like you all so much......... Its still Free for You: http://www.scribd.com/doc/5019671/Barnes-Method-English-Fun-Papers-Best-of PS: I would like Barnes Method English @ Official Guide translate into every language When people find themselves wanting to do this, tell me Is already in English and Portuguese > plus some of you speak Spanish, Italian and Japanese Its only 5 pages > http://www.scribd.com/doc/4772565/Barnes-Method-English-c-PerryCopyright © Perry Barnes 2008 All Rights Reserved in All Media

Barnes-2008 I can give you lots of help through msn (perry7770@hotmail.co.uk) or a free 2 hour english class when you translate it Have a many fun days PS: this blog now has 900 views so thanks pery much to everyone who keep coming here and I invite you to Subscribe too

The Best English Methods / melhores metodos para aprender lingua ingles
by muse700 @ 2008-10-29 – 01:47:32 The more different methods and techniques you use the more accurate your English will be. Use a computer program (rosetta stone/Before you know it), newspapers/magazines, friends, native speakers and classes. I don't like grammar books and yet still they can be useful. If you don't know something go to the Index and choose an exercise to do for that specific thing. American and British English have so many similarities that learning them together is a nice technique. Then you learn the most useful idioms, phrases and slang which both places use. and I believe music is the best method for Memory. Some ideas for learning are here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/6463858/Barnes-Method-English-2nd-Edition

3 New Barnes Method English Publications
by muse700 @ 2008-10-09 – 17:14:20 Barnes Method has been kindly translated to Portuguese and is available for 5 days here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/6465842/METODO-BARNES Barnes Method 2nd Edition with more good learnings is here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/6463858/Barnes-Method-English-2nd-Edition And here is an English Test to help you find your level and improve more: http://www.scribd.com/doc/6463910/English-Test-for-Certificate A certificate is available to people who email this test with their answers to > learnenglish@london.com

by muse700 @ 2008-09-03 – 16:25:22 During a time I found many profound ideas and my life changed dramtically my friend showed me a video of this guy. J. Krishnamurti gave talks for many years about philosophy with a rebellious edge. "A person has not read any of the Copyright © Perry Barnes 2008 All Rights Reserved in All Media

sacred books of India or of the West because they are unnecessary for a man who is aware of what is going on in the world - of the behaviour of human beings with their endless theories, with the accepted propaganda of two thousand or five thousand years which has become the tradition, the truth, the revelation." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZlydbNKFi8 Most useful to me is the idea "if a person really wants something, would they have let things stop them?" This observation made it clear to me that not doing what i really want is ridiculous. and it took me 1 year of overcoming objections to get what i really truly wanted. I live my life with this now "Truth is never in the past. The truth of the past is the ashes of memory; memory is of time, and in the dead ashes of yesterday there is no truth. Truth is a living thing, not within the field of time." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZlydbNKFi8

For Germans and other nationalities learning English
by muse700 @ 2008-08-21 – 03:53:59 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NHmpOER-sA Mark Knopfler is cool for his Dire Straits music in the 80s and in recent years he's branched into folk/blues music I've included this video for its cultural references Why aye man is how Geordies say hello to each other Apparantly in the 70s/80s british builders were out of work and alot of them went to Germany Thus this song is about that and includes german words mixed with english Injoy Geordies: people from the North of England (Newcastle/Middlesborough/Sunderland) Dire Straights: phrase meaning having no money e.g. i was in dire straights Branched into: moved into, spread into

Coldplay at Glastonbury & Auditory People
by muse700 @ 2008-08-21 – 01:49:10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BO0M_zooT4U I used to sit with my minidisc player making sections of glastonbury with a 5 speaker hi-fi to be there kinder this performance/year of glastonbury wis amazing "give me love over, love over thissssssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" there is so much more meaning is this sound than a many words i feel in nlp there are Auditory People i heard my dad used to totally get into music as if it was inside him & his dad did also when someone like Chris Martin has intelligence mixed with feeling the world can be changed maybe the spread of music is why we forget politics politik helps this more Copyright © Perry Barnes 2008 All Rights Reserved in All Media

i joke that Grunge music is very quiet "everything is happy and nice and peaceful" "then i get angry and shouting!!!!" This is Chris Martin's grunge song rs

