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Poor I:dle, Poor Acceleration

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Walbr-o Corporation. 11

diverse asthe Walbro diocphrngm ,cam1llire~O!r line has become, produdn,g a manu al ~oootail the repair of each specific Walbro carburetor w()uM,bc a m:omJrnemalwk, md [fJe ITIa!!l!lu'!l would be ebseleteas soon as U was prtnted.bt!itead, what we hope to dohere is '~O< sbow you [he individual


aompo:nents thM are found in vamous combinalions wimi:1:IJJ o~r eareuretors a:t!Id show you fuo,wto
troubJeshoot. and service them,

We hope this marmail. becomes a usefuland profitab]etool in your ShOp. As we developnew Camureil'Cf technologies. we will try to ~ee~p you ~p ro dare on flntbe:r seNioo techniques, If you, hav,e, my suggestiolElS: 0]' add~~1o]}s tome next printing, please ,oond,us a note.

Luis J. SOl~iilS
Fi.eld Sel'1l!'ke Supenriwf Af1erm.arket Di.visron WalliroE.ngine Manag;em.enl: Corp...

2: Wa[;tm:. COqlQIatiQ.H.

IolUllIl·of power is.5% of it's pOWCF.p from ilie sea atmospheric pressure drops . of air for each pound of gasoline.provid~ ing them with a.0 fait Walbro Corporation 3 . AI litis ratio a'll tile available air is combi ned with allthe tI\1".'Iilab1ea.hjng allows more air to be. For an eagineto survive.6 lbs. (Impress yom friends with Ihat onel) For gllsoUIle.enough so' that for every 11000feel above sea level an engine looses about 3.fuel ratio that is a bit richer" A rich mixiere COil lains more fuel than the "ideal". S ince some fuel ]8 being wasted . Mostcngine.. At sea level alrnosphe. Unfortunately. as YOIli rome u. funning lean will overhear the engine.carry a bigger load. The air is not sucked into 'Lbecy ]jlldcr. The englne runs roster.tly less.. The' fuel!s· For any fuel 10 bum mom efficiently it must be combined witha specific amount of air. As more air is admitted i]110 the cylinderthe air density becomes high.ity by packing the air In lighter Hum atmospheric pressure calli.il function of the amount of air taken into dle cylinder.A turbo or seper charger increases air dens.everylhing ~!lndit Of course. or can .. emissionsare bigher and power is sHg:h.7 PSI upon . the air is useless O wilhoul fuel. ancngine will not survive mooing at this 14.. decreasing the air temperafure increases air density. so colder air produces more power Ilan. prOOuced. it would qutck]y overheat.engine.ric pressorcexens 14. Similarly.5:110 12:1.by aunospoodc pressure. btl of excess fuel The eura fllel is ased to coo] me cylinder comPO!lCIIIS as me engine runs.e:r~ ally set.gi!le the buake stroke wU( increase the engine's on power .6:1 ratio.er and more ]lOwer is produced. His pushed LID. small <LIT. HOltengines Jose their OjJe1!"'aling tolerances and seize. f course.so]ine to get {he most power and l~Sl g emissions DIH of the .\b"CmC teeds (Ill engine pans 'CiiiUsll'lg Lhe:m'1.The . Fuel ooming causes lIiIeair to heat and! expand crcatingihe :power of the engine.pushed into the that . The amool'lt of :power created is . ~ too much air and not enough fuel. ac rual1y creates (he power within the engine . slowly. an exp]Q&iveuneven bwni~g ohhe fUi(i1 wHht[llhe cyHooer .el1. itrnust run an air.tric. Since the engine is: under II certain amount of internal and external drag. Again. lite powerproduced siliglllly overcomes the drag and the engine runs. Hot engines areslso prone to delonalion. Iff II small amouot of air is drawtl i[l(Othe cyli:nder-..at a rich setting.Air Air taken into an engine is what. oolan.S run alta ratio of 10.I4. the air dle:fiLsity is low and a. This. AIl~rl. we W'lII1t the engine 10 rul:ljust ricll enough 10 keep cool This is the mixture au which the carburetor is ge]l. Opposite of a rich m ixturc is a lean mixture.Detoaaticn puts C.~lebest ratio L<.chiome. specific air/fuel ratio is called lhe 3wi.

OF aoout] J6 times ~ fi. 10% eliaoo]. Alcohol takes me heat fro. alcehols have a much hlg).'e [Fuels The omer two fll.and ~111 eIlginc CSirl be b!. If .Q'gaso]ine) are rtte akohaLs: methanol :3!nd elh:0JIlO:I.nd ~a:t ifril~engiwe ~srun ofla1cotIlJ] wh~1elhe carbueeror is 8el:Jor ~oime.B~lk1eep' i~mi.s of alcohols ~f~nt in ~ys f ~I s.prodl:!cemQ]iC: ~el".re. cooled ail!"is delJise:.1!I!gine8. We are o now .r. eenjeleeate tb.hermixture (rum gasoline.evel. i~takesmo:l1e heai~ to eU]JO:ratJeaLcoo~)] l.? First. wereeommend Ji'Q1. Careless blending can SOlllelimesre-S'IJh inpercentsges e.51$1lil proper ~i.air (U'ne.requires an iD:. 00 me fi]Jgjne catlii. Boili of dJese fuels reqJl!Iire.:n~l~OCWIirofgaso]in-e.oom]J'OJileJil1i:S were d. does it m.B1lrnrnn a CO]l. why is it l!IreClas a .QllU .a:elOIl!3ll0]l. IDe ellig~[Ie wi]] iOOronning leantr aJnd hOller.. Methanol needs an aid@lrntio of 6.of the ~[I]e. Wili1.o use alcohol if! a ~ighi perfermaace aJpp1.mlhein~c .tneedles is ~()W a red the co][lrOO vitofl. W CQ:nmirlllC on ~nd i!cam h(}wi:~ aeecm- I . Wailhro C<Uibm>e~cm.l!ihlOnm at hi. aece fuel.fue~~liQ.e legallimjt.e.ghileJ. NOTE: This offers no benefit for a sUIlndarrd~~ine engine.mng in o:n~OO% mc(haool wi]] proouoo aoo~l 15%morc fOWef ~<ln when IiIlIn[l~ng on gasoline.xoeei!ilii.gftlet comp:ressjoJII mtil:m. carbll1re:ror will cUae:!'!tiyhaMle H)(l% a]cohol fuels for an extended ~od.iilIigl1lpenDml.Alternallh.icaH:io:n. ~esl1]dlJi.operl to lllCrease Illeail..g lhe-.Ioads.n~rlig omdi'ons that tire e~me faces. These new .g more power . it wi]l allsobul'1il O\\'CF twice as much Iud to get..'! coot1lCt a loeal moe shop foradvke OIl . Third.!ebli.a much r:ic.SlU'I'Ie p:l'wer asgaw]ine. So If ~tUlk..lxmt2_25 timesmQ.fillOrn.e levels ana leeal basis. . III other wor-ds. a1cQ~mb have a. UiatcxJm 15%.a!nJ~ Nm.re$d1y plishes tHis.a]leDi:fllives t.n several fuel iPUmp diaphragms a:ro now made. 5% metlta!no'l.i ]1!Jtentheat of eva_J)Omtion.t all the various speeds.o:nly job. aM Til!i~. wish t.high. ~Ildlh. Notice how cool a uwning CflI!1biureLOrg¢ts.~ W'I!tl\!i.caruiLIrelO:r modifl. Sooomll. alcohol fueled engines UJlIJi coo]e-r ilIIJ[I gasoline e.h more :311001101rogC:l the. octane man gas~l:inc.re f[lel~~Mrl!h~ ~Qtine~ E~m1o] .e:. il takes heat to vaporize <l'l1:y ]iquid" . and it % of the oetane enilancer mBE (Methyl Te:.iiil are someu:mes used (gellenilly as ~]gh ~~ance .lian g<lis-o]ine.catlons.i)andithe dense aJlF[lacks the cyli~dernli. :3! brown oolo. Yea rn:<lyhave noticed l~l tlie material <'11 tip .rliruy Butyl Ether).4: 1.e.. An engbu::rnn.c.ooool resistance O:£OIllT C~billfeLO:rS"No. it mast do solh[1l)~oiLI. Of a. Of course. Y'o~can see from Ihis shOO discl:lssiM en air and li'ud!1mu me CaWUl'eror has ~llii:lnp<lrl.d woven fiberg1lass.you. mIlo o'1'9:~.flre1.

