BACKGROU ND INFORMATION..................................................................................................................... iv 1.1. 1.2. 1.3. 1.4. 1.5 1.6 Introduction................................................................................................................................... 1 System and Criteria in Delimitation.............................................................................................. 2 Objective ....................................................................................................................................... 2 Boundary Delimitation Preliminary Report ................................................................................... 2 Boundary Delimitation In Kenya: Historical Perspective ............................................................. 3 An Over View of Bounda Delimitation in Kenya......................................................................... 3 ry

CHAPTER TWO .............................................................................................................................................. 6 LEGAL FRAMEWORK FOR THE DELIMITATION OF BOUNDARIES .................................................................. 6 2.0 2.2 2.3 2.4 3.6. 2.5 Introduction .................................................................................................................................. 6 The Co nstitution of Kenya, 2010. .................................................................................................. 6 The Article 89 of the Co nstituti n. ................................................................................................ 7 o ...................................................................................... 7 The Fifth Schedule of the IEBC Act, 2011 Review of IEBC Boundaries Report ................................................................................................ 8 Public Sensitization....................................................................................................................... 9

CHAPTER III ................................................................................................................................................. 10 REVIEW OF INTERIM INDEPENDENT BOUNDARIES REVIEW COMMISSION REPORT ................................. 10 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 Introduction ................................................................................................................................ 10 Consultations with Stakeholders and the Public ........................................................................ 10 Determination of Constituencies by the IIBRC ........................................................................... 10 Data for Population for Constituencies as stipulated b y IIBRC ................................................... 17 Protected Constituencies under Article 262 Section, 27(4) of the Constitution ........................ 19

CHAPTER IV ................................................................................................................................................. 21 PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS, IIBRC PROPOSALS AND EMERGING ISSUES........................................................ 21 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.2.1 4.2.2 4.2.3 Introduction ................................................................................................................................ 21 General Views on the IIBRC Report............................................................................................. 21 Public Views, IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries and Emerging Issues ..................... 22 Nairobi County ........................................................................................................................ 22 Momb asa County.................................................................................................................... 29 Kwale Co unty .......................................................................................................................... 32 i

4.2.4 4.2.5 4.2.6 4.2.7 4.2.8 4.2.9 4.2.10 4.2.11 4.2.12 4.2.13 4.2.14 4.2.15 4.2.16 4.2.17 4.2.18 4.2.19 4.2.20 4.2.21 4.2.22 4.2.23 4.2.24 4.2.25 4.2.26 4.2.27 4.2.28 4.2.29 4.2.30 4.2.31 4.2.32 4.2.33 4.2.34 4.2.35

Kilifi County ............................................................................................................................. 34 Tana River County ................................................................................................................... 38 Lamu County ........................................................................................................................... 39 Taita Taveta County ................................................................................................................ 41 Garissa County ........................................................................................................................ 44 Wajir County ........................................................................................................................... 47 Mandera County ..................................................................................................................... 51 Marsabit County...................................................................................................................... 55 Isiolo County ........................................................................................................................... 57 Meru County ........................................................................................................................... 58 Tharaka Nithi........................................................................................................................... 63 Embu County ........................................................................................................................... 66 Kitui County ............................................................................................................................. 68 Machakos County.................................................................................................................... 71 Makueni County ...................................................................................................................... 73 Nyandarua County .................................................................................................................. 76 Nyeri County ............................................................................................................................ 79 Kirinyaga County ..................................................................................................................... 82 Murang’a County .................................................................................................................... 85 Kiambu County ........................................................................................................................ 89 Turkana County ....................................................................................................................... 93 West Pokot County .................................................................................................................. 97 Samburu County ...................................................................................................................... 99 Trans Nzoia County ............................................................................................................... 101 Uasin Gishu County ............................................................................................................... 104 Elgeyo Marakwet County ...................................................................................................... 107 Nandi County ......................................................................................................................... 110 Baringo County...................................................................................................................... 113 Laikipia County ...................................................................................................................... 116 Nakuru County ...................................................................................................................... 119 Narok County ........................................................................................................................ 125 Kajiado .................................................................................................................................. 128 ii

...... 176 PROPOSALS ON DELIMTATIONS OF COUNTY ASSEMBLYWARDS...............................................................................................45 4............................. 142 Bungoma County .................................. 136 Vihiga County ..... 167 Nyamira............................................................................................................................................................................. 178 Work Plan ..................................................................................................2.............................47 Bomet ............................................................................................................................................................................... 134 Kakamega County .................... 176 IEBC Determination of County Assembly Wards ............................................................................................................................2.....................0 5..............................................................2 6..........................................2...2......... 179 iii ......................... 172 CHAPTER V ...............................40 4............................................................................................................................1 Introduction................................................2......................2.............................................................1 6...................................................37 4...............................0 6..............41 4.................... 149 Migori County.................................2.........................................................3 Introduction ....................4.......................36 4............................................................................................................................................................................. 178 BOUNDARY DELIMITATION PROPOSALS & WAYFORWARD..2.........................39 4.................46 4................................................................................... 178 6..........................................2............................... 176 CHAPTER VI ................................................ 178 Methodology applied by the IIBRC .............. 132 Kericho...................................................................38 4................................................................................................................ 163 Kisii County ........... 176 5.. 144 Busia County................................................. 178 Applicable Framework ............................................

It should be acknowledged that the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission (IIBRC) did the first review of boundaries.Forward The legal framework for elections requires objective drawing of electoral unit boundaries to achieve the principle of equal weight to each vote. To the greatest degree. Thus. in addressing the issues arising out of the first review:a) Use as its primary reference material. Further. IEBC is mandated to ‗resolve all issues arising from the first review relating to the delimitation of boundaries of constituencies and wards and publish its final report within a period of four months of the date of its appointment. the Constitution stipulates the criteria and procedures that need to be applied in the delimitation of boundaries and which notably shall be undertaken at intervals of not less than eight years and not more than twelve years. Chairman Indeed Article 89(1) of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 states clearly the number of constituencies that are supposed to be in place . and b) Use as its secondary reference material the report of the Parliamentary committee on the report of the former Boundaries Commission. IIBRC did its work and submitted its report to the Parliamentary Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs (JLA) which prepared its report and submitted to Parliament for adoption. the report of the former boundaries commission on the first review as adopted by Parliament. iv . this principle is aimed at ensuring effective representation and a translation of the will of the electorate into a representative government. the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has been mandated to carry out boundary delimitation of constituencies and wards.maximum of two hundred and ninety (290). It should be noted that the ideal international standards for delimitation is the equality of voting power for each vote so as to provide effective representation. Some of the issues cited included:     The determination of boundaries on the basis of three types of population quotas instead of one. This has to be completed at least twelve months before a general election. But this does not extend into the first review of the boundaries of constituency and wards. EBS. Ahmed Isaack Hassan. Notably. The description of boundaries based on wards or sub-locations. The use of regions and provinces as units of analysis (yet not provided in the Constitution). The treatment of Cities and urban areas in a similar way (definition of cities not agreed on). It is predetermined that the Commission shall. there were certain issues underscored in the JLA Report and in the discussions by Parliament and the public. It is therefore worth noting that pursuant to the provisions made in the Constitution of Kenya 2010. According to the Fifth Schedule of the IEBC Act 2011. boundary delimitation by its very nature is intended to produce the result of effective representation.

   Inconsistency in the division of constituencies where some with large population were not split yet others with less population were split. I therefore urge fellow Kenyans to read and understand the Preliminary Report in order to effectively engage in the process. in line with the IEBC Act. objectivity and patriotism in presentations anticipated towards the process of resolving issues arising from the first review. and That there was no public participation. the Commission has prepared this Preliminary Report outlining the proposed delimitation of constituencies and wards and specific geographical and demographic details and hereby avail it to the general public for a period of twenty-one days and invite representations from the public on the proposals hereto. It is indeed a step closer towards ensuring that the fundamental principle of the equality of the vote is attained. Similarly. it is important to note that any review of constituency boundaries is political in nature and is attached to highly competitive and emotive political issues. We must recognize that achieving the ideal and optimum population quota for our electoral units is not an instant achievement. accuracy. While recognizing the provisions of the Constitution to redefine boundaries to accommodate other interests in the electoral sphere. Thus. This means that it requires clarity and clear criteria and procedure commensurate to the electoral dynamics of the country. The creation or alteration of boundaries without taking into account geographical features and community interests. Consequently. The First Review and the exercise of addressing issues arising thereof is a process towards addressing gross disparities in the voting populations of different electoral units. EBS CHAIRMAN . There is need for transparency. The public presentations and recommendations will be reviewed within fourteen days after receipt and the Commission will submit a revised Report to Parliament for deliberation. ……………………………… Ahmed Issack Hassan. it requires that a middle ground be struck to achieve a win-win-situation. v . the Commission will consider the resolutions of Parliament and prepare a Final Report for publication in the Kenya Gazette.

the IIBRC Report was adopted but there were several outstanding issues raised by the Members of Parliament and the Public. Following the presentation of the JLA report to Parliament.1. It is as a result of these issues that the IIBRC mandate was widely perceived as not complete. Additionally. The delimitation of boundaries of constituencies and wards under the Constitution of Kenya Amendment Act 2008. making recommendations to parliament on administrative boundaries. including the fixing. d) Geographical features. The IIBRC did the first review and submitted its report to the Parliamentary Departmental Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs (JLA). Section 41c was a mandate of the IIBRC which was specifically responsible for: i. 2010. 1 . b) Population trends. Article 89 gives the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) the mandate of creating and delimiting constituencies and wards. hence the requirement that IEBC addresses issues and concerns emerging from their report. and e) Community interests ii. The IEBC Act 2011 limits the Commission to resolve issues arising from the first review and to use Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission (IIBRC) Report as its primary reference material and Parliamentary Committee Report as its secondary reference material. Introduction The Constitution of Kenya. reviewing and variation of boundaries of districts and other units. and the performance of such other function as may be prescribed by Parliament.BACKGROUND INFORMATION 1. c) Means of communication. the Constitution in Article 89 (5) spells out the criteria to be used in boundary delimitation as well as the maximum number of constituencies (Article 89 (1)). This has to be done at intervals of not less than eight and not more than twelve years. iii. making recommendations to parliament on delimitation of constituencies and local authority electoral units and optimal number of constituencies on the basis of equality of votes taking into account a) Density of population and in particular the need to ensure adequate reprsenation of urban and sparsely-populated rural areas.

2 . 1.2. criteria and procedure commensurate to the electoral dynamics of the country. A.1. The report included the following annexes: (i) Committee minutes ( JLA 1) (ii) Arising Issues ( JLA 2). social and other factors within a given country. in undertaking to resolve arising issues. it requires clarity. Similarly. accuracy. (iii) Draft Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission‘s Bill 2010 ( JLA 3). System and Criteria in Delimitation An appropriate system and criteria require that internationally accepted standards and procedures be used in the boundary delimitation process. The information gathered will be analyzed and used to delimit the required constituencies as stipulated in the Constitution. In the case of IEBC resolution of arising issues. Notwithstanding this. (iv) Presentation by the Hon. (v) Presentation on Constitution Methodology ( JLA 5. economic. Boundary Delimitation Preliminary Report The Boundary Delimitation Preliminary Report is based on the analysis of the outstanding issues derived from the primary and secondary reference materials as provided for in the IEBC Act 2011. This means that. 2010. It is important to note that any constituency boundary review process is political in nature and is attached to highly competitive and emotive political issues. The accepted standards have to take into consideration political. This is aimed at eliciting debate on presentations and proposals contained in the JLA Report. it requires that a middle ground be reached through a win-win-situation. Ligale in Mombasa ( JLA 4). the Constitution and the IEBC Act 2011 provide for the criteria and procedures to be followed. 1. objectivity and patriotism in presentations anticipated towards the process of boundary delimitation. 2010 while the Secondary reference materials is the Report of the Departmental Committee on Justice and Legal affairs as presented to the Parliament on 16th December. (vi) Views of dissenting Commissioners JLA 6. there is need for openness. Based on the legal frame work predetermined in the Constitution (2010) and the IEBC Act 2011. the resolution of issues arising from the first review have to be completed in the shortest time possible (in 120 days).4. The Primary document reviewed is the IIBRC Report submitted to the Parliamentary Departmental Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs dated 27th November. Objective The main objective of the Boundary Delimitation: Preliminary Report is to provide information to the public on outstanding issues emerging from the IIBRC Report as well as reactions from the parliamentary Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs (JLA) Report.3. This should include proposals made to the public on the 290 Constituencies provided in the constitution.

the determination of electoral units in Kenya started with creation of 117 Constituencies based on a clearly established principle that all constituencies contain as nearly as possible an equal number of inhabitants. (viii) Memoranda presented by the Public to the IIBRC during public hearings and visits. (iii) Presentation to Members of Parliament (6th December .6 1. the Commission also took into account the following: 3 . (v) Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission Act. Presentation made to IEBC – 21st November.W.(vii) Draft Gazette Notice and Court Ruling by Justice Musinga JLA 7. The Commission held consultations with leaders at different levels including influential tribal leaders and chiefs. 2011. that created and mandated IIBRC to carry out the delimitation of constituencies and ward boundaries herein referred as the review.1 An Over View of Boundary Delimitation in Kenya The country‘s Constitution provided for the delimitation of constituencies so as to facilitate the conduct of elections in independent Kenya (Constitution of Kenya. 2010) by Professor F. At that time. 1. (iv) Delimitation of Electoral Units: A critique of the process and product of IIBRC by Sakaja Johnson. Towards the delimitation of boundaries. Outstanding Issues and Way forward. (vii) IIBRC Public hearings Verbatim Reports. (ii) The Constitution of Kenya 2010. 2011 by Sakaja Johnson.6.O Aduol. The Constitution provided that no constituency was to form part or more than one administrative unit. or of both the Nairobi area and a region. Other documents analyzed include: (i) The Constitution of Kenya Amendment Act of 2008. 1963 Section 40).5 Boundary Delimitation In Kenya: Historical Perspective The delimitation of boundaries of constituencies and wards is not a new phenomenon in the Kenyan history. (viii) Written Submissions JLA 9. 1. Delimitation of boundaries was started by colonial authorities in 1962 when the Royal Commission was created to go round the country and carry out an inquiry into electoral and administrative boundaries. (vi) Delimitation of Electoral Units: Background.

In 1996. Parliament raised the number of constituencies from 158 to 188. Following the disputed results of the Presidential elections in 2007. It further binds the Commission to employ the Report of the IIBRC as its primary reference material [IEBC Act.6.6. 1. This led to the establishment of the Independent Review Commission (IREC). In 1986.2 The Constitutional amendments of 1964 and 1966 resulted in the abolition of the seven regional assemblies and the Senate.3 1. Article 1 and 2(1) (a)]. b) The means of communication.a) The population density and in particular. reviewed the boundaries and names of constituencies and raised the number from 188 to a maximum of 210 as provided under the previous Constitution. and e) The boundaries of existing administrative areas. The IREC in turn recommended a review of the entire constitutional and legal framework in line with the political and legal aspirations of Kenyans. popularly known as the Kriegler Commission. b) The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Act.4 1. a) In this regard. 1.6. c) Geographical features. A major impact of the IREC recommendations was the amendment of Section 41 of the 1963 Constitution by Parliament in 2008. The COK 2010 provides for the IEBC to assume the mandate of the defunct IIBRC as the successor body. 2011. and the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission-IIBRC (Section 41B). 2011 provides for the IEBC to resolve all issues relating to the delimitation of boundaries of constituencies and wards. a National Dialogue and Recinciliation Accord was signed which provided a road map and made recommendations for the review of the electoral process in Kenya. resulting in the disbandment of the ECK and the creation of the Interim Independent Electoral Commission-IIEC (Section 41A). The Electoral Commission of Kenya (established in 1992). 2011 also requires that the Report of the Parliamentary Committee on JLA on the former IIBRC be used by IEBC as secondary reference material in resolving issues relating to delimitation of boundaries. 4 . The House of Representatives was renamed the National Assembly with 158 Parliamentary Constituencies consisting of the initial 117 plus 41 newly created constituencies following the abolition of the senate. d) Community of interest. Fifth Schedule.5 c) The IEBC Act.6. the IEBC has responsibility for the delimitation of constituencies and wards [COK 2010 Article 88 (4) (c)]. the need to ensure adequate representation of urban and sparsely-populated rural areas.

f) Lastly. emerging issues and IEBC proposals on County basis. e) Chapter Five presents analysis of public presentation. d) Chapter Four outlines criteria used by IIBRC in the first review. 5 . c) A review of the IIBRC boundary delimitation Report is presented in Chapter Three. IIBRC Report. within 21 days from the date of the publication of this Report. This Interim Report is divided into several chapters: Chapter one presents background information and an overview from a historical perspective on boundary delimitation in Kenya a) b) The Legal framework governing the delimitation of boundaries of Constituencies and wards is handled in Chapter Two. the Report of the Parliamentary Committee on JLA Report sets the Agenda for the IEBC in completing the outstanding work of the IIBRC.6 In the light of the foregoing. Chapter Six outlines the framework on public presentations and public consultation forums.1.6.

The degree of public participation in the process.CHAPTER TWO LEGAL FRAMEWORK FOR THE DELIMITATION OF BOUNDARIES 2. 2.0 Introduction Any boundary delimitation process has to be guided by a legal frame work. The legal framework regulating drawing of boundaries for electoral units is expected to address: a) b) c) d) e) The frequency of such determination. International standards dictate that such a legal framework should determine how constituencies or the electoral units are defined and drawn. The Constitution of Kenya (1963) provided guidance for boundary delimitation.1 The Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Act. the IIBRC was tasked to:a) Make recommendations to Parliament on the delimitation of constituencies and Local authority electoral units and the optimal number of constituencies on the basis of equality of votes. 2010. The Commission was to:(i) Determine the boundaries of constituencies and wards using the Criteria mentioned in the Constitution (2010). The respective roles of the legislature. 2008 The Constitution of Kenya (Amendment Act). The Constitution of Kenya 2010 and the IEBC Act 2011. 2. The Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Act 2008 mandated IIBRC to make recommendations to Parliament on the delimitation of boundaries for constituencies and local authority electoral units. including the fixing.2 The Constitution of Kenya. and c) Perform such functions as may be prescribed by Parliament. judiciary and executive in the process. Whereas IIEC was mandated to reform the electoral process. The criteria for such determination. The promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 provided for the continuation of the functions of IIBRC in accordance with terms of section 41B and 41C of the former Constitution but was restricted from determining the boundaries of counties established under the new Constitution. 6 . The ultimate authority for the final determination of the electoral units. b) Make recommendations to Parliament on administrative boundaries. 2008 that established IIEC and IIBRC gave the two bodies different mandates. reviewing and variation of boundaries of districts and other units. Fifth Schedule provides the criteria for delimitation of constituencies and wards.

2.4 The Fifth Schedule of the IEBC Act. and (iii) Ensure that the first review of constituencies undertaken under the new Constitution (2010) shall not result in the loss of a constituency existing on the effective date. IEBC Act Fifth schedule 2(c). and b) thirty percent (30%) for other areas In determining the number of inhabitants. 2. 2011 The Legal provision regulating the completion by the IEBC of the first review is set out in the Fifth Schedule of the Act. 7 . economic and cultural ties. The Act lists the issues arising out of the first review as: a) Re-distribute such wards or administrative units in the affected constituencies as may be appropriate. the Constitution stipulates the procedures that need to be applied in the delimitation of boundaries and which notably shall be undertaken at intervals of not less than eight years and not more than twelve years. Article 89 (5) of the Constitution stipulates the criteria to be applied in the boundary delimitation process. The Commission shall progressively work towards ensuring that the number of inhabitants in each constituency and ward is as nearly as possible equal to the population quota (and in so doing consult all interested parties.(ii) Observe the requirements of Article 89(2) of the Constitution (2010). IEBC is expected to take into account: a) geographical features and urban centres. 2010 sets the maximum number of constituencies at two hundred and ninety (290). This has to be completed at least twelve months before a general election. The Constitution further provides that this number may be greater or lesser than the population quota only by a margin of: a) not more than forty per cent (40%)for cities and sparsely populated areas. It provides that the ―Boundaries of each constituency shall be such that the number of inhabitants in the constituency is as nearly as possible equal to the population quota‖. Article 89(1) of the Constitution of Kenya. The IEBC is enjoined by the Act to ― resolve all the issues arising out of the first review relating to the delimitation of boundaries of constituencies and wards and publish its final report within the period of four months from the date of its appointment under this Act‖ .3 The Article 89 of the Constitution. b) community interest. Further.) (Article 89 (7) b. and c) means of communication.

v. iii. iv. the report of the former boundaries commission (IIBRC) on the first review as adopted by Parliament. avail the report to the general public for a period of twenty-one days and invite representations from the public on the proposals. c) Addressing the issues of progressively advancing towards the population quota in protected constituencies in relation to neighbouring constituencies where appropriate. 2011 provides for any person dissatisfied with the outcome of the Final Report of the Commission on Boundaries Delimitation to apply to the High Court for review of the Commission decision. 3. Pursuant to the provisions of the IEBC Act the Commission shall: i. 2011. ―An application for the review of a decision made under this Article (Article 89 of the Constitution) shall be filed within thirty days of the publication of the decision in 8 . Review of IEBC Boundaries Report Article 89(10) of the Constitution and paragraph 4 of the Fifth Schedule of the IEBC Act. addressing issues of new constituencies falling outside the population quota as provided for by Article 89(6) of the Constitution. and consider views received from the national assembly and revise accordingly before final print for publication in the Kenya Gazette. cities or sparsely populated areas or to new population figures.b) Subject to the Constitution. outlining specific geographical and demographical details . (iii) Be subject to the use of enumerated national census figures and not projected figures.6. prepare and publish a preliminary report outlining the proposed delimitation of boundaries of constituencies and wards. ii. Fifth Schedule Article 2(1) to:a) Use as its primary reference material. but at the same time ensure that such a process shall – (i) Take into account the privisions of Article 89(7)(b) of the Constitution that requires progressive efforts and not instant demographic equality of all towards attaining the population quota in each constituency and ward for the purposes of the first review. review the public representations received within fourteen days after receipt of recommendations. forward the revised report to Parliament. and b) Use as its secondary reference material the report of the Parliamentary Committee on the Report of the former Boundaries Commission (IIBRC). IEBC is restricted by the IEBC Act. In addressing the issues arising out of the first review. (ii) Not be subject to new definitions of urban areas.

