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Spray Paint Robot

Spray Paint Robot

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Published by Sahul Venkat

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Published by: Sahul Venkat on Jan 28, 2012
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??? Spray Paint Robot     They keep humans away from toxic chemicals. Repetitive Reduce manufacture costs To improve quality of finished product .


Goals  Span the entire workspace  Paint Savings  Capable of painting the interior cut-ins  Uniform coat .

Workspace .

Choice of Robot          High Repeatability Possess 6 degrees of freedom Span the entire workspace Accomplish the task in a minimal time with the expected accuracy Good flexibility in programing Safety systems like anti-collision systems and explosion protection systems to ensure that the plant is immune to damages Low weight Operate in an environment heavier in contaminants Cost factors .

 With a hollow wrist. Picture shows a hollow-wrist type end effector . ensuring optimum cycle time and robot reach/access. interference between the hoses and parts/fixtures is avoided.Functionality End Effector-Hollow wrist  Features integrated cabling and paint hoses through the upper arm to make programming easier and also improve access into tight spaces .

Functionality Degrees of freedom  6 degrees of freedom is required. Wrist Configurations .

Specification  KAWASAKI Robotics  FANUC Robotics(P-200E) .

Choice of robot End effector-hollow wrist.     Why spray painting robot goals-span the ws.3r wrist/rbr Flash file .uniform coat.

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