Q:harnl:!or onco till p~Qn slo. Uan~tor ports to 'Itlo O!)nmllu~r:on.l.ssme in UiMl er~rnlre.'eQmbu~ion Intal!l!l .ely tIhc nOM 8Jndin]ct n~d!le.almos>Ill!!~ .: "'ol:a!ry vahre.ou. To IlUlikJe'use:of this fcaJture.. piSlOlll.System The power to oper.d ItKi~1.Tile pump ls Made l!IIJ:! of~e dmpnragm.ate the fuel pump comes from lJ:le cmnk-:casc imp:ulw..o pOi1l and til. The fuel pump prov:ides p.isp tOIlS aad therings. bubble 1100 it series.If&v>olsi~lnc>ulQh tho ~r!nll~'lQ!'!Ii~ ~s ruldgaskClts.nQ.heck val Yes. On thcreed valve style e~ng]ne a thin metal m plastic reed is. '11110li'IIla:~..!gihthe Impulse ra.lcreates a low iPre8~l:Irearea i~ the crank~. The diapitr'&grn carburetor rep1ace8 the :lloo:~with a meterinlg diaphragm and! usesa fuel p-!. oh'. .RAGM (f1am.ns tltls'hllnal. pras:limii~iii'liJtlla crai'lll«:a~.~M air aill. IN. 01 ~n9 erankease. and me gravity flow fuel system) need tobereplaced with .i:l<uul'CIrand IliIl~ lIlII gasdiliMiI' onc(!lh(l pislolill$kirl . RQI:.e 0. (. is its ability to opetaoo 1. any po:siLi.!l1! _~ . :and IJhIl pre.used lOea:JsureIDtlltme airooly flows j!ll~rough the carburewr. One b]g aciv<ln[ageof the 2-cyde engine. Thcpl"CSSlU'eand va:Clr~m [pulses travel iliro~h eiruher a drilled pasS8Jg. an impulse ~ilile. P~QIl to. aM docsn 't flow back out on the downward strdkc of the ~iSllon.idh can o:pe.. The pJSlOnpontedengime a!lIQWS the piston skirt to pr-ovide this function ofUl1eone. but in the 2-cyde . die fuel1:ine. mO~QoiIi cI:own.Unp in place of gravhy food.8. The low pI1esslJife needed to dnI.:3 rQ.. aM is ID1l1nl.1SMa.s a~d snowrnQb:iks.g a vacuum.AMhe piSlm.stonmt~) '!he c:ralii~Casc. 'lhrOlb!l:ti.~ge and draws up em the plIl:mp diaphragm cmlJtin.airlfllV·ols Ihr<iu.rcsswe wMch the rest of I.1fis Ctc.Mlii 'walvu ali'ld ul'IIMn!.l\P.iII. QIl" runhe piston move-s up ~nlO the cy]ilJider .passeSi 'llilil . eh~m~f.rizJnilll '1119~rarlkCilJsB. witD.e in.oo by the moo om of the.u. thii r I!!:>w I~Ujj\~.S up. thii air aUld 1wl ali'O IIII.s IUp 'iJ~~!OI!M.9 raBd "'. reed valve and pisron poned.'raW. almo:spI'lorka!r (ibljUO').reed valve and pisLOnpan here s~n:oo ·the.way valve.onli ~h.AKE AIR c:::J Walhro· Corporation 6 .w . 'This JSknown as crnnkcare pumping. piiStOIll mo~(I.ds.Asi ~h.!)l'CISsu. op.hc most common inlhe smal]e[lgrne indu~try.:ity . we must also bave a catrbwewrwn. ple!!.m closes the fue] pump's discharge cl1cck valve.1IJ:rdl!ro:ugh Llle cru:bu. Atmosplleric .rnBCnilll]cal devices. since l(. pusihed lihr. the sys~s no:. 2~ Oil cyd.!X'.!iy valves a:re ge:Jii.ralt.cu:u. FUEIL."~he fuel wOlilgll tbe fuel fi11H'.relO. REP LACES ROA 1" The Fuell P'llImIP.1'! atIlyposWO:ll.engine the air is drnwn in below pi.o.ilJi]1[oo by the cnnkslhan me .ecarburetor d~nl.sr .pad FUEll PUM!p' IMETElRINGDIAPH. and opens die inlet check valve to fiU lilevacuurIl . The va.eral[y fiol1lld o:n]y O'n !'!'!oiwocycle. PUM P INTAKE FIJE:L_I IMPIJILSE~I INT..91h 1M' O. 1 1 AiS ~~" p!S1IQIl lmoQ\i\OSid_.oo· arel.caRdlllc cyUndcrgasbt.c engine.h.~se .Ise plJ!mping is created by tliJe. This vacuam pulse travels dUQ'I.[n OIlier to operste in any doesn't re]y OIl 1111 il slimp for hloricmioIl.a[r pi!:essmeis ailowed into the f~dum.clo~!iI<51 U1.ndL!Cli:()1l the."" .:ough tlw lraf!~u p~ lo ~~~. We'U discuss.in ~e fuel chamber.!!dl!!o ~QI! 'rr:lQ~ P !.kand!pus!he. o posiil-lolll.it.._rmany depetldiifl_g Of! gra".p QI)II'.I.r.Air InducUon on the Two-Cycle Eng~ne There are three basic forms of ~.

the inlet needle and seat are susceptible to leaking caused by dirtand debris.Uy 1. The pressurized fire] then closes tine~nlel va]ve and opens the discharge va~vc in (he fuel pump.g Lever.IIMPULSEc=J FUELI As the pilSwn m(l'l'lEiSdOWIl into me crankcase it prossumes rheair.it must be of me proper we~gh( and resilieaey.efuel pump. the mctffing Ieves does not lift the· needle off the seat. it will not respond fast.2) the Meteri .g area needs wbeqllile SJJllaU seal back ro Lhepressure from lite fue1 pump. The diaphUlgm is made ola nilrUe rebbercompound over woven silk. The pressurized air travels dln:mgh ~heimpulse pa. U lhe lever ]10 settoo high. The actual seatin. inlet screen.enough down lO override the spring force. pressu:riz~f'lg the filet.off the seal .0 S]ighL changes inlhe fuel vacllum wilkin (he melCrii'lg eham ber. 3) the Metering Spring. if it is 000 ~owthe: engine wiu run lean.tgm. we e]lgjn:e. itshould notbe pressedout fOl" service. The screen !lias an impottrutl job as the final pretecdon agrunst: dirt mthe rn:lcl noodle and (he seat The inlet screen is sized in conjunctionwith the fuel fiJl:tt selected by the engine manafacturcr. Vilben the engineis running..h.ai:'C roW" components to the fuel metering sys~em: 1) due Melering Oj~pl:Jrngrn. Because ofthe smalJ seat area. If lt is too sliff or too heavy. The: illJet needle and seat ·CQrltro] [net flow llm:lugb the carburelOr.may run ricJ1. Wa1bro carburetors wJU cilher bve a machined· in aluminum seat or a presse!1. and 4) theInlet Needle. It is essential that they be ingocd condition for t1Iecarburetor 10 function properly. holding [he needle dosed! <lind pre.venling fuel from nowjng from the pump. The pressed-in seas is used only fOf. Because the diaphragm must respond to each intake stroke of the englne. The meteri n g lever transfers tbe· pressure of the spring 10 tOO inlet needle.i! the!'! presses down on the diaphr.3S SOOn as the metering diaphragm travels fru. From the pump. enough and the engine will starve for fuel at hig~ speeds •.jhc fuel travels to (he fuel. It mast respond insum. There . ill. The metering diaphragm is a very sensitive device.easeof raanufacturing..tIcnerplate and bunon are attached at the center. Metering lever heigbt is very important in COllU'OU ing when and how far the inlet needle opens. since the needle tip is under pressure from l.jn brass seat.ssage into the carburetor fuel pump.i fts. The Fuel Metering System 6 Walbro Corporation . winh dIDconvolution mokled into allow for greater movement A su.

