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A Gantt chart is a horizontal bar chart that shows intervention activities and tasks in sequential order where bars

represent the time estimates A Gantt chart is a flexible document that should be regularly updated through the life of the intervention A Gantt chart can be used for day-to-day management, planning and reporting A Gantt chart is useful to clarify planning estimates, work requirements and timelines with senior management


g. a black diamond) ± add a milestone description .The process to complete a Gantt chart follows: List the work/work packages of the intervention ± list each output in a separate cell in the first column Identify resources ± list resources required for each activity in the next column Identify who is responsible ± in the third column list who is responsible for delivering the activity Estimate timeframes ± create a timeline for the project in the remaining columns Identify milestones ± mark each significant event that acts as a progress marker (e.