Barnes Method English
by muse700 @ 2008-08-19 – 02:25:25 Complete Method free here: http://kshq.awardspace.com/downloads/Barnes%20Method%20English%20(c)%20Perry %20Barnes%202008.pdf 1.Learn Pronunciation from a native speaker. Your country has specific sounds and so does English. Learn the equivalents in your language e.g. tch in Portuguese is ch in English. Learn the new sounds aswell. Germans say V for V and W. Push your lips out and say Water. 2.Learn all the words which are similar to your Language. This technique was originally suggested by Dr Bruno Furst. There are often many patterns between the languages. http://barnesinstitute.2freedom.com has some collections available for free. By learning, this way you can pronounce and write in a similar way to your language and your memory will increase. 3.Learn in opposites. For every word there is an opposite. When you learn one word, learn the opposite at the same time. It is possible to communicate with one word in every language. Coffee! Coffee? Coffee. Coffee and. Coffee with. Coffee!? Tea is the opposite of Coffee or no coffee. More literal opposites include Up/Down, Left/Right A.G. Hawke is certified in 7 languages and uses this technique. This technique will improve your Memory and Understanding. 4.Learn the Prepositions correctly. Prepositions do Not translate with a dictionary. They are Kinaesthetic. They are feelings. Russians imagined standing On the road and they say “I'm on the street”. English imagine the street as a box with the buildings on both sides and the road below so “I'm in the street”. Practise them in patterns and be the 2nd person to use prepositions correctly (I am the 1st) 5.Learn Verbs and Nouns in Example Sentences. English people have no idea what a phrasal verb is or the present past continuous backwards forwards lemon and lime form of a word. Computers and robots talk like that. Instead Learn Verbs and Nouns. This is how English people learn at school. Practise speaking with a native speaker using the verbs/nouns and add the Prepositions you have already learned. 6.Speaking. Talk, talk, talk and talk some more. Your Professor should correct you continuously until you speak correctly. You will speak perfect English today! is the attitude of an awesome teacher. If the student has very basic English then Flash Cards with both languages on are excellent and give the student a real sense of progress. 7.Children's books. An extra great thing for students also is to have a children's grammar book for homework. Children's grammar books are so simple even a child could use them. There is a list of 10 pronunciation patterns which are all similar so when the student understands they will find it very easy to remember. A children's picture dictionary is also a brilliant thing. They have the pictures and 3 patterns of sentences with synonyms. These also make a class easier to teach. 8.Computer Programs Through learning Portuguese I have discovered a large number of excellent language learning Copyright © Perry Barnes 2008 All Rights Reserved in All Media

programs. In some ways they are better than teachers and I think you should use computer programs together with a teacher to double your learning. Learn new words and patterns with the computer and test them with a teacher. Rosetta Stone is brilliant for learning patterns, pronunciation and uses pictures to make you remember even more. Before You Know It gives you perfect memory of phrases and words with the pronunciation emphasised. You can slow the voices to half speed to really focus your pronunciation and I have remembered phrases 14 days after I learned them. FSI is the most comprehensive course I have ever taken, unfortunately its not available for learning English. Fast free translators and dictionaries such as Wordweb and Freelang are excellent additions to your studies. Complete Method free here: http://kshq.awardspace.com/downloads/Barnes%20Method%20English%20(c)%20Perry %20Barnes%202008.pdf For Free English Books: http://barnesinstitute.2freedom.com To book your £10 an hour English Classes Call 07963960499 or email roblemsolver@techie.com">problemsolver@techie.com

by muse700 @ 2008-08-17 – 02:34:46 ネイティブスピーカーによる英会話・英語レッスン 英語初心者の方の日常英会話からビジネス英会話まで幅広いレベルで対応、さらには語学検定試験 文章校正などあらゆる要望に ネイティブスピーカーである Perry がお応えします。 料金£10/h レッスンの時間、場所など気軽にご相談ください。 連絡先 携帯電話: 07963960499 メールアドレス: problemsolver@techie.com">problemsolver@techie.com barnesinstitute.2freedom.com

