PROSTHO1 (Midterms) Full Metal CrownMetal Ceramic CrownAll ceramic Crown1-1.5mm 1.5-2mm 2-2.




Intact buccal wall (if buccal is overcontoured we cannot reduce a lot of tooth structure, should use full metal crown) When more conservative retainer is technically feasible

Artificial Crown Full Veneer Crown 1. COMPLETE CAST CROWN/ FULL METAL CROWN -often used on single posterior teeth as retainer for a FPD INDICATIONS: a. Extensive destruction from caries or trauma b. Endodontically treated teeth c. Existing restoration (extensive) d. Necessity for maximum retention and strength e. To provide contour to receive a removable appliance f. Recon touring of axial surface (minor correction of malinclination) g. Correction of occlusal plane CONTRAINDICATIONS: a. Less than maximum retention necessary b. Esthetics ADVANTAGES: a. Strong b. High retentive qualities c. Usually easy to obtain resistance form d. Option to modify form and occlusion DISADVANTAGES: a. Removal of large amount of tooth structure b. Adverse effect on tissue (ex. Inflammation) c. Vitality testing not readily feasible: (percussion) d. Display of metal **Galvanic shock- sudden change in temp. that causes irritaion 2. METAL CERAMIC CROWN -consist of complete coverage cast metal crown that is veneered or covered with a layer of fused porcelain to mimic the appearance of a natural tooth INDICATIONS: a. Esthetic b. If porcelain jacket crown is contra-indicated c. Gingival involvement CONTRAINDICATIONS: a. Large pulp chamber

ADVANTAGES: a. Superior esthetics as compared to cast gold restoration DISADVANTAGES: a. Removal of substantial tooth structure b. Subject to fracture because porcelain if brittle c. Difficult to obtain accurate occlusion in glazed porcelain d. Shade selection can be difficult (because reflection of metal) (we choose lighter because we can stain it) e. Inferior esthetics compared to porcelain jacket crown f. Expensive 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 3. ALL CERAMIC CROWN/ALL PORCELAIN CROWN -resembles natural tooth structure in terms of color and translucency. INDICATIONS: a. High esthetic requirement b. Considerable proximal caries c. Incisal edge reasonably intact d. Endodontically treated teeth with post and core e. Favorable distribution of occlusal load CONTRAINDICATIONS: a. When superior strength is needed and metal-ceramic crown more appropriate b. Significant caries with insufficient coronal tooth structure for support c. Thin teeth faciolingually d. Unfavorable distribution of occlusal load ADVANTAGES: a. Esthetically unsurpassed b. Good tissue response even for subgingival margins c. Slightly more conservative of facial wall DISADVANTAGES: a. Reduced strength compared to metal-ceramic b. Proper preparation extremely critical c. Among least conservative preparation d. Brittle nature of material (once the porcelain is GLAZED it becomes brittle) e. Can be used as single restoration only f. More expensive

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