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Institutional Research CBBC

Institutional Research CBBC

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Published by: Julie Thrasher on Jan 28, 2012
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Institutional Research ± CBBC

Student Name:
Where does the name CBBC come from?

Who owns CBBC? What other TV channels do they own?

What is CBBC¶s national identity?

Where else can you access CBBC other than the UK?

When did CBBC launch in the UK?

CBBC has 2 µsister¶ channels in the UK. What are they called and in what way are they different to the original CBBC channel.

Who makes the programmes that show on CBBC channels? Who owns them?

Identify some examples of CBBC¶s global franchise programmes

What is a franchise?

What was CBBC¶s aim when it first aired on TV?

What does CBBC see itself as µbeing about¶?

What is CBBC committed to?

Check out the CBBC website, and deconstruct the homepage. Deconstruction general notes:

What does its visual style say about the channel¶s brand identity? Brand Identity:

What do CBBC programmes have in common? What genres are the most popular? Common features:

Most popular genres:

Who is the typical CBBC consumer? Identify the target audience (think age, gender, habits and tastes) Target audience profile:

How are CBBC programmes marketed? (You will have to check out the channel and the website to do this): Online marketing:

TV based marketing:


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