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Requirements of Bed material,Charcoal & Diesel. Bed material    Maximum Particle size Bulk density Chemical composition :0.85 MM TO 2.

36 MM : 1000 to 1100 Kg/M3 : Alumina : Silica   Fusion temperature Qty required for start up Charcoal     Size Calorific value Qty required for start up Diesel Qty required for start up : 20-25 MM Lumps : 6000 6500 Kcal/Kg : 350 400 Kgs (Approx.) : 60 - 100 Ltrs (Approx.) : 1400 Deg C : 25 TO 30 MT (Approx.) 45% to 35% 55% to 65%

Preparation before light up   Check the bed material & char coal are free from moisture. First compartment to 280 MM of WC from DP plate for reduction of charcoal and diesel consumption.   Bed material to be filled and level of defluidised bed should be 350 MM of WC. Fill the water and keep the drum level 30-35%.Irrescpective of drum level 30-35% take water into drum through economiser initial fill up line and drain excess quantity to avoid any starvation of economiser if yet all economiser is in emptied before light up by any mistake.   Ensure CBD and IBD valves are in operation by operating once. Inspect the boiler before start and check the following 1. Ensure the deaerator water level as normal.

Feed pump and drives. Drain valves of water level gauge.Fuel feeders and controllers. Ensure all personel were cleared. Valves before and after feed control valve in feed line.  Check the following valves are kept in open condition. Drum and main line vent. 4.  Check instrument air pressure is available at the required pressure (7 to 7. 4.Ensure all equipment trial to be taken. All interlocks to be cross checked.  Check for dry fuel(0-6 MM) is available in bunker and gates below bunker are open and fuel is available at feeder inlet. 3.5 Kg/sqcm) for instuement and control. 6. Blow down valve.  Check the following equipments for adequate lubrication. 2. LDO pump. 3.Fans and drives. Ensure all access doors are closed. Water level gauge. Feed control valve and its bypass valve. 4.pressure gauge and level transmitter/all primary isolation valves. 2. 2. Valves on feed line connecting to feed pumps operation. 1. 3. 5.Ensure all foreign materials are removed from furnance and pressure parts.2.  Check the following valves in boiler are in closed condition. 1. Main steam stop and pilot valve. 4. 1. 3. .

2.per M3 area of bed)is spread uniformly over the start up compartment. The pressure drop across bed is obtained for various air flow. Start ID Fan and maintain furnace draught of -3 to -5 MM of wc.0 valve can be opend for maintaining the above pressure)  Ensure all the oil burner nozzles are free from blockage and flush out some diesl through the nozzles.   Start the FD fan and maintain bed pressure 150 250 mmwc.0 kg/cm. 6. 5.e ((P1+P2)-P3) would be pressure drop across bed.5.i. 8. Start PA Fan and Maintain header pressure of 750 to 900 Mm of WC based on bed material fludization. The air flow at which fludisation starts is noted and will be maintained at the time of mixing. Add gas plenum pressure P2( Furnace draught) to P1. Start the LD oil pump and maintain the oil pressure between 6. Measure air box pressure (P1) MM of wc 3. Bed super heater drains.    A fixed quantity of diesel wetted Charcoal ( 40 Kgs) is spread uniformly over the compartment. 1.(P2+P1) is the pressure drop across distributar plate and bed. 6.sq( Recirculation . 7. Start up vent valve. Boiler light up procedure  A fixed quantity of dry charcoal (400 Kgs i. Once fludisation study is completed boiler is ready for light up.  Check the bed material and fludisation study is being done. 4. Subtract P3 MM of wc which is the pressure across DP alone which is already measured in DP study.e 20 Kg. Set the air flow to 5-6 MM of wc P.

      When the bed temperatures reaches 450-600 Deg C start the drag chain coal feeder.sq.    Charge the atomizing air line and fix the oil gun to the furnace.   Maintain drum level at normal recommended level. Close the bed superheater drains. and temperature reaches between 400 to 450 deg. and close the Bypass valve. and temperature reaches between 400 to 450 deg.C and start the ash handling system. Ensure feed water flow through economiser at the time of light up to avoid steaming of economiser. Light up all the four burners. .C and stable the boiler.  Charge the ESP fields when the ESP inlet flue gas temp reaches >120 deg. Close all air vents when the drum pressure reaches between 2 to 3 kg/cm.70 kg/cm.  Maintain the steam pressure 85 kg/cm. Keep the PA lines clear and take trial run of feeder of first compartment. Open the MSSV bypass valve when the steam pressure reaches 60 .C.sq. Increase the FD air flow gradually to allow proper fludization of bed material & char coal and allow 5-10 minutes to ignite charcoal and mix the bed by varying air flow. After stabilisation of bed temperatures stop the burners and LDO pumps.sq and steam tenperature 515 deg. Turn off the oil burners and remove from furnace.C.sq.  Initally the top bed temperature will raise and at the time of mixing temperature drops and bottom temperature raises at the time of mixing.  Open the Stop valve when the staem line after MSSV boiler out let reaches the steam pressure 65 75 kg/cm.