dian simply Close the inlet needle.eriog spring does mme. enoLlgh fuel to come in toreplace [he fuel drown OUfl om that stroke.right mom.. when the throttle is dosed or (he engine will Hood.engine side of Ithe plate aJldhigh pressure (almosphe:ricprossure) on the other side.tor t1Iroot. :l"Jt also helps determine 'me. ".. i!l4oti ""- . the throttle plate is. ... _~~ ~~~ __ ~~_~ __ ~~_~ __ ~~ Wallbro Corporation 7 .ctioos with the entire carburetor. an(J mixes wilhlhefuel][I ihe idle pocket. a cold engm.Dlthe mete-ring sys(em.. Fuel is drawn OMt of Llleidle pocket irnLO the Dow pressure 01'1 the engine side of 'll1e throttle plate.e!..m:re.e is [Iotas efficient at vapor· lzing fuel because heat is required 1'0 vaporize liquid... tile intake vacuum of the.". There is low pressure on rue . The diaphragm presses 011 the meleringl~\o'el. nearly closed.aoce]era~ lion anddecelemtioo ehsracteristics of the engine.t.in !>1iumble:. 111_. up has a number ohcqui.!'!..ougll lhecarb:lUretQr]$ not str.... Therefore..enl and presses On l~lCmetering diaphragm..re<me[lL~ 'Uta! differ fromllSool operation.y~ as it fim. As the fuel is drawn out of the idle pocket it creates a low pzessme lllfOllghol. so :ariFtlowlfu.g m!uSl allow rue val ve to open at just the . it is Lmpo-l"W!nt '0 [Iulinlamtlie proper merermg spring [ in (he carburetor. re:leasing the spring pressure off llle inlet needle aUOWlll...engine w. """""' -. engine is maintained witbin the cari. Atmospi1cric ai...-. . With IDe choke dosed. The englne is ... Idle Once lnc engl ne slarts.cmg enough to make fuel flow into the air sjream.. This high vaeuam causes all the carbureW'$ fuel nezzles to deliver' die fuel into the: intake air stream.echoklcis epened and the engineis idling.ofleJti times cold.The mel.and it must dose alltic right time.. The high pressure air (lows into the re- maining transition holes._ . or a choke which greatly increases we vaclJum i!llhe carb Llrroatallowing an unusually rugh . We' U 100k auhe rnele:riQg s. CI'a1iking speedsare much lower wail runnmg speeds. The sprin. Fortunately these two problems can be overcome bycreeting a tiell fuel/aill"mixture. "'- .. '- """' .ent on acceleration or '~he .air..- Start Up The englnc at SWrt. urmum of gaso]irn._ tl>oIt . This is done with eljhera primer ~ which injects ~Ua gasoline ~ruDiliIe carou_reto:r throat .. ALidle.r enters rhrough tke v.O enter lLleintake ..

additional rue] must be mixed in. On most diaphragm . the jhroule plate bas opened farlhcr to allow increased air into the combustion chamber. its pressure drops. NOTE: DcPCfidi:lI. HIGH PRESSURE LOW VElOCI. Since air refills ub.TY 8 Walbro Corporadon I . This low pressure hi created wilh 3.carburetors no. plilragm csrburetors tbat do have an air Mood for the idle circuit These usually appear as a small hok lC'ading from me outside. holes at pmtlhrotUe. Puddling is dIe buildup 'Of gasoUne in a pool. ~ir qukkly mS:hesllJrough the earbereror 10 fill the cylinder.amountor air through theresU'ictioo of the venllUi as is "naturally" flowing through. IM'PLlII.IMPULSE c:::::J1 INITAKEAIRc:::J ENGINE VACUUM Fun_ Part Throttle Al moderate ihroulc settings. To gel the sameamoant of air IJJrough a smaller MJe. we idle clrcult may or may not denver filcl at wide-open throttle. of the carb body IInO the jd]e pocket.a:ir/fl. cylinder soon after rue intal:!e vacuum is created.A!IIR. In orde-r to maintalnlbe proper . which then . . air comes oat 'Of progll'csskm. the air must speed up .t'. Operation of a Venturi We auetnpt to foree nle same .gets sucked imo the engine and caeses the engine to go rich.As it speeds up.lei mbaure. 'There are some dia- me.Or throat At wide-open tmottle. there is not much !'ow pressureeirfvacuum) within thecarbureior IllroaiL A low pressure area must be crested within the throat todraw fuel lmo the air stream. This low pressure created at the venturi draws fuel out of the main nozzle. the larger ffc:ml 19IId back: of the cmi:mrelm' throat. it has less effect on the location of the high and low pressure areas Willl in the carbl!:l"Cl. ¥iUIlll.· tribute fuel. This fuel comes from the idle progression boles.g on (he carburetor design. FUEL_ Wide-Open ThtOUleOperation As the thronle plate is 'Opened farther. AL pad mroulc the main nozzle begias to COR. c=J._n.SEc=J liNTAKE: . The air bleed helps to atomize the fuel and kelps prevellil inlai:e manifold puddling.

r is so dCiJ)Cmdent'onl.a1!~ows.lion of die engmelO do it'S job. ]l~ thccngi'!1c]8 at medium and r~U w ~~tle_ To p1iClIIenllheilighpresSilJreairat idle frQ:llil bleerl~llI.. .w.hrotUe. .lilo. 1ro u b!esh O.(h.'ting C.aile).er <lItltlos.ew.a_~e:SYSWfriS .he opem.essioJll sys{ems. I'IOW we'll. The: chock va:lve:.Theh:igh speed nozzte 1S ~i:tioned so me ve:ml1l1ri vacuum ma. as pm1!:tlemswimi:1iI 'Illest syMems calli be misl:akelli. CMbu~ ig[li!io£l ruu.Pnlbrems Since the carb~.and Lowl!hwlLle" and it's IlIXldera Y. .gback into llie: [weI passages (wh icll wmdd disrupl tbc jdrc mixliU~'C).tl¢·ca~ pFObkm. ror esrbareter problems.o.. 10(lt altrQl]bleshoo~i:n1g cmtb!UrtmJE problems and components.llI:tl1l!. the needed [em online Lro~bleshool.]:ltnm:c p:resSL!llTie l}it idLe. It ~shc$p£u] to 00 able W~S[ me: iiii!. ymu fi~st step ln reror o:ran .. fi:!eWlO~ea..c.eflgi.ac.. We wW assume you have <i!lready performed.doompr. OOl does nOlal![ow air 10 '(lome illi_ We have l~:at wool ]]appens widlin IDecarburetor as it runs from g'tart up to wid~~l. the maiD [IouJe. VliiC must plaeea cbc$ valve j[J~he njgh speed fue] passage (u:5:lIlaJly :r~giuat the maLil..lf!gis to de~ me if you have a..arbu Jeto'..ws fuel LIilLO carburetor throat the Main Nozzle CheekVah/le when me engine is De main nozZle isund.

) 5. ill! the.xl. :h. On atwostroke engine. you Can assume that Ignition arnld compression are operational. On a four-stroke engin'C.I. perlorndnga leak-down test is qui'l. :you win need to iospect the i!l:take syslem and the oilier componcras of the engine.elp pinpoi1n cMbun:llcor or inlate problems: • AgQOd first test is LOspray SOme fuel into the :f. Mi xture screw settings 1. lfthe engine still doesn't fwe. the fbnQwi:ng iests can. relnsrall the plug. starting witli the easiest lhiogs to c. YOli esn be pretty sure lJlauheproblem is ~nlhe carbumtor. If 1he engine fires. Fuel filter (repLace. evenjhough Ihe ignition 1S good..Air cleaner 110 WaJbro Corporation -------------------------------1 I ..heck and moving on to the more difficl. U'Ouble. Fuel lank. • Ne.. or the prug is wet with. can begin oolIoubl\cs:lloot me carburetor. Fuel level and quality (ili"Jin tank) 3. lIte engine is getting too much fu. hoolillg ean only be done in a systematic way.LO me carb tJ:JrOOl. something other than fuel. you.e helpful.geOra erankrase vacuurn pump.lL On a carbll:reto!:'.ltSC is necessary . So now if you 're sure l1lallhe carburetor is causing the problem. the cheCk list from easiest to more di fficult may look like this: ] . spray some fuel! 1!l.. or at least the fuel system. venting 4.performing IIIvacuum test OIl thecrankC<. Tbreule and choke linkages 6. If me engine fires ~ill.el to run. and try to start the engine.parkplug hole.for proper eperation. • If the spark plug is wet.Jnthe absence of these tests you cmmo( be SUJre whether you ace dealing with a carburotor or anenglne lndactlon problem.. • PwperLlrowug1l. absence ofa ]~·down galll.