5 Public Sensitization The principle of public participation and involvement is a running thread in the Constitution and the Commission is required by the IEBC Act to observe the principle of public participation and consultation with stakeholders in its processes.‖ 2.the Gazette and shall be heard and determined within three months of the date on which it is filed. Paragraph 6 of the Fifth Schedule of the IEBC Act requires the Commission to conduct public sensitization on the proposed boundaries for a period of thirty days. 9 .

393. National population = 38.610.CHAPTER III REVIEW OF INTERIM INDEPENDENT BOUNDARIES REVIEW COMMISSION REPORT 3. 2010.2 Determination of Constituencies by the IIBRC In embarking on the delimitation process IIBRC was guided by the provisions in the Constitution of Kenya 2010. 2. 2010. Article 89 and the 2009 Census data.1 Consultations with Stakeholders and the Public From the Report it is evident that IIBRC held consultations and Public Hearings with stakeholders throughout the country as per its mandate. However.26 290 40% greater than population quota for cities = 186. After 14th May 2010. not all Kenyans had a chance to read the IIBRC report and make their own views known.6 10 . This was followed by one hundred and six (106) public hearings in which 20. 3.610. Some Kenyans were in support of the Report while others were opposed to the recommendations in the Report. After the Report was presented to the Parliamentary Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs and Parliament it elicited intense public debate. the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the National Assembly dated 27th November.726 attended and. A total of one hundred and seventy (170) out of two hundred and ten (210) MPs and leaders attended the public hearingsThe hearings were characterized by oral and written Submissions.646 persons gave oral submissions to the Commission. Eight Provincial visits were held during which thousands of people were sensitized on the process.097 Popultion Quota = 38. the IIBRC continued to receive memoranda and held hearings with interested parties. This was done between 1st February and 14th May. IIBRC calculated the population quota based on a definition provided in Article 89(12) of the Constitution (2010).097 = 133. 3.138. 1.0 Introduction The Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission (IIBRC) presented a report titled “Delimitation of Constituencies and Recommendations on Local Authority Electoral Units and Administrative Boundaries for Districts and other Units” addressed to the President.

Of constituencies for North Eastern No.36 = 17 133.196.138 11 .310. of additional constituencies = 43 – 36= 7 V.84 = 17 186. of existing constituencies = 29 No. of existing constituencies = 21 No.757 No.757 = 17. of additional constituencies = 25 – 21= 4 III.138 No.743 = 32. Of constituencies for Eastern (Pop.369 No. of existing constituencies = 36 No.8 I.369 = 16.6 40% less than population quota for sparsely populated areas = 79.138.123 No.138 No.138 = 2.325.138. of additional constituencies = 17 – 11= 6 IV. quota) = 5. of existing constituencies = 8 No.307 = 24.393 No. of additional constituencies = 17 – 8= 9 II.079.743 No.383.30% greater than population quota for other areas = 173.123 = 42.668. North Eastern Province Population = 2. of existing constituencies = 11 No. Central Province Population = 4.307 No.882. Eastern Province Population = 5.310.57 = 43 133.98 = 25 133.325.668.383. Nairobi Province Population = 3.93 = 33 133. Coast Province Population = 3.4 30% less than population quota for other areas = 93. of additional constituencies = 33 – 29= 4 = 4. Of constituencies for Nairobi (40% limit) = 3. Of constituencies for Central No. Of constituencies for Coast = 3.

Of constituencies for Nyanza No.56 = 33 133. of additional constituencies = 41 – 32= 9 Option 1 PROVINCE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Nairobi Coast North Eastern Eastern Central Rift Valley Western Nyanza TOTAL CONSTITUENCIES Current No. Of constituencies for Western No.442. of existing constituencies = 32 No.334. Western Province Population = 4.138 = 4.711 No.VI. of existing constituencies = 24 No.805 No. of additional constituencies = 75 – 49= 26 VII. of additional constituencies = 33 – 24= 9 VIII. of existing constituencies = 49 No.006. Rift Valley Province Population = 10.711 = 40.006.334.16 = 75 133. Nyanza Province Population = 5.282 No.282 = 32.805 = 75.138 No.442. Of constituencies for Rift Valley = 10.88 = 41 133. Additional 8 9 21 4 11 6 36 7 29 4 49 26 24 9 32 9 210 74 = 5.138 Total 17 25 17 43 33 75 33 41 284 12 .

The allocation of constituencies in the Rift Valley was reduced by 1 because of its large number of constituencies.097 – 3.933 7.138) + 133.610. This gives a total of 291 constituencies. Nairobi being the only legal city. 13 .369) = 35. Dividing the remaining population by remaining Constituencies = (35.393 2.369/186. Subtracting the population of Nairobi from the national population: = (38.138.933 6. Subjecting the population of Nairobi to the population quota for cities then: = (3.138) = 186.471.728 4. Subtracting the 17 constituencies given to Nairobi from the 290 Constituencies: = (290-17) = 273 5. the population of Nairobi subjected to its population quota as follows: (40% x 133.138.728/273) = 129. Subjecting the remaining provinces to this quota: = Province Population (X)/129.471. Additional 8 9 21 5 11 7 36 8 29 5 49 27 24 9 32 10 210 80 Total 17 26 18 44 34 76 33 42 290 Option 1 above was then subjected to the scientific mathematical formula shown below: 1.Option 1 ** PROVINCE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Nairobi Coast North Eastern Eastern Central Rift Valley Western Nyanza TOTAL CONSTITUENCIES Current No.393) = 17 Constituencies 3.

393.196.004.9 581.097 290 133.315.079.75 79.882.Population KENYA Constituencies Av per Constituency Av -30% Av+30% Av -40% Av +40% 38.610.9 2.54 14 .315.57 Area (Sq.138.96 186.27 93. Km) 581.79 173.

0% 51.728 82.73 8 25. Nairobi Scientific Mathematical Formula on which Option 1** is based 26 129.620.74 3 3.9% 0.93 3 129.30 7 Population 695.8% 1.8 33.8 4.07 273 Population 35.892.4 Area 29 34 -999 -3.82 21 580.383.138.8 Area in sq km 333.6% 4205 5242 . 0 40.471.610 Population Constituency as whole number 184.89 6 -2037 -3.165. 1 129.3 69 4. 8 0 16. km 2. KENYA – Pop.1 Population/s q.93 4 127.93 3 128.515.61 0 Population Constituency as adopted Regional Av -1784 National Av -1.8 4 17 17 Total – Current Constituencies Constituencies as calculated Constituencies as whole number Constituencies as adopted Population/ 186.47 2 Deviation wrt Av less Nairobi Deviation from National Av 38.933.7% Deviation from National Av in % 1 Av per Const Constituencies Pop.2% Total – Current Constituenci es as calculated Constituenci es as whole Constituenci number es as Population/ adopted Constituenc y Population Constituenc y as whole Population number Constituenc y as adopted Regional Av National Av Deviation wrt Av less Nairobi Deviation from National Av Deviation from National Av in % 580.126. km 13.3 Serial Number Province Serial Number Province Nairo bi Coast Population 3.93 4 127.325.89 6 128.620.59 2 26 34 15 2 Central Area in sq km Population/sq.39 4 Constituency 184.

93 3 129.2 431.852.9% 1.3% 4317 4763 3550 1470 1. 6 61.006.82 1 128.35 8 273.1% -1.37 5 129.8 05 4.93 3 129. 8 202 27 4 273 0 0.01 5 33.1 36 11 32 49 24 43.88 9 77. 5 54.12 3 2.95 9 131.668.4% 580.3% 1.93 3 -1112 -1558 -345 1735 1409 0.2% 0.334.93 3 129.71 1 10.5 36.34 2 129.7 28 153.6 521.2% -3.613.0 183. 2 126.0 % 3205 -2.1% 1796 -3.0 0 44 18 42 77 33 44 18 42 76 33 129.9 18.82 1 128.37 5 129.58 8 131.93 3 129.66 8 131.309.58 8 129.4% 16 .404.34 2 129.78 4 41.6% -2.4 5 7 8 9 Eastern NorthEastern Nyanza Rift Valley Western Total 1 5.383. 5 8.62 3 17.620.7% -1.93 3 129.75 7 5.28 2 35.93 3 128.471. 4 12.45 9 128.310.442.

743 2.6.3 Data for Population for Constituencies as stipulated by IIBRC The use of the criteria specified in the Constitution by IIBRC resulted into the following different categories of the existing 210 constituencies. (ii) Constituencies that have a population below the lowest limit (79. 17 . (iii) Constituencies that have a population within the limits of the lowest and highest (79.6 for cities).383.&7) and Section 6 of the Constitution of Kenya.282 5.138.80 5 4.8 to 133.59 33.123 10.89 17 26 34 18 44 77* 33 42 291 17 26 34 18 44 76 33 42 290 Current Additional Constituenci Constituenci es es 8 21 29 11 36 49 24 32 210 9 5 5 7 8 27 9 10 80 Nairobi Coast Central N.138.78 43.84 25.882.138.26) for sparsely populated areas. *All the 290 constituencies being delimited according to this formula strictly meet the requirement of Article 89 (5.006.307 4.02 33.26) for sparsely populated areas. Eastern Eastern R.310.4) for other areas.369 3.Table of Delimitations Provinces Populati on 3.325.882. (iv) Constituencies that have a population above the National population quota (133.74 17.757 5.334.668.393.62 77. 3. These are:(i) Constituencies that have a population above the highest limits (186. (v) Constituencies that have a population above the highest limits (173.079.8) for sparsely populated areas.711 Constituenci Constituenci IIBRC es Fraction es Rounded Delimitati on 16.442.36 41. Valley Western Nyanza The result and summary of this analysis is captured in option 1** and the above Table of Delimitations.

Rongo. Msambweni. North Horr. Isiolo south. Mandera. Mandera. West lands. Saburu East Bura. Subukia. Kitui South. Kitui Central. Kaloleni. Naivasha.4 Other Areas . Bomachoge. Changamwe.138. North Mugirango Borabu. Lagdera.138. Kasipul Kabondo. Ndia. Manyatta. Kangundo. Mwingi South. Kitui west. Central Imenti. Laikipia West. Tigania West. Gichugu. Kabete. Kigumo.079. Galole.138. Dagoretti. Kiambaa. The constituencies under each of these categories are shown in Table 5 below: Table 5: Analysis of Population Quota Limits in Relation to Populations in the 210 Constituencies Population Quota limits Areas Cities Sparsely populated Sparsely Populated Sparsely Populated Name of 210 Constituencies Makadara. Nyeri Town. Dujis. Juja.6 to 133. Maragua. Loitokitok. Kipipiri. Likoni. Saboti. Bobasi. Lamu East. Igembe South. Kisumu Town East. Bahari. Kinangop. Karachuonyo. Voi. South Imenti. Nambale. Lugari. Kajiado Central. Mbooni.196. Kanduyi.6) for other areas. Kieni. Kinango.4 Other Areas Between 93. Turkana South.26 Above 173. Emuhaya. Narok North. Runyenjes. Gatanga. Nakuru Town. constituencies that have a population below the lowest limits (93. Laisamis. Magarini. North Imenti. Kamukunji. Belgut. Masinga. Turkana Central. Wajir North. Yatta. Kapenguria.(vi) Constituencies that have a population within the limits of the lowest and highest (93. Sirisia. Saburu West. Langata. Engwen. Kimilili.882. Garsen. Kandara. Embakasi. Tigania East. Eldoret South. Wajir West. Sotik. Malaba. Webuye.6 to 173. Mwala. Kwanza. Kitutu Chache. Cherangany. Turkana North. Eldoret East. Bomet.26) for sparsely populated areas. Ol-kalou. Kaiti. Narok South. Laikipia East.26 Above 133.196. Lurambi. Bumula.882. Mathira. Malindi. Wajir East. Mwatate. Nithi. Gachoka. Migori. Igembe North. Kathiani. 18 Above 186. Sigor.6 Below 79. Kuresoi. (vii) Lastly. Saku. Kirinyaga Central. Kajiado North. Kibwezi. Mandera Central. Wajir South. Ugenya.079. Eldoret North.8 to 133. Mwingi North. Kiharu. Kisauni. Strarehe. Ainamoi. Kacheliba. Makueni. Matuga Ganze.393. Tharaka. Mumias.196. Tinderet. Kilgoris. Kuria. Mutito. Machakos Town. Ijara. Amagoro. Moyale.8 Between 79. Mwea. Kipkelion. Fafi. Kitutu Masaba. Molo. Isiolo North.

Wundanyi 8. Chepalungu. a total of 27 constituencies were protected. Lamu west. Kangema.4 Protected Constituencies under Article 262 Section.657 12. Lamu East 5. Siakago. Nyatike. Vihiga. Mosop. Keiyo North. Matungu. Lamu West 6. . Sq. West Mugirango. Marakwet West. Mt. Ndhiwa. Kisumu Rural. Laisamis 19 Population 7 9. North Horr 11. Keiyo South. South Mugirango. (Source: IIBRC Report Table 1:210 Constituency Populations compared to the Population Quota) 3. Limuru. Voi NORTH EASTERN (NONE) EASTERN (6/27) 10.665 56. Lari. Butere.078 20. Below Other Areas Mvita.6 Ndaragwa. Konoin.196.504 4. Nyaribari Masaba. Mbita. Baringo Central. Wundanyi.796 1. Mogotio.502 65.266 75. Khwisero.698 67. Bura 4. Kasipul Kabondo. Uriri. Bundalangi. Bondo. Ikolomani. Bonchari. Baringo North. Aldai. Nyando. Mukurwe-ini. Rarieda. Baringo East. Butula. Muhoroni. Gem.458 38. 27(4) of the Constitution Out of the the 290 constituencies. Elgon. Galole 3. 93.205 702 1. Funyula. prescribed by the constitution.866 82. Buret. Hamisi. Kilome. Shinyalu. NAIROBI (NONE) COAST (9/27) 1. Gwasi. Taveta 7. Eldama Ravine. Tetu.021 71.735 60. Marakwet East. Funyula.513 89. Kisumu Town West. Mwatate 9. The protected constituencies were as follows: Table 2: Protected Constituencies 27 PROTECTED CONTITUENCIES Area km. Othaya. Rongai. Mathioya.663 4.841 82. Saku 12.873 10. Sabatia. Githunguri. Mvita 2.196 46. Nyaribari Chache. Karachuonyo.669 . Taveta. Gatundu North.545 18.348 74.Gatundu South.953 2.

Isiolo South 14. Kangema 21. Ndaragwa 17.817 777 630 80 81 84 85 91 92 113 120 122 131 166 178 934 418 600 180 260 262 10.749 73.988 88. Samburu East 23. Marakwet East 24.374 83. Othaya 19.715 60. Mogotio WESTERN (2/27) 26.616 66.959 91. Mathioya RIFT VALLEY (4/27) 22. Mukurweini 20.142 783 541 1.364 90 187 43.932 76. Keiyo North 25.723 20 . Budalangi NYANZA (NONE) 9. Tetu 18.13. Vihiga 27.035 87.219 59. Kilome CENTRAL (6/27) 16.626 78.094 78.118 89. Siakago 15.864 92.320 87.

Based on such issues and the requirements of the Constitution of Kenya 2010. procedures and principles guiding the public hearings were determined and published beforehand. Some of the issues cited included: (i) The determination of boundaries on the basis of three types of population quotas instead of one. the proposals presented in the Report elicited several reactions from county to county. IIBRC formulated a checklist of documents and materials. The public hearings promoted advocacy. It is through the public hearings that several issues concerning boundary delimitation were presented to IIBRC. Some critics fault the ―formula‖ applied and the resulting inequities. To ensure maximum benefit of the public hearings to the delivery of its mandate. However.was public hearings. The objectives. (ii) The use of regions and provinces as units of analysis (yet not provided in the Constitution). the public hearings afforded the IIBRC unrivalled opportunity on a nation-wide scale to engage in public information. In particular. awareness-raising and building consensus on the electoral reform process. 21 . and used verbatim audio-visual recordings of all the proceedings. 4. Other critics of the Report have cited lack of adequate consultation between IIBRC and the Kenyan public as the cause of their contest.0 Introduction The methodology of particular emphasis IIBRC employed in the first review relating to the delimitation of boundaries of constituencies and wards . (iv) The description of boundaries based on wards or sub-locations. IIBRC developed a Report “Delimitation of Constituencies and Recommendations on Local Authority Electoral Units and Administrative Boundaries for Districts and other Units”. This was like a tool that both facilitated consultation on its mandate and for gathering and compiling relevant information from the general public on matters of concern. civic education and receiving public views on issues related to its mandate.1 General Views on the IIBRC Report The delimitation process and criteria adopted by IIBRC has been subjected to debate with remarks pitted against the proposed constituencies. A Report from the Parliamentary Departmental Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs that was presented to parliament notably underscored several issues. (iii) The treatment of Cities and urban areas in a similar way (definition of cities not agreed on). provided for rapportuer‘s briefing notes and terms of reference.CHAPTER IV PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS. IIBRC PROPOSALS AND EMERGING ISSUES 4.that had proposals and maps indicating 80 new constituencies. (v) Inconsistency in the division of constituencies where some with large population were not split yet others with less population were split.

Mountain View Ward. . Parklands. special consideration for sparsely populated areas and qualitative factors such as geographical features and socio-economic factors. (iii) Kangemi constituency to comprise of the following 22 IIBRC Proposals Westlands Constituency Kangemi Ward.2. Pangani/Cemetery area and Safari Park.2 Public Views.1 Nairobi County (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on constituency boundaries Public Views 1. city park. uppere hill. Muthaiga. (ii) Highridge/Westlands constituency will comprise of the following wards: -Westlands. Similarly. Kangemi. Some experts on demographic issues have analyzed the IIBRC Report and noted that population limits are too tight to accommodate the wide variations in constituencies. In arriving at its review and variation of boundaries. Kenyatta market/Madaraka. Kileleshwa. Nairobi primary school. variations of constituencies in population and area. Kitisuru Ward. it appeared that the IIBRC had not undertaken consultations as required by the constitution (evidenced by the elicited intense public reaction following the gazettment of the boundaries). Latently. there are memorandums through which the public presented their suggestions and opinions. However. Proposals Related to Westlands Constituency  It was proposed that. 4. whether there was public consultation or not. and Mountain view ward. (vii) There was nullification census results in eight (8) constituencies yet no clarity on their delineation was stipulated. IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries and Emerging Issues 4. and (viii) Lastly. the argument brought forth was that the proposals on which each scenario that was used or applied in the delimiting of boundaries by IIBRC were never considered. Kilimani Ward and Kawangware Ward of Nairobi County. Lavington. Kawangware Constituency Katina Ward. the constituency to be split into three constituencies namely: (i) Kilimani constituency which will comprise of the following wards: Kilimani. Highridge. Parklands Ward. Karura forest. A number of inconsistencies emerge with regard to constituencies /legal limits and interpretation of the legal population limits. Kileleshwa Ward and Highridge Ward of Nairobi County.(vi) The creation or alteration of boundaries without taking into account geographical features and community interests. there are several documented evidences that indicate that there were public hearings that took place across the country. that there was no public participation.

Waithaka and Kabira Wards. Mugumoini.  It was also proposed that Westlands be divided along Waiyaki way and again along ring road Westlands and down to St Xaviers‘s Catholic Church to yield 3 constituencies. Ngando Ward. Gichagi. Kenyatta Golf Course Ward. Kibera constituency on the east will comprise of Woodley. Kabiro. . Githembe. the constituency to be split into three constituencies namely: 1. Kirigu. Sarango’mbe Ward.South C. (iii) Waithaka constituency will comprise of Ruthimitu. (ii) Riruta Constituency will comprise of Ngando. Kenyatta and Golf course wards. Mutuini. Proposals related to Dagoretti Constituency  Proposed that. and 3. Karen Ward and Langata Ward of Nairobi County. 2. Lindi. Loresho. and the boundary be defined from Posta Jamhuri-Ngong road-KBC transmission station near Ngong road to institute of primate research linking Mbagathi river to Karen and Hardy estates. Makina.golfcourse constituency and it will comprise of Woodley ward and Kenyatta/golfcourse wards It was also proposed that the constituency to be split into two 23 Dagoretti Constituency Uthiru-Ruthimitu Ward. 2. the constituency to be split into three constituencies namely: (i) Kenyatta Constituency will comprise of Woodley. Proposals related to Langata Constituency It was proposed that. the constituency be split into two constituencies namely: (i) Dagoreti South Constituency (ii) Dagoreti North Constituency  The proposal was that.national park . Ayany. Ward and Lindi Ward of Nairobi County. Sarango‘mbe. Uthiru. Woodley Ward. Nairobi West Ward. 3. Gatina. Kinyanjui. proposed Bomas and South C wards. Kitisuru. Langata. Kawangware and Kamitha Wards. Karen. Upper parklands. Kanungaga. and the boundary be defined as running from railways bridge off Naivasha road to Nairobi Jamhuri show ground to Ngong river dividing Kibera and Otiende to Nairobi Dam-AP‘s camp to Nyayo roundabout back to railway bridge off Naivasha road. Woodley/Kenyatta. Kibra Constituency Makina Ward. KIA/Spring Valley and Waruku. Laini Saba and golf course wards. Langata constituency on the west to comprise of Nairobi west. Laini Sabaa. Waithaka Ward and Riruta Ward of Nairobi County Karen-Langata Constituency Mugumo-ini Ward.wards: Kangemi Central. Mutuini Ward.Wilson airport Nairobi West . Mountain view ward.

