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Grant Application Instructions and Guidance FY 2010 Homeland Security Grant Program NH Department of Safety - Grants Management Unit

• • • • • All applications must comply with the published state and federal criteria. The NH Dept. of Safety - Grants Management Unit Grant application is located on-line at ht!:pill \ /sa fet)' idivisions/hQmeiand Ihomelandgranl].html The U.S. Department of Homeland Security FY 2010 Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) Guidelines can be accessed on-line!government/grant The FY 2010 Authorized Equipment List (AEL) can be found on-line at hctps;llwww.r~ Only eligible applicants may apply for HSGP funds .. Eligible applicants include: Local

units of government, as defined in the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act of2005, refer to "any county, city. village, town, district, borough, special district, or other political subdivision of any State,". The lead applicant is responsible for grant funds
and administration: including but not limited to assurances and audit requirements,

maintenance or records, etc.

• • • •

An agency may submit multiple applications; however, each application must contain only one pro;ect and reflect only one fuading category. Please consider your community's

most critical need when


for these limited funds.

Grant AppliCltion Checklist

This checklist is for your convenience in preparing, completing and submitting your grant application.

A complete application submission must contain the foUowing: Application Cover page, intlNding appropriate signaJllres. Do sot mbmil applimliom in bindm, CJ Sections I-V Q Section VI

pllll/if eo"'r or bOllnd ill



o Required Attachments

Grant Terms and Conditions City /County resolution AEL Information Sheet(s) Partnering agency letters of commitment Optional Attachments Environment Documents (to be supplied AFTER COMMITI'EE • Written request for construction NEPA checklist Maps Photographs

o o


• •

Prior to Submission Check All Forms for Required Signatures
questions about this application please contact the Grants Management Unit at 603-271-7663


Send the Original and two (2) hardcopies of the completed grant application to:
NH Department of Safety - Grants Management Unit Commissioner's Office-Second Floor 33 Hazen Drive Concord, NH 03305


M{J $1.' ue:- received by Noon (12:00 p.m. EST, Thursday


20t 2011.


FY 2010 NH Department of Safety - Grants Management CFDA #97.067
Lead Applicant Agency>: Keene Police Depaument

Unit Grant Application

Partnerin,g Cities/Counties;

All Cheshire County Law EnfQrcemept J\&eocie!i; See Attached MOU~s

.(Circle as appropriate in each line)

Other Fire

Law Enfotc::ement
House District:





Please provide:


Senate District: Homeland

Security Grant? If $0, identify the project.(s)

Project Name:

Is this a continuation of a


project? Y

County Specialized Mission CBRNE/WMD N
Describe: (tower, fence, repeater, etc.)

Rescue Vehicle


Is this a construction

Local Project Title:


County Specialized Mission CBRNE/WMD

Rescue Vehicle


Please check the Investment Justification which best describes your project: Special Team and or Special Response Enhancement


prevention, protection, response, ..ecovery

Enhanced Communications Critical Infrastructure Protection EMS related

NIMS Compliance
(attached) this project Y

Date(s) of Even._ (attach document) _

After Action Report (AAR) recommended Infrastructure Analysis recommended



this project


Budget SwnmaLY

S,/KJ Oil!! ONE pmjtd ptr application. COIllP". ONE Imdgt line aruJ anle ONE

prop (:lIttgory.

$ 285,923







Physical Security




Authorizing Official per RSA (per RSA 31;9Sb orRSA 37:6)

Project Director / Contact

Financial Officer

Name: Title;

John Maclean City Manager 3 Washington Street Keene, NH 03431 (603) 357-9804 603-357-9847 I.keene.

Kenneth J. Meola Police Chief 400 Marlboro Street Keene, NH 03431 (603) 357-9813 603-357-9823

Martba Landry Finance Dircetor 3 Washington Street Keene, NH 03431 (603) 357·9805 6()3..J57-9847 Mlandry@cl.keene.nb.ull ~~

City, Zip:
Phone No: Fax No:

Original Signatures

NH Department

FY 2010 Homeland

of Safety- Grants Management Unit Security Grant Application

Please address all points in sequence. The NH State Strategy is approved to support the preparedness, prevention, protection and recovery needs of NH's PRIMARY First Responders (see http://www.nh.go ...bafetyidivisioos Lhomeland/2009/exC' ~llmmacr.html ). Responses should include all jurisdictions participating in the applications. Responses to each Section should be labeled; however do not exceed page limits for each Section. Please use the standard Times New Roman font, 12 pt. with 1" margins. SECTION I: STRATEGY (Maximum of3 pages- use the letter for information pertaining
Describe your problem following: and solution to each

