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Why Engineering?

Because for me it is a subject which combines the beautifully concise methods of mathematics with the logic of sciences; it has and still will play the most important role in humanitys technologic advancement. From an early age I developed a strong passion for electronic devices and computing, and lead to my deep interest in electronic engineering. To me engineering is about solving problems, designing processes and making products to improve the quality of life for other people. After successfully completing my graduation in electronic & telecommunication engineering I work with Railtel Corporation of India in Network Operation Centre. I enjoy using my theoretical knowledge in practical field. I work in SDH & DWDM technology with different communication equipment vendors. I have been a part of many major project of the company including implementation of 30G link of Google. With advancement in technology I feel short of knowledge and to get equipped with it I prefer to pursue my Masters in respected field. To complement my academic life I have participated actively in extracurricular activities both outside the university and inside it. I was an active member of Student Association. Being the member of Association I have organize numerous debates, Robot war and Robot racing. I addressed numerous speeches to the school and actively participated in debates at the IEEE General meeting. I feel that these activities have refined my communication skills. I also learnt how to organize and coordinate events successfully. I participated in a variety of sports and played on both the college football and cricket team. These sports have shown me the importance of teamwork and allow me to participate prolifically in a team. I hope that my captaincy of the school cricket team and my role in the Students Association have developed the leadership skills that I will require at university and later in my career. Apart my time from job I find reading fiction with a great passion. I read fiction from various genres. I find that reading allows me to utilize my imagination. I also enjoy writing creatively, bicycling and watching movies.