Thome. impala club. Korogocho wards covering an area of 29.  Kibra South constituency and the boundary starts from railway bridge at Mbagathi road on the north and goes along railway line upto railway bridge at Ngong road near posta sports club. Kariobangi light industry and Roysambu Ward.2 km2. Roysambu and Garden Estate wards covering an area of 33. Secondly. From the east starts from Mbagathi railway bridge upto city mortuary roundabout. Kenya science teachers college. on the south starts at the railway bridge at the Ngong road then passes along the railway line upto the bridge at the Mbagathi road.  Nubian community as a minority group in Kibera requested a constituency to be created 4. and (iii) Kahawa constituency. Adams arcade. Githurai Ward. Kahawa constituency to comprise of Kahawa West. metrological up to the railway bridge. (ii) Mathare constituency.but with different naming:  Kibra North constituency and the boundary will start from city mortuary roundabout on the north and goes on along Ngong road then pass Uchumi hyper. Githurai. Maziwa. Ngomongo.  Kasarani Constituency Njiru Ward. Kahawa Ward of Nairobi County. Babadogo.8 km2. Mathare constituency to comprise of Mathare 4A/Utalii. the constituency to be sub-divided into three constituencies namely: (i) Kasarani constituency. Kariobangi. Mwiki. Kariobangi and wards covering an area of 29. kungu karumba road upto kibera drive at Rowland camp to polo road and Jamuhuri road upto railway bridge at Ngong road.   Kasarani constituency to comprise of Kasarani. Proposals related to Kasarani Constituency  It was proposed that. Ruai Ward. Mwiki Ward and KasaraniWard of Nairobi County. it was also proposed that. Roysambu Constituency Mathare North. Zimmerman. Lucky Summer.6 km2. the constituency be split 24 . On the east is from railway bridge at Mbagathi road upto Mbagathi roundabout at Langata road and along Langata road upto to mukinduri road at Langata police station and from the west is from Langata police station along forest edge road.

Huruma and Mathare Ward. pangani and ziwani wards. Hospital(new). b) Mathare Constituency will cover the following wards: Mathare Constituency Mathare. Ngei(new). Mabatini. Proposals related to Embakazi Constituency It was proposed that. Central West(new). ngara west. (iii) Nairobi central constituency 6.Imara Daima and Kwa Njenga Ward of Nairobi County 25 . Mathare 4A . Gitathuru river up to Kiambu road then Muthaiga Ward of Nairobi County. constituencies namely: Pumwani Ward. Ngara West Ward and Ngara East Ward of a) Starehe Constituency will cover the following wards: Nairobi County. and (iv) Kasarani constituency to comprise of Kasarani. Babadogo. Huruma Ward. Uhuru highway up to the Korogocho Ward. 5. (ii) Mathare constituency to comprise of mathare. forest Ruaraka Constituency road. Pumwani road. Proposals related to Starehe Constituency Starehe Constituency Proposals that starehe constituency be split into two Central Ward. Maziwa. the constituency to be split into three Embakasi Constituency constituencies namely: 1. Utalii Ward and Babadogo station. then back to Haile Sellasie avenue. Mathare North. Digo road. I . Zimmerman. (i) Githurai constituency. Central East. starehe be split into three constituencies namely::(i) Starehe constituency to comprise of ngara east. Muranga road up to Mathare river down to Muratina road up to Juja road and then back to Outering road. kiamako and mathare north wards. Meru road. then HQs.into two constituencies using Thika road as the boundary right from Muthaiga roundabout up to Githurai roundabout. Githurai. Njiru constituency will cover the vast from Dandora. Kariokor Ward. and the boundary will run from Outering Kia Maiko Ward and Mabatini road. (ii) Kasarani constituency. mabatini. Utalii.  It was also proposed that alternatively. Kiamaiko wards. museum hill roundabout. Roysambu and Garden Estate wards. Pangani road roundabout. Ngara East. Mathare North railway bridge then using railway boundary up to railway Ward. and the boundary will run from Muranga road. Mathare river up to Muranga road. Thome. Muratina road. Kariobangi and Korogocho wards. Ward of Nairobi County. huruma. central. (iii) Githurai constituency to comprise of Kahawa West. Kariokor and Pangani (new) wards. Mwiki. Ngara West. roundabout.

it was propsed that. Further. Umoja 2. 3. Utawala. Dandora Area I Ward. proposed Mukuru Kwa Reuben. Savannah. Dandora Area II Ward. . b) Nairobi South constituency to comprise of Hazina. Viwandani Ward. Embakasi constituency will cover Kwa Njenga.  That. Savanna Ward North.  The existing boundaries in the administrative units should remain and be used as the boundaries for the proposed subdivisions of the constituency and Likoni road should be the boundary of the two constituencies. Nairobi South. Dandora 4. the constituency to be split into four constituencies namely: 1. Mbotela Ward and Makongeni Ward of Nairobi County. Kwa County Njenga and Imara Daima Wards. Kariobangi Constituency Kariobangi North Ward. Umoja II Ward. Imara Daima. Kamukunji Constituency Eastleigh North Ward. 4. Umoja constituency will constitute Umoja 1. 7. Ofafa Ward. Dandora Area III Ward and Dandora Area IV Ward of Nairobi County. Tassia and Kamulu wards. Kayole central wards. Kayole south. Dandora Nairobi County. Kayole Embakasi Ward. 2. Kariobangi South Ward and Harambee Ward of Nairobi County. Saika and Ngondo wards. however Njiru and Embakasi shall border by Kangundo road after leaving Kayole at Ngong river after Njiru. and Mihango Wards. Kayole constituency will cover Umoja I. Proposals related to Kamukunji Constituency  Option 1 The constituency be split into three constituencies namely: 26 Umoja Constituency Umoja I Ward. proposed Soweto. 2.Lumumba Ward. Makadara Constituency Nairobi South Ward. viwandani and Harambee wards. Kayole North. Mihango Constituency Njiru constituency will constitute Njiru. Dandora 3. Proposals related to Makadara constituency  The constituency be split into two constituencies namely:a) Makadara/Viwandani constituency to comprise of South B. Ruai. proposed Mowlem. Lumumba. Njiru and Ruai wards. Kayole South and Komarock Wards. Makongeni and Kaloleni wards. Maringo. Kayole North Ward and Kayole South Ward of Dandora constituency will constitute Dandora 1. and Kamarock wards. Hamza. Kariobangi south wards. Savannah. Kimathi Ward. Njiru and Ngong river for Kayole and Embakasi. Hamza.IV wards. Umoja II. the three constituencies have there natural boundaries of Kangundo road for Kayole. Airport and Mihango wards. Land Mawe Ward. Pipeline. Land Mawe. Kayole Constituency Komarock Ward. 2. Eastleigh South Ward. 8. Kariobangi South. and Mihango Ward of Nairobi Embakasi constituency will constitute Embakasi. 3. Mbotela.

a) Eastleigh/Pumwani constituency to comprise of the following wards: Pumwani. Carlifonia. Eastleigh North and Eastleigh Airbase wards.  Option 2 The constituency be split into two constituencies namely. Uhuru (ii) Pumwani constituency and Ward and Air Base Ward of (iii) Kamukunji constituency Nairobi County. Uhuru.(i) Eastleigh constituency. Muthurwa-Shauri Moyo. b) Kamukunji constituency to comprise Kumukunji. Muthurwa. 27 . bondeni. Kimathi and Bahati wards. Shauri Moyo. Eastliegh South.

As concerns Dagoretti Constituency. (iii) Community of interest. (ii) Not all interested parties were consulted. Economical and cultural ties were closely scrutinized. It was alleged that the residents are opposed to the name ‗Kawangware‘ for the new constituency as it doesn‘t represent the will of the people and the area‘s history.(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Nairobi County (iii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) It emerged that the use of the population Quota and other parameters has given this county the appropriate number of constituencies that is. the names of some wards and boundaries need to be changed or preserved to upload community wishes. Historical. The constituency should have been split into five 28 . More so. it emerged that:The population quota was not well used in the sub-division of the constituency. It also emerged that not all interested parties were consulted. and (iv) That the people also desire to retain Woodley ward in Dagoretti instead of moving it to Kibra Constituency. In relation to Embakasi constituency. it is under represented and needs an one more addition of constituency. Historical. 17. The Community of interest. it emerged that:(i) since Nairobi is highly populated. Economical and Cultural Ties were not observed in the drawing the boundaries.

Kongowea Constituency (Follow Kongowea Boundary). Mikindani Ward and Kwa Shee Ward 2.Portreitz Ward. Jomvu Constituency Jomvu Kuu Ward. it was proposed that: Kisauni Constituency Mjambere Ward. 4. Junda Ward. Proposals related to Changamwe Constituency  It was propsed that Changamwe constituency be split into two: o Changamwe Constituency (current) . Kipevu Ward. Ward. 1. Iritini Ward. Likoni Ward.constituencies using the formula of quota + maximum deviation per constituency.393 people per constituency.2. 3. Airport Ward and Changamwe Ward. Kisauni Constituency will comprise of the remaining part of the current Kisauni Constituency. and divide the wards as proposed by the leaders and constituents. Timbwani Ward and Shika Adabu Ward of Mombasa County. Kongowea Ward of connecting to Sheikh Abdalla Farsy Avenue to coast and Mombasa County. ii. Proposals related to Likoni Constituency  It was proposed that Likoni Constituency Remain as it is currently. and Miritini Ward of Mombasa County. Frere Town Ward. turn right along Kisauni road connecting back with Jomo Kenyatta Avenue going down to Digo road moving straight down Nyerere avenue upto Likoni ferry bus terminus. Bamburi constituency (Follow Bamburi Division Boundary). Nyali-Mkomani Kenyatta Avenue upto Ronald Ngala Road Junction (77) Ward. Changamwe o Jomvu constituency comprising of : Jomvu kuu Ward. 29 . Kipevu/chaani Ward. Kisauni Constituency (Follow Kisauni Division Boundary). hence giving 186. Proposals related Kisauni Constituency  The following 2 proposals were presented. Mzizima Constituency – Boundary right from the Shanzu Ward. and Mikindani Ward of Mombasa County. Mwakirunge Ward and Bamburi Ward of Mombasa County  Nyali Constituency i. Airport Ward. iii. first: i. island part of the Makupa causeway starting from Jomo Maweni Ward.2 Mombasa County (i) Public Views Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals Changamwe Constituency Port Reitz Ward. Magongo Ward. Likoni Constituency Mtongwe Ward. Secondly. ii. Bofu Ward.

Mvita Constituency Ward. King‟orani 2. Mji wa and Ganjoni Ward of Mombasa kale. Mji Wa Kale constituency Ward. Proposals related to Mvita constituency Mvita Constituency The first proposal was to split the constituency (Island) into Tudor Estate Ward. Tononoka 1. 30 . Makadara Ward. Majengo Ward. Tononoka. Makadara. though the proposed names were not given.4. Tudor four ward. Mwembe Tayari. The second proposal was to plit the constituency into 3 as Bondeni Ward. Shimanzi Ward. Old Town. County. Mwembe Tayari Ward. Majengo  No specific names of these three constituencies were given. King‘orani  Constituency 3: Bondeni. Tudor Four two as indicated below: Ward. Mji wa Kaleindicated. Kizingo Ward  Constituency 1: Kizingo. Shimanzi ward.  Constituency 2: Tudor Estate ward.

31 . the distribution of new constituencies is skewed. Thus.(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Mombasa County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) It emerged out that Mombasa county has 939. Mombasa as part of the coast region has been marginalized and needs to be protected.370 people but only 2 constituencies were created. with less given to areas with high populations.

Prosposals given related to Msambweni Constituency The proposal was to split the Constituency into two as indicated below:  Msambweni Constituency ( from River Mwachema to River Ramisi). Mwavumbo Ward. Kwale Ward of Kwale County Kinango Constituency Mackinnon Ward. Kasemeni-Sega Ward. Mangawani. Proposals related to Matunga Constituency Proposed to create two constituencies: Matuga Constituency starting near Likoni upto Lunga Lunga. Waa.Kinango Constituency and Samburu Constituency. Lukore. Mwamgunga Ward. Kilimangondo and Mwena wards Mackinon Road Ward should remain as part of Kinango District/Constiuency in the county council of Kwale and should NOT be moved to Voi municipality. Vanga. Mangawani Ward. Mwaluvanga and Mashimoni. Vuga Ward.(it should include Msambweni. Chengoni Ward. Mkongani to be division Tiribe. Proposals Related to Kinango Constituency Two proposals given: Maintain Status quo. Ziwani Ward. Ukunda. or  Divide Kinango Constituency into two:. Kinango Ward. Taru Ward. NgoliniVyongwani Ward. Ndavaya Ward. Simba and Golini to be Matuga Constituency. Mbuguni. Samburu Ward. Kinondo. Kingwende-Shirazi. Matuga Constituency Mwalupamba Ward. Kikoneni Ward.  Kubo constituency comprising Maluwamba. Puma 32 . 2.2. Kikoneni. Gombato. But if Simba and Golini is taken to Kubo Constituency it won‘t be fine for the residents. Mazumalume Ward. Msambweni Ward. Makamini Ward. Kasemeni West Ward. 3. Another proposal was that Kubo be divided into Ng‘ombeni. Mkomba and Msangani.(i) Public Views 4. Vigurungani Ward.3 Kwale County Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals IIBRC Proposals Msambweni Constituency Gombato-Bongwe Ward. Mwena Ward and Kilima-Ngondo Ward and Dzombo Ward of Kwale County. Tiwi. Kasemeni. Mkongani. Dzombo. Ward and PongweKidimu Ward of Kwale County. Mkongani Ward. Mbuguni Ng’ombeni Ward. Mvumoni. Waa Ward and Tiwi Ward. Kingwede shirazi wards). Mtaa Ward. Ukunda Ward. Kinondo Ward. 1.  Lunga Lunga Constituency (River Ramisi to Tanzania border) – to comprise of Pongwe Kidimu. Kubo South Ward. Lunga Lunga Constituency Vanga Ward. Mivumoni Ward.

Gandini Ward. Mwatate Ward and Kasemeni East Ward of Kwale County.Ward. 33 . (ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Kwale County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) No major issue was raised against the IIBRC proposals.

Ziani Ward. Proposal 4: Split Bahari into.4 Kilifi County Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on constituency boundaries IIBRC Proposals Kilifi Constituency Matsangoni Ward. Shimo La Tewa. Ngala Ward. Kibarani Ward. Mtepeni. Ziani/Ngombeni. Shauri Moyo-Takaungu Ward. Chasimba. Mwarakaya Ward. Chasimba Locations. Matsangoni Locations. and Chonyi Division-Mwarakaya. Mwarakaya. Junju South. Mavueni-Mkongani Ward. Kilifi west . Mwambe Kati. c) Kilifi North . Kilifi south . Ngerenya Location.will cover. 3. Proposal 1: Split Bahari constituency into Bahari and Kikambala/Chonyi constituencies.  Kikambala: To include the rest of the of Kikambala and Chonyi divisions Proposal 3: 1. Dzitsoni. Ziani. Chasimba Ward.2. Kijipwa. Junju.will cover Bandara Salama. 1. Mnarani Locations. Tezo Location. 34 Kilifi South Constituency Mnarani Ward. Bahari .will cover Kilifi Town. Mavueni/ stretch from Mbogolo River all the way to Matsangoni. Proposals related to Bahari Constituency Six proposals came up from the presentations. Roka Ward. Mtondia. Mtepeni Locations.Will Be Based on Kikambala Division comprising of the Following Locations. Ngerenya. Mtepeni Ward. Shimo la Tewa Ward of Kilifi County. Hospital-Sokoni Ward of Kilifi County. Matsangoni Location. Junju North Locations. Ziani. Pingilikani/Kadzinuni. 1. a) Kilifi South . Proposal 5. Kilifi north .will cover Mtwapa. 2. Ngerenya Ward.will be made of Kibarani Division. Junju Bandara Salama.will be comprised of Mbogolo DivisionTakaungu. Proposal 2:  Bahari . Tezo. Bahari South . b) Kilifi Central. Junju North Ward.(i) Public Views 4. Junju South Ward. Takaungu/Mavueni. Manrani. Mwarakaya.Mavueni/Mkongani Locations 2. Roka. Kilifi Township. Roka Location. . Chasimba.will cover Mtwapa. Kanamai Ward.

Ngala. Proposal related to Malindi Constituency Malindi Constituency Proposal 1: Chakama Ward. Ganda-Mkaomoto Proposal 2: Ward. jaribuni. Gede North Ward. 3. Proposals related to Ganze Constituency Ganze Constituency Mitanganyi Ward. Ndigiria.Hospital/Sokoni. and in Mwahera location. Bamba Ward. Vyambani. Proposals realted to Kaloleni Constituency Kaloleni . Ngerenya. Bamba. Kibarani/Majaoni. Bandari. Mwanamwinga. Vitengeni Ward. Mtsara wa tsatsu. Rabai Part Ward and Mwaweza Ward of Kilifi County. Kaliang‟ombe Ward. Mariakani Ward and Mwanawinga Mariakani . palakumi. Malimo Ward. Kayafungo Ward. And Konjora Loctions and Roka Divisions. Dungicha. Roka. Mwahera. Kambe. Mrima Wa Ward. Gede Ward. Ruruma Ward. Jibana. And Kayafungo Locations. Ribe. Ganze. Gede South Ward. Palakumi Ward of Kilifi County. Vitengeni. Kaloleni.would comprise of the following locations Ward of Kilifi County. Maweni Ward. Ribe Ward. Dungicha The following proposal was presented:Ganze Ward. Mitangoni. 4. Lango Baya Ward. namely. Kambe Ward. a) Vitengeni Constituency . Chumani. Kaloleni North Ward. Matsangoni locations. Split the current Ganze constituency into.  Solution of disputes in Kauma Jaribuni wards. Constituency and Galana Constituencies. Ndege. Mugumo-waPatsa Ward.would comprise of the following locations namely. Mwanamwinga. locations. be retained in Ganze composed of Kauma. Mitangoni locations. Proosal 6: Split Bahari constituency into 1) Kilifi North and 2) Kilifi South Constituencies 2. Kaloleni South Ward. 35 . Jibana. Kambe. Mrima wa Ndege Kauma-Jaribuni Ward. b) Ganze constituency . Kaloleni. Mwahera Ward. Jibana Ward. Ribe.will cover the following Sokoke Ward. and Watamu Town Ward. Rabai Constituency Kawala Ward. and Kayafungo Locations. Kaloleni Constituency Kaloleni 13 Tsangatsini Ward.  Proposed to split Malindi constituency into Malindi Madunguni Ward. Jilore Ward.  That the Jaribuni ward. Sokoke and Ndigiria-Bandari Ward and Dida Locations and.

Malindi Central Ward. Magarini West Ward. 5. Magarini Constituency Adu Ward. Malindi and Galana constituency. Garashi Ward. Marafa Ward. Fundi-Issa Ward. Galana Constituency. Proposal related to Magarini Constituency (i) No proposals were presented. Magarini Constituency  The residents wanted the constituency split into two. ii. Gongoni Ward. Magarini East Ward and Marereni Ward of Kilifi County. Bungale Ward. There was however a variation in the naming of the wards. Dagamra Ward.e. Merge the Malindi and Magarini constituencies then split them into:i.  Another option was to merge the existing two constituencies i. Malindi constituency. 36 . and iii. Shella Ward. Kijiwetanga Ward and Barani Ward of Kilifi County. Malindi North Ward. Malindi and Magarini then split them into three constituencies.

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Kilifi County 37 .

Comprised of Mbalambala and Nanighi Mbalambala ward of Tana River Divisions District. (i) Bura . Salama(i) Chaffa constituency. Kilelengwani. Proposal 2: (i) Split Galole Constituency to create Wenje Constituency 3. Sala ward. Proposals related to Garsen Constituency It was proposed that Garsen constituency be split into: Garsen Constituency Kipini East ward. Chewani-Kiarukungu ward. Proposals related to Galole Constituency Proposal 1: (i) Hive parts of Galole and Garsen Constituencies to create a new one as indicated below: (ii) Proposed Gale Dertu Constituency: To cover all areas on the western part of Galole and Assa. Kipini West ward. and Garsen Central ward. Saka ward. 4. Ndera ward. Gwano ward.(ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) No major emerging issue came as concerns the IIBRC boundary proposals and names for the new constituencies. Waldena ward. . 38 Galole Constituency Zubaki-Mikinduni ward. Garsen South (ii) Garsen constituency ward of Tana River County. Assa ward. Nanighi ward.Comprised of Hirimani Divisions Bangale ward. Chifiri. Milalulu ward. Wayu ward. Kamaguru ward. Waldena. kalikacha Locations of Garsen Constituency. Bilisa ward. Wayu. Bura ward.5 Tana River County (i) Public Views Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals 1. Proposals related to Bura Constituency Split the Constituency into two as indicated below: Bura Constituency Chewele ward. Ndura ward.2. Chifiri Ward. Madogo South Proposals 1: ward.Comprised of Galiai. and Kinakomba ward of Tana River County. All locations to be granted their electoral autonomy 2. Hirimani ward. and (ii) Madogo . Kipao and Mwina ward. Shirikisho ward.

(ii) (iii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Tana River County Emerging Issues (According to the JLA Report) No major issue was raised as concerns the proposed boundaries by IIBRC for the Tana River County. Nanighi. 2. Kiangwi. Proposals related to Lamu West Constituency Lamu West Constituency Hindi-Magogoni Ward.Include Kililana. Lamu East constituency.2. Sendeni. Hongwe Ward. Mkononi.Include Kisiwa cha Pate. Kiongwe Proposal 1: Ward. Baasuba . Kiunga. Barani constituency. 4. Mvunduni. Proposals related to Lamu East Constituency Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals Lamu East Constituency Faza-Tchundwa Ward. MkomaniThe status quo be maintained i. Madogo. Barigoni. Boundary between Bura and Madogo Constituencies to start from Mbalambala to Chwele following the existing divisional and Locational boundaries. Mangai.Comprised of Hirimani. Central Ward. Rubu. ii. and Ward of Lamu County. Shella Manda Ward.Comprised of Bura. Bangale Kamaguru Locations) (iii) Bura . It was proposed that two constituencies be created: Siyu-Pate Ward. Mbalambala Locations. Support quest for sisterconstituencies of Garsen and Galole to be split. 39 . Ward.e boundaries remain as they are Matondoni Ward.6 Lamu County (i) Public Views 1. Mapenya Ward. Magogoni. Kizingitini West i. Kiunga Ward and Basuba ndau and Kiwayuu. Marereni.Proposal 2: Split into two as follows: (ii) Duresa . Milimani. Mokowe Ward. currently. Langoni Ward. Ishakani upto Somali boarder. Ndau Ward.