Key item)

in three pages or less. This narrative

should include the

A. The acquisition of a Specialized Mission CBRNE/WMD Rescue Vehicle will help to guard against a terrorist or CBRNE/MID incident as the vehicle is capable of deflecting blast fragmentation behind a wall of shielding, thereby protecting support and/or rescue personnel. This
ability aUows specialized personnel to respond to or enter into an area and effectively diffuse or render harmless any terrorist or CBRNEjWMD situation thus limiting a potential mass casualty incident. The vehicle will be equipped with the latest in Radiation Detection and Explosive Gas Detection equipment to further enhance the safety and capabilities of the mission personnel. The vehide will be equipped with a radio system that will meet APeo (Association of Public Safety Communications Officials) Project 25 specifications, assuring the interoperability between law enforcement and fire agencies throughout the State of New Hampshire. The system capable of integrating with future system designs.

B. The terrorism threat is far reaching and often unforeseen. Terrorist's goals, regardless of affiliation, usually encompass the creation of fear among the public, convincing the public that their Govemment is powerless to stop the terrorists, and get immediate publicity for their cause. Keene currently hosts several large public functions to include: an annual Pumpkin Festival, which draws upwards of 70,000 patrons to the City, the Clarence DeMar Marathon which has been held for the last 33 years and is an official qualifying race for the US Olympic Time trials as well as an official qualifying race for the Boston Marathon. This race brings in runners and spectators from all over the United States. Keene State College, part of the university system of New Hampshire, is located in the downtown area of the City of Keene and brings 6000 students to its environs da.ily. There are other city events that draw large crowds and all are susceptible to terrorist attacks. It is known that the use of Radiological Dispersion Devices by terrorists is much more likely than the use of a nuclear device. Cheshire County currently does not have a transport vehicle capable of protecting personnel in a critical incident or measure such radiation. The closest Specialized Mission Vehicle is well over 1 hour away and this does not include the time it takes to mobilize and prepare the personnel necessary to drive it to Cheshire County.
Highways passing through Keene, Routes 9 and 101, provide the major east/west corridor for trucking from Interstate 91 in Vermont to the: Concord, Manchester, Nashua and the seacoast. Many of these trucks carry hazardous materials and arc subject (0 terrorism. natural disasters and motor vehicle accidents.

Keene has seen flooding in recent years. This has caused loss of equipment, i.e.: cruisers, in water so high that specialized vehicles were needed to rescue residents, these vehicles were not available. Keene has cwo rivers/brooks flowing through it that are prone to flooding as well as the Otter Brook Dam that controls the flood plain. If damaged by a terrorist attack or natural disaster, this would cause widespread flooding in the city and county. 'When an event occurs at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant in Vernon, Vermont, Keene is a reception center for evacuees. Cheshire County currently has no means to transport first responders into a potential "hot" zone to assist in emergency services or evacuations. The acquisition of this vehicle provides not only shielding but radiological measurement devices.

C. Agencies throughout Cheshire County have a long standing relationship where we share resources. Keene and Cheshire County have experienced situations where a Specialized Mission Vehicle was needed. The Bearcat Speciali2:ed Mission CBRNE/WMD Rescue Vehicle would be a regional asset housed inside, out of the reach of the environmental dements, and because Keene PD is a 24/7 agency the SpeciaUzed Mission CBRNE/WMD Rescue Vehicle would be available to be deployed anywhere in Cheshire County on a moment's notice to respond to an incident with a high degree of safety and security.
D. Keene and Cheshire County have experienced situations where a Specialized Mission CBRNE/WMD Rescue Vehicle was needed. Most recent incidences include: a suspicious backpack thqught to contain explosives located near City Hall; A Charlestown incident where a State Trooper was shot; a bank robbery suspect in Pisgah State Park where an exorbitant amount of time was spent approaching vehicle due to officer safety concerns allowing the suspect time to get away~ a subject armed with a Tech 9 sub-machine gun wanted by the FBI in Swanzey, NH, where officers were unable to get dose to the bouse without compromising their safety; a barricaded subject in Keene hotel where officers were unable to approach the outside window without compromising officer safety. E. The vehicle would be used in multi-agency training situations as a viable and effective response tool for CRBNE/WMD incidences. Training would consist of operational and situational based training. The operational area that the Keene Police Department is responsible for, through mutual aid agreements, includes protection of critical infrastructure that has been identified by the State of New Hampshire as well as the City of Keene. as being high level targets that have a strong potential threat for a terrorist or CBRNE/WMD incident.