Y Oil should gelt.g even more fuel into an already oclt engine. the needle 00.soa1.ooked up to Lbe f lid line. ('Oliow U.ran~..00 fow? Is mere excess dra_g 00 we engi. This checks the foHowing dlings: fuel line for leats and son SPOIS~fuel.a Idle All engine that fulls to idle could be 'caused by seveeal problems. Anoili~r heat-related problem can re:sulitilllhc fuel in tank pressurizing thecarburewr to the point of the needle coming ullseal:ed. and the Hql!lid fuel [urns to vapOt.ltlld the re-scat pressures bel 0 PS I or above.gm d'I't'OUgh th" I. 0111 each. CarblUtwrprobkrns . This problem can occur morerapid[y willi an alcohol fuet bllmd.a pep-off and! a (Cscat pressure. A cold weather fuel will v.Pr. Un. A rich adjusted carburetor win compound a bot start problem by deliverill. ilf d'oos not l'O.tmQ$p~l"ie "m :h~{l. me. caro!llrelOr. these illSigh.1:S into what the engine "likes" can only come through experience with lIl3:t engtae. IospeCit lIle exhaast sY:!.1effiand arir skields for damage. N. Pop-off and reseat pressm~es may vary by 10 or more PSI from carbureier to. p!JLmpsfor sticking valves and plngged inlet screen. for M!. Makeosrtain !he ~llSlJlatoi block_s andgaske.c<lIUsingcarburetor[ea_kag:eandcngine flood~ng.:__ ~~~~~ ~ Walbro Corporation 11 . Is the ~dk speed [. for youroogine._ 17' &.il vary I. inlet ~edl~ pi"Qper pep-off and re-seat. This problem CO'D be eompouaded by tile wrong' season blend of fuel. The irnporlanllbing isthat ane needle does pop off at some point. This will CI1Su['. others may require cbaking todraw a vt"ipor ~ock I:lvough the carburetor.aeaI~ balow 10 psi. passing through (he carburetor fuel passages into the throat You may have '10 choke the earbureior to penonn thistest. Differem engine.aporize too easily injheheat.fortunately.ts ase tile pl'O'pe']' ones. ~nl:8!ke stroke.C thatjhe Iuelpump pressure dOCSIlOl override the needle since the pump produces 5-7 PSt Refer 00 the troubleslloming chart in the back of tMs manual to help you determine dlepossiblc cause of a problem.essure Testing Presserize the entire luel systCJ!l1with the. 18.]Ie? Poor craak seals Of poor eompresslon wiU ruin the idle. Some. Vapor Jock occurs when the fuellines orlhe carburetor are healed above no:rmalremperntures afler 'me engine is shut off. will flood 100 easily wfuen hOl.!1a_rt_ Ha. Pop-off and re-seal pressures arc nOIcritical co:m~ pol1ents of cerburetcr U'Qublesbootilli.s require various amounts of choke to startuphot.rdStar1~ngHat Hot restart prcolems can of len times be traced 10 vapor loek ~nthe earb Q]" fuel line.. crank the engine over.o pt"~IuJlli!i!i em p. ott ¥(M:II '~n C!pQl'llhllln~I'Mod'lo b¥ c. If 1he 11Il1~1'!4ed1!o r-e. Detai1cd below are some fuel systems problems lfu!ilare nol slPedIirnHy listed on tile c..ornl you IMud n01 WllJil k>r lh~1 ~nl~ fuilii I'l_dlla to pcp.· tickling the mmllofing dlaphra.!lIlg~Ii!e "llgJ:ne « 11.g. Yon are placjnglhe esrburetor in . Whan pr!I!5SlIrG 1i151~l'IigIlhll s:y~I. we 57-11 gauge MOUk! drop" This indicates t1lat the metering diaphragm is allowing the needle to open and air ]S. yo~ have (he pressure tesrerh. 57-1 ] pump and gauge.Jlmahmd sltuarlon by presserizing it with 30 pounds of air.

The swirling of Ute fuel. A rich idle mixture ean ~vare fuel ))uddli:ng. A sticky main nozzle valve orone swollen from stale fuels wiLllilO'l aUOowgasoline dJroUg:l1 IDe high speed system.aggra!lIated by poor carbW'ation. WiUlilI lb. Pud~ dllng causes problem. pressurized fuel Lank.isadjusted ldle mixture SO'Cws.ing is too stiff. wash ~t thorolllgb]y 1[1dean solvent. 12.m is . UsWJJly a fuel puddling problem needs to. wel1-ligllted working serface iscsscnual to good carbureier repair. Po'or Idl.casc of a two-saoke engine" or (he intake tracL Some puddling is inevitable.ccckra'lor pump" YOIl. as will die wmng meter~og::''Priil.!elwill be mocked out of suspension by tile crankshaft and oonnocling rod.g. effect of poor high speed perforrnaace wlhe!l lbe engille overruns.- Ust the causes you have found which contribute the following problems: that will ruin me idle are: dogged idle cueuits and to progression holes.ing occurs WRen fuel vapor comes out of suspension and Ierms pools of liquid gasoline in the craok. rich idle. Ag'Clv. A poorly ventilated taak will causehigi'i speed fuel Stal'Vatic:m. Refer to the Acceleratcr Sy. Fuel puddl.e A 1. be correcied bya better int:erna[ engine design.0& of poor idle problems can be traced. Before disassemb]ing a carburetor. If the meter[ijgkver is too low.s when tile engine is: moved or tnmedand the. as will a high mewrillg lever.ernor on the carburetor or ignition win give the. or the metering spr. A metering [ever set too high will cause lhe mainnozzle 00 drip and produce an erratic. will need to determine that jt is wOl'ldng properly.ly Ninety percent ofall carburetor problems come from din and fuel gums. IPoor High Speed The increased demand For'fuel at hjgh speed opesation ean overload the capacity of a dirty fuel system 01: illkl screen. Soft fuel ]lnes have a IiCndcncy w collapse undee the increased draw at high speed. offa sl~hlJy rich idle mixture. Carbure'tor Disassemb. Walmo Corporation . raw fue] is ingested imo the comb:ustion chamber.ncmrs section of this manual. The following 0001$ win be most ureful at the carburetor repair bench.ce.ZLe check valves.leration If the c:arbmerorlMls 00 a. and le3kii!g main Il:Q7. bmthe Pl"·obk. atir leaks at die carburetor mOlilltlnggaskets. that' s probably too lean for good acceleration.e cmnkcase can also 1ead '10pOOdling. If the idle mixture is adjusted for the perfect idle. 'Poor Ac. to fuel puddling. the mixture wiU be 100 lean fOf acceleration. A clean. Most engioesacce:iernle. as some fl. m. or <I dirty air cleaner.

and the chemical.af'ib:g~ relOr. the needles and the seats 8i:\C prooob1y ruined.Ifa dip cleaner is used. A damaged screw or seal result:. Use die Illes- C<'!ila1og as. ~ Walbro Corporation 13 .rews Inspect the ups of me mixture needes.'fiur particular c. all p]aslic and robber must be removed from dile carburetor.Qr cleaner MagnifyIng glass Com:p:rcsscd air Small Ballpeen hammer 57·11 Pressure Tester 500-500 Tool kit Towny disassemblethe tmliJ.If fie carburetor seems hard 00 adjust. A ring yon can see is ok. The best eleaner for Wa~bJO carburetors is a spray type'carb~fcleancr.Jawed Vise Pen ligln Needle-nose pliers Mst Screwdrivers Spray carb:. but you sil:cmldll' [ be able 1. a guide to ensure you 've removed everylhiJlg.aLS will be ruined also.s aren' L as caustic as the dip tmk cleaners . Mixture' Sc. in a very sensitive needle . always too rich or too lean.5 . Ilhe:-y should be free oj[ gJOO'Ve.. '-----_-'I ~ . IiI!Id the carbureicr should! ]lot be soaked fo:r]onge:rflan 15 minutes.0 ('eel ilydth yOllir fingMlillil.ltl'el. 'lbe pressure in 'lhemlil works to dislodge dirt.SOfl... Q I ~ I.. NOl every pan skoW]'l on the breakdown will he incleded il1 .):rlin )'O'!!If carbureter. Be aware that if the needlesarc grooved. thcirrse.