Dide Waride Ward and Witu Ward of Lamu County. Baharini Ward. (ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Lamu County 40 .Cover Hindu and the proposed Langoni and Mkomani Divisions  Lamu west constituency – Cover Witu. Mpeketoni and the proposed Mkunumbi divisions Proposed the creation of a special ward in Lamu Couty council for the marginalized Boni Minority ethnic community. Ndununi. It is proposed Boni ward should be created for Boni Bajuni Mkunumbi Ward.Proposal 2: Split Lamu West constituency into:  Lamu Central constituency. It should include Bargoni.

Kighononyi Ward. Werugha Ward. Makajini. 4. Mwatate Stage. Ngolia Ward. Vigegu kwa Kena ya mwafuali. Ron‟ge Kati Ward. Nanak quarry. Voi South Ward.S. Ronge Nyika water intake.2. Ronge (To follow. Mwafungu S. Sagala  Split Voi constituency to form Voi Town Ward. Peleleza road. Secondly that Community of interest. and ii. Kungu. Proposals related to Wundanyi constituency  No Proposals submitted Wundanyi constituency Wundanyi Ward. 3. Mwatate Ward. Mboghoni Ward.7 Taita Taveta County Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals Taveta Constituency Chala-Njukini Ward. Chawia mruru. (i) Public Views 4. Proposals related to Taveta Constituency  No proposals on the electoral boundaries given 2. kwa mwakishalua. Voi. Taveta North Ward. Ward of Taita-Taveta County. Voi constituency and West Ward. Kirutai Ward and Marungu Voi constituency. Mbale Ward. Voi North East Ward. Ingoja ng‘ombe. Mwatate. Maktau Ward and Mwachabo Ward of TaitaTaveta County. kanisa Morice. Economic and cultural ties were not considered in the first review and lastly that these areas are difficulty to access.(ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) Issues that came up were general in nature referring to all islands in the Indian Ocean and Lake Victoria. Mwatate Constituency Bura Ward. historical. Estate. Proposal 2  Split Voi constituency to form Voi 41 Town . Voi Central Ward. Mahoo Ward and Mata Ward of Taita-Taveta County. Proposals related to voi Constituency Voi Constituency Proposal 1. Chawia-Kishamba Ward. Rong‟e Juu Ward. Voi River. mwatate S. Zungula Juu. mnyichi Kishamba mbumbunyi. Mgeno. Mbololo Ward. 1. Wumingu-Kishushe Ward. Kasigau Ward. Mwakishalua. Kirutai. ngerenyi. Taveta South Ward. It was argued that Geographical features are spread out in large areas separated by water bodies. and Mwanda-Mghange Ward of TaitaTaveta County. Proposals related to Mwatate Constituency  The proposal was to split the Constituency into two as indicated below: i. Kitobo-Kimorigho Ward.

Split Voi constituency to: a) Taita central b) Taita East New Tausa constituency to be curved from Tausa and Mwambirwa (from Voi constituency and Mwatete division of Mwatate constituency and Paranga which is in Wundanyi Constituency. Maungu. Proposal 3  constituency to form Voi west constituency to comprise of Mwambirwa and Tausa Divisions and parts of Rong‘e Kati proceeding from Mtito Andei based on the 1963 cover area of Voi municipal jurisdiction including Kirutai. and Kasiagu. through Voi Municipality up to Tsavo National Park at Sala Gate. and Split Voi Voi East Constituency to comprise of Parts of Voi Municipality and Sagalla. going west to Ngulia Safari lodge. Voi central. and Voi North East ward Voi Rural ConstituencyCover Mbololo. Remain as it is  Proposal 4  Proposal 5  Proposal 6  42 . Voi west. Ngalia. Southwards up to MtwaMwagoti following Msau River.

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Taita Taveta County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) No major issue emerged as a result of the proposals presented by IIBRC in the first review. 43 .

Garrisa Couty Council. Welmerer. Stadium ward. Hagardera. Stadium ward. Balambala Constituency Balambala ward. Market ward. 2. Korkora. Proposals Related to Dujis Constituency Four proposals were made as follows: i).4. Sambul-Garissa Municipal. Jarajilla ward and Saka ward of Garissa County. Bulla ward. Wards for proposed Garissa central constituencies:Biashara ward. Kamuthe. Garissa Ndogo. Shimbirey ward.Garissa County Council. Proposals Related to Lagdera Constituency 44 Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals Dujis Constituency Biashara ward. Mansabubu. Lagdera Constituency . Danyere ward. Nanighi. Korkora wards. Danyere ward. Market ward. Bouralgi and ward. (v) Sambul ward to be calved from Stadium ward. ii). Korakora Division and Sankuri Division On the wards. To split the constituency plit into two. (iii) Wards for Garisaa South : Garissa Municipal Council.8 Garissa County (i) Public Views 1. Jarajilla ii). Stadium. (vi) Maendeleo ward Added to Garissa Municipal Council. (iv) Garissa Municipal Council. Danyere division and the proposed Saka Division. Saka ward. the following proposals were made. Jamuhuri ward. while the former Dujis constituency will be comprised of Central Division which includes Garissa Municipality. i). To split Dujis into Garissa Town (or south) and Balambala constituency and for Balambala constituency to be composed of balambala division. Sambul ward. To split Dujis into Dujis and Garissa North Constituencies iii). Wards for Garissa North: Garissa MunicipalMarket ward. Mashambani ward. Bura. Garissa County Council. Saka ward. Balambala ward.2. Sankuri ward. Galmagalla. Danyere. Jamhuri ward. Bulla ward.Garissa County Council-Boralgi. Yumbis. Kora kora ward. Mashambani ward. Bullagolol. Shimbireye ward. To split Dujis into Garissa and Garissa South Constituencies iv). Sankuri/Raya ward. Bor‘algi. Shimbireye. warabe. Jamhuri ward. Fafi. Garissa Ndogo. Biashara ward. Balambala Ward.Sankuri. Bulla ward. Kamuthe. Dujis and Garissa Central Constituencies. Mashambani.

Create Nanighi. Jarajilla ward. Dertu. Dujis and Fafi constituencies to 45 . viii).Comprised of Madogashe. Abakaile ward. Lagdera constituency to be split into:Lagdera East constituency. ward. including the centres of Boulargy. Saka. Eldere. Modogashe i). Dagahaley. Dertu ward. Gurufa and Dujis constituency. Damajale locations and Kumahumato ward. Maalim ward.Kulan Liboi. Benane Locations Dagahley ward. Mbalambala and Danyere divisions for the new Garissa district. Mansabubu. Nanighi ward.Tokojo. ii). Garissa stretching from the left flank of Garissa bridge.B. Baraki. Goreale. Proposals Related to Fafi Constituency Fafi Constituency Two proposals were made : i). korakora and join with Jarajila) iii). ii). Bura. Fafi Constituency: Hive off half of central division of ward. Damajale ward and Liboi ard of Garissa County. Labisigale. To split the Constituency into two Fafi and Jarajilla Mansabubu ward. Have the eastern bank of the Tana River stretching from Korakora to Garasweinow be part of the planned Dagega district/constituency. Garissa Constituency: Eastern bank of the tana stretching from the right flank of Garissa bridge to Danyere be part of new Garissa Constituency/district Create Garissa.Two proposals were made : Benane ward. Dagega Constituency: To cover Galmagalla Division and the vast Bura. 3. iv). Alango Arba. Daadab Constituency Kumahumato. Abakile. Wellmarere three constituencies as follows: Hagardere ward. Galmagala constituencies. Sankuri. centres to the right of Kismayu road. Maalimin. Bulagololl Ward. v). Baraki ward and ShantaAbak ward. ward. Dadaab. vii). Have the eastern bank of the Tanariver stretching from Garissa bridge to KoraKora to be part of Fafi. vi). Galmagalla and Bulla golol divisions for the new Dagega District. Bura ward. Lagdera constituency to be split into:Lagdera constituency ward. Dadaab Lagdera West constituency. To re-define the larger Garissa district to come up with ward. Ilan. ix). Boundaries between Lagdera.Comprised of Garufa. Make the River Tana to the west of Fafi constituency the border for Tana River district. all Yumbis ward and Fafi ward. Labisigale ward. N.

Masalani division. the Formula used to come up with protected constituency was 46 . Bothai. Galma Galla and Amuma Divisions. Niqha.000 in an area of 11. should have warranted a extra constituency. Sangole ward. Sakar. Ananoto. c) Dujis Constituency An observation was made that IIBRC did not take into account the geographical features in the constituency. It was also observed that the boundary between North Eastern province and Coast province need to be addressed. Elkabore location. handaro ward. Ijara. Ruqa Adhal and parts of Amuma currently under Fafi constituency but originally were under Ijara. Warsame. b) Fafi Constituency An issue was raised concerning the boundaries between Fafi and Ijara. Ruqa division and Kotile division upto Wema location ii). entire Bodhai division upto the Boni forest and parts of Jarajilla. in order to promote peace. Korisa ward. Ijara ward. the Geographical features such as a major river running through the constituency was not considered.  Sangailu constituency which will constitute of Hulugho. Gababa. The population of 92. (ii) (iii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Garisa County Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) Ijara Constituency Masalani ward. The big clans each have a constituency while small clans have only one between them. Sangilu ward. And lastly. Ruqa ward. entire Sangailu division and Songole location. Kotile ward. Further. The constituency to be split into two constituencies namely. Proposals Related to Ijara Constituency Two proposals were made : i).be clearly demarcated. a) Ijara Constituency It was observed that there was discrimination of small clans. The constituency to be split into two constituencies namely:  Ijara constituency has the existing constituency which will constitute Garasweinow. It was claimed that the historical ties of Abdulla community were ignored. Further there is a minority group (the Boni and Abdulla) who have no representation. Galmagalla. Hulugho Constituency comprising of Hulugho division. Hadhi up to Daresaalam location. Hulughop ward and Hadi ward. Masalani and Kotile divisions.323 sq Km. Ijara Constituency comprising of Ijara division. There was concern over means of communication with poor road network in the constituency. Ijara South ward.

Bute Ward. Batalu ward (Follow Butala location wards)Bute – to cover Bute. Tulatula Ward. To split Wajir North to Eldas constituency and Wajir North constituency  On the wards. Wagalla Ward.Ademasajida Ward. To split Wajir North to Buna constituency and Bute constituency iii). Gurar. ii). Korondille Ward. cover Gurar location. Anole and Elnur 47 Wajir West Constituency Griftu Part (Griftu Township. Proposals Related to Wajir North Constituency  Three proposals were made : i). vii).to cover Buna and Malkaggufu.termed as unclear. For the Constituency to remain the same ii). iii).2. Godoma Ward and Gurara Ward. Commission did not use all parameters provide in Article 89 of the Constitution. Ajawa Ward. Lensayu. Lensayu Ward. Boji Heri-Garse Ward. viii). cover Ogorji. It only applied the population quota.Fatuma Nur and Kurman Locations)Ward.Griftu Constituency comprising of Griftu and Arbajahan and Eldas constituency comprising of Eldas. Hadado Ward. Adadi Jole. v). vi). Ingirir-to cover Ingirir. Split Wajir West Constituency to Hadado constituency – comprising of Hadado and Adamasajida divisions. Arbjahan Ward and Athibohol Ward. and Walensatutu.Cover Lensayu and Lakoole 2. Ogorji. Danaba ward. ii).to over cover Ajawa location. Logbogol North Ward.9 Wajir County Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals Wajir North Constituency Buna Ward. Split Wajir West Constituency to Eldas constituency(maintain the current Eldas district boundaries) and Wajir West constituency (maintain the current Wajir West district District boundaries). 1. (i) Public Views 4. Proposals Related to Wajir West Constituency  Two proposals were made : i). Garsaakey and Chibder. cover Danaba and Qudama locations. Eldas Constituency . Batalu ward. the following proposals were made: i). and Makutano. Ganyure Ward. Korondille. Bute Goda. iv). North Eastern Province did not have a protected constituency. Danaba.

Dambas Ward. ◦ Halane – Comprising Halane and Godade location. Sarman and Kutulo division.Comprising of Tarbaj. ◦ Ali Maow Comprising Maow and Hodhan location. Mathow wards. Aden Dela Ward. Lakoley South Ward. Subdivision of Wagalla to Wagalla Central and North. El Nur Ward and Basir Ward of Wajir County. ◦ Mansa ward consisting of Mansa and Ogoralle locations. Wajir. Bojiyare 3. Mansa. 48 .  Ward Proposals Reinstate the following wards Lolakuta North. Proposals Related to Wajir East Constituency Wajir East Constituency It was proposed t split Wajir East Constituency into:  Tarbaj constituency. Creation of Jira. and ◦ Gunana wards. Elmi sub location. Garse. ◦ Airport – Comprising of Maalim salat.Griftu Part (Balatul Amin. Shanta Abaq. Eldas Ward. Wajir pri and sec sch. Griftu central. and (ii) Wajir Central Constituency comprising of Central Division. Bor and Khorof Divisions. Awale. The following wards were proposed under this proposal. Baji. Boji Heri. Griftu Township.Ward. Biad and El Yunis Locations) Ward.Consisting of Ogoralle and Bur Mayo division Tarbaji Constituency Tarbaj Ward. Kukale wards. and Wajir Bor Ward and Khorof-Harar  Wajir East Constituency. Wagberi ward.Constiting of Gunana and Burmayo locations It was also prposed to split wajir East Constituency into: (i) Wajir East Constituency comprising of the entire Mansa division. ◦ Kotulo wards consisting of Kotulo and Boji Garas locations. Barmish. Kutulo division and Tarbaj divisions. Sarman Ward Elben Ward.Comprising of Central.Consisting of Elben and Mansa locations and Ogoralle ward. Wargadud Ward and Lafaley Ward of Wajir County. Wajir –Bor division and Khorof Harar divisions And the following wards were proposed under this option: Elben ward. Township Ward. Ministry of water camp and Wajir district Hospital. Barwako Ward. ◦ Wajir air port. Jogbaru Ward.

4. Sabule. Sabule Ward. Burder CentralLelehey. Dilmanyale Ward. Ndege Ward. Benane divisions and Wajir South constituency which will constitute Diif. Kursi. Macheza. Wajir-Bor South. Sarif. Salel Maa. Diif Ward. Wajir-Bor South and Kulaaley divisions. Benane Ward and Dadaja Bulla Ward.locations. Meri. Kulaaley Ward. Abakore Ward. Hambalash. Shalekey.  The following wards to be created: Burder West. Dagahley. Argani. Kibilai Ward. Burder East. Lag-Boghol South Ward. Ibrahim Ure Ward. Habaswein Township Wajir South Constituency Burder Ward. 49 . Proposals Related to Wajir South Constituency  The constituency to be split into two constituencies namely: Habaswein constituency to be created out of the current constituency and it will constitute of Habaswein. Tesorie. Gerilley.

and lastly. the use of projected population was disputed.(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Wajir County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) a) Wajir South Constituency. The emerging issues were: first that the means of communication in the constituency should have be considered. Second that Geographical expanse of the constituency should have been taken into account. 50 . Third. sparsely populated and urban areas were not defined by IIBRC.

b) Wajir East It emerged that the expanse of the constituency was not considered. Banisa West. the Census results were used. shantoley. Malkamari Ward and Guba Ward  Proposed Wards to be be created: of Mandera County. orgowein. Second.2. Gither ward and Dandu Ward. Takaba South  The constituency to be split into two to produce: (i) Mandera North constituency to be curved out from the Ward. current Mandera central and . 51 Banisa Constituency Mandera South Constituency   . tulla doday. choroqo. Proposals Related to Mandera West Constituency Mandera West Constituency Takaba North Ward. Ward. Elwak South Degodia. Kiliwehuri. Malkamari and Ashabito divisions. Kutulo North Central constituency. Malka Mari. Shirshir Rhamu Dimtu. Qalaqalesa. Keliwe Hiri Ward. kubi. security and literacy levels key issues necessitating a split. and Ward. Murule and Gareh communities. Eymole Ward. towfig. Wargadud Ward Part (Wargadud Town. garsey. Shimbir Fatuma Ward. 2. (ii) Mandera West –will comprise of the current RhamuBanisa Ward. boundaries of the 2 districts in the current Mandera Fincharo Ward. Ward. and lastly. Derkale North. dimtu. poor food South of Mandera County. Wargadud East Proposed constituency boundaries to follow the Locations). gofa. 4. Guticha Ward. Malkamari Divisions). hullow. Eymole. Ashabito. makaruqu. Ward. Ashabito Ward. Yabicho Ward Rhamu Dimtu  Split the Constituency into two:(i) Mandera North Constituency (To cover Rhamu. Derkale Ward. Proposals Related to Mandera Central Constituency Mandera North Constituency Proposal made:Rhamu Ward. Girissa Ward. kalicha. Goljo. Lulis . Marothile Ward. sarman. Ola Ward and Wargadud (ii) Mandera Central Constituency (To cover Kutulo. Guba. Derkale South.10 Mandera County (i) Public Views Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals 1. Ward Part (Quramadow location) of Mandera County. Elwak and Shimbir Fatuma Divisions)  Proposed Mandera North constituency to cater for the Elwak North Ward. Kutulo Ward and Kutulo Infrastructural conditions. Poor health care. Minority of interest was not taken into consideration.

takaba. Bulla Jamhuria Proposal 1.  Mandera North will be composed of the following divisions. Hareri Hosle Ward. Kutulo. Jilaow location. Shimbir Fatuma. Elwak. Dasheng Wante Ward). Qalaanqaleesa. Kalalio Ward. libahiya.  Khalalio constituency Proposal 5  Create Dawa Constituency 52 .Mandera County. Warankara Ward. ◦ Mandera East constituencies Mandera east constituency Libehia Ward.  Daua constituency will have central mandera. Lafey Constituency Alango Ward.and kiliwe Hirri divisions. and Khalalio divisions. Rhmu. Burabor Ward. Finno.(iii) All the memoranda analyzed propose the creation of Mandera North Constituency as a matter of urgency and utmost necessity. Fino Ward and Sala Ward of Mandera County. Lebehia division. Lafey Ward. Waranqara.  Mandera east will be composed of the following divisions lafey.will be based on Lafey Division. Garba Goley Warankara Division. Split Mandera East Constituency into:  Mandera central will be comprised of the following divisions. Shafshefy ◦ Lafey constituency .  Mandera West will be comprised of the following divisions. Wargadud. Ward. Barwako Ward. Proposal 2. Neboi Ward. Aressa Ward. Elwak Boru Hache Road as its southern boundary from Elwak. Bella Ward. Proposals related to Mandera East Constituency Mandera East Constituency Several Proposals given:Bulla Mpya Ward. Central division. Wargadud Ward. Proposal 3 Split mandera east into Lafey  Lafey constituency boundary will be Rhamu-Elwak road on the western side from Dumiga Der to Elwak Town. Sala Location. and  Banisa constituency will consist of banissa malkamari. hareri. Rhamu Dimtu. Ashabito. on the eastern side will be the Somali border. Ward. Township Split Mandera East constituency into:Ward.1 Ward. Dandu. Fino Location. B. Gather. hareri Ward. Hareri will be based on Khalalio division. Arabia location and Omar. and Arabia Ward of division.P. Ward.

53 .The proposed Dawa constituency is to be curved from the Existing Mandera East Constituency and Khalalio and Central Divisions of Mandera East district.

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Mandera County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) 54 .

Uran Walda-Rawana Ward. Ririba ward.There was need for more constituencies based on geographical features. The boundaries of the above constituencies should follow ward. Heillu ward. ward. Ileret ward. Manyatta ward. 000 sq km). Bubisa ward.11 Marsabit County (i) Public Views 1. Turbi ward. Godoma ward. Balesa ward. 2.000 sq km) Proposal 2. and c) Chalbi West (comprising of North Horr Division and kalacha location of Maikona division covering an area of 13. Galas Ward.2. Split the Constituency into two as indicated below: a) North Horr (Comprising of North Horr and Dukana Divisions).000 sq km. Odda ward. 4. North Horr Ward. Dabel ward. Proposals related to North Horr Constituency Proposal 1. Butinye ward. Dambala – Fachana ward and Moyale ward of Marsabit County. Maikona ward and Kalacha ward of Marsabit County. Proposals related to Moyale Constituency (i) Split the constituency into 2 as follows:  Moyale Constituency  Sololo Constituency Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals Moyale Constituency Galole ward.) b) Chalbi North (Comprising Dukana diviwsion and Hurri Hills Location of Maikona division covering an area of 14. Nana ward. . Split the Constituency into three as indicated below: a) Chalbi East (to comprise of Turbi Division and Maikona Location covering an area of 13. Sololo Makutano ward. Bori ward. Sololo their current respective district boundaries. Gurumesa ward. b) Chalbi East (Comprising Maikona and Torbi Divisions) 55 North Horr Constituency Dukana ward. Hurri Hills ward.

Balah wards (ii) (iii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Marsabit County Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) a) Moyale It emerged that the population figures used to delineate were unreliable. It was alleged that IIBRC failed to define sparsely populated. b) North Horr The constituency is the largest in the country in terms of size but has a population of only 75.596. Loiyangalani ward. Kargi. Kargi. South horr. Ngurunit ward and Merille ward of b) Hafare/Loiyangalani constituency. Korr. Proposals related to Saku Constituency  Curve some Locations from neighbouring North Horr and Laisamis to add on the small sized Saku Constituency  Rename the constituency to MARSABIT constituency Saku Constituency Mountain ward. Jarime ward and Qilta ward of Marsabit County. Split of Laisamis constituency to: a) Marsabit South constituency. Laisamis. Merille amd ngurunit. Ngurunit ilaut and Lontolio wards b) Marsabit west constituency. Mt. the use of projected population in determining boundaries was disputed since at the time of the census most people had migrated to Somalia (sic) to look for pasture. a) Laisamis Constituency. South Horr ward. Dirib-Gombo ward. And lastly. Proposal 2.Comprise of Korr. Sagante ward. Split of Laisamis constituency: Laisamis ward. Logologo ward. The means of communication in the region is poor and was not taken into consideration in the first review. Kulal ward. Dakabaricha ward. 4.Comprised of Marsabit County. Kulal and Loiyangalani. The means of communication should have been considered in the delimitation. urban areas and cities. Laisamis. Korr ward.3. Mt.Comprise of Merille. Kulal. Karare ward. Proposals related to Laisamis Constituency Laisamis Constituency Proposal 1. South Horr and Loiyangalani locations. Logologo. 56 . the population deviation used is too low for a sparsely populated area. Lastly.Comprised of Loglogo.

