Digital Tools - Week 3 Task 3 Listening Math 9 + 12 LESSON PLAN: Digital Resources: Links for selected TED talk

and Myna the online sound editing tool. Computer lab with Internet connection and headsets. Class Level: all levels Time Frame: first class intro, then first 10 minutes at the beginning of the regular classes during the next two- three classes Lesson Goal: Practicing listening skills by listening a few recordings of mixed sounds. By the end of this training, students will be able to clearly hear different tone qualities and sound layers, discern sound colors of different musical instruments, all combined in artificial noise sample or original (orchestral) music. Steps: 1. Teacher plays the selected TED talk with translation and gives some introductory explanations about the task. 2. Teacher sends an email to the students with the links for TED talk and Myna online sound editing tool. 3. After an introduction, students listen carefully to the recording teacher prepared earlier. 4. The teacher ask students about how many sound layers students managed to hear. 5. They discus what they heard. 6. They listen to the same recording a few times, paying attention to other sound layer each time. Students should take notes about what they hear. 7. The process repeats for each recording. Students become more attentive and sensitive, tune their ears better to notice layers in mixed sounds. 8. Teacher gives students ideas and offers practical help to make their own mix sound samples for practicing listening skills. Students should take notes about the recording process, as well as for the given ideas.

Ideas for sound sources for making layers: mundane machines' sounds people talking in the bus, at the street, in the market, or other busy places, students making loud noise during breaks in school sound of singular music instrument music - vocal or instrumental (multiple instruments) natural sounds (wind, sea waves, rain, birds, dog barking, other animals … ) snoring :)

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