F. Numbers:

1,2,3,4, S, 6, B,9.10,17,21,22,25,26,27,28,30,

G. Letters: A, B, C, D, and F H. Police Departments and Fire Departments

in Keene and Cheshire County.

I. Public Safety Agencies throughout Cheshire County have a long standing relationship where we share resources. This project will further solidify that relationship.



K. N/.\

L. Through the acquisition of this Specialized Mission CBRNE/WMD Rescue Vehicle, we are attempting to prevent and protect against any serious bodily injury or loss of life to trained personnel and/' or civilians and to limit damage 10 critical infrastructure and/ or equipment essential to combat

or prevent a terrorist or CBRNE/WMD incident. This Specialized Mission CBRNE/WMD Rescue Vehicle asset would be available to any public safety agency within Cheshire County to immediately and effectively be deployed quickly and be able to carry out any and all assignments efficiently as they relate to the safe and effective transportation of responders and equipment. Keene is home to numerous private manufacturing facilities that deal with multigovernment/military agencies. In addition Keene is home to the third largest food distribution company in the United States. These companies house large quantities of chemicals and materials and sensitive infonnation. The acquisition of this vehicle allows us to better access these facilities should an attack occur on anyone or all of them.

It would also be available to extended jurisdictions to assist and supplement their response to similar incidents. No other vehicle, currently located within Cheshire County, can provide a level of blast mitigation armor to safely and effectively protect specially trained personnel that would carry-out the above listed task(s). M. The Keene Police Department will provide routine vehicle and systems maintenance. This will include radio upgrades to coincide with any department radio upgrades and the State of New Hampshire interoperability project. High end system and/or vehicle repairs will be made using the established Cheshire County Chief of Police Association account that has been created for this specific project.

SECTION II: SCOPE OF WORK (30 words or less) • Please write the scope of work as you would like to see it written in a legal document.

The scope of this project is the purchase of the LENCO Bearcat Specialized Mission CBRNE Rescue Vehicle as outlined in the attached LENCO quote: # 7741-1.

SECTION III: PRO}ECf PICOIC answer ONLY ONE of thcfoUowing seaions. (Maximum of 1 page)
I: Radio/Interopel'llbiUty Project
Project must address target capabflltlea as follows (Select and specify which one): • Communications • Emergency Public Information and Warning • IntelHgance and Inionnaffon Sharing and Dissemination

Please answer the following Part I:

a) Will this investment indude DHSjFEMA approved training? When? What? b) Will this investment include DHS/FEMA approved exercises? When? c) Identify the personnel by discipline that your agency suppons with radio equipment. d) What is the age of your current equipment? Include portable and mobile. e) Is your current radio system or the new radio system you are proposing analog or dizi 1;:' . gtta. f) Is the requested equipment P~25 compliant? g) Discuss how you plan to maintain and replace this equipment.

PIU'tII: Communiclidons Infrastructure Project (Tower; Other- Also Requires COMPREHENSIVE NEPA APPROVAL by DHS/FEMA prior to commencement-sepat'llte IWd additional process contact GMU insuuction given once Grant Committee and DOS approves project!' see: /sslety / divisions/homeland/2009/documents/ih.J29.pdJ). The foUowing need to be addressed with this initialapp/iclldon:
a) b) c) d) Describe the equipment that is requested (tower, etc.) W'hat is your current percentage of communication coverage? Describe any construction or attachments that are part of this project? Have any studies, reports or surveys been completed that provide information on environmental resources/impact or historic properties in the area? Attach these reports. Discuss how you plan to maintain and replace this equipment.



