Place your Mini-Marshmallows here


A mini marshmallow is cylinder shaped. Draw a cylinder and write the properties of this shape.

Math Mat

Create all of the arrays for the number 18 and draw them below.

How many mini marshmallows fit the length of the inch ruler. Record the number of mini marshmallows.

How long is the line? To the nearest inch? ________ To the nearest ½ inch? ________ To the nearest ¼ inch? _______ To the nearest ⅛ inch? ________ Find the following measurements: Length _____________ Width __________ Height _________ How can you figure out the total volume of your mini marshmallows? Show your work… How many marshmallows do you have? ____________ Is that a prime or composite number? Why? Describe the attributes of a mini marshmallow using as much math vocabulary as you can.If you line up your mini marshmallows. .

Math Marvel This is to certify ______________ has obtained the level of Math Marvel for marvelous thinking and magnificent work in Mini Marshmallow math! Keep up the hard work! Signature ________________ Date ___________ .

If each of your mini marshmallows was worth 23¢. Show your calculations and display both together on a sheet of colored construction paper. On a separate sheet of paper draw a face and write a biography about him/her. Try to make these problems as challenging as possible. how much would your whole pile be worth? Show your work. Design a scale model of a mini marshmallow that is twice as big as an actual mini marshmallow.Mini Marshmallow Math Mat Projects Create a set of word problems using Mini Marshmallows. your classmates will have to try to figure them out! Stack a tower of mini marshmallows as high as you can. They must stand on their own. . How high can you build one? Create a personality for one of your mini marshmallows.