Evergreen media group is a Karachi (Pakistan) based production house which offers comprehensive solutions from Concept to Screen

. Evergreen Entertainment offers Production & Directorial services and Evergreen Expert can assist you in all phases of production and post-production. We have a wide variety of packages ranging from a single camera set up to a multicamera shoot on DV & Beta format and provide a shooting Caravan (a Modernize transport facility for outdoor shoots). Our post-production facilities consist of Non-linear editing, compositing & graphics workstations, including mobile editing services which allow us to edit anywhere that has electricity. Kamran Qureshi, founder and owner of Evergreen, is an internationally recognized, television director and producer. With his hard work and dedication, he has given the company a credible and recognized place in Pakistan Television Field. Kamran has been described as one of Pakistan’s renowned and talented directors of Pakistani drama. Over the course of Kamran’s fifteen years career, he has being nominated and won many awards for his own and company profile during last six years. Contact: Evergreen Media Group 204 Sunset Tower, 1-D Sunset bolevard, Defence phase II, Karachi, Pakistan. e-mail: evergreenmediagroup@hotmail.com phone: +92-21-5397725

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