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Launch of Tooth Care

Launch of Tooth Care

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Published by Michelle Lobo

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Published by: Michelle Lobo on Jan 28, 2012
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Launch of Tooth care

Group 3 
   Anirudha (3) Abhijeet (11) Ismail (44) Mohmmed (28)    Sulaksha (52) Tirtharaj ( 36) Michelle (19)

.Our product till now We target  Sub-urban markets  Age group of 20-45  Who can afford a toothpaste costing Rs. 25 ( income <15000 per month)  Interested in buying a toothpaste that provides freshness and whiteness.

LOGO Actual product  Brand name: Toothcare  Price: Rs.  Available in whitening.Toothcare Core product  Gives you a healthy smile Augmented product  Consumer complaint cells. sparkle & resilient . 25/.per 100 gms.

Actual product  Toothcare whitening that removes stains to make your teeth whiter.Core product: Our newly launched flavors are sure to take care of your oral hygiene issues and give you what we call a healthy smile.  Toothcare Resilient that fights germs and tartar to give you strong teeth  Toothcare sparkle which kills odor causing bacteria to give you the breath you wished for. .

Blue gel with cooling crystals. White paste White paste with whitening beads .



queries or any ideas regarding the product please contact The white tooth company.whitetooth@gmail. 16th square Panaji Goa. Goa. Say It! For suggestions.com . Email: toothcare.Augmented product  Feedback system Feel it. 16. +Call toll free number: 8-08-1993 µOr write to us at PO box no.

Toothcare It is a convenience product hence it is placed at a low price and advertised for extensively. .

3. 5 20% labor costs .7 ( after considering estimate sales)  5% Profits ² Rs. 5  15% towards publicity.How we hit on our Price? -Toothcare Resilient  Cost of production 20% towards packaging ² Rs.Rs.2  15% taxes ² Rs. 1. 1.2 ( after considering estimate sales) . 3.Rs. 5 20% ingredients ( raw materials) ² Rs.7  5% Transportation costs ² Rs.

000 ‡ Price per unit = 25.000 units ‡ Fixed costs = 20 * 1.00.00. 25 /- . ‡ Variable costs = 5 per unit = 5.000 = 20.‡ Estimate sales in first three months = 1.000 = Rs.000 ‡ Total cost ( profit and tax included) = 25.

Toothcare sparkle and Toothcare whitening 200 gms each . Rs. 25 for ¶Toothcare Resilient· for 100 gms  Rs. 30 for ¶Toothcare Sparkle· for 100 gms  Rs. 45 for Toothcare resilient. 28 for ¶Toothcare Whitening· for 100 gms  Rs.

need wholesalers· promotional support and since are market is scattered.Distribution system 4 level distribution system Producer.Retailer.Consumer AS We have limited finance. .Wholesaler.

Objective will be achieved through extensive advertising and publicity .Objective Extend our sales widely by making our product available in every reasonable store available.

. ‡ 5 packs extra when goods purchased I bulk ( only for wholesalers) ‡ Sell family packs for cheaper prices. ‡ Free medical check ups.How we advertise? ‡ Advertisements on regional channels as well as on national TV ‡ Banners ‡ Awareness campaigns through schools.

100% veg tag. company name. Toothcare usage direction.will include ingredients. bar code.Labeling ‡ Top cover. ‡ Bottom Cover.states the other available Toothcare products. address of manufacture.µ ‡ Other side cover. Toothcare·s unique formula with cooling mints make sure that all germs die.´ now get stronger teeth in just 2 weeks. expiry date. feed back information. manufactory date.brand name ‡ Side cover. . price.

Ingredients Active agents      Sodium Fluoride.acts as a desensitizing agents Triclosan.non sugar sweetener     Inactive Agents Water Sodium lauryl sulphate.binding agent Glycerol.anti bacterial agent Tetra sodium pyrophosphate.anti tarter agent Enzymes.preservative .prevent loss of water and subsequent hardening of the paste when it is exposed to air  Calcium carbonate.Abrasives for cleaning and polishing  Sodium benzoate.to enhance the antibacterial properties of saliva Xylitol.foam agent Synthetic celluloses.

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