Information to answer the question. Illustration(s)

5 Key Words


Cite the Source(s)

• Generate a list of questions about any topic as a class. We write them on small post-its and then stick them to a poster board. • Each student must choose one question to research and answer. The questions must require a paragraph answer! • The 5 key words must be words related to the question and answer. Illustrations of different sizes can be added in order to fill empty spaces. The information can be typed or handwritten. The title is a short phrase like, “Shakespeare’s Plays”, and the question would be the actual questions like, “What plays did Shakespeare write in his lifetime?” • Using the layout provided, students research and then create the poster with the answer to the question. We make them on 12 x 18 sheets of construction paper. Students use borders behind the sheets. • Once complete, we display them in the classroom. • This project is a great way to help build background knowledge OR to extend learning about a given topic.

Student Examples

Here are some of the student examples. Students will get better at creating these over time. These were our first attempt!

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