Oldonyiro divisions and the proposed Ngaremara Divison. East. Bulesa ward. there are insufficient wards in Laisamis and the neighboring constituencies. There were unfair census results that were used to determine the population yet some people were not reached due to poor road network. a) Isiolo North or Merti Constituency with its HQ at Merti and to encompass the Shaba Game reserve. The constituency to comprise of Central. of Isiolo County. Kinna Rapsu ward. Ngare Mara ward. it will separate communities who have lived in here for a long time and know no other place. Malkadaka Garbatulla ward. Oldonyiro ward and Kipsing ward. Proposals related to Isiolo North Constituency Proposal 1. Lastly. Burat ward. The community of interest was not considered. Bisano-Biliqo ward. Proposal 2 57 Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals Isiolo North Constituency Yamicha ward. Kiwanjani ward. Proposal 2 Isiolo North Constituency be divided into 2. Sericho and Eresaboru ward of ward. Korbesa ward. b) Isiolo Central Constituency with its HQ in Isiolo town and to comprise of Buffallo-Springs game reserve.12 Isiolo County (i) Public Views 1. ward Isiolo . Proposals related to Isiolo South Constituency a) Requested the split of Isiolo South on the basis that the Boranas have been marginalised for a long time. a) It was proposed that Isiolo North should remain intact. ward. Isiolo West ward. The constituency shall comprise of Cherab Merti and Proposed Kom divisions. Bula Pesa ward. Merti ward. though the population is not large enough. Isiolo South Constituency Kula Mawe ward. Odha ward Wabera ward. Garfarsa Madogashe ward. b) But should it be divided. ward.2. Malka Galla ward. 4.c) Laisamis The expansiveness of the constituency was not taken into consideration. 2.

Amuathi II ward and 58 . (ii) (ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Isiolo County County. Giteretu ward. b) Sericho constituencies. 2. Proposals related to Igembe North Constituency Igembe North Constituency It was proposed that it should be split to get 2 more Antuambui ward. b) Igembe Central Constituencies. Athiru Gaiti. Antubetwe Kiongo ward. Kangeta and Kiengu divisions will be Central constituency while the other Kanuni. Public Views 1. Ntunenene ward. Giteretu-Achenge Ward. 4. Kanuni. Naathu ward. Maua South ward. Stadium ward. b) Igembe West Constituencies That igembe west will cover Kangeta and Kiengu divisions. Kangeta ward Akirang’ondu ward. Akachiu. Athiru Rujine ward and Kawiru of Meru County. Athiru Gaiti divisions.Split Isiolo south into:a) Isiolo South (Rename Isiolo South to Garbatulla)and. will constituency.13 Meru County (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals Igembe South Constituency Kiegoi ward. constituencies or at worst 1. Maua North ward. Maili Tatu Ward. four divisions-Maua. while the proposed Igembe South Constituency will cover. Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) No major emerging issues. Proposals related to Igembe South Constituency Proposal 1: Split the constituency into:a) Igembe South and. form Igembe south Igembe Central Constituency Igembe East ward. Akachu. Igembe South ward and Igembe the basis for Igembe South East ward of Meru County. Maua.2. Njia ward. Proposal 2: Split igembe South into:a) Igembe South and. Maua East ward. Igembe South West ward.

. Buuri Ward. Kianjai ward. Naathi. Proposals related to Tigania West Constituency a) All the wards should revert to the old wards before Tigania West Constituency the 2002 general election. Thinyaine-Nchoro ward. Merge Tigania West and Tigania East and curve out an extra constituency Proposal 2. Antuambui. Kigucwa Ward. Proposal 1. Proposals related to Tigania East Constituency a) Create a new consituency on the strength of expansiveness of the constituency and high population.Proposal 1: Split igembe North Constituency into a) Laare Constituency and. Ntunene Athiru Ruujine and Kawiru Locations. Kawiru locations). 59 Tigania East Constituency Muthara Ward. Antuambui. Ndoleli division (Athiru rujine. AthwanaRwanda ward. Ntunene locations). 4. Nkomo ward. Ndoleli division (Luciutu. That the proposed Igembe Central Constituency will comprise of Akirang‘ondu. Karama Ward. b) Igembe Central constituencies That the proposed Igembe North Constituency will be comprised of Kabachi. 3. Mutuati constituency will comprise of Mutuati Division (Kabachi and Naathu Locations). and Luciuti Locations. Mikinduri West Ward and Thangatha Ward of Meru County. Split igembe North into:a) Igembe North and. Mituntu ward. Kitheo ward and Mbeu ward of Meru County. Mikinduri East Ward. Ankamia Ward. A/Kiongo Locations) Proposal 2. b) Mutuati constituency That the proposed Laare constituency will comprise of Laare Division (Akirang‘ondu. Amuathi I ward of Meru County.

thangatha. Ntima. Nthimbiri Part ward. Ntugi ward. Naari ward. Proposal 3. Milimani ward. Ruiri ward. Kirimaara. ngusishi and kisima Divisions. Stadium ward. and meru municipality divisions. Rwareera divisions and c) Buuri west will comprise of Ontulili. Commercial ward. a) Imenti North constituency will cover Nyaki. Buuri East and Buuri West constituencies. North imenti and Buuri constituency Proposal 4. Muthara. Kitheo. Ntakira Part ward. Kaaga ward. Kigucwa. Nthimbiri Part ward. Hospital ward and Mwendatu ward of Meru County. Ngakurumune ward. Akithi. Option 1: Split Imenti North constituency into.Tigania constituency to be split into: a) Tigania North constituency. Mbeu. Ankamia. Central ward. Mikinduri East wards b) Tigania West constituencyComprise Mikinduri west. Timau. b) Tigania East constituency – Tigania central and Tigania East divisions Proposal 3. Karama. Split North Imenti into:-Imenti North.Comprise Mituntu. Kiirua.Comprise Karama and Tigania North(Muthara) divisions. Giaki ward. Tigania East and West boundaries to be adjusted to create: a) Tigania East constituency. Cathedral ward. 60 North Imenti Constituency Thuura ward. Kirimara ward. Proposals related to North Imenti Constituency Proposal 1. c) Tigania central constituency. . b) Buuri east will cover naari. Uringu. ruiri. Rwanda/Athwana 5. Chugu ward. Buuri Constituency Kibirichia ward. Proposal 2. Kiirua ward. Kianjai. Kisima ward and Ontulili wards of Meru County.Comprise Buuri. Create Buuri Constituency a) That Buuri constituency follows the boundary of the newly created Buuri district. a) North Imenti and.

b) Ruguru constituencies. c) Meru Urban(Municipality) Option 2 a) Buuri b) Imenti North as per present boundary 6. b) Meru central east constituency Former former 7. Kiagu. Proposals related to Central Imenti Constituency Central Imenti Constituency It was proposed that since the population was high. Abothuguchi East. Proposals related to South Imenti Constituency Split the Constituency into two as indicated below: 61 South Imenti Constituency Mitunguu ward. Kiija (to be delineated from from current Kiagu division). b) Buuri. Gatimbi ward. it Kiagu ward. . Katheri ward. and Mwangathia ward of Meru Proposed that Imenti central to be split to: County.Comprised Abothuguchi central. Imenti central to be split to: a) Meru central west constituency and. Proposal 3. Proposal 5 Option 1 a) Imenti North. Mikumbune ward. Uruku ward. Kibaranyaki ward. Kithirune should be split. ward. a) Abothuguchi East Constituency. b) Abothuguchi west constituencyAbothuguchi west division. b) Gaiti (Comprised of the current North Imenti Constituency. Kariene ward Proposal 1. Option 2: Split the constituency into:a) Ruguru (composed of Buuri East and West Districts) and. a) Abothuguchi East constituencyAbothuguchi East division. b) Central Imenti constituency Proposal 2.

Kinoro-Kianjogu ward. Igoki ward.a) Nkuene Constituency ( Comprising Nkuene & Mitunguu Divisions). (ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Meru County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) Imenti North. Mweru ward. The consultation was not all inclusive. Abogeta ward. Interested parties were not consulted widely hence moving to wards from central Imenti to the newly created Buuri Constituency. Kanyakine ward. Igoji East and Igoji West. Some of the wards are not named correctly. Kathera ward. Kithangari ward and Igoji ward of Meru County. Karia ward. and b) South Imenti Constituency (Abogeta West. 62 . Abogeta East. This was against the community‘s wish.

Mwoge Ward. Proposal 1. Chuka Constituency: Comprising of Chuka and Mariani Divisions 3. Murugi East Ward. Magumoni constituency: Comprising of magumoni and Mwonge divisions 4. Kiraru Ward.972. Ganga. Igambang’ombe constituency: Comprising of Igambangombe Division 2. Proposals related to Nithi Constiuency  Nithi Constituency is the largest constituency in Eastern Province as per the 2007 registered voters with 123. Muthambi Ward. Meru South Constituency: Comprising of Magumoni. .(i) Public Views 4. Proposal 3.14 Tharaka Nithi Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals Nithi Constituency 1. Githarene Ward. Maara Constituency: Comprising of Mwimbi. Kiera Ward. Muiru West Ward. Chuka East Ward. Chuka Constituency: comprising of 63 Maara Constiuency Chogoria Ward. Kiang’ondu Ward. Ganga Divisions. Murugi West Ward. 2. below: 1. Muthambi Constituency: Comprising of Muthambi and Mitheru divisions Mwimbi Constituency: Comprising of Mwimbi. Mugirirwa West Ward. Chuka. Thuita Ward. Maara Ward. Muthambi. Mugirirwa East Ward. Kamwinbi Ward. Chogoria. Split the Constituency into five as indicated below: 1. Mariani and Igambang‘ombe Divisions. Muiru East Ward.2. Mwonge. Kithangani-Mariani Ward and Kajuki Ward of Split the Constituency into two as indicated Tharaka–Nithi County. Igambangombe Constituency: Comprising of Igambangombe 2. Split the Constituency into three as indicated below: 1. Chogoria and Mitheru divisions Proposal 2. Ganga Ward. Mukuuni Ward. Gitije ward and Mitheru Ward of Tharaka-Nithi County.

Maara Constituency: comprising of Mwimbi. Maragwa Ward. 3. Proposals related to Tharaka Constiuency  Proposal tp create three constituencies because the people of tharaka are highly marginalised and oppressed by their neighbours. Mwonge and Mariani Divisions. Nkondi Ward. 64 . Split Tharaka constituency to  North Tharaka constituency . Gatwe Ward. and  South Tharaka constituency – Follow south Tharaka district boundaries Tharaka Constiuency Thiiti Ward. Chogoria and Mitheru Divisions 2. chukka. Tuyai Ward.Follow North Tharaka district boundaries. Gakurungu Ward. Kajoro Ward.Magumoni. Kathangachini Ward. Marimannti Ward. Ganga. Muthambi. Gikingo Ward.Tungi Ward. Mwanyani Ward. Chakariga Ward and Kamaragi-Kamanyaki Ward of Tharaka-Nithi County. Turima Ward.

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Tharaka Nithi County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) 65 .

Kieni Ward. Riakanau Ward and Makima Ward of Embu County. Mbeti South Ward. Proposals related to Gachoka Constituency  No major proposals Gachoka Constituency Kiambere Ward. Matakari Ward. Blue Valley Ward. Kithimu Ward. Proposals related to Manyatta Constituency  No major proposals Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals Manyatta Constituency Ngandori Ward. Karaba Ward. Muminji Ward and Gituguri Ward of Embu County. Ndurumori Ward. North Ward. Kagaari North East Kagaari North West Runyenjes Central Ward. 66 . Njukiri Ward.4. Nthawa Ward. Kiangombe Ward. Proposals related to Runyenjes Constituency  No major proposals Runyenjes Constituency Nthangaiya Ward. Kangaru Ward and Itabua Ward of Embu County. 2.15 Embu County (i) Public Views 1. Gaturi Ward. North Ward. Ward. Embu 3. Nginda Ward. Ruguru Ward. 4.2. Gaturi South Ward. Kamiu Ward. Proposals related to Siakago Constituency  No major proposals Siakago Constituency Ishiara Ward. Kianjiru Ward. Kieni Urban Karurumo-Kigumo Ward of County. Mavuria Ward. Majengo Ward. Kanyuambora Ward.

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Embu County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) 67 .

Nzauni Ward. Proposals related to Kitui West Constituency Spilt the constituency into two constituencies: Kitui North. Kalitini Ward Kyome Ward. 2. Tharaka Mwingi North and name it Mwingi Central. Kalimani-Matinyani-Mutulu Ward. Kimangau Ward. Mwingi Central. Mui Ward. Kivani-Kauwi Ward. Proposals related to Mwingi North Constituency Mwingi North Constituency Option 1 Ward. Tseikuru. Kyuso-Kamuwongo Ward and Mitamisyi Ward of Kitui County. Kyethani-Kyomo Ward. Nguni Ward. 3.2. (i) Public Views 4. Ukasi Ward. Kanzanzu Ward. Mwingi-Ithumbi Ward. Proposals related to Mwingi South Constituency  Convert all the 6 districts into constituencies:. Migwani Ward. Thitani Ward. Kitui West Constituency Kakeani-Mutonguni Ward. Enziu-Kivou Ward.No major emerging issues.  Curve a third constituency from Mwingi South and Tseikuru-Musavani Masyungwa Ward. Mumoni. Ngomeni Ward. Kithumula-Kauma Ward and Kwa Vonza Ward Yatta of Kitui County. Kwa-Mutonga-Kathivo Ward. Ward. Nguutani Ward. and of Kitui County. KatheMtanda-Nguuku Ward. Mwingi Central Constituency Waita-Endui Ward. Kanthungu Ward. Nuu Ward. 68 .Kyuso. KakuyuMkonga Ward. Kavuvwani Ward and Mbuvu Ward of Kitui County.16 Kitui County Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals 1. Mwingi East. Mivukoni Ward. Katalwa-Nzeluni Ward. Mwigwani Mwingi South Constituency Wingemi Ward. Mutyangome Ward. and  Lower Yatta. KatutuMutunda Ward.

Kitui South Constituency Ikanga Ward. Kanyangi Ward. Mulango Ward. YattaNtonguni Ward. Kisasi Ward. MwitikaKyamatu Ward. Athi Ward. Proposals related to Kitui Central Constituency Proposed to split into three: Kitui Central  Mulango  Kisasi 5. Kyangwithya West Ward. Mutito Constituency Kyanika Ward. Thua-NzagathiIthumula Ward. Maluma-Kalivu Ward. Maliku-Itoleka Ward. Mbitini Ward and Mbusiyani Ward of Kitui County 4. Sombe Ward. Proposals related to Mutito Constituency Proposals presented requested for a split to form two constituencies: Nzambani  Mtito 6.Kitui Rural Constituency Itoleka-Katulani Ward. Kanziku-Simisi Ward. Proposals related to Kitui South Constituency Proposed to split into two: Ikutha Constituency  Mutomo Constituency Kitui Central Constituency Township Ward. Miambani Ward. Kiseuni Ward. Malalani-Endau Ward. 69 . Mutito-Kaliku Ward and Voo Ward of Kitui County. Kyatune Ward. Mutha-Ndakani Ward. Mutomo-Kibwea Ward. Mathima Ward and IkuthaKasala Ward of Kitui County. MusengoUsiani Ward. Kaveta Ward and Kyangwithya East Ward of Kitui County.

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Kitui County 70 .

the constituency should be categorized as sparsely populated since the population density is 13 people/sq with a population of 166. Based on the Population Quota. Kangundo East Ward and Kangundo West Ward expansiveness. Proposals related to Kangundo Constituency Kangundo Constituency  Split Kangundo into 2 due to high population and Kangundo North Ward. Mavoloni Ward.17 Machakos County Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals Masinga Constituency Masinga Ward. Matungulu Constituency Matungulu Constituency Matungulu North Ward. Kithyoko Ward.  Form Yatta Constituency and Katangi Constituency.2. Mwingi Central was created in the middle of Mwingi South. Ikombe Ward. b) Mwingi South The Means of communication are poor in the constituency. Mananja Ward.  This should create Kangundo Constituency and of Machakos County. The Means of communication are poor and this is characterized by a poor road network due to historical neglect and vastness of the area. Consultations with all interested parties were not adequately done. Kyua Ward of Machakos County. Proposals related to Masinga Constituency  Requested a new constituency to be curved out of Masinga to take care of Ndithini Division. Proposals related to Kathiani Constituency 71 Kathiani Constituency Mitaboni Ward. Katangi Ward. Ndithini Ward and Muthesyia Ward of Machakos County. 1. 4.544sq. 3.Kakuumini-Central Ward. .(ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) a) Kitui South The area is vast and covers 12.  Create Masinga constituency and Ndithini constituency 2. A new constituency. Kivaa Ward. EkalakalaIkatini Ward. Katulani-Kaluluini Ward. (i) Public Views 4. Kinyaata Ward. Kithimani Ward. Kithendu Ward. Yatta Constituency Ndalani Ward. The boundaries need to be redrawn per the residents‘ views. Matungulu West Ward and Matungulu East Ward of Machakos County. Mathunya Ward. Proposals related to Yatta Constituency  Split Yatta into two due to its expansive nature and thus bring services closer to the people. Kangonde Ward.050. leaving two portions of Mwingi without a means of communication from the rest.

then form Mwala Constituency Mwala Constituency Mbiuni Ward. Kimutwa Ward. Kathama Ward. Proposals related to Mwala Constituency  Mwala may not qualify to be split and can wait for the next review. Sophia-Kenya Meat Ward. Mutituni Ward. and Yathui Constituency 72 . Proposals related to Machakos Town Constituency Option 1  Split into two with the boundary being Mwania River up to Kyanzaasu to the East and Kapiti ranch along the railwayline to the west to form Machakos and Kalama Machakos Town Constituency Kalama-Kiyangala Ward. Makadara Ward. Yathui Ward and Ikalaasa Ward of Machakos County.Muumbuni South Ward. Vyulya Ward. Muthetheni Ward.  Mavoko Constituency Athi River North Ward. Mumbuni North Ward.Iveti influx of land buyers from neighbouring Nairobi. Makutano-Mango Ward. Kibauni Ward. boundary can be the Komarocks road. if it split. Option 2  Split into two to form Machakos Town South and Eastleigh Ward and Muvuti Ward of Machakos County. Mwala Ward. Mjini Ward. Kiima-Kimwe Ward. Ngelani Ward. Kaewa Ward. Kinanie-Mathatani Ward and Muthwani Ward of Machakos County. Machakos Town north Constituencies. Create Kathiani and Athi River Constituency. Constituency Katheka Kai Ward. 5. Industrial-Station Ward. The residents of Mwala however stated that they do not want any part of Mwala to be taken to any other constituency. Miu Ward. 6. Wamunyu Ward.MuumanduKola Ward. Mua Ward. The Ward and Kaani Ward of Machakos County.  Alternatively. To be split into two citing high population growth and Kathiani Ward. Masii Ward. Katani Ward.

Kiteta Ward. Mukaa Ward. Kilome Constituency Kasikeu-Mumela Ward. 2. Kalanzoni-Kiima Kiu Ward.2. Kyuu-Nzeveni Ward. Kithungo-Kitundu Ward .Comprise Kisau .Kako Ward.Mbooni and Tulimani divisions. 73 .Mutitu-Uthiuni Ward. Proposals related to Kilome Constituency  It was proposed that that it remains as it is now Mbooni Constituency Tulimani Ward. Waia Ward. o Mbooni west.Kalawani Ward of Makueni County.18 Makueni County Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals 1. (i) Public Views 4. Kalawa division and proposed Kako location.(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Machakos County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) No major issues emerged from the IIBRC Report and recommendations. Proposals related to Mbooni Constituency  Split Mbooni constituency to: o Mbooni east.

nzaui. kikumini. Muvau Ward. Proposals related to Kibwezi Constituency Option 1 The constituency to be split into two constituencies namely:  Makindu constituency will constitute makindu district with makindu. Kinyambu Option 2 Ward Kikumbulyu South Ward. Mtito  Kibwezi west constituency to cover the old Andei West Ward. 2. Ivingonimakindu. Nzauni constituency which will cover the upper region comprising of the current nzaui district and will cover the following wards mbitini. Kibwezi West Constituency Twaandu-Kiboko Ward. Proposals related to Makueni Constituency The constituency to be split into three constituencies namely: 1. kalamba. Mtito Andei Ward. and kinyambu areas. kilili.Kiou Ward and Kitaingo Ward of Makueni County. Watema-Kee-Kivani Ward. Kee. MulalaEmali Ward. Makueni Constituency Mavindini Ward. kambi mawe wards. kyemundu. and Masumba Ward of Makueni County. mulala. Makueni constituency will cover the lower region comprising of kathonzweni district and wote division and will cover the following wards wote. nguumo. Manguu constituency which will constitute makindu division of kibwezi constituency and nguu division of makueni constituency and its centre will be in makindu town. 5. Nguumo Ward. Mtito Andei East Ward. Nb: the boundary should follow the current administrative units‘ boundaries between the two districts Kaiti Constituency Kithembe Ward. ikangavya wards. The constituency to be split into three constituencies namely: Kikumbulyu North Ward. kikumbulyu. muvau. Nguu Ward. Nzaui-Kilili Ward. email. Kanthuni-Kithuki Ward. Kathonzweni Ward Kikumini Ward. machinery and mtito andei divisions. KithumbaKalamba ward.  Kaiti constituency to cover Kaiti. Kikoko Ward and Kilungu-Ilima Ward of Makueni County. Kibwezi East Constituency Masongaleni Ward. Wote Ward. Wote And Mumbuni divisions 4. 74 . 3. nziu and the proposed Mumbuni. muuni and kavete divisions  Kibwezi constituency will constitute kibwezi district with kibwezi. Kaumoni Ward. nguu and the proposed Wolwa. 3. the constituency to be split into two constituencies namely:  Kilungu constituency to cover Kithembe. Mbitini Ward. mwaani. Kilungu And Ilima divisions. Ukia-Iuani Ward. Mbuvo-Kitise Ward and Nziu Ward of Makueni County. Makindu Ward. Proposals related to Kaiti Constituency That.

