How many grams?
Practical Task a) About how many grams does Bag A weigh? (Circle one) 50 grams b) 200 grams 400 grams 800 grams

About how many grams does Bag B weigh? (Circle one) 400 grams 800 grams 1200 grams 1400 grams


Weigh each bag on the kitchen scales. Write your measurements in the table below.

Object Bag A Bag B

Measurement grams grams

How many grams? - Teacher information

MS2102 Geometry and Measurement - Measurement - Level 3

Description In this practical task, students estimate, then measure, the weight of two bags using kitchen scales. Keywords Estimation; weight; reading scales; National Standards. Task administration [Equipment: • Two opaque bags weighing 400 g (labelled Bag A) and 800 g (labelled Bag B). The bags can be weighted with metric weights or grocery items. The bags will need to be able to fit on a set of kitchen scales. • Kitchen scales with numbered markings at 200 g intervals.] For the estimation part of this task give each student a chance to feel the weighted bags. For the measurement part, let each student weigh the bags on a set of kitchen scales. Answers/responses a) b) c) 400 grams 800 grams 375-425 775-825 [If the kitchen scales are not accurate teachers will need to award marks for correct readings of the scale ± 25 grams.]

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