Language Swaps
by muse700 @ 2008-08-17 – 02:31:32 I would like to swap my brilliant English for: I want: cooking or cleaning or portuguese or a japanese advert on the internet or advanced nlp skills or advanced pua skills or buy me 2 cappuccinos in a cafe (at 6pm) or a girl with Intermediate English to listen to my new poems or tai chi Copyright © Perry Barnes 2008 All Rights Reserved in All Media

or meditation or zen I am a native English teacher who sometimes charges £20 an hour I live in London roblemsolver@techie.com">problemsolver@techie.com 07963960499 PS for English people reading this you may be surprised at all the chocolate available for speaking this fluffy language oh yes, i like chocolate

Found a Big Community
by muse700 @ 2008-08-16 – 22:34:50 http://www.squidoo.com/barnesmethod Another website where we are all friends forever sharing the eternal love within us all What am I doing there? Methinks spreading the word like lyrical butter. This social site requires less technical knowledge than an actual website. Its like an advanced blog so if you have things to say have a looky wook

Sounds like a Poem
by muse700 @ 2008-08-13 – 02:29:12 I'm loving poetry again mainly because my poetry book is Number 1 in google http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=perry%27s+poems&start=0&sa=N after finding a Philosophal (my word (C)) poem by Arnaldo Antunes with a portuguese speaker i googled him because he seems impressive I found this http://www.bombsite.com/issues/102/articles/3064 the guy has created Sound Poems with overlapping lines AWESOME Click the link and Glisten up http://barnesmethodenglish.blogspot.com/ > visits us, bookmark us, fall in love with us or not

Google “Barnes Method English” for: Barnes Method English: The Official Guide 1st Edition > 3,000 views (audio mp3 too) 47 Thank Yous > Number 1 at msn.com Copyright © Perry Barnes 2008 All Rights Reserved in All Media

Available in English, Portuguese, Italian and Russian. Barnes Method English: Fun Papers @ Best of > 3,500 views, 65 Thank Yous, 2 Likes, 13 Favorites, 900+ downloads > Number 1 in Google Barnes Method English @ Prepositions/Preposicoes 1,500 views in 28 days > the most popular book yet Barnes Method English @ 2nd Edition > Number 1 in Yahoo, 7 Favourites Now the computer book version of Barnes Method English 3rd Edition is available. £3.50 = $5 http://www.gazhoo.com/doc/200902152157547164/Barnes+Method+English +%40+3rd+Edition Its half the price of the paperback book and its still the best method of learning English. You can also buy this version with paypal http://www.gazhoo.com/doc/200902152157547164/Barnes+Method+English +% Barnes Method English @ 3rd Edition By Dr Perry Barnes £6.94 (GBP) $10 http://www.cafepress.com/barnesmethod.349473100 The World Famous Barnes Method English. Translated to 5 languages. Use the techniques in this book to Have Basic English in 1 month, Intermediate English in 3 months, Advanced English in 6 months and Queen's English in 1 year. The 3rd Edition is the most complete guide to learning English and can be yours now http://www.cafepress.com/barnesmethod.349473100
Barnes Method English @ Fun Papers (printed book) £5.44


http://barnesmethodenglish.blogspot.com/ Barnes Method English Blog
Barnes Method English Forum: http://barnesmethodenglishforum.aimoo.com/GeneralDiscussion-1-19125 Barnes Method English audio version > listen and download here: http://fliiby.com/file/97524/hb38db1cjh.html Listen to the author read the main parts of the method and practise your pronunciation. Copyright © Perry Barnes 2008 All Rights Reserved in All Media

Professor ingles nativo com aquele sotaque britanico que so os ingleses sabem ter. £10 por hora - o melhor preco do mercado Aulas para todas as idades e niveis. Cursos de ESOL & Literacy Aspectos da cultura inglesa. Cambridge FCE, IELTS, e Life in the UK preparação £10 por hora - o melhor preco do mercado E voce ainda ganha o livro gratis! Ligue agora para marcar a sua aula! learnenglish@london.com 07963960499 MSN or Skype Classes £5 an hour msn: perry7770@hotmail.co.uk skype: genius7001 Pay with Paypal or when you have your class in person

