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Dynare Userguide

Dynare Userguide

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Published by: pnmcfarlane on Jan 29, 2012
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This chapter covers everything that leads to, and stems from, the solution

of DSGE models; a vast terrain. That is to say that the term “solution”

in the title of the chapter is used rather broadly. You may be interested in

simply finding the solution functions to a set of first order conditions stemming

from your model, but you may also want to go a bit further. Typically, you

may be interested in how this system behaves in response to shocks, whether

temporary or permanent. Likewise, you may want to explore how the system

comes back to its steady state or moves to a new one. This chapter covers all

these topics. But instead of skipping to the topic closest to your needs, we

recommend that you read this chapter chronologically, to learn basic Dynare

commands and the process of writing a proper .mod file - this will serve as a

base to carry out any of the above computations.

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