Specialty Team or other Response Equipment (DeceJl1, DetN:tioD, PPE, CBRNE, Rescue, Law Enforcement speciBc equipznent, EMS, Other Eligible project equipment)
StrengtherliF1gStandardized CBRNE Detection, Respon .. , and Decontamination CapabfllUes, Enhance Law Enforcement capabilities re: counter terrorism, lED prevention and response. See https:/ Project must address target capabllitie. as follows (Select and specify which one): • Counter- Terror InvestigatiOn and Law Enforcement • Em!lJlfDcy Public "fetv and Secudlk: • EMS system Integration with public health & systems suppott • Explosive Dey!cg RtsppDf' Qper.Cion. • WMD .ad Hazardous MII"rlff, Re.po"" and Decontamination PJt:IiIS~ IWswer the foUowing: a} Do you have a comprehensive equipment schedule that includes required equipment, equipment on hand, and needed equipment? YES, see attached b) Does the requested equipment replace any existing inventory? If so, please describe.





Describe your

t1'1lining plan in order to use this specialized equipment.

AU sworn department members, as well as other department members in Cheshire County, have basic or advanced Emergency Vehicle Operation Training. LENCO provides driver training and vehicle specific training on the vehicle's specialized features upon acquisition of the vehicle. Four department members will be designated to pick up the vehicle and receive this training. These department members will train the department tactical team and a select group of other department members on specifics of the vehicle as well as the specialized features of the vehicle.
d) Will this investment include DHS/FEMA approved training? When? What?

e) Will this investment include DHS/FEMA approved exercises? When?

f) Discuss how you plan to maintain and replace this equipment.

The Keene Police Department win provide routine maintenance from its operations budget, specifically from the departments' tactical team line item. Routine maintenance win be provided by the City of Keene Fleet Services department, which has the ability to maintain the Ford F-5S0 chuBis that this vehicle is built upon. Keene's Fleet Services manager has been involved in this acquisition since its inception. Warranty work will be provided by LENCO at their facility in Massachusetts, within driving distance of Keene. Insurance will be provided by the City of Keene. An account bas been set up and will be managed by the Cheshire County Chief of Police Association 10 off-set any insurance co-pays necessary for high cost damage incurred during operations within the County. The lifespan of this vehicle is estimated to be 20 years. Cu~rently no replacement schedule is planned. g)
Does the project enhance public and private sector lED awareness?

YES. The Keene Police Department currently parficipatee in two major public safety events. The first being Public Safety Day/Law Enforcement Expo hosted by the Keene Police Officers Association and the Keene Montessori School in May/June of each year and the second is the National Night Out Event held in the Call of each year. Both venues offer safety information to the general public as well as the private sector workforce and upon obtaining the LEN CO Specialized Mission CBRNE/WMD Rescue Vehicle, information will also be included on lED awareness.
h) Does this project reduce critical infrastructure vulnerabilities? If so. please describe. and soft target explosive attack

YES. Deployment of this vehicle to select sites during elevated threat levels provides currently unavailabJe protection to identified critical infrastructure sites. i)
Does this project include multi-jurisdiction explosive attack prevention planning?


This vehicle will allow m ulti-jurisdicdonal planning to begin, planning that would now provide a specialized CBRNE capable vehicle to be deployed to mitigate attack risks during an elevated threat level.


Discuss how you plan to maintain and replace this equipment.

Please refer to F above. HI: Critics/ Inf"mstructure Project (Physical Security, .other) a) Is the critical infrastructure owned by the applicant agency? If not, who owns it?
b) c) d) e) Is this site listed by the State's (HSEM) Critical Sector/Site list? Will this investment include DHS/FEMA approved training? When? What? Will this investment include DHS/FEMA approved exercises? When? Does this equipment replace any existing inventory? Have any studies, reports or SUlVeys been completed that provide information on environmental resources/impact or historic properties in the area? (please provide

f) g)

Discuss how you plan to maintain and replace this equipment.

Provide the total estimated cost to implement page. In addition: this project by completing the table on the following

Please coordinate the request with your equipment page and attach the AEL item description for each category of equipment requested. See

If the AEL equipment Category requested requires an EHP approval. once your grant is approved by Grant Committee and DOS, you will be provided with the specifics of the information gathering that the process entails. This will then become part of your official grant file also. See:
Provide the proposed funding amount that is expected to be obligated towards Law Enforcement. Law Enforcement Funding Amount: $ 285,993

Provide the proposed local funds that are expected to be obligated to this project. Additional local project dollars are greatly appreciated, but projects with local assets will not receive any bonus points. Local Funding Amount:

$ 0.00