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A Waterless Car Wash - Guide

A Waterless Car Wash - Guide

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Published by pkbagorio1
How To Wash Your Car.
Car Detailing Supplies, Auto detailing Supplies, Motorcycle Cleaning Supplies
How To Wash Your Car.
Car Detailing Supplies, Auto detailing Supplies, Motorcycle Cleaning Supplies

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Published by: pkbagorio1 on Jan 29, 2012
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It's The Great British Sunday Ritual - Washing The Car! You get your bucket of soapy water and a sponge, fire up the garden hose and go to work. On a sunny day, it seems everybody is doing the same. But how much damage are we doing to our cars, every time we decide to clean them? For example, have you ever wondered why your cars gleaming paintwork seems to be covered in swirl marks, or why your once sparkling alloy wheels are now a dull grey? The answer is in the products we use and they way in which we use them. OK, most people want to get the car cleaned as quickly as possible, that's fine. But please, for the sake of your cars shine, don't rush the job. By working methodically and quickly, you can protect your possession and even improve its re-sale value. Here's how to do it: Make sure your car is parked on gravel or even the lawn if possible. This will reduce the amount of run off waste created. Come on guys, lets help the environment too. Use A Quality Car Shampoo. This is essential, as car shampoos are made to clean cars. Don't use washing up liquid. This is made to clean "stuck on" food off porcelain plates. When using a hose, (if you're still allowed), make sure it has a spray gun with a shut off trigger. Liberally spray the car all over, to remove excess dirt and debris. If there are any ground in bugs, tar or droppings, use a specialist cleaner to remove these before you start washing. Wash from the top first. Start on the roof, move to the windscreen, bonnet, sides and boot. Leave the wheels until last. Always spray down each area as it is washed. Change the cleaning water as often as possible. This soon fills with microscopic stones and dirt which are wiped onto your car. Clean the wheels with a non-abrasive, non acid based cleaner. Thoroughly hose down to remove any excess brake dust. Dry with a chamois leather or super-soft terry towel. Don't leave the car to dry in the sun. Dust gets into the water and dries into the paintwork as the water evaporates. This leaves water spots, which can be very difficult to remove. Wax the paintwork as often as you can. This will help protect your vehicle from the damaging effects of the environment.

Dress the tyres with a spray on tyre shine for that show-room finish. Never leave your car covered in dirt, salt, bugs or bird droppings. Once they get on, they start attacking your cars paintwork and soon become almost impossible to remove without scratching. Regular cleaning will help prevent this, but try to check your car every-day to make sure it hasn't been attacked by one of these offenders. If this traditional wash still seems to much like hard work, try one of these alternatives: Hire A Professional Mobile Car Cleaner. Most reputable companies now offer weekly or month washes at great prices and can even clean your car at your home or place of work. Try a static car wash. Some actually work these days, cleaning and drying the whole vehicle, without any damage. Go for the more expensive sites. Never try a £1.99 car wash. You'll be asking for trouble. As a final option, have a look at the latest in waterless car cleaning technology. Basically, these are simple spray-wipe-clean systems which can clean and polish your car without the use of any water whatsoever. These are recommended for vehicles which are averagely dirty, not caked in mud. This system works by using hi-tech ingredients, including cleaning chemicals and polymer protectants, which, when sprayed onto the car, lift-up and suspend the dirt from the surface, where it is swept away with a cotton or micro fibre towel to leave a polished and protected finish. This is all done without scratching and is seen by many as the future of car cleaning. But be aware, some products work much better and quicker than others. Whichever way you decide to wash your car, do it safely and do it wisely.

Leon Hamlett is a Waterless Car Wash expert. Further information regarding mobile waterless car wash services can be found at http://www.aquanought.co.uk

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