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Running Head: MOUNT RUSHMORE Mount Rushmore There are a number of things that come to one¶s mind at the mention of Mount Rushmore. There are qualities attached to this mountain that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This mountain is found in South Dakota and is 18 meters high. The mountain covers an area of 5.17 km2 and stands at over 1740 m above the sea level. What makes it unique is not the height of the mountain or the area covered by the mountain, but the sculptures that are on the surface of the mountain. This is the first attribute of the mountain that runs through anyone¶s mind whenever it is mentioned. The surface of the mountain was sculptured from 1927 to 1941. At the end of the entire process, there were faces of four American presidents on the surface of the mountain. These presidents were Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and George Washington. These presidents have done amazing works with regards to building the current day America. Abraham Lincoln dedicated his life to ensuring that we would enjoy a slave free society today ± one of the most celebrated presidents of all time. Mount Rushmore is a constant reminder of the good works of leaders in the American society. (Hamilton, 2002) What would happen if the Mount Rushmore was to be recreated today? Are there leaders in America who are worthy of such an honor? What makes such leaders worthy of having their faces engraved on the surface of this mountain? These are some of the questions that will shape the course of this paper. The main aim is to look at the American leaders from the different walks of life and different regions of the nation and choose leaders worth of this honor. In America today, there are leaders in the society who have influence people¶s live positively in areas such as business, economics, technology, sociology, and religion. If there was to be a recreation of the mountain, the American society has a number of prime candidates. The


Running Head: MOUNT RUSHMORE candidates include the late Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr., Oprah Winfrey, and Susan B. Anthony. (Cohen, 2011) Steve Jobs is worthy of having his face sculptured on this mountain because of the changes he has effected on the American society with regards to technology. Steve Jobs is one of the technology gurus who have put America on the top spot with regards to the world¶s technology leaders. Coming from a humble background, he worked his way up to top position at the Apple Incorporation. He was a force to reckon with as some of his inventions continue to make life better to this day. (Hamilton, 2002) It goes without saying that Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the society¶s greatest icons of all time. This man dedicated his life to ensuring that there were equal rights for the black people in the society. A great portion of his life went to ensuring that the civil rights were passed as law and that racial segregation was done away with completely. For this just cause and his dedication to humanity, he is worthy to have his face on the surface of Mount Rushmore. (Cohen, 2011) Susan B. Anthony is also worthy of a piece of Mount Rushmore due to her dedication in life. She was one of the most celebrated civil right leaders of her time. Whenever her name is mentioned, people are reminded of a woman who dedicated to having the rights of women known and respected throughout America. Through her dedication in ensuring that women are respected in America, people around the regions of the world continue to be inspired by her work and dedication. For this cause, she is worthy of the honor that Abraham Lincoln enjoys on Mount Rushmore. (Hamilton, 2002)


Running Head: MOUNT RUSHMORE Oprah Winfrey is also one of the women who would best fit on the Mount Rushmore recreation of today¶s society leaders. She has been an influence to the American society as well as other regions of the world. Through her talk show and inspiration, people all over the world have found rational ways of handling and presenting their problems to other people. For this cause, she is worthy of a section of Mount Rushmore in the event it is to be recreated to appreciate all the people who have changed the society in America and the world as well. (Cohen, 2011)


Running Head: MOUNT RUSHMORE References Cohen, J. (2011). Mount Rushmore. Minneapolis: Lerner Publishers. Hamilton, N. A. (2002). American social leaders and activists. New York: Facts On File.


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