STEPS FOR INSTALLING TEMS 9.1 SOFTWARE 1-First install .Net 3 and .net 3.5 in your PC

2-Now install TEMS 9.1

. and GPS Beffo cable by connecting the equipment in different ports. Dongle driver is automatically install in your PC just when you connect in your PC. Mobile phone. you have to give the path of the driver. install the driver of Dongle.3-After installing TEMS. But for Mobile and Beffo cable driver.

In workspaces folder you have to open Investigation WCDMA GSM. Copy and Paste above patch files in C:\Program Files\Ericsson\TEMS Products\TEMS Investigation\Application Folder. My Documents\TEMS Product Files\TEMS Investigation 9.1\Workspaces. 5-Now open the TEMS window from. .4-After installing device drivers.

For 2G Investigation You have to open 4 windows.. 1-GSM radio parameter 2-GSM current channel 3-GSM serving+Neighbour 4-Events First 3 windows is open from above toolbar  Presentation-GSM And last window is open from  Presentation-Signalling-Event Now connect the device by pressing the Green button(Connect all) or by pressing F2 button .

For 2G Investigation .

.For Investigation WCDMA(3G) and GSM(2G) both i.e in Dual mode Along with 4 window of GSM you have to open 3 window more and they are. . 1-HSDPA analysis 2-WCDMA radio parameter 3-WCDMA Serving/Active+Neighbrs The 1st window i.... And remaining 2 is used for WCDMA analysis.e HSDPA analysis is used only for data call.

For Investigation WCDMA(3G) and GSM(2G) both i.e in Dual mode .

.e in Dual mode The above window shows that you are latch in 3G network« During 3G network all the parameters in the 2G window are blank..For Investigation WCDMA(3G) and GSM(2G) both i.

. Wideband CDMA has a bandwidth of 5 MHz or more . allow for faster data transfer than GPRS and EDGE and also let you talk while you transfer data . It is also called 3G system.INTRODUCTION W CDMA Means Wideband Code Division Multiple Access. Wideband Code Division Multiple Access is a CDMA channel that is four times wider than the current channels that are typically used in 2G networks.

 . In addition. Dedicated traffic channel (DTCH) for point-to-point data transmission in the uplink and downlink. there are two dedicated channels  Dedicated control channel (DCCH) covers the two dedicated control channel stand-alone dedicated channel (SDCCH) and associated control channel (ACCH). Forward access channel (FACH) for massages from the base station to the mobile in one cell. Paging channel (PCH) for messages to the mobiles in the paging area.LOGICAL CHANNELS There are three available common control channels Broadcast control channel (BCCH)  Paging channel (PCH)  Forward access channel (FACH) Broadcast control channel (BCCH) carries system and cell specific information.

UPGRADE GSM TO WCDMA The figure shows how a GSM system can be upgraded to offer WCDMA services. or upgraded to have WCDMA modulation and transmission capability . This diagram shows that 2 or more GSM channels are typically removed. replaced.

DRIVE TEST Data Collection Requirements Processor and RAM requirements are strongly dependent on what external devices are connected and what tasks they perform.0 GHz Pentium class processor. 1 GB RAM Other hardware requirements: USB port for PCTel SeeGull LX Tri-band scanner USB port for HASP HL hardware key Serial port for PCTel SeeGull LX dual-band/single-band scanner (whether WCDMA or GSM) . One phone with default logs enabled (where applicable) and one GPS: 1. 512 MB RAM Multiple phones with default logs enabled (and at most two phones engaging in data service testing). one scanner.Two examples of recommended configurations are given here. and one GPS: 2.0 GHz Pentium class processor.


WCDMA RADIO PARAMETERS This windows shows the Radio Parameters of WCDMA .

WCDMA SERVING/ACTIVE SET + NEIGHOURS This windows shows the Serving cell & Neighbors AS : Active Set MN: Monitered Neighbors DN: Dominant Neighbors .

HSDPA TESTING It shows the Speed of HSDPA We consider Same window of HSUPA Analysis for the Speed Testing of HSUPA .

HSDPA/HSUPA TESTING IN FTP SERVER We find out the Accurate Average Speed of HSDPA/ HSUPA through out the FTP .


for this we check Current speed Average speed and Maximum speed of HSDPA & HSUPA .HSDPA/HSUPA TESTING We also check the speed of HSDPA/HSUPA through NetPerSec.

Upper press is ON & Down Press is OFF . Minimum tilt should be 0 & Maximum tilt should be 10 We have also update the type of antenna in RNC i. single band.RETU(REMOTE ELECTRICAL TILT UNIT) Two Cables are connected in RETU Dx1 Cable Tilt Monitor Cable RET Unit is monitered from RNC to maximize or minimize Electrical Tilt.e. dual band or tri band antenna. Also one Power Switch is in RET Unit.


Handover in UMTS or WCDMA There are 3 basic types of handover Intra frequency handovers Handovers between 2 UMTS carriers at the same frequency These can be soft handovers Inter frequency handovers Handovers between 2 UMTS carriers at different frequencies These are hard handovers Inter system handovers Handovers between UMTS and GSM carriers These are hard handovers These Handover also knows as IRAT Handover .

Notes on Quantities Denoting Signal Power .


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