Kathekani-Darajani Ward and Manguu constituency which will constitute makindu Kinyambu Ward of Makueni County.  Kibwezi east constituency to cover masongaleni. division of kibwezi and nguu division of makueni (ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Makueni County 75 . Mang‟elete Ward. Kambu Ward. utithi and mtito andei areas.

South Kinangop (with 6wards) ii). Matindiri. Kipiriri Constituency Wanjohi Ward. Munyeki.and ol Kalau Central Ward. Tulaga-Kamun yaka Ward. Geta Ward. Nyakio ward.2.90 sq. It emerged that Community of interest. (i) Public Views 4. To split Olkalau into two. it was not split while other areas with less people were Proposals Related to Ol Kalau Constituency  Two proposals were put forward: i). MikaroNandarasi-Mkungi Ward and Murungaru Ward. . Economical and cultural ties were not considered in dealing with Makueni Constituency proposals. Matindiri Ward. Ol-Jorok Constituency (Comprising of 76 Ol Kalau Constituency Ol kalau Ward. The National Population Quota was not as used since Makueni with a population of 224.613 and an area of 1. Kanjuiri ridge. North Kinangop (with 5wards)  The boundary should be along the escarpment 2. Nyandarua Central and Milangine to be made constituencies.571. Dundori Ward. ii).19 Nyandarua County Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals Kinangop Constituency Muraki Gathara Ward. Gichungo Ward. namely a. Kitiri-Kinja Ward. 3. Ol-Kalau Constituency (Comprising Dundori. Kiambogo and Gichugo wards). Proposals Related to Kinagop Constituency  Proposals were made was to split the constituency into two to create: i). Njabini Ward.Gatimu Ward and Gathanji Ward of Nyandarua County. The proposed boundaries for kibwezi West Constituency and the shifting of Nzauni District to Kibwezi Constituency were created against community wishes and will likely cause disharmony. magumu Ward and Nyandarua County.(ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) a) Makueni Constituency. Kaimbaga Ward. Proposals Related to Kipipiri Constituency No proposals were made. Kipiriri Ward. Ol Jorok Ward. Historical. 1. and b. That the three operational districts of Nyandarua West (Chamuka).Malewa Ward. Weru Ward. Lereshwa Ward. Ol-Jorok Constituency Kanjuiri Ridge Ward.

it was suggested that: i). Kanyagia Locations and iriani. Ndaragwa Ward. Shamata Constituency :comprising of Shamata. Weru. Mairokuni. Kirigo. Mathingira. Proposals Related to Ndaragwa Constituency  Split Ndaragwa into two as follows: i). Gathanji.   The boundary between Kipipiri and Ndaragwa Constituencies remain Malewa River. 4. kiriita and Mathingira Locations. Ol-Jorok. Ewaso-Narok East ward be transferred to Ndaragwa constituency. Pesi and Kihara Sub-locations). Leshau Pondo Ward and Kiriita Ward. Kiriogo and Kanyagia ward. Ndaragwa Constituency Rurii Ward. Shamata Ward. Simbara. and Ndaragwa Constituency: comprising Kahutha. Rurii and Central wards)  On the wards the proposal was to make all locations wards. On the wards. More wards to be created to include Karandi. 77 . ii). Leshau.Gatimu.

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Nyandarua County 78 .

b) Ndaragwa The Formula used was not proper since Ndaragwa has a similar population with other constituencies such as Kipipiri but it was not given a constituency. .20 Nyeri County Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals Nyeri Town Constituency Chania Ward. Kirichu. Muruguru wards.(ii) Emerging Issues (According to the JLA Report) a) Kinagop Residents felt their presentations were ignored by IIBRC. Gatitu. Public Views 1.  Split Nyeri Town Constituency into: (i) Lower Nyeri Municipality. (ii) Nyeri West Constituency. Kamakwa. Proposal 1. Historical ties were not considered since half of the constituency was moved to Kipipiri Constituency. Proposals Related to Nyeri Town Constituency Three proposals were made for the delimitation of Nyeri Town Constituency. Geographical feature not put into consideration in the first review.  To split Nyeri Town Constituency into Nyeri Central Constituency to have the following wards: Central.  Split Nyeri Town Constituency into: (i) Nyeri East Constituency. and Mukaro wards. . Nyaribo Ward. Proposals Related to Othaya Constituency 79 Othaya Constituency Nyamari Ward. Mukaro Ward. Kirichu Ward. Karia/Giachamwenge. Further. Chania. Some areas are in Naivasha although it gets services from Kinangop.2. Kiganjo Ward. Gatito Ward. 2. Karia Ward. Kanyange Ward. Proposal 2. Muruguru Ward. Kamakwa Ward. (i) 4. and (iii) Nyeri Central Constituency. Nyaribo ward. Kiganjo. and  Nyeri North Constituency comprising Mathari ward. and (ii) Upper Nyeri Municipality Proposal 3. Mathari-Kihuyo Ward and Nyeri Central Ward.

Othaya South : comprising Karima. Commercial Ward. karima Ward and Irainin(Part) Ward. Kieni Constituency Gakwa Ward. Mathira East Constituency comprising of Gatei. Konyu Ward. Tetu West Constituency and Tetu Central Constituency. Mahiga Ward. Karatina. ii.Chinga Ward. Rutune Ward and Thanu Ward. Mukurweini Constituency Gakindu Ward. Kiamwangi/Ruturu. On the wards. Mbogoini/Thiu. Karima Ward. Gitunduti. Kabaru Ward. Proposals Related to Tetu Constituency  To split into 3 as follows: Tetu East Constituency. Kiamwangi/Chehe/Kairia/Baricho/Mukore/Gachuku. Railway Ward. Karindundu/Gakuyu. i.  3. Giathugu Ward. Mumwe and mahiga Locations. Mathira West Constituency comprising of the following wards: Ngorano. Othaya North :comprising Iria-ini. Gaaki Ward. Karundu ward and Thigingi Ward. Mumwe Ward. Kiria. Hospital ward. Iria-ini West( Mathira) ward. Ngaini. Stadium Ward. 80 . Iruri/Sagana. Ruguru Ward. Mutathiini. Ngandu Ward. Rutune ward. Karima (Karima South & North). Ngorano Ward. 4. Kirimukuyu Ward. Magutu Ward. Proposals Related to Mathira Constituency  The Constituency to be split into two. Mumwe (Mumwe East &West). Gathehu/Ragati Kaguyu/Thegenge/Kiaguthu/Gatundu. Gikumo. Proposals Related to Mukurweini Constituency  No proposals were made. and Iria-ini East (Mathira ). Muhoya Ward. Kieni East Constituency and Kieni West following the district boundaries. the following suggestion were forwarded: subdivide the County Council wards into two each as follows:Mahiga (Mahiga East &West). Tetu Ward. Muhito Ward. Tetu Constituency Aguthi Ward. Naromoru Ward.Thuti Ward. Split the constituency into two as follows: i). Gikondi Ward. Ichuga Ward. Nduie River Ward. Chinga North and Chinga South locations. Market Ward. and ii). Githi Ward. Mathira Constituency Residential Ward. Iria-ini (Iria-ini North & South) Chinga (Chinga North &South) Kianganda Ward. Proposals Related to Kieni Constituency  The proposal put forward for Kieni East is to split it into two constituencies. Ichuga/Itiati. 6.Thaithi. Kiamathaga Ward. Ngandu/Gachuiro 5.

(iv) IIBRC Proposed Map for Nyeri County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) a) Kieni The Geographical features were not considered in the first review by IIBRC. 81 .

Gichugu West Constituency. Nyangati Ward. a) Gichugu Constituency to be split into two. Constituency 2: comprising of Tebete location. .Comprising of the wholeof the old Ngariama plus Thumita. Thiba Ward. Karumandi Ward. Raimu and Rwambiti locations. Guama. Tebere Ward. Split and create the following:o Kirinyaga East Upper ConstituencyComprising of Kirima. ii). Murinduko Ward.21 Kirinyaga County Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals Mwea Constituency Kutus South Ward. Constituency 3: comprising of Murinduko location 2. Kariru. Kabere Ward. and 82 Gichugu Constituency Ngariama Ward. Gathigiriri Ward and Kangai Ward. Njuki-ini Ward and Kutus Central. Proposals Related to Gatanga Constituency  i). Constituency 1: comprising of Mutithi Kangai and Thiba locations. Thimu and Gatu Location. i. 1. Proposal 2. Kirima Ward. Baragwi Ward. Proposals Related to Gichugu Constituency  Two proposals were made: Proposal 1. iii.(i) Public Views 4.2. Karumandi and Ngariama. ii.Comprising of the whole of Kabare plus Kiaruri. Nguka Ward. Two proposals were made pertaining to Mwea. Mwea constituency to be split into two constituencies namely Mwea East Constituency and Mwea West constituency Mwea constituency to be split into three constituencies. and b) Gichugu East Constituency .

Kiangai. Gacharu Ward. Baragwi and Njuki-ini locations 3.Karima Ward. Kiini. and Thigirichi locations. Sagana. and Ndia West Constituency to constitute Kariti. Kagio.  It was also proposed that all operational locations to be converted into electoral wards 83 . Ndia East Constituency to constitute Mwerua. Kathaka Ward. Ndia Constituency Mutithi Ward. Mukure and Giaconge locations. Proposals Related to Ndia Constituency  It was proposed that the constituency be split into two constituencies namely: i). Mwerua Ward and Kiine Ward.o Kirinyaga East Lower Constituencycomprising of Kabare. Kariti Ward. Mukure Ward. ii). Kinyaga Ward.

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Krirnyaga County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) No major emerging issue. 84 .

Kiruri Ward. Central Ward. Njoguini. Mirichu Ward. Mbiri Locations. Ngathaithi Ward and Murarandia Ward. It was propsed that Kiharu Constituency be split into Njouini Ward. Mirichu. a. Kiharu Constituency to comprise of Weithaga Division. Rwathia Ward. Githamba. Kahuro locations. Kiria-ini Ward. Kiharu Division: Township. Kahuro Constituency to comprise of Gatundu Ward.It is proposed that the recommendations of IIBRC Report be upheld. Kahuhia. Gatundu. Kiru Ward. Maragi Ward. b. Gikindu Ward. 1. Theri. Kaganda.2. Proposals related to Kangema Constituency  No proposals were submitted. Iyego Ward. Watuha Ward. Gathaithi. Hospital Ward. Proposals related to Mathioya Constituency   No proposals were submitted concerning constituencies. Gatheru. Mathioya Constituency Njumbi Ward. Kihoyia Ward. Nyuro Wards 3. (i) Public Views 4. Gakira Ward. Kiria. Proposals related to Kiharu Constituency Kiharu Constituency Kimathi Ward. Kahuti. a) Four proposals were submitted. Wanjengi. Muringaini Ward. Gaturi Constituency to comprise of Gaturi 85 . Gitugi Ward.22 Murang’a County Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals Kangema Constituency Kanyenyaini Ward. i). Mukuyu Ward. Gacharaigu Ward. It was however proposed that Karunge ward In Karunge Gaturi Ward. Kamacharia Ward and location and split Njumbi Ward into -Njumbi and Locations of Muranga County. c. Mumbi Ward. Gatuya Locations. 2. Mugoiri Division. Mbiri three constituencies namely: Rural Ward. Kiairathe Ward. Kahuhia Ward and Muranda Division. Karung‘e Ward. Weithaga Ward.

Ridge Mbugwa. Kiharu. i). Kamahuha-Maranjau Ward and Wempa Ward. Samar Ward. Samar 86 Maragwa Constituency Mbugua Ward. To create two constituencies (Kahuro Constituency covering Gathaithi. Kangare Ward. Karimawaro. . The Constituency to be split into four constituencies namely Kahuro. Kagunduini Location. Maragwa. Kirimiri Ward. Proposals related to Maragwa Constituency c) A proposal was made to split Maragwa into two constituencies. East and Makuyu. division which comprises of Nyakihai. Kabiti Ward. Gatundu.ii). Ichagaki Ward. Gaturi. Kinyona. Kigumo. Mirichu and Gatuya Locations. Murang’a South Constituency to consist of Kamahuha. Kirimiri. Wangu. Kigetuini and Kimathi locations.and Wangu Constituency covering Weithaga. Kigumo East Ward. Makuyu Constituency to consist of Kambiti. Gikindu Locations and Kiharu constituency to cover Murang‘a municipality and Mbiri Location. Mwuka. iii). Wempa. and Mugeka Locations. Proposals related to Kigumo Constituency b) Kigumo constituency was proposed to be split into two constituencies. Makuyu location . Kimathi. Makuyu Location. Kigumo Constituency to comprise of Kangari. i). 4. Kagunduini. Kimathi division covering Gikindu. Kibage Ward. Kahuhia. Maragwa Ridge Ward.) from Kiharu division. Makuyu Constituency to comprise of Maragua Ridge Location. Makuyu Ward. Kahumbu Ward and Kigumo West. Gaichanjiru Location Kigumo Constituency Kinyona Ward. Nginda Ward. 6. 2 constituencies (Gaturi constituency comprising of Gaturi. To split the Kiharu constituency into Kahuro Constituency to follow the current Kahuro Divisional boundary and Kiharu Constituency to follow the present Kiharu Divisional Boundary. Gathukeini.and ii). Kambiti Location. Muthiti Ward. and Gaichanjiru wards ii). 5. Boundaries were not proposed. Upper Murarandia Locations) from Kahuro division and a further.

d) The other proposal with regard to existing wards was to have Nginda. Proposals Related to Gatanga Constituency Gatanga Constituency Kariara Ward. Ngararia. Kakuzi Ward. Mukarara ward and Mugomuini Ward. Samuru Ward. Kamahuha. Nguruwe-ini. Githumo Ward. Gichagi-ini & Gituru) ii).Gatanga Ward. and Murang‘a town split into two more wards and Kamahuha/Maranjau ward split into Sabasaba and Kamahuha Wards 7. Mitubiri Ward. Kagunduini West Ward. Muruka. Gaichanjiru Ward. Makuyu. Kigoro Ward. Kariua. To split Kandara constituency into two constituencies that is Kandara South Constituency (Covering ithiru East. Gacharage. To make all the current divisions of Gaichanjiru. Constituency. Kibaage. i). Kagunduini West. Kihumbuini e) There were no proposals submitted for Gatanga Ward. Ngararia Ward. Icagak and Nginda wards. Kiraga & Githumu) and Kandara North Constituency (Covering kagungu-ini East. Muruka Ward. gatunduKiiri-Kandara Ward.Gakoigo. 87 . 8. Gakui-Karimamwaro Ward and Gathugu-Ruchu-Gakarara Ward. Ithiru west. Gaichanjiru. Kagunduini East Ward. Kaguthi-Githuia Ward. Ithiru South. Ithiru and Ruchu Constituencies. Kiriaini Ward. Proposals related to Kandara Constituency Kandara Constituency Two proposals were forwarded:Proposal 1. Naroo.

communication and geographical features. two wards were transferred to Kagema.(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Murang’a County (iii) Emerging Issues a) Kiharu It was alleged that the IBBRC failed to take account of the population. The Population quota used for rural areas was not suitable and should have been used for urban areas only. The division of the wards weakened Kiharu‘s economic stability and broke cultural ties. The community was not consulted in moving Muraranda and Gaturi to Mathioya Constituency. 88 . which is a protected constituency. Secondly. A tea factory has been moved to another constituency.

Proposal 2. Split Gatundu North Constituency into: Gatundu West Constituency to cover the Tea Zones. Ngenda North Ward. Ruiru Constituency: covering Gitothua. Ngenda Divisions and parts of Juja division  It was also proposed that the following Wards be created: Rwabura and Munyuini from Ndarugo. Mang‘u Constituency. Kalimoni Ward and Juja Ward. Githurai Constituency: covering Kahawa Sukari and Githurai Wards. Proposals related to Gatundu North There were two proposals relating to Gatundu North. Kiganda Ward. Gituamba ward and Githobokoni Ward. Gatundu Central Constituency to comprise of Kiganjo. Gathage from Kiamwangi. Gitothua Ward. Makwa Ward. Ngenda. Ngenda South It was proposed that Gatundu south be split into two Ward. constituencies:Kiganjo ward.(i) Public Views 4. Ndarugu. Githobokoni Constituency and Creation of: Gikoe ward and Githobokoni ward. Split Gatundu North Constituency into: i.2.23 Kiambu County Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals Gatundu South Constituency 1. Kimunyu from Ng‘enda South Mutati. Juja Constituency Murera Ward. i). Proposals related to Juja Constituency There was a proposal to split Juja into: i). Thika Town Constituency Gatuanyaga Ward. Gatundu North Constituency Mangu Ward. Commercial Makongeni Ward. ii). Gatundu South Constituency that will comprise of Kiamwangi. Proposal 1. and  Gatundu East Constituency to cover the Coffee zones. Kamenu Ward. iii. kamwangi ward. 3. Kiganjo division and parts of Ruiru Division ii). ii. 89 . Karuri Ward. Gathaite Ward. Kiamwangi ward and Ndarugu Ward . Chania Constituency. Kiamworia and Gatitu from Mundoro and Kiganjo ward 2. Proposals related to Gatundu South  Mundoro Ward.

Githunguri West Constituency and Kanjai-Kiairia Ward. Kihara Ward and Kiambaa Ward. Market Ward. Kihara Constituency and Kiambaa Constituency and that the boundaries of the above should follow the current divisional Boundaries. Kanunga Ward. iii). Township Ward. Kabete Constituency :Covering Muguga. Ndenderu Ward. Technology Ward. Ndururumo Ward.and i). Kabete. Githurai Kimbo Ward and Gatongora Ward of Kiambu County. into two Constituencies: Ngewa ward. Majengo Ward. Karatina and Kamotoi Division.  It was also proposed that the following be split: i).a Ward. Proposals related to Kikuyu Constituency Kabete Constituency It was proposed that Kikuyu Constituency be split into two to Kabete Ward. Hospital Ward and Biashara Ward of Kiambu County. iv). ii). Karurri Town Council. 90 . Komathai Ward. Ting. Ikinu Ward. and Ting‘ang‘a & and Kanunga Ward of Kiambu Cianda Wards to form Kiambu Municipality County. Kihongo Ward council. Ngewa ward into Nyaga and Kiri wards. Kiambaa Constituency Cianda Ward. Mugumoini Ward. 6. Ikinu ward into Ikinu and Riuki wards. Muchata Ward. Githiga Ward.and Murera wards and proposed Gikumari Division. Githiga ward into Gathangari and Githiga wards. It was also proposed to merge Kiambu Municipal Ndumberi Ward. Gathagu and Kibichai Wards. ii). Proposals related to Kiambaa Constituency  It was proposed that Kiambaa Constituencies be split into three constituencies as namely Kiambu Constituency. Ruiru Constituency Kahawa Sukari Ward. Kiratina ward into Kiratina. i). Githunguri East Constituency comprising of Lower Lari. Proposals related to Githunguri Constituency Githunguri Constituency  It was proposed that Githunguri constituency be split Githunguri Ward. 4.ang. Muguga Ward and be referred to as: Nyathuna Ward of Kiambu County. Kiratina Ward. Kaimbu Constituency  Riabai Ward. 5.

Proposals related to Limuru Constituency  It was proposed that Limuru Constituency be split into two namely Limuru Ndeiya Constituency and Limuru Constituency. Kijabe Ward. To curve Gatamaiyu constituency from existing Githunguri Constituency and Lari Constituencies to consist of:   From Lari Constituency. Komothai location and Kirathina location  Lari Constituency Lari Ward. Gatamayu Ward. ii). Kiambururu to the south and Gekohi in Kerita division. Retention of the existing wards were proposed. Limuru East Ward. Thigio. 8. Gecha. Kikuyu Constituency: Covering parts of Kinoo. Kirenga Ward. Proposals related to Lari Constituency There were two proposals.  Split Limuru into. 7. Limuru Central Ward. i).Nyathuna and parts of Kinoo Divisions [Kinoo &Uthiru]) . Nachu Ward and Kikuyu Ward of Kiambu County.and ii). Ruiru River to the West. Kikuyu Constituency Kinoo Ward. Limuru and Ndeiya wards. Namayu Ward and Kinale Ward. Kamburu location From Githunguri Constituency. Kikuyu and Karai division. Ngecha Ward. The boundary to be along Komothai River to the East of Gatamayu division. Thigino Ward and Tigoni Ward. and Kiriri Wards. Ndeiya Ward. Lari constituency to be split into Lari Upper Consituency and Lari Lower. Gatamaiyu location. The boundary between the two constituencies to be the great North road. Kamirithu Ward. Ndeiya. Karai Ward. Nyanduma location. Limuru Constituency Bibirioni Ward. 91 .

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Kiambu County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) No major issues raised as concerns the recommendations in the IIBRC Report. 92 .

