As it follows from the respective article placed on Wikipedia website*, in spiritualism, paranormal literature, and some religions, materialization (also referred to as manifestation) is the creation or appearance of physical matter from unknown sources. It is the transformation of something abstract or virtual into something concrete and tangible. As Wikipedia states, the existence of materialization would contradict the generally accepted law of conservation of energy. Although mainstream science avoids discussions about the phenomenon of materialization or publicly denies it, my own study of the issue shows that there are many documental records confirmed by witnesses according to which the phenomenon does really exist. I added to those my own experience based on my successful experiments in instant quantum materialization of small animals. In my opinion based on my own IQM** experiments, materialization or manifestation is the process of transformation of thoughts into a respective physical object or objects. According to physics, we deal with waves, particles and fields in the physical world, not thoughts. At the same time it is obvious that all the said - physical waves, particles and fields - are just thoughts. Otherwise we would not be able to describe those physical objects. In fact, we need first to receive respective thoughts from nature to describe such objects. This means physical objects should first exist as thoughts. It's just like you make first a plan by your thoughts and only after that you implement or materialize it by your actions. To be precise, we have to answer the following question. Is there any really unambiguous confirmation of that thoughts are physical, material, tangible? The answer is "No, there is not such a confirmation." Otherwise physics would explore thoughts too but it doesn't. At the same time we are able to express everything we know only by thoughts. So it is very strange that physics would ignore thoughts if they would be of physical origin. Hence we can see that the source of matter can be identified. The source is called thoughts and it is immaterial, non-physical. Now how about those scientists and researchers who consider thoughts as physical waves or particles? Well, as it follows from well-known scientific experiments in quantum physics, they didn't find thoughts directly in physical fields, waves or elementary particles. Moreover, they didn't call all the said physical objects physical thoughts. So there is no ground to consider thoughts as material waves, particles or anything physical else. However, I should add that physical objects, including waves and elementary particles, can be considered as thoughts...immaterial, non-physical thoughts. So this point of view lets us understand thoughts as physical waves or particles, with the proviso that thoughts and waves-particles belong to diffrent levels of nature. Thoughts belong to the immaterial level of nature and waves-particles belong to its material (physical) level. In other words, physical objects are projections of non-physical thoughts. One more question. Does the existence of materialization really contradict the generally accepted law of conservation of energy? The answer is "No, it doesn't." The explanation is

quite simple. Energy can be transfromed by immaterial thoughts into different physical objects so that, becoming physical mass, it doesn't stop being energy. Physical mass is just energy preserved in this or that structure (see more about this in my article dedicated to the Einstein's formula***). Hence there is no contradiction to the law of energy conservation. Now how about the role of quanta in the process of materialization? To answer this question, remember that after you have created a plan by your thoughts, you undertake some actions to implement it...step by step. Nature does the same. As we can recollect from the history of science, at the beginning quantum was called quantum of action. So now we can understand that immaterial thoughts have been transformed into material objects by nature's actions called quanta. Quantization can be considered as the process of step-by-step implementation of thoughts or immaterial plans of nature. After all the said, we are coming to the definition of instant quantum materialization. So what is instant quantum materialization? It is the process of transformation of immaterial thoughts into a respective item (or items) of the physical world by nature's actions called quanta. Usually the process takes several minutes and it is understood as instant because of its relatively short duration. -----------------------------* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Materialization_%28paranormal%29 ** IQM - instant quantum materialization (of thoughts). *** http://sergeyshashmin.com/index.php/Guide-to-IQM-and-IQM-based-Lifestyle/AlbertEinstein-s-Formula-and-Instant-Quantum-Materialization.html The source of this article - http://sergeyshashmin.com

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