Insegnante madrelingua inglese preparazione per IELTS, Cambridge FCE e vita nel Regno Unito. ESOL e Literacy £10 ad ora Gratis: coursebook e certificate e-mail: learnenglish@london.com tel. 07963960499 Ulteriori dettagli: http://barnesinstitute.2freedom.com Londra MSN or Skype Classes £5 an hour msn: perry7770@hotmail.co.uk skype: genius7001 Pay with Paypal or when you have your class in person Hallo, ich war ein knappes viertel Jahr beruflich in London (Rechtsabteilung einer Baufirma). Die Zeit wollte ich vor allem nutzen, um mein Englisch zu verbessern. Es war nicht so einfach, eine adäquate Möglichkeit hierfür zu finden. Ich habe mir diverse Angebote angeschaut und leider fast vier Wochen verloren, ehe ich das Passende gefunden habe. Ein Problem war, dass es nicht so viel Angebote für Leute gibt, die den ganzen Tag im Büro sind und erst nach 18.30 Zeit haben. Sprachkurse wären nicht effizient genug gewesen. Außerdem hätte ich zu viel Zeit verloren, um zum Kursort zu kommen. Ich habe also versucht "one-to-one" Trainer zu finden. Nachdem ich einige Sitzungen mit preisgünstigen Anbietern hatte, die jedoch aufgrund nicht vorhandener Kompetenz nicht zielführend waren, habe ich etablierte Anbieter probiert. Die waren leider teuer und unflexibel. In Woche fünf habe ich einen talentierten und zuverlässigen "teacher" gefunden, mit dem ich sehr effizient bis zum Schluss durchgearbeitet habe. Er hat meine Fehler sehr schnell analysiert und zielgerichtet gegengesteuert. Obwohl wir jeden zweiten Tag eine Sitzung hatten, wurde es nie langweilig. Wir haben z.B. auch Copyright © Perry Barnes 2008 All Rights Reserved in All Media

Themen vorbereitet, die ich am nächsten Tag in Besprechungen abhandeln musste. Von Vorteil war auch, dass er ohne Zusatzkosten nach Canary Wharf kam, sodass unsere Sitzungen im Anschluss an die Arbeit stattfinden konnten. Leute, die in einer ähnlichen Situation sind und nicht vier Wochen verlieren möchten, können "Pery" unter folgenden Koordinaten erreichen: 07963960499 oder learnenglish@london.com. Lars MSN or Skype Classes £5 an hour msn: perry7770@hotmail.co.uk skype: genius7001 Pay with Paypal or when you have your class in person

ネイティブスピーカーによる英会話・英語レッスン 英語初心者の方の日常英会話からビジネス英会話まで幅広いレベルで対応、 さらには語学検定試験 文章校正などあらゆる要望に ネイティブスピーカーである Pery がお応えします。 料金£10/h レッスンの時間、場所など気軽にご相談ください。 <連絡先> 携帯電話: 07963960499 メールアドレス: learnenglish@london.com http://barnesmethod.bigbig.com MSN or Skype Classes £5 an hour msn: perry7770@hotmail.co.uk skype: genius7001 Pay with Paypal or when you have your class in person Great English Teacher: £10 an hour Native English Teacher IELTS, PET, CAE, Cambridge FCE and Life in the UK preparation. ESOL, Business English and English GCSE Proofreading and Translation Correction Dissertations and coursework CV creation and Email correction Copyright © Perry Barnes 2008 All Rights Reserved in All Media

£10 an hour. Native Speaker learnenglish@london.com 07963960499 Free Certificate MSN or Skype Classes £5 an hour msn: perry7770@hotmail.co.uk skype: genius7001 Pay with Paypal or when you have your class in person

What changes the life of all my past students is the massive action they take to apply what I teach them. Those who use the strategies that I share are the ones who create exceptional success beyond their wildest imaginations. Adam Khoo

Copyright © Perry Barnes 2008 All Rights Reserved in All Media

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