Kang‟atotha Nakoret. Napeling. KapuaKalokol. Nakwele. Kenyatta Ward. Nakurio. Kibish Ward. 93 . 4. Kalokol Ward.Lokichoggio/Nanan divisions. Riakomor Ward. Kawalathe Ward Kapus. Lomapus. Lomeyian. 3. Proposals related to Turkana Central Constituency Turkana Central Constituency  The public proposed five constituencies namely Kalakol. Songot Ward. Kaeris Ward. Kalobeyei Ward. Proposals related to Turkana North Constituency Several Proposals were given:Proposal 1: 1. Nadapal. Kakuma Constituency: . 1. Turkwel. and 3. The constituency be divided into four parts:.Karach Constituency – that will comprise Polopoi Division and Kakuma Divisions. Proposal 3: The People with disability proposed:- IIBRC Proposals Turkana North Constituency Lokitang Ward. Namukse. Turkana West Constituency Nakalale-Pelekech (Part) Ward. Naita Ward. Kakuma Ward. Lokichoggio Ward. Kerio Ward. Kaler Constituency: Kaleng/Lapur divisions. Loreng Ward. Lokichogio Constituency: . Ekurot. Oroboi Ward.4. Turkwell. Namadak Ward. Kotaruk. Loruth Esokon Ward. Lokitaung’ Constituency:. Lokitotota. Kerio. Loima and Ekerio constituencies. Constituency stretching from Kataboi up to Kibish 2. Lorugum. Meyan Ward. Kataboi Ward.  Proposed formartion of the following wards:. Kalemunyang. Lokichoggio Constituency – that will comprise of Lokichoggio and Nanam divisions Proposal 2: The Divisions to be merged to make five constituencies:1. 2. Kang'irisae Ward. Kanamkemer Ward. Kokuro Ward. Lokichoggio/Ng’ang Constituency stretching from Lokichoggio up to a place called Kaleng. Kibich Constituency: Kibish/Kaikor divisions.Orupoi/Kakuma divisions. and Napeikar. Rangany. 2.Kaikor Ward. and 5. Nakwanga Ward. Loteteleit Ward. Langatosa. Yapakuno Ward and Pelekech /Nakalate Ward (Part) of Turkana County.Kangirise. Ward.2.Ngissiger Ward. Lodwar Town.24 Turkana County (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries Public Views 1. Lobei. Kakuma Oropoi Constituency. and of Turkana County. 2. Karebur Ward.Kataboi/Lokitaung divisions. Kapua. Napetet Ward. Nanaam-Mogila Ward and Lorau Ward of Turkana County. Napuu Ward.

five Wards already exist and ten additional wards proposed. out of which nine exist. i) (3) Turkwel Constituency to have three divisions. Push. 94 Turkana East Constituency Katilia Ward. Each will have two sub-locations. There are six sub-locations. Lokiriama. constituencies based on the existing divisions. Almung‘oroko. Lotuba and Gangtit locations. Kochodin Ward. Kaputir Ward and Lobokat Ward of Turkana County. Kamuge. Loruinkipi. Lobei Ward.and Loima Constituency Lomeyan Ward. 2) Turkana East Constituency will have: Lochagulo Division with Acheder and Lothii locations with eight sub-locations. Lokori Ward. Aparkat and Loriu locations. Lokiriama Ward. It should also have five divisions out of which two exist. Kahemanik. two for each. iii) Proposing Locha to be a division with Locha. Loima Ward. It should have 15 locations. Apar and Domelo locations with six sub-locations. Loyima. Lorengippi Ward and Kotaruk Ward of Turkana County. Proposals related with Turkana South Constituency  Proposed that Turkana south be divided into 3 Turkana South Constituency Lokichar Ward. Each location will have two sub-locations. 3. out of which 21 exist. Nadapal Ward. ii) Lokor Division should have Lokor. ii) Proposed Kalapata Division which will have three locations namely Kalapata. Kalapata Ward. Napeitom Ward and Kapedo Ward of Turkana County. Out of this. to have Kapila. Turkana East Constituency should have 15 civic wards. 1) Turkana South Constituency should have the Katilu Ward. Nyuluka locations.   . Urum. Akipur and Nakale locations. Turkwel Ward. Aspurur and Lochariamois locations. That is i) Katilu Division with Katilu. each with two sublocations. iii) In Kapila Division. following divisions:i) Lokichar Division which has two locations and four sub-locations and also Kapese Location. It should also have 31 sub-locations. and v) Nataiton Division is the last one with Nataiton. iv) Lonelo Division with Lonelo.

Each of this will have two sublocations 95 . All those three locations will have two sub-locations each. Each of them should have two sublocations.Nakabasang and Lokafai locations. Kalamweya and Kaptir locations. iii) Nakwamoru Division: Nakwamoru. ii) Kainuk Division which should have Kainuk and Lorokor and Kakong Location.

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Turkana County 96 .

3. Kanyarkwat Ward. Wei-wei Ward. 97 . Nakwijit Ward. 3. Turkana Central deserved 5 additional constituencies to ensure adequate representation. Ptoyo Ward. Sigor Constituency Porkoyu Ward. Talau Ward. 2.Kaibos Ward of West Proposal 3 Pokot County.(ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) a) Turukana Central The Population Quota used was not proper. Proposal 1. Sekerot Ward. Sook Split it to create Kapenguria and Pokot South Ward. Tamugh Ward. Siyoi Ward. Based on the population in the area and the entire Turkana County. Sekerr Ward. Senetwo Ward. Split it to create Kapenguria and Sengwer constituencies Pokot South Constituency Lelan Ward. Kopro ward. Kapchok Ward. Kalapata Ward. Kiwawa Ward. constituencies Riwo Ward. Kodich Ward and Suam Ward of West Pokot County. Keringet-Psigirio Ward. Batei Ward. Miskwony Ward. Ward. Masol Ward. Kapyogen Ward. Proposals related to Sigor Constituency Proposed Pokot South Constituency to be crated. Kapenguria North Proposal 2. Cheptulel Ward. Kisiaunet Ward and. Kapchemongen Ward and ChepareriaKosulol Ward of West Pokot County. Tapach Ward. Kapenguria Ward. Ywalateke Ward. Chemwochoi Ward. Kasei Ward.25 West Pokot County (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries Public Views IIBRC Proposals 1. Chekomos Ward. Lokitanyala Ward. Mwino Ward and of West Pokot County. Lopet Ward. Kaptabuk Ward. Split to create Kapenguria and LeLan constituencies Keringet Ward. Proposals related to Kacheliba Constituency Proposed to spilt it and create Pokot North Constituency Kacheliba Constituency Akoret Ward. Proposals related to Kapenguria Constituency Kapenguria Constituency Endugh Ward. Chemorongit Ward. Chepkopegh Ward. Parua Ward. 5. Kases Ward. Lomut Ward. Sodany ward.

98 .(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for West Pokot County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) a) Sigor The issue of Community of interest was not observed.

Nairimirimo Ward. Loosuk Ward. Arsim Ward. Waso West Ward. Milimani Ward. Samburu North Constituency Amaiya Ward. Samburu East Constituency Ngilai West Ward. Biashara Ward. Poro Ward. Baawa Ward. Lkorroto Ward. 2. Lodokojek Ward. Opiroi Ward.3. Lpartuk Ward. Shabaa Ward. Lodungokwe Ward. Latakweny Ward. were wrongly taken to the new Pokot South constituency. Kawap Ward. Marti Ward. Nachola Ward and Ndoto Ward of Samburu County. Proposals related to Samburu West Constituency c) Proposal create one more constituency to be named Samburu North IIBRC Proposals Samburu West Constituency El-Barta Ward. Nyiro West Ward. Kanyarkwat and Chemochoi. Barsaloi Ward and Kisima Ward of Samburu County. Proposals related to Samburu East Constituency d) No proposal was presented. Nyiro East Ward. Ng’ari Ward. Nyiro South Ward. 99 .b) Kapeguria Two wards. Angata Nanyokie Ward. Ngaroni Ward. Baragoi Ward. Suguta Marmar Ward. Ngare Narok Ward. Wamba Ward. 5. Waso East Ward and Sere-Olipi Ward of Samburu County.26 Samburu County (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries Public Views 1.

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Samburu County 100 .

Cherangany Ward. Kitale West Constituency to comprise Saboti. Kinyoro Ward. Kimini Constituency – To comprise Kiminini Division.  Kiminini Constituency Kimini Ward. Suwerwa Ward. Mumia Ward and Tuwani Ward and Sokoni Ward of TransNzoia County.3 sq km) 2.Saboti Ward. Michai Ward and Makutano Cherangany Constituency Makutano Ward. Lessos Ward. Proposals related to Saboti Constituency  Two constituencies proposed to be created: 1. Proposals related to Cherangany Constituency   It was proposed that the Constituency remains as it is. Kipsongo Ward. Waitaluk Division and part of the Central Division which is Kibomet Location (With an area of 391. Webuye Ward.27 Trans Nzoia County (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries Public Views 1. Proposal 3: the constituency to be divided into: 1. Sokoni Ward and Masaba Ward of Trans-Nzoia County.322. 2. Kaptega Ward and Mumberes Ward of TransNzoia County. Kiminini/Kinyoro and Central Divisions with 183.(ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) No major emerging issues. Kaplamai Ward. Saboti na Timboroa divisions. Konyek Ward.3. 3. Milimani Ward. Nabiswa Ward. 3. Geta Ward. Kinyoro Division and part of Central Division which is the Municipality Location.Saboti Division. Sikhendu Ward. Kiptoror Ward and Chepsiro Ward of Trans-Nzoia County. 2. Milimani Ward. Sitatunga Ward. Sitatunga Ward. Waitaluk Ward. Kitale West Constituency to include Sikhendu. 2. Machewa Ward. Kitale Central Constituency (Kiminini Division and the newly established Kinyoro which includes Kisawai). 000 people. Hospital Ward. Kitale Town Constituency (the old central division). 5. Kaplamai Ward.2 sq). Cherangani-Suwerwa Ward. Saboti Constituency . Sirende Ward. Another proposal was to divide the constituency into 3 constituencies:1. Proposals related to Kwanza Constituency 101 Kwanza Constituency . Kitale Central Constitueny which is to comprise Central Division and Waitaluk division with a population of 201. Mukuyu Ward. (With an area of 350. Machewa. Kibomet Ward. Matisi Ward. Sinyereri Ward.  Endebese Constituency Endebess Ward. Following wards were proposed:. Motosit Ward. Matumbei Ward. IIBRC Proposals Saboti Constituency Kisawai Ward. Chepsiro Ward. Motosiet Ward. Chepchoina Ward.

Entebess Constituency 2. Kwanza Constituency Kapkoi Ward. Kwanza Ward.  Proposal 2: The constituency to be divided into two: 1. Proposal 1: Kwanza Constituency should remain as it is. 102 . Kapomboi Ward. Kaisagat Ward. Kapsitwet Ward and Sinyerere Ward of TransNzoia County. Keiyo Ward.

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Trans Nzoia County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) No major emerging issues in Trans Nzoia County. 103 .

Shauri Yako Ward and Kiplombe (Kiplombe and Kilimani sublocations) Ward (Part) of Uasin Gishu County. Race Course Ward. Ziwa Ward. Moi’s Bridge South Ward. Ngeria Proposed for the creation of Eldoret South and Ward. Kidiwa2. Tarakwa Constituency 104 .5. Moi’s Bridge North created out of the current Eldoret North: Ward . Moiben Ward. Simat-Kapsaret Ward. Turbo Constituency Ngenyilel Ward. Proposals related to Eldoret East Constituency Moiben Constituency Moibeki Ward. Kimumu-Sergoit Ward. Kesses Ward of Uasin Gishu County. Kiplombe (Kuinet 3. Langas Ward. and Market Ward and Kapyeimet Ward (Part) (ii) Ainabokoi Constituency. (i) Moiben Constituency. Koisagat It was proposed that the following constituencies be Ward. Kipkabus Ward. Kamukunji Ward.Kamagut Ward. Soy/Moi‘s bridge Stadium-Industrial Ward. Proposals related to Eldoret South Constituency  Kapseret Constituency Kipkenyo Ward. Kapyemit Ward.3. Sugoi Ward.28 Uasin Gishu County (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries Public Views 1. Karuna  Split the constituency into two and rename them as Ward. of Uasin Gishu County. Olare Ward and Ainabkoi Ward of Uasin Gishu County. Kapsoya Ward. Sirikwa Sublocations) Ward (Part) and Eldoret North Ward of Uasin Gishu County. Kipchamo Ward. Ainabkoi Constituency Chemng‟oror Ward. 3. Tembelio Ward. Sergoit Ward. 1. Turbo/sosiani Kipsuswa Ward. Kipsomba Ward. indicated below: Hospital (Sigot Sublocation) Ward (Part). Proposals related to Eldoret North Constituency IIBRC Proposals Soy Constituency Soy Ward. Tapsagoi Ward. 2. and MegunWareng. Kaptagat Ward.

Simotwa Ward, Tarakwa Ward, Cheptiret Ward, Oleinguse Ward, Pioneer-Elgon View Ward, Timboroa Ward, Kipchamo Ward, Race Course (Langas Sublocation) Ward (Part) and Tulwet-Chuiyat Ward of Uasin Gishu County.



IIBRC Proposed Map for Uasin GishuCounty

(ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report)
a) Eldoret South It emerged that some wards were swapped and one ward had name changed incorrectly.

5.3.29 Elgeyo Marakwet County (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries Public Views
1. Proposals related to Keiyo North Constituency 2. Proposed a creation of two constituencies:- Keiyo North and Keiyo East; 3. The boundary of the two constituencies should run along Keiyo escarpment; 4. Eastern boundary should be Kerio River and the current Keyio East Division to be elevated to a district and made a Constituency; 2. Proposals related to Keiyo South Constituency  No issues presented.

IIBRC Proposals Keiyo North Constituency
Kapchemutwa Ward, Kokwao Ward, Irong Ward, Kapkonga Ward, Kamogich Ward, Kessup Ward, Central Ward, Sergoit Ward, Kiptuilong Ward, Kapterik Ward, Mutei Ward, Keu Ward, of Elgeyo

Keiyo South Constituency
Kaptarakwa Ward, Mosop Ward, Metkei Ward, Kapkwony Ward, Marichor West Ward, TumeiwoWard, Marichor East Ward, Maoi Ward, Kocholwo Ward, Nyaru Ward, Kamwosor Ward, Soy Ward, Kibargoi Ward, Chemoibon Ward, Chepsigot Ward, Kitany Ward and Kabiemit Ward of Elgeyo-Marakwet County.

3. Proposals related to Marakwet West Constituency  Divide into two constituencies: Marakwet West Constituency and Marakwet Central Constituency;  Marakwet West should comprise of Chebororwo Division which has the following locations:- Konda bilet; Yamurgoi; Tamarur; and Kiabai;  Kapcherop Division has Kapterit; Kamoi; Sengwer; and Kipteber; and  Another proposed name for the constituency is

Marakwet East Constituency
Chebororwa Ward, Cherangany Ward, Lelan Ward, Kamoi Ward, Sengwer Ward, Kuserwo Ward, Moiben Ward, Kapsowar Ward, Chesuman Ward, Kipsaiya Ward, Arror Ward and Koibarak Ward of Elgeyo-Marakwet County.

Kapcherop Constituency
 Marakwet Central to be hived from the existing Marakwet West Constituency. It should comprise of Kapsowar Division, Chebiemit and Tunyo divisions.  Every existing location should be made a ward; 4. Proposals related to Marakwet East Constituency Marakwet East Constituency a) The constituency should remain as it is currently Endo Ward, Koibirir Ward, Embobut constituted; Ward, Embolot Ward, Murkutwo Ward, Mokoro Ward, Kipkaner Ward, Sambirir

Kaptich Ward and Kapyego Ward of Elgeyo-Marakwet County.Ward. 108 . Mon Ward.

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Elgeyo Marakwet County 109 .

Kaptumo Ward. Kabwareng Ward. Kapkoros Ward. Chemilil Ward. Koyo Ward. Sochoi Ward. Proposals related to Aldai Constituency (iv) No proposed constituency Aldai Constituency Terik Ward. Chepterit Ward. Kapsabet .30 Nandi County (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries Public Views 1. Nandi Hills Constituency Chemase Ward. Mogobich Ward. 2. Kapchorwa Ward. The Means of communication for resident of a location& sub-location in Eldoret East would like to be moved to Keiyo North as they‘re too far away from the service in their constituency headquarters. Chemundu-Kaptildil Ward. Proposals related to Tinderet Constituency (iii) Proposal to split Tinderet and create Kapng‘etuny or Nandi Hills constituency IIBRC Proposals Tinderet Constituency O’llessos Ward. The community also requested a review of the boundary between two neighboring constituencies in different counties.(ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) a) Keiyo North It emerged that the Community of interest. Economical and cultural ties were not considered. Kapsimotwo Ward. Miteitei Ward. Soba Ward.3. (v) Emgwen North and 110 Emgwen North Constituency Kosirai Ward. KibwarengChebilat Ward. Kemeloi Ward and Kaboi Ward of Nandi County. Chebarus Ward and Songhor Ward of Nandi County. Tindiret Ward and Kosoiywo Ward of Nandi County. Proposals related to Emgwen Constituency Proposal to split Emgwen constituency into two. Kapng‟etuny Ward. Ndurio Ward. and that the residents would like the issue of county boundaries looked at in future boundaries review. Maraba Ward. Siret Ward. 3. Historical. Kapkemich Ward. 5.

(vi) Emgwen South

Ward, Mutwot-Ngechek Ward, Kaptel Ward, Sangalo Ward, Kiptuiya Ward, Itigo Ward, Lelmokwa (Bibiriet Location) Ward (Part), Songalo (Kipsomoite Sublocation) Ward (Part), Ward (Part) Kapsisiywa Ward and Kamoiywo Ward of Nandi County.

Emgwen South Constituency
Kapkangani Ward, Chepkumia Ward, Kiminda Ward, Kamobo Ward, Kilibwoni North Ward, Kipture-Irimis Kimaam Ward, Kipsigak-Kipsotoi Ward, Kabirirsang Ward, and Arwos Ward of Nandi County. 4. Proposals related to Mosop Constituency A proposal presented Split Mosop into three; (a) Mosop Central Constituency (b) Mosop West Constituency; and (c) Mosop East Constituency

Mosop Constituency
Chepterwai Ward, Surungai Ward, Kurgung Ward, Kabisaga Ward, Kipkaren Ward, Lelmokwo (Sigot, bibiriet and lelmokwo locations) Ward (Part), Kebulonik Ward, Kabiyet Ward, and Ndalat Ward of Nandi County.


(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Nandi County


(ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report)
a) Mosop &Emgwen The Means of communication and consultation with all interested parties was not done. As aresult some wards were omitted while others appeared in both constituencies .this needs to be corrected. b) Tinderet Not all interested parties were consulted. There was a mix up of wards and sub- locations, with some going to Tinderet instead of new Nandi Hills Constituency.

5.3.31 Baringo County (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries Public Views IIBRC Proposals

1. Proposal related to Baringo East Constituency  Proposal to split the constituency into two and rename as Baringo East Constituency Akoret Ward, Churo Ward, indicated below:Tangulubei Ward, Korossi Ward, (a) Tiatiy West ( Tiatiy) Constituency, Kolowa Ward, Ribkwo-Kositei (b) Tiatiy East Korosi Constituency Ward, Loiyamorok Ward, Silale  If not possible to split into two, then it should be renamed Ward and Tirioko Ward of Baringo County. to Tiatiy Constituency 2. Proposal related to Baringo North Constituency

Baringo North Constituency
 The Commission to consider splitting the constituency Ngo’rora-Kinyach Ward, Kabutiei into two but no proposal was given to this effect. Ward, Kaptebererwo Ward, Sibilo Ward, Kaboskei–Kerio Ward, Kaboskei-Kipkata Ward, Kalabata Ward, Lawan Ward, Kabutiei Ward, Kelyo Ward, Ossen Ward, KatiorinSaimo South Ward, Saimo North Ward and Bartum Ward of Baringo County. 3. Proposal related to Baringo Central Constituency Proposal 1. Baringo Central Constituency Tenges Ward, Emom-Kisonei  Split Baringo Central to create Bogoria Constituency and Ward, Sacho Mosop Ward, Sacho Baringo central constituencies Soi Ward, Kimalel Ward, Kabasis Proposal 2. Ward, Nge’t Moi Ward, Kapsoo  Split Baringo Constituency into Marigat Constituency and Borowonin Ward, Ewalel-Soi Kimondis Ward, Orokwo Ward, Baringo Central Constituency Seguton Ward, Chebano Ward,

Kakimor-Rosoga Ward. Marigat Ward. 114 . Koibos-Soi Ward. Kiplombe Ward. Loboi Ward. Kabimoi Ward. Sigoro Ward. Kapsoo/Borowonin Ward.  Split the Constituency into Ilchamus and baringo Central With the indicated Wards:. Mochongoi Constituency Mukutani Ward. Kaprogonya Ward. Mochongoi and Kibos wards. Sinende Ward. Kimoriot Ward.Arabel Ward. Proposal related to Eldama Ravine Constituency Eldama Ravine Constituency   Change the name Eldama-Ravine constituency to Koibatek West or Koibatek Mosop. Talai-Ewalel Ward and Kabasis Ward of BaringoCounty. Benonin Ward. Mumberes Ward and Maji Mazuri Ward of Baringo County. 4. Emining Ward.Proposal 3. Lembus Mosop Ward. Moguriny Ward. Lembus Torongo Ward. Kisanana Ward. Proposal related to Mogotio Constituency Mogotio Constituency  Proposed to maintain the consistency as it is. Salabani Ward. Chebinyinyi. Ravine Ward. Ol Kokwe Ward. LembusKiptoim Ward. 5. Poror Ward. Lembus Mogotio Ward and Kimngorom-Sirwa Ward of Baringo County. Kabarnet Soi Ward. Saos. Kituro Ward. Kinyo Ward. Tenges. Bekibon.Kibias Ward. Kamar Ward. Cheberen Ward.Ilchamus and Baringo Central. Perkerra Ward. Solian Ward. Loboi . Ilchamus Ward and Mochongoi Ward of Baringo County. Create Endorois constituency comprising of Mogorwo. Ngambo Ward.

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Baringo County 115 .

Proposals related to Laikipia West Constituency Proposal 1.3. Split the existing laikipia west constituency into: Ngarua. and (iv) Ol-Moran constituencies Proposal 2. 116 IIBRC Proposals Laikipia West Constituency Ngobit Ward. Stadium Ward.  Laikipia North and  Laikipia West constituencies 2. Mashamba Ward. 5. Split the existing laikipia constituency into. Sirma Ward. Proposals related to Laikipia East Constituency Proposal 1. Central Ward and Biashara Ward of Laikipia County. Laikipia East Constituency . Split the existing Laikipia west constituency into:(iii) Rumuruti. Hospital Ward.(ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) a) Eldama Ravine & Baringo Central It emerged that Community of interest were not considered by IIBRC and the Report varied the names of the wards.  Nyahururu and  Laikipia West constituencies Proposal 4. Split the existing laikipia west constituency into: Ngarua  Nyahururu and  Laikipia West constituency Proposal 5. Nturukuma Ward. Split the existing Laikipia west constituency into: Laikipia West and  Laikipia South constituencies Proposal 3. Tigithi Ward.32 Laikipia County (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries Public Views 1. Lamuria Ward.

Ayam Ward. Nanyuki municipality Nduyu Ward. Gituamba Ward. Mukurian Ward. Laikipia North Constituency. OlMoran Ward. Idigri-Lepalei Ward. Igwamiti Ward.Split Laikipia East to:1. Waso Narok Ward and Kinamba Ward of Laikipia County. Laikipia East Constituency Proposal 2. Sosian Ward and Lonyiek Ward of Laikipia County. 2. Laikipia North Constituency Segera Ward. Sosian Ward. Salama Ward. Marmanet Ward. NdururumoHospital Ward. Melwa Ward. Laikipia Central and 3. Mumonyot Ward. Laikipia North 2. Mukogodo Ward. Ilngwesi Ward. Lorian Ward. Donyo Loip Ward. Muthengera Ward. Dimkom Ward. Muhotetu Ward. Manguo Ward. Split Laikipia East to:1. Naibor Ward. 117 . Mutara Ward. Hethi Ward. Manyatta Ward. Umande Ward. Oloibor Soit Ward.

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Lakipia County 118 .

Proposal 2. Ward of Nakuru County. Lare Ward. Mariashoni Ward. Molo 2.(ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) a) Laikipia West It emerged that Laikipia West has a population of 100. They propose Mau Ogiek constituency to be curved from the larger Molo constituency. Elburgon Ward.3. constituency Molo Ward. Mukungugu Ward. Molo Constituency Whole of Eastern Mau Forest Complex Block be a Sachangwan Ward. Turi South Ward. Njoro Other Proposals Proposal by Ogiek community  Ogiek are an indigenous ethnic minority community found in most parts of the Mau Forest Complex. Proposal by Endorois community Endorois are indigenous people. Split Molo into three:o Mau Ogiek o Molo o Njoro Proposal 4 Molo constituency be split to:1. 119 Njoro Constituency Njoro Ward. with its neighbours also having higher populations. but boundaries were not adjusted or a new constituency added. Kihingo Ward. Proposal 3.33 Nakuru County (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries Public Views IIBRC Proposals 1. Sururu Ward. Naishi (Piave Location) Ward (Part) and Mau Narok Ward of Nakuru County. Mauche Ward. Mutamaiyu Ward. Proposals related to Molo Constiuency Proposal 1. 5.  Bogoria constituency be created from the existing locations  Bogoria constituency be created from the existing locations Proposal by Mau Ogiek  Ogiek are an indigenous ethnic minority community. Naishi Ward. Turi North Ward and Kiambiriria Create Bogoria constituency out of Molo.361. Nessuit Ward. .

Naivasha Constituency Proposal 2. Naivasha constituency 120 Malewa East Ward. Gilgil Ward and Mbaruk Ward of Nakuru County. Naivasha town constituency. Murindati Ward. 2. Naivasha west constituency. and 3. Viwanda Ward. Kerma and the whole of Piave be moved to Njoro district (as per the current Njoro district) 5. Naivasha rural constituency and 3.Proposal Boundaries 1. Maiella Ward. 2. It is proposed that Ngondu. Therefore the boundary shall be at Kamwaura River which draws from Mau forest to Lake Baringo via Rongai constituency. Split Naivasha to: 1. Miti Mingi Ward. Gilgil constituency 2. Naivasha East constituency Proposal 4. Lake View Ward. Hells‟Gate Ward. Miti Mingi location of elementaita division in Naivasha constituency is moved from Gilgil division to Njoro district. 4. Longonot Ward. . Gil gil constituency. Malewa West Ward. Ogilgei. Naivasha East Ward and Mai Mahiu Ward of Nakuru County. Biashara Ward. Mwiciringiri Ward. 3. Maai Mahiu constituency. Ngecha ―B‖. Split Naivasha to:1. Molo constituency as per the current Molo district boundary 2. It is proposed that Sirikwa ward in Kamara division of Kuresoi district be brought to Molo district. Olkaria Ward. Proposals related to Naivasha Constiuency Naivasha Constiuency Proposal 1. Split Naivasha to:1. Njoro constituency as per the current Njoro district boundary. Maragishu Ward. Gilgil constituency Proposal 3 Split Naivasha to:1. Ndabibi Ward. Gilgil Constituency Kiambogo Ward. 2. 2.

Koige Ward.3. From Selilia School. Kampi Ya Moto Ward. Lengenet Ward and Maji Tamu Ward of of Nakuru County. . 6. Munanda Ward and Subukia Ward of Nakuru County. From Masaita and follows Kipsonoi River to Kipsonoi road to ii. Kuresoi North Constituency Kamara Ward. Rongai Ward. From Langwenda. Waseges (Manyatta and Nyamatithia Sublocations) Ward Part. Proposals related to Subukia Constiuency Kuresoi SouthConstituency Tinet Ward. Boror Ward Makongeni Ward. ◦ Subukia constituency. 5. Proposal to create a constituency called Tinet out of Kuresoi. Temoyota Ward. Sirikwa Ward. it goes to Kamwaura Bridge (Chemosit River) all the way downwards to Ndoinet. Subukia Constiuency It was proposed that Subukia be split the constituency into 3 as indicated below:◦ Nyamithi constituency. Amalo Ward. Sub-division of Kuresoi to 1. Waseges (Mwitethia Location and Gitundaga sub-location) Ward Part. Kabazi Ward. Proposals related to Nakuru Town Constiuency Bahati Constituency 121 .Siwot road to Langwenda shopping centre to Selilia School iii. Proposal 2. kuresoi North constituency Proposal 3 The proposed boundary will run as follows i. Nyota Ward. Kuresoi Ward and Kiptororo Ward of Nakuru County. Kiptagich Ward. Lanet Ward. o The upper part shall be the proposed Kuresoi North Constituency. Proposals related to Rongai Constiuency  No request for sub-division was submitted. Solai Ward Part. and ◦ Kabazi constituency. Rongai Constituency Ngata Ward. Kaplamai Ward. while the lower side shall be the proposed Kuresoi south constituency 4. Keringet Ward. Kapsimbeiywo Ward. Chemener Ward and Cheptuech Ward of Nakuru County. Solai (Nyandudu Sublocation) Ward Part. Proposals related to Kuresoi Constiuency Proposal 1. Mkulima Ward. Kuresoi south constituency and 2.

Proposal 1. Split Nakuru town constituency into Nakuru town West and Nakuru town East. Proposal 2. Split Nakuru town constituency into Menengai, Lanet, Pipeline, Barut, Nakuru Central, Nakuru East, Nakuru West Proposal 3. Split Nakuru town constituency into :◦ Lanet; ◦ Menengai; ◦ Nakuru west; and ◦ Lake Nakuru Proposal 4 Split Nakuru town constituency to; 1. Nakuru town West and 2. Nakuru town East. Proposal 5:  Kiamunyu, Ngata and Technology areas be part of the proposed constituency because of the current status of development and which needs provision of urban dwelling related services e.g. water and sewage system e.t.c.

Bahati Ward, Dondori Ward, Kiamaina Ward, Ndungiri- Kirima Ward, and of Nakuru County.

Nakuru Town West Constituency
Viwanda Ward, Kaptembwa Ward, Barut West Ward, Barut East Ward, Hospital Ward, Rhoda Ward and Shabab Ward of Nakuru County.

Nakuru Town East Constituency
Langa Langa Ward, Nakuru East Ward, Shauri Yako Ward, Biashara Ward, Bondeni Ward, Lake View Ward, Kivumbini Ward, Menengai Ward and of Nakuru County.

Area around Wanyororo, Greenstead and Maili Moja should be made part of the town to benefit from the urban dwelling services. Proposal 6: Boundary of Nakuru Town East and Nakuru Town west constituency to be Crater View, KBC Transmitter, Nakuru Forest Station, Nakuru Municipal Main Treatment water Tank, Nakuru municipal Mortuary, Railway Flyover, Kanu Office, Kenyatta avenue round about, Bondeni road, N.C.C.K to Game Park Main Gate of Nakuru National Park.


(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Nakuru County



Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report)

Subukia & Rongai  There was a mix-up in the transfer of divisions, locations and sub-location and  Minority group interests were not considered (Ogiek) Naivasha  Community of interest, Historical, Economical and cultural ties not considered.  The area is home to diverse people groups, and would benefit from better representation.  Population quota; has high population of 226,056 and by the quota qualifies for 2 extra conctituencies instead of one as proposed. Molo  Re-drawing of boundaries: - one sub-location, Piape, was to be moved from Rongai to Njoro constituency but this was not done. Kuresoi  Community of interest, Historical, Economical and cultural Ties/Minorities/Marginalization not taken into consideration.  The minority group & marginalized in the area, the Ogiek, will be further marginalized as the new constituency, Njoro is bigger than the mother constituency, Molo, thus offering less chance of representation of this people.


It will follow along the river towards thicketed area Olomismis and Join Mogor river covering engulfing the former pirrar and kerindon Division and continue s along the valley of Operai downstream to Mara river. and 3. Proposal 3. Njipiship Ololmaasani Ward. Proposals related to Kilgoris Constituency . Spilt Narok into:-Narok North. Ward. Loirien). Ololchani Shankoe Ward. Moyoi Ward and Sikawa Ward of County. Ward. Kilgoris constituency be split into:- IIBRC Proposals Kiligoris Constituency Masurura Ward. Ward. Ward.5. Siyiapei Ward.Barrikoi Ward. Entiani Ward. Kapune Poroko Ward. Dikirr Divisions) 2. Trans-Mara West. Imasharian-Morijo .3.cover the previous Pirrar and Ilkerin Ward. Masikonde Ward. Ward. Ward. Lolgorian. Enoosaen Angata. Kilgoris. Ward. Olopito Ward.34 Narok County (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries Public Views 1. Ward. Trans Mara South. Kilgoris constituency be split into:1. (include Ololmaasani. Olorropil Ward. Stadium Ward. Trans-Mara East. Trans. Olokurto Ward. Emurua Dikirr. Kimintet Oloirien Ward. Emurua 2. Kapsasian Ward.(Include Kirindon. Narok Emurua Dikirr Constituency Ward. Entontol Ward. Mogondo 1. Dikirr Osinoni Ward. Kilgoris Constituency Ward of Narok County. 2. Naisoya Ward. Nkararo Osinoni Ward. 125 Olpusimoru Ward. Kilgoris constituency be split into:1.Mara East – to cover Meguarra tributaries between Shartuka and Ololtenet ward. Spilt Narok into:-Narok North and Narok East Proposal 2.Proposal 1. Proposals related to Narok North Constituency Narok North Constituency Proposal 1. Trans Mara North (Include Keyian. Narok east and Melili Proposal 3. Emarti Kerindon divisions.Pirrar) 2. Olomismis Shartuka Ward. Olchorro Ward.the remaining part of the entire district Proposal 2.

Ololpironito Ward. Olderkesi Ward. Narok West Constituency Sagamian Ward. Ntulele and Olenkomei.  It was proposed that the proposed Melili constituency Mosiro Ward. 1. Melelo Ward and Ololulung‟a Ward of Narok County. Olmekenyu Ward. Loita. Sogoo Ward. Maji Moto Ward.Narok North. The Mau Ward of Narok County.444 km2 square and the boundary with other constituencies should remain the same  The infrastructure within the constituency is poorly done only the Naroosura. ololoipangi and Olmekenyu Sublocation of Ololunga ward and Enelerai Ward and Ilmotiook Ward of Narok County. Central division will be redistributed. Olkinyei Ward. Suswa Ward. Enabelbel two. Elang‟ata-Enterit Ward. Upper Melili Ward. Olkiriane Ward. Reasons being:Ntulele Ward. Morijo Loita Ward. Nkareta North Ward. Nkareta West Ward. Oletukat Ward. and Olokurto divisions will form the basis of splitting the constituency. Osupuko  The boundary of the proposed constituencies will be cutting across the current constituency from Mao forest to the north and to Loita division on the south. Naroosura Ward.Spilt Narok into:. from the council. Mara Ward. Nkairamiram Ward. Nkareta boundary separated by the Nairobi . Lemek/Aitong and significant sections of Narok-Sekenani roads are only passable during the dry seasons Loita West Ward.  The residents of Ntulele Ward wanted the ward be split Narok East Constituency into two.  The area is vast with estimated 10. Proposals related to Narok South Constituency Narok South Constituency Split Narok south into two. Mulot Ward. Lemek Ward. Oleleishwa Ward.Narok highway. Olokurto  The Existing Narok North constituency be split into Ward. Ongata would border Narok North along Olchorro/Entontol Naado Ward. Siana Ward. Narok East and Melili Ward. Olululunga 2. Narok North and East Constituencies. Naikarra Ward. East Ward. Enoosupukia Ward and Idarmat Representation and benefitting from the allocation of funds Wards of Narok County. 126 . Equal distribution of resources and manpower if their requests were granted 3. Keekonyoike Ward.

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Narok County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) 127 .

Ngong Ward. Kiserian and Rangai. Create Kajiado West Constituency by putting together Magadi and Ewaso Kedong Divisions. Market Ward. Oloolua. 5. 2.3. Keekonyokie and Ipurko Sub-groups. Central Keekonyokie Ward. Kajiado East. Ilmunkush Ward. Poka Ward and KinyewaMerrueshi Ward of Kajiado County. and this will be comprised of Hoodokilani. Kiserian Ward. Kajiado West Constituency Shompole Ward. Ongata Rongai Ward. The residents proposed that the constituency be split into two or three but there was a variance in the naming of the proposed constituencies and wards. Split kajiado North into three. Ilmaroro Isinya Division and Mashuru Divisions . Split Kajiado North into:. Kaputei North  Create Kajiado East Constituency that will comprise of Ward. South Keekonyokie Ward and Torosei Proposal 4. urban constituency.the two have a total Ward.  The boundary between the new constituency and Machakos and Makueni districts to be the Nairobi – Mombasa /Railway Kajiado Central Constituency line. Esukuta Ward. Olkeri Ward. Lemelepo Ward of Kajiado County. Magadi Ward. Ward of Kajiado County. Constituencies. Olkiramatian Ward. Iloodokilani Create Kajiado North Constituency that will comprise of Ward. Prposals related to Kajiado Central Constituency Kajiado East Constituency Oloosirkon-Sholinke Ward. Proposal 2. Ildamat Ward.Kajiado North and Ngong Kandis Ward.No major issues emerged. Proposal 1. Olopurupurana  Chyulu Game Reserve and Nairobi National Park to be part Ward. Mosiro Ngong. Proposals related to Kajiado North Constituency Kajiado North Constituency Proposal 1. Kajiado West and Kajiado North constituencies.35 Kajiado (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries Public Views IIBRC Proposals 1. of 11 locations. 128 . and this should be an Ward. Oloolua Ward. North Keekonyokie Ward. Proposal 3.   Kajiado North constituency is within Kajiado North district. of the constituency. Oldonyonyokie Ward. Kitengela Ward.

and Kajiado south.  change the name of Loitoktok constituency to Kajiado South Constituency and every location to be made a ward.Majengo Ward. Create Ngong Constituency:.  Ngong Forest and Kibiko Escarpment to The South west. Matapato East and Matapato sub-group of the Maasai.They proposed to be curved from the two districts (Kajiado Central and Kajiado North) Option 2 1. Purko Ward. Namanga Division and Central Division. Matapato West Ward.  Create Kajiado East Constituency by putting together Enkorika Ward. Option 1 Kajiado East:. Eiti Ward.Boundaries of the proposed Ngong to be: The Ngong Hill to the West  The Kiserian River to the East  The Mbagathi river to the South. Mbirikani Ward. Proposal 4. Ward of Kajiado County. Entonet Ward. Meto Ward. Proposal 5. Oloolopon . Proposals related to Kajiado South Constituency Proposal 1. Lorng‟osua Ward. Kajiado West. Dalalakutuk.  Kajiado South constituency should to remain as presently 129 Kajiado South Constituency Lenkisim Ward. Kimana Ward. Kajiado East(Isinya division of Kajiado North constituency and Mashuru division of Kajiado Central division). Kajiado West The two constituencies to be curved from the two districts (Kajiado Central and Kajiado North 3.  Kajiado East be made of Kaputiei sub-tribe of theMaasai. Namanga  This should be made up of Ildamat. Namanga 2. Kajiado West The two constituencies to be curved from the two districts (Kajiado Central and Kajiado North) Option 3 1. TIpurko. Olorika-Kuku Ward. Hospital Ward. South Proposal 2. Proposal 3. Dalalale Kutuk Ward. Mailua Ward. Kajiado East 2.

130 . constituency/District. Proposal 2.  Split the constituency into two: Loitokitok West and Loitokitok East. Ward.constituted (should not be divided). Entarara Ward and Rombo Rombo Group Ranch to be squarely in Loitoktok Njukini Ward of Kajiado County.

ii. IIBRC Proposed Map for Kajiado County 131 .

(ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) No major emerging issues 5. Kapkelei Ward. Mogogosiek Ward. Kipsonoi Ward. Cheboin Ward. Chebilat Ward. Kimulot Ward and Saosa Ward of Bomet County. Singorwet Ward. 3. Konoin Constituency Cheptalal Ward. Tuluapmosonik Ward. Siriat Ward andKapletundo Ward of Bomet County. Proposals related to Sotik Constituency  Proposals to create sotik North Constituency were presented. Chepalungu Constituency Lelaitich Ward. Sugumeriga Ward. Embomos Ward. Emkwen ard and Kanusin Ward of Bomet County. Kanusin Ward. Ndaraweta Ward. Yaganek Ward. Ndanai Ward. Kaboson Ward. Boito Ward. Koiwa Ward. Kaptebengwet Ward. Siongiroi Ward and Chebunyo Ward of Bomet County. Bomet Central Constituency Chesoen Ward. Kapkimolwa Ward. Proposals related to Bomet Constituency The constituency to be split into two namely:  Bomet Central constituency to comprise of Bomet central division and the boundary of the proposed constituency should follow the current divisional administrative boundaries without any alterations and all should extend to Bomet town  Bomet East constituency to comprise Longisa division 4. Chemaner Ward. Proposals related to Chepalungu Constituency  It was proposed that it should be retained as it is. .36 Bomet (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries Public Views 1. 2. IIBRC Proposals Sotik Constituency Monire Ward. Abosi Ward. Kong‟asis Ward. Rongena Ward. Proposals related to Konoin Constituency Proposal to create another constituency to be shared between Bureti and Konoin constituencies as: Konoin (Current Konoin Constituency)  Bureti Central (Vurrent Bureti Constituency)  Bureti North (To take Kimulot Division from 132 Bomet East Constituency Kipreres Ward. Itembe Ward. Chepchabas Ward. Mutarakwa Ward. Chemagel Ward. Sibayan Ward. Kembu Ward. Makimeny Ward. Tegat Ward and Mugaango Ward of Bomet County.3. Township Ward Part. Kaplong Ward. Sigor Ward. Township Ward Part. Kamungei Ward.

(iii) IEBC Proposals 133 . (ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Bomet County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) No major emerging issues.Konoin Const. And Roret Division from Bureti Const.) The public proposed split to affect the two neighbouring constituencies of Konoin and Bureti.

Chilchila Ward. and Tendeno East Constituency. Hospital-Biashara Ward. Proposal related to Ainamoi Constituency  No proposal was presented. Kaptoboiti Ward. Chesinende Ward. Kamasian Ward. Kapsaos Ward. Kericho County. Proposal related to Kipkelion Constituency  IIBRC Proposals Kipkelion East Constituency Londiani Ward.Cheboswa Ward. 134 . Motobo Ward. Soin (Kechiliat and Kapkomonom Sublocations) Ward (Part). Kipchimchim Ward. Seretut Ward.5. Two proposals given:. Kusumek Ward. Kapseger Ward (Tugunon and Chepcholiet Sublocations) (Part). Waldai Ward. Kisiara Ward and Techoget Ward of and Bureti South Constituency. Soliat Ward and Soin Ward Part of Kericho County. Kabianga Ward. Tebesonik Ward.Masaita-Toiyobei Ward. Kibugat Ward. Majengo Ward. Ainanmoi Constituency Ainamoi Ward. Cheptendeniet into two to create Bureti North Constituency Ward. Kipteres Ward. Kenegut Ward and Kapsoit Ward of Kericho County. Kiptere Ward. Cheptororiet Ward. Sorget Ward. Kapseger Ward. Kokwet Ward. Kimugul Ward. Ward of Kericho County. Lemotit Ward. 4. Proposal related to Bureti Constituency  Bureti Constituency Cheplanget Ward. Sigowet Constituency Kaplelartet Ward. Chelimo Ward. Kipkoyan Ward. Moniat (Kamarus Sublocation) Ward Part. Cheborge Ward. Kipkelion West Constituency Kunyak Ward. Two indicating that it should remain as it is and the third one indicating that it should be subdivided into Belgut North Constituency and Belgut South Constituency Belgut Constituency Chemamul Ward. Litein Ward.Split the Constituency Chemosot Ward. Chaik Ward and Saosa Ward of Kericho County. Kebeneti Ward. Proposal related to Belgut Constituency  Three proposals given. Kepkelion West Constituency and Kepkelion Kedowa Ward. Kapkatet Ward.37 Kericho (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries Public Views 1. Kimugungu Ward. Kipsirichet Proposal presented on the creation of Ward. 3. Kapsurer Ward. 2. Barsiele Ward and Lesirwa Ward of Kericho County. Kapkugerwet Ward.3.

Konoin and Sotik Constituencies. 135 . (ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Kericho County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) a) Ainamoi Historical ties were not considered during the delimitation and consultation was not done on where the boundaries should be. Buret. The Population quota of the wards needs to be redistributed to ensure balanced population in the Kipkelion West and East Constituencies. b) Kipkelion West The Means of communication was no considered since the headquarters of the new constituency is far from the residents. An additional constituency to be shared among.

Makale. Kamashia. Eshikhalame. Nucleus-Mumias North Ward. Koyonzo constituency . Chibale. Etenje Ward. Musanda. Isongo Ward and Shibinga Ward of Kakamega County. Bomanyi. Municipality. The second one is Mumias East to comprise of East Wanga and Wanga Mukulu with an area of 134. Namulungu.321 inhabitants with an area of 191. Musamba. Ekero. Khalaba and  136 IIBRC Proposals Mumias Constituency Mumias Central