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Sacrificial Computing for Land and Sky

Brendan O’Connor, CTO/DSS Malice Afterthought, Inc.

About Me
CTO/DSS of Malice Afterthought, Inc. • Security Consulting • Security Research (like this!) • Other Security Stuff (like teaching!) IANAL(Y) • University of Wisconsin Law School • Who endorses nothing, naturally

Rules: Cheap and COTS

Problem: Bad Men with Guns
Or, how to get rich *and* die trying

Access Denied - Current Solutions

Access Denied - Current Solutions
FBI GPS Tracker - threatlevel/2011/05/gps-gallery/ (Now Illegal!)

Access Temporary - Current Solution
Blackthrow/Svartkast, by Telecomix

Also, you can’t drop them.

Disposable Computing

Functionality Requirements
Multiple Wireless Radios USB capability for expansion (GPS, etc.) Long Battery Life (Hours-Days) Tiny size for concealment Storage*

Arduino Isn’t the Answer

Presenting the F-BOMB
Fallling/Ballistically Launched Object that Makes Backdoors Brendan happy

Bright Pink?

PogoPlug POGO-B01 Mainboard

Flash Drive

2x RTL8188



Why not Solar?

Power Stability for $1^H^H $6

Very Boring Testing
8xAA: 3.25hrs 8xD: 32.5hrs -- With No Regulator

Applications and Form Factors
Dressed up like a billion-dollar contract!

From Young Frankenstein, 1974

Flight Case

Drop Case

CO Detector

Don’t actually put it in your fridge, though...

Here's a Deal

Here’s a Deal


DARPA Cyber Fast Track
It’s like Cheers: Everyone knows your name! And where you live.

My Usual Partners in Grime: Dr. John Linwood Griffin Shade Chris Meyer and everyone at Sector67