The circuit plale diaphragm acts as a main motzlc check valve.Fuel .csult in the loss of fuel flow LO one or both circuits. will bypass~ne mixmre screws and the carburcior wiU [Ill]! rich. These holes areprecisely sized and dunging them .elch P~ug Remov'al Removing 1he welch pi ugs is essential for a thorough carbuseeor service job. But here are some problems that can arise. ribs ~[1 the cnverthat seal around each chambcrcan getdamag. make cer- lain tbat it geLS put back in. excess cfMlinglime to re-prime. The diaphragm check ~ves can get stuck down by fud gumsand varnish. The machined surface W]lete !he check valves seal can get scratcbed or nicked. k::lkin.e. .. it wUl ['. DO NOT use a drm 'Or other tools to clean the passages.<JrpJrragm. or reducing hs capacity. Make SIlI"e you use the proper gaslCelfor your carburetor when reassembling h. fuel. If the punchls not held ala shallow angle it could damage lire calibrated passages underneath the plug" Spray carbu.rlmough the idlepassagesunderjhe plrJJg or plaie.even a thousandll! .retordel.l The clrcuit plate will be held in by one or two screws. If you use tile wrooggask.g.late and! gasket.emova.. Underneath the circuil plate will be a gasket 3]ld possibly a di. 2.ed byrolilgh treatment. Make sure you know wJiJer. me valves may not hold and pump capacity maybe reduced or 1Jlle ump mayempty of fud during storage requiring p W. 14 Wa~broCorporation .lIle.lf your carburetor had a circuit plate diaphragm. The CJlUsli. Remov:ing the \\r. fuel punnp is generally trouble free. rinse Lhe carburetor tlil solvent and blow it dry. allowing jhe fuel pump to :leak.engine idJe.Take your time and follow the ~sages undemeath tbe p. Sorse carbureter kitshave more loon one cirolJil 'plale gasket in mem. If lire eircuit plates or wekllpl'LIgs are.Pump The. When you are. satisfied thal alt the passages <lireclean.elch p]llIgs is best done with the WaJbro 500-16 tool Hold the punch at a shallow angle w the welch plug and drive it througil . e fue1is ooming from and W where it is going to.el. 3. preve.will effect Ibe.ntilng fuel flow throughthe carbarctor.if (his 1Jiapperu. Circuit P'late R. 1.

speed needlle is ~1Umed out a.rimer hose. Thc.{i)ll!lrelms: the mechall1ca.ain nozzle needl. make sure lhe high.of primer bose Q'IIeii tile fuel bole. piece . lf the Hole is hard to reach with (he hose.1 seal and die: CBipiUary seal.clor 'lhroat. The mechanical seal check valves caaall 00 .i'LS list to see jf the caJiburclO1!' has a check valve screen. Ref-er to me carburetor ]Xl.zde Ch·eckV.(lJIWged10 pass through llIe illiel screen..ire screen to keep air from c-oming back through them at.ell'and hold Lhc hose over the fI1l.Ma'inl No. 'but not able to suck air back as easily.reIore. Since there is no mechaflical seal nn these va~ves.cbecked quite easily. idle. it is re-t:ommeooed Lh<aL \\I\ckh plug or llIe cup plug over lhe screen be removed so the screen can be cleaned arid lnspeeied. me capiUaI}' screen is sLlS(:epLibJeto doggjng willi (leho s Utat :ha $.etests okay. This wwUgenerally be dose to IDehigh speed needle.e bo]e:. Locale die hoJelharl suppLies fuel to IDe main nozzle. Also.few terns. you can alsopl ug the supply hole win:l1 you f:ing.alve There ace lwo rypes 0] main nozzles on Walbro ca. 110[Ilrlher acden ms needed on :i1.m. Place the end of . c . You should be able to . [f the check va1\r. mey cannot be tested wi:!l1L11e ·p.easily blow through Ow vamve into IDecarbur. TIle capil]ary screen seals rely on the capillary action of gasoline ag-ail1S't a Jinc w.

these must be pressed back: out of the throat with a flm blade screwdriver. servicing.e. They are.3 16 Wa]bro. NOTE: Before.1]].vcis best done with a # 8 botWmiD.g. checkvailv~ disc. Corporation I . U they need 10 be replaced. remove the hiSl! speed needle. These ar:e selfcontained and arc pressed into the earburetcr body. This eonsists of a. The retainer isrcmoved wilh the s]ioo hammer puller #500-501 ill the 500-500 tool kilo Some HDB carburewes use a similar sysicm but use the screen asa capillary seal. proper method of servicing them.g tap or a 5mm set SCrew. The most pre>itomiooill check valve style ill prodeciion now 1I~ a capsule check valve. Some carburetors have a long tl100 nozzle. shown Jiere along wi:ill.?zk c:]ux~kval ves. . then pun the: tap Pd :plug:~ightout W<llb'm uses I!I mrm ber of main no. a brass retsbrer and ~ debris screen. they we simpJy pressed 01'1 through into the carburetor throat. Screw the lap into ihe cup plll.Removing the cup p]ug to gam access to lhe check val. Older model carburetors such as we HOC COOLain l1lree piece chock valve system. the check valve.

--- -..-- .--- ---- - --.---- - -- • STARfT - walbroTROUBI.------ .------------- CHART FOR DIAPHRAGM CARBURETORS -.E-SHOOTING --.

11:). Dis C<lIpsservieed i will the phI ~unCIh m}'~e tccls in!ihe WIQ[ til liool. install the eorrect dliCfIi!]t plate d.eldurougb me off The cl1eckval\les are geneIlI]ly trceble free.e dleckV<ll~'e disk.glml.e rmg over lh.OlfSmay usca simple Rapper style check nlve ineerperated into a small diaphragm 1:11'1&( the circu. Do JilOI.Many W A Il1LQdel arbureears 'Use iii.a]~ passages 1. Inlet Seal Soak a OOHon SW<lD m.e<mei and use [~110 .hey are [fee of obstmctions. During dealll]llI.e seal as they can d~mag.remove fuel .oors ~1lI1O~.500~ 502 lsased to remorve dl.~a~hragm.re. !>pm.)' cmblHG[Q:i .he W!I'OOlg:Oll~ can sh:u:~ all the m.aller cap.c~eaifling. iasert <IIly ~ardr.:Wk cal'bl!I'C!.m1b.l. and 500-14 ~s used tore:inSlaJJiL 500-14 CiocuH p~~re s. Tak_ecare c.. tl1e needle will nolQ:nlge:r bold pzessure anCilbe mllI'CW<r be [eplaoed.(:[seat wiUbeoornc wom. mlllsl dcartcrlh:ffiugh r---------------------------------- WaJbro Corporation 111 . as.it plate. e:veIltlm]ly the il'll.eit ana ca:rbu:_feItOt ~i:iathas lad a lotef use.0 ensure !. similar cheek c vslve ~e<tJ]oo(lwit]] a sm. 'When Lh~shappc. bUL l1ley wi]l gel doggm tip wilh fuel glll'l11S and should 00 rom~vOObe:fo. dip tank . from the ~nlet seal •.g. carb d.1!1is.

If the plllg leaks you will notice Ihat the-idle needle becomes less dleclli..i•.ve. These are essendal furgooo. ]f me. use the gauge jab m:a!l'kcdfor ilie W A and 'WT rnrburet'Qrs.i:llgchamber :llcIoO. This h~ghl is very imponaOl 00 make sure itis c~t [E YOIll. LO leave a tlii]1 ring an:lul'ld Ihe edge. InslaU the m]et screen OCI!bepropc:rdcplh. thcclUSh ribs O~ Ille underside of the. s~Ung and should not be damaged" I[lSJta]]lhe ialet aeedle Inel. a:pp]y ~ thin r]ng of nan pohs:i aTI)oodi tHe edge of the plug and drive it nat.<. cartU]re[Of has <I cepplug over the main nozzle. Notice.!fIJrc:slrict Me now of fuel from lihe tip of tbe high speed needle.llm:l ga. Make swetle welch p](l!gs we driven :l1at Of iliey may lmerfere wi(il[n.e:igln using the 50G-[3 g13!l1ge. Lay thewelchpjug into Its we:!]. rea38emble !he fuel pump.ikels aad diaphragms.g lever aad spring. are using an oDderga:!lIg\!ona WZ or WY earburetor. Tool. NEtxl. it c. 18 Walbro Corporation --------~~~-----------~~~~~~~-- .~ plug doesu'~ leak. be earefulto not install it too deepJy into the main nozzle well if pressed ~n too Fat.tgm goes on next to the carburetor body.CarbuF'eto.iaiPhmgm movement Wipe aU lire nail polish off me pJug. The ~]ant acts as an extra measure to enssre . ~Ilcstan tne circuit p]atc or new welch p!. pump cover. Remember that the plu:np diaphf'.!:' ReQssemb~y To oog]1) JCaSscmbiy. Set the metering lever b.erin.e metering d.ug:s. 500-15 is IDe proper tool rOT welch plug ]Ilsrn]]ation. Install new. original Wa. Press theeup plug in just fM eOOll!g~so us upper edge is even withthe IllCler.

around the. ObSiMVethe pep-off andre-sear pressures. smallamount of fuel in the mlet needle welt Now presscre tesi the carburetor again wjththe 57-11 gauge.sfrom under-the inlet needle until rue needle poopsoff. immerse it in 001vent to determine where it is leaking. If the carburetor does [lot hold pressure. but you. fuel pump cover ate okay. continue assembly.Fi nal Pressu. SUliilHbubbles .h'ble. If ]t is okay. -~ ~ ---- __ --~----- Walbr-o Corporation 1'9 .re Testing Place a. should 1li00tgel hll.

needles. check W see if it has a carbaretor governor. Begin $low]y tuming the id]e mi). If it stumbles on acceleration. all!li)$phedc vent .on I .gine speed starts to decrease. if so.lllfe Screw clOCkwise. S wt Jet it reach its normal operating temperature.s.1" just below clutch engagemem. have a CJIO]Oe..Ow:'. until they seal.$0 iii faces away from . YOW' finalnttdIe fretting iI. re-check the idle speed and make sure the engine aeceleraees smoothly.djust.This selling win be richer lhan'!:hc fina] oojustmen:l. or so i~f8lces down.ore is adj ustedmuch We same W<ly.instant tie cover wid:llhe hole facing !he neemal downward position. H~ghSpeed Mixlure: The high s.eooIl0911Ir.ure: The it1ldue]m ixture is usually adJusted first. The metering diaphragm cover has a vCOLhole ehher in the remer or on the side. halfway between the rich and the lean drop-off points . determiee ~ftile carburetor is.de-~n thretrle.ponamlO install the cover so ihe hole is facing away from the engine fan.em Ollt 1 1/2 turns .Install (he metering gasket and diaphfagm IN THAT ORDER.at wi. Nore l!acposiUon of tile needle when tile speed again starts todeerease. This way l1le bote does not gel sa:W\'l:!!ISlblown ImoJt. Yeur Last step is ro installand preset the fuel Final! A. As you tum it in. fico back lh. ~fyou.>0. If poor acceleration snmoocu!:'S. Final adjusunenl will be done with the englne running. See page 30 forinformalion on Walbroocar· blll"etar governors . RUN THE EN~ G]NE FOR ONLY AN INSTANT AT THE LEAN .. flnd the rich and lesn drop-off points. enrich me idle mixtare sUghl. lf theoogiin:e seems to run rich athigh speed when not a load.Once the mixture is set.. equipped IlIndeT properly. and set the mixtare between Lkem. If the fan does not blow acrossthe c arb ureWl .. It"s mm.Oooe lbe carburetor is adjusted..oF RUNNlNG AN flNmNE LEAN. Some engine manufacturers recommend a preset other thalli 1 1/2 turns.ly.peed mixt. this is 'llierich drop-oll pojm. NOlte the needle position atthe point whenjhe en.needle OUi and the speed wi I] again ~n:c:reaseas the: mixture passes through optlmum 1. wilh an accelerator systearand that it ~s working 20 Walbro C:orporati. Set the idle speedat the recommended R]) -M.u-d rich. the idle speed! needs to beadjusted.menl ~dle M ixt. Wim Ihe engine. the engine speed will the engine and increase and ahen SIWUO decrease asjhe mixiore gets leaner. fo]]ow their directions. WARNING: REMEMBER THE EFFECTS . LIGHTL Y rum the needles m.DROP-OfF porNT. this is caUed the lean drop-off po:int Back the.

the air .IDe. of air. WYE.1e coru.. WYP.re1. more air is admitted to flll me cyli:lld. ~--------------- ~.eengine.mpor~im to lire arnDum.yiQg 0111mean flow alene to 'CO[lIroJ ]t Thebaeel stiLlreguialeS the air flow JUre a throHle p]a1e. WYJ.ysacl!ed upon by the..va:r:iablevemuri. the fuel emers me air stream fmm o:n]y one spot ~ me fuel nozzle. we must provide fuel delivery at oilier ])I)illlS 'WJthi higher m$. ][1 p.y J.:ll~8!1. liits. in.e. Lhe !flrOU1e pill follows u:p the· r.e carbu:rrelor).u. The more air.ttilligs.J:egree rend" The WY's have the. e8:seJ. Thereare CiilttJillJy e:~gl:u WY models: WY. same. MQ<}( are fixed jet earbureiocs. but tm] insOO:. Al Iligh.!lie venturi easily wilhcmt ill'aw]ng fuel out of the main nozzle..mow mro~g. WYM.li'buretors The l}oones of operation ofdn.s. IIlI.1mlpunder tbe~ll1e lever. Iii!(Irtle-TID maintain die proper air/Fuel mtiD for filf'lgi ne ~ratioi1J. Tile needle mover.c of tlw baecl va]¥c.Pre. Kll<llred by the I!hcQllle.tor makes a 9O.bJe needle hi! the fuel ~07_A'. The needle movement is ccneolled by me lhroUle nUllp. some hsve plastic ri.g dj~ph[~grru. the air nQWSIhrough.stl[lll.')wbl. lbe amo!']rlt or frye]must ~ncroasc er decrease. Slacked alii OJ:Je ide of the carb s body. design iSlln<'l!t itprQvkles fQ1i'avery evena:lir/fuel mh. Anlirese ]cw engine loads and! speeds. bl1M. At the same lime. amount of V:3!CU~:IU. Al lower engine loads.i!'!e ~ and power.Jtialya. the mere fuel iii! failty equal proportions.m IDe me needle exposes more of Ile slot noz-zle to tbe air srream . b~l the actual (ljjCraili(l['! is quhc diffCc1Cnt. amid th.er. Lh.Banel: Valve Ca. into the fnelnozzle Bit low UliroU]e and out of tile ]'i()zz]e m W]de~ t1:n:ouj. and Rile eir now th_ro:ugh the ca!:iD'ill'.nhe.o.risi]lg lip lihe ramp. WYK.ad! fue1cnteriI!lg the ak Strc1. the ho]e wi[hifl@:lc baO'Cl comes imo aligmoo[ll with the hole thro~gh carburetor body.n the venturi is adequate to draw fuel out of the main nozzle.eWY's all op. much the same w. [here ~ two mood classifications in the l»me] valve Ilne: the WY's amid the WZ's.[)esphe this vruiety.1!ct.. To increase e~g. cable.er air vo[ume.e:rale.e WYF (whiick is a fl(l.:ro·]s the fuel flow at al1 th:roULe seuings.lOO]e. The p~[I. tlle engine isnot drawing a Jot of air.e berrel valve carburetor is very similar 10 that of the buuerny valve carolJfe:[))r. the biJJrre~and lile fue[ needle So liu. The WY 's 3J[lhftve the tl1el pump anti tho melerin. TheadvatiLalg.rri. se. 'The WZ'sare chmacterized.These oilier delivery poims are jhe idle and progression heles. A~ the throttle lever is.:. rhreule plate.ay. Sorn. most diversiry. Since lbe barrel res!ricts the air flow rom before a'nld afWr'lftlernain fIIO:ZZtc. !he side of IDe ~ Walbro Corporation 21i . Amovea. con- trols llie ai:rf]ow inro liu. by the presence afaf a built-in air eleaaer.ert'ly vailve carh. The bwrel valve carbueetors use a mediantcal OO]lover theCuei flowing In!Q (he intake a]r raJthcr Man .e main je:ts. bl!l. wbCfC highervacuwrl ]8 creald by (he position of the threule plate.'Im a~ tfue mait! of fH)ZZk: andlll:ree 01" fQI!U'p:rogressi. dlC m!dfl nczzlcis a~m.!. In f.y.rc th:f():ugho~~ all lfurcm:le.eof the WY's have me!a1 bodies.~lhe WZan:dI oomeWYK' s haveadjlu.ou boles.ifQld vac~ lluiFIS. WYL..e.

OIlJ. The fne]is . and cover c:ompill~e 1iliIecarburetor assembly. 1. from a ~o]e urn1'er tIle metering lever.and '!he diI:. gasl!m .p~hed!hroug!h the ifl[et &eai~ by ttte fue] pump . body and sealed with <lXI.e fuel [IQz:ile. which overrides We m'Clering spring allowing the io~et needle lei lift off its seat.n.sages Cr~case pbre. Notice how the: tabs of IDe The fuel pll!m.erer:ing chamber. the ]l1let oeedle rutd seat. and a<:ll. irn. tIlefud is drawn ]nlolhe carb thimat fromLh. dewn amID iliem.plmlgm.ete:rifig: lever ami SFil1ig.stair~ COVe!i assembled.e vaeuum draws the metering diaphragm. TIle pump is the flOOr of tbem. O-'.pUI5C deLivcredro the fuel pump is diaph_ragm tllrouglillihe passage. step' pautemas the carbls Slack ~p ina .mel:e:ring gasket. <lindthem. diaphragn:l. The.~ [[I ~ti.to the lowerrigillt of IDe Wool The fixoo jet is pressed iuto the. The cngi.rjng lever.:aal]y travels up through me center ofthe pump diaphragm stack.p pw.ring. lhrough the jet.The Ope'ration of the WY <J1re cast Into '!he bQdy. It contains the [lJJle!screen.-----1~ ~~ 5 O~I I~ I ~~ 1----~ i I---------".• 22Wa[bro Corporation .ele.

r). IlL. On the WZ.tOOfilet is drawl) from me nozzle illio tlle air" stream. It also has an adjustable high speed mb..gh it..mioor.Tbe WZ: IC. houses dle primer sysle'm.... The fuel p1!lmp a:ndmeter·.of the carb OOdy. 23 .n..~--------------~-----~-~-----~- Walbro Corporation.m are on se:pa:rale: sides ..ba.I ~A 4 J I~ .i .- ~_---...e.ele:.(wl1ich works witll.wre needle and aJJJ.ilig chambcrlb..the primer and is pressed imo IDe floor of ihe rneltting dlilmbe.. The tuel comes ftom tbe m. ~ . llalv. iog diiaplnag.e to open and the fuel parnp refills the c.arburetor The: WZ is unique in the wl!IJy dle air flowoStInou. Fool drawn from below the metering diaphtagm allows die inlet noodl. ..rollgh lheoozzlecbecl:. 10 oJ!eiE(ltkm.. the fuel pump cover also. JJ1ljtegra]air cleaner...

(Counterclockwise=riebcr) HI'gh Speed: 111e WZ' s and a few of the WY models have a high speed mixture screw.: Some of the batrre] valve carburetors hav. the Hmi~ should 00 [lIme center of its trave1.. Many WY carbereLOtS do nO( hav.P..be WY Series 01' back 6 rams for WZ's and 15 turns for (he WYJ . Of the point jOS. again.wrbcdl. then turn the mixture screw an additlonal 1/4 turn counter-clockwise.. The preset is 1 1!2 lQll't~s. if you have no idea where the screw ispresently set..Adjust (he mixture to the highest R.tments.e·iJhis lim.ecenter of the barrel and may 00 covered wi1. Before adjusting theidle mlxruee.i.WYK. This outer screw makes 'very small mixture . 24 Walbro Corporation . before clutch engagement .A.1.iu plastic cap or may even be sealed with sil ieone. IDolE MIXTURE LIMITER AT CENT~R OF ITS TFtAVEL The. Tum the idle speed screw in until the carburetor is at spproxirn:arelylrnU jhroule.md WYE..P.M.P.Adjusting the Mix.e ao idle mb.ter. fuelneedle adjustment screw is located dOWI] inside Lh. andlean. adjustments are generally not needed.:tnre Lim~ler screw 011 top of we th_rouLe lever.t wide open lI'iro:uk the mix lure should be adjusted to the I'll iapoinl between rich. If. preset it byunning it all the Yo'lly ourunn t the threads discngage.e speed screw down 10 3000 R. due to your operating altitude you need to change jet sizes. There arc severer different fixed main jets available for the WY. Allow the engine to warm up and then close the idl. then back 5 turns for !. WYL.ture 'Idle.M. Start the engine and adiust thc idle mixmrescrewto obtain the higfleslR..M. If the screw has not been dis. look: in the jet section of Ihe price list for the various sizes.adjus.

e f1!lellank.e Sys1ems 'TIle air pu.m. generally m.ro Corporaeion 25. yo~ liiIay 11m notice alean drop~ff on Ilese carberetors.e back W ~. ~ ~ ----.rk~ro:lilLy~ miXll.gh disw. The bulb works hill .al.i.for aprimer .m. The robber bulb is. But while.rge is oRen . The hean 0:1' IDe alr ])'W"ge system.'o1l!.N orE: Some 'W1:'X camw:eoors have an adj!JSl. direcllybelOw lhe~lJilllJ. a primef ~Ilii:cctslhe fuel ~nlO the carom'el@r lhro..liliIe.ourned on the carburetor.melll sc~ewthat wiUp. Walb. These valves a:reI~ted. lillie ~be check V.s:.ru fmm.lves are two clear p]~tic discs w~l. bli. Air Purg.!lX. DepFCSS~g C:irnlr:ge valve ~nd out a me bo~b forces ll!lbe air 1!!h. is.er 00 deshes.1he fool passages sol:l'le cru:b:urclO:f and fuel IIlles are full of fuct.----~~-------.h spril:ligsholding them clesed.Ol!l'lilted s:e:parn[. Air pwge sysrtemsare being iw:taUed on many Walbm earburetaes to p.!lIli a!ir pvge sysiem simp]y removes.roduce a ·'. lhe bulb.eJy if the GUSltDm. 0111 some Oilder syswm.oonjlrnction with a series C1fone"way check valves.isltJiketil .lt i( CaI!I be .l'OllIC1reeasier ~wt~ iug oilbe engine. .

dl. {Of flooding tile .lM:retors wi!1l a stadier box. HowevC1. Newer air purge sysl. The buuerfly valve earburceor air purge sy&tem works die $8!rn.rvl3Jili3Jb]. cu..ts.e the engine at Mart to !lp. Walbro offers call.ble probillef. Will1.p. air f:oo:m coming ill tfuroq(!. opens me ~1111f)t needle. same way as.e~y as (he OOJll'd valves. 'nIis prevents. mto ~e meterlngcha:mi)er. Here it draws CHECK VALVE Once the bulb is fun or fuel.lr:essurizcs Lhe fuel be:iflg put into we stsner wick. To oveJComelhis problem. The one possi.ems use a rabber double· actiag check valvein place of the two spriw.i:l l.many limes.el back to tile nmk~t also pumps. Primer S:ystems Presently oflly WZ an:d some WYK mooeJ!s have system.1i. bum LI'I$(ead Qf simp[y pumtpinglbe: f~.starle.e.r boxes have a!'! add~a tiornal tilprillg loaded! diaplIT'dgm malt [.rjng chamber.akes i1B.e starter wick under the boUom 0:1' lire barrel.HvereCllO me Stariler wid. fuel ima .lilwith tne primer sysliClill is the polential.em purge.on ~8 P~oo. a.g leaded disc: valves. 26 Wal])ro Corporation . 0111 WZ' s the S~ wick is ]ocared bcillnd the i!1!ta.~ vacuum in the mele. Tne primer S-jl'Slemw()1[ks in moch the.arnre maio nozale check valve.&.rs m::ea primer sys~em w~lh.::l.hragm..lh. The slart\er wh.eJ wick. de.pOIDUS foam wick mat absorbs the fuel from the proouandm."e.. fuel ~. starl.'1lje when the o!Jdb cremes .ReJleasi:ng ·the bulb c·]oseg me discharge valve and ope:ns IDe inlet vaLve.e bulb is pressed roo . the thin! check va]veprevellllsa.:k: is..c1lCuureto:rs. The VilYK's. One eritlcal eompencnt W dds sysltem is I)~ c~ed( va[ ve located before rbe nczzle. A·barrcl valve carbmetor does not ooed a check va]ve m the nozzleomerwis. WYK mrbme~Q.either a St$l1er box er a stan1. The prune.r buU!e!:(]y valve . The vacuum travels tlmJugh a ch!aiIm~1 and dowIDlm~ theme:Lering diap.elf box SID.iir flow back i:IUi1(l' me merering cllambcr from boilllllle blgia speed a!nd too idle CID. 1"hese carburetors win suU have a sep..hc fuel I:'IQ7. from the fuel system. aU !he air has been renlovOO.res a meter-ed <mIOlll]"lt of flllelsQ wilcl:'! the S~' blllU. like all ol1!e. ~d drawsr:ue1 from the tank LHrough lie ['lie] pump.eng~[beifrn.

the check valve needs to be cleaned or replaced" ToO replace it.u]b LOfjn with air.. ]I it is Situck work but Ihc air JYurge woo' L If you suspect the check valve on BI bGiU:et'Hy varve me engine wi]] T1hlllliilliil tmMha aul tn. '10'th.. or the fuel line fu.ering cnamer ~o t~n b'ulb.usiilg '!he b. the discharge valve mille rerum line back 00. ~. flI!!I1k>w. If we bulb does [lot sp.fU[lction. ..e Of the nozzle cneck valve is Sltuck open. Ope:n1.!l'8lofll will1i0lJl1ha stsrililf" bQx.!~h9CI1ii'h:i' th91!1.shapii. ~Hlls.est ~Iliy check valve. l1li81ill. shut off both needles and then work !he air pllrge. bll. lID the fuel system. UtILe bulb [lOW fills with fuel. PHSMcI. s.. If t]le bulb feels like it e<mnot be depressed. If the bulb conswntly fllls with air instead of rue] there could be a leak.I'bUrQIOBI. p41. To t. If his stiff or brittle i1w~lI mot. The. the inlet check valw j$ la* probably snick closed. The check valves can getstuck with fuel gum or debris. of flow iiroup the cnec~k valves and test tor it wid! did wilil '~]re main nozzle PRIIII!. l!liewiok ."i primer hose (like you check valve)._-------- Walbm Corporation 27 . die engine will iiot run but the primer will work.e and free of cracks.onl\Y .. restricted. if it is stuck: dosed.ru. Carbl. drilW"n' ~F! liJi:~gh UII. staiililf lllicli: dil'8et~ hom ~hel u'l b. *~tln'IJI~ ~ ruB! ta d1¥sFlillodllQ .redor kifted.' WICK On Io"tal'tlr' box oqulppod WRen ti'IAI ca.plilrnpand 'Illie mlll. b mt.lb should be pliabl. then press a new one iii.. detemdne theproper direction bu(b i~d~PJ~~.. !he fuel is plll.fuo:! . ~"!! Troubleshootin.g back into shape.. or Ihe discharge check va]v..rin.y screw a sheet meral screw into Ilbe center hole and pull me whole assemb[y QUI. the.. AllY defeotlflm prevents the carburetor from ~etting: fuel to theenglne will also prevent the air purge 01i primer from working (with the exception of the nozzle check va[ve)..:impl.rfI_..t~i'I~r !xIl! ami On OIrlu.g the pnmerand air purge systems is generoUy only a mallei of cleaning and servicing the check valves and the bulb.lrcLOr is sticlci~g open and c3.MIM Ia!IIII l"tli1mll1l:O.

e tiIlrollle shaft by a spring.hro.eriQg diaphalgrn.cOJinkcslse10 :pr:cssur.lh:a!l it allows the idle mixture 10 be sei at opti!mum. The ad.fuel behind it.dQwnand a]£Qw. When IDe. thal rllIIIS fi"cl pump) iscbanncledup' w a ]iole in tie CMOOc-elQI body.h a chsncel and ismjeclted into the r. The piston is he]d ifJilOa f:lal spot o!lLh.g. drilled uUn the earb body. for-cmg du~.emJ the thro1lTlle is. Wn. me WIDE OP~N iIlIROllLE 28 Wa1bro Corporation .vanila:ge of the aeeelerater S'YSlCm is.ill(g the inlet needle 10 O]JeIII.n. A pressure passage (simJlar to the one.Aoce leralor System: 'There are three styles of accelerawr pumps. Ml three are used to provjde an ex.rstopened.) diaphragm carburetGr.gm.iw the metering e-brunber. al10wifllg the enginelO ~Le beuer.ain nozzle orrnel£:nng chamber" WJIDEOPEN THR\OTTLE Crankcase Impulse: This system usesthepressare pulses from the . a ndJe lhrough the we: Ifuottle shaft lines up willi a ~o[e ][1 IDe OOdy. fo~tl!dl on Waiim.diap'.~[. dry side of IDemet.s. The fltd ~s f'OfC-OO ilirou. This atlows pulse to trave[ inta tire cihamiber on the.. Tamer (han sjjghl1y rich. opeTIed.lra shot of fuel w enrieh (hemmUlire whw the tkroUIDe ws fi. Pis~:01il pump: The pisten pu:mp system CO:I1i5ESt" a small brass of pisOCll'lJin a cyJir!C1~.cmLe is opened tlw: pistofl is lifted OUll of the flat spot and pressurizes IDe.

lenuru pllimp and makie sure ir's ~ting. a ]10k Troul:ll'eslhool:ing the.erirntg .cr QftltC thmttJ1e sh.ofrue bo!:x:Itoo~b"psmgi~an:dIforciflgfuelcm.coonected 00.ot Styli!:!!: 'fhls: :system uses 3. .BQ. :aooclerotor syslem ~sgenetaJ]y a ma~ter ofk!ee~~lJJg [.. d [niLO the cam MIl:Xl:L. ~c' me<t.&e style acce:]emlO:r.is O])elliIed. ~fyQ~ are (he.erat:tfiR.The irlside of the bladdeeis . leads :fro:m animr~l:Se 001Jll'OClbro!!lglli.u" As m the impull.11.mit <lind m:lO a small brass c-ow SlJI:iTOlJiliLdi[lg ~.la:ssa:ges dean. bavingtmuMe will:! eog~liLe attel.e imide of ~ kIot . sma]Wruboor bladder to ~old .chamber. th.e imp~lse ~~ure is :aHQwOO u>flow arQ:Iilm We"{Iil!Jt~ side.Qf directly 10 the caIifuureLU.i mo. shot off:l!i£<l.u. died: for an ace-e.oftlJ. me'ocl1l. mibbcr ~t Whcntnc &tmmte.

Wh.twre to Jean out" make sure the governor ban is Iliotsrock open.style govemor system has also been incorporated into the main nozzle on some carburetors. vjbtationof the ball Qvemd'cs the.-en this happens. If you cannet get the mi. This . When the engiine exceeds its. 30 Walbro Corporation . main nozzle is delivering fuel. The governor OOIllSis:1S of <I spring which holds a ball agajnst a seat. wide-open 1. governed speed. the. spring. 'file rldlmi. Gen'C~Ij1 there is no service needed Oil tire governor system. works off the vlbratlons created hi a rumlJflg eog~ne.o jlOU load down the . Keep ill mind that the engine wiU act richas it Jeaches its governed speed.ie 1bec~rna:sen :maRy cngines the governed speed can be o reached before the. so you will non be ableto lean ~tout all no-load. It.Governor System.dlowed to bYJlass!fIe ball and flows dir:octly from the metering chamberinro the: catb tmoot. To ad!jll!Stfie high speed rnixtare on a governed eng~ne.bwule. flID) Is .nure Causes the engme to slow down.engine to adjust the b]gh speed mixll!.s The govemcr ~sanother option available 'toWalbro customers. win ~avel.

:... 50CH4 TOOL NO.. __ .&r.e. me II ~~ .t ..utd... using the KI-Gauge rebuild kit. W'albroCol'pClfatioo 'I' I.lr.u: ~--~--_i..500"<502 "fOOL NO. :J"_i("( ~_...:«I Nc....n. 500-15 Walbw Corporation 31 .-..aiJi.. 500-500 tool kil.. 500-501 TOOL NO. The 57·H pressuregauge pump can be rebuilt. Tile 5i~11 pressure teSlta:....:. TOOL NO.af(..Tbeproper tools add effidcncy and! professionaUsm OOlheearbusetor repair job... from your dismbmo.r 00' receiveboth.. - ..a~ r\ 11 1}I.'IUO· _..---.t....lrblilr'='..IIr...o .----- -- -- -- .....able as a pacbs.... orderthe 400-595.areaIso a.v.... Any oJ the: tools ln 1&Je 00~5m kit are 5 also available SCIlara1e~y from your Wal'bro di:sU'iblJ!lot....


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