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IIT JEE Study Planner

IIT JEE Study Planner

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Published by: Suresh Avvari on Jan 28, 2012
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IIT JEE study Planner: Daily timetable

All of us know how to prepare a daily timetable. It is an essential tool is setting up a daily routine. However, most of us have stopped using this powerful tool. The biggest reason that students state for stopping the use of timetables is that its ineffective. “It does not work” “We cant follow the timetable. It makes us feel bad” “I do better without a timetable” “It creates pressure” These are all valid reasons. However, we face these problems because of the manner in which we use the timetable. We have a habit of focusing on the failures. If we have been able to follow the timetable 80% of the time, we look at the 20% when we could not follow and declare it a failure. In reality the 80% time that was effectively utilized made it a success. It is never possible to follow the timetable 100%. Timetable is just a tool to guide us in utilizing our time. It reminds us to start work when we want to. If the timetable is unsuitable, we should change it to suit our schedule. However, this tool can only work if we look at its success in stead of the failure. We feel bad only when we look at the failures. It is the nature of the human psyche to expand whatever it focuses on. If we focus too much on the failure then we will only find failure. In reality, failure does not exist. It is just another attempt to success. The attempt transforms into failure when we stop attempting. In reality, we work on some kind of a timetable even without writing it. This timetable is etched in our heads. Since it is not written, there is no measurement possible. When we write down the timetable, it will allow us exact measurement of the utilization of our time. You can hope to increase your performance only if you have a way to measure it. Without measurement, any change is performance is a mere perception. I tmay or may not reflect reality. Please utilize the format below to plan your days.

Daily Timetable*: Time School day Holiday / Sunday Recommended 4 5 6 Time to wake up 7 8 9 10 11 12 (Noon) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 (midnight) Time to sleep 1am 2 Total Time (T1) (T2) Sample * Make changes to the timetable. School. Dinner Spend at least 7 hours in sleep every day Take out a minimum of 45 minutes in physical activities like Sports.Fill up the timetable with activities. Breakfast. exercise everyday. Lunch. as and when necessary . You can club this activity with friends. Travel time Brush. Tuition/Coaching. The human body is designed to operate efficiently in the day time. Try to sleep by 12 midnight (latest). Do not spend more than 45 minutes in TV. internet. toilet. A sample of these activities is Wake up / Off to sleep – These times should be closest to our biological clock for maximum efficiency. talking with friends on cellphone etc shoul dbe limited to 30 minutes per day. yoga. SMS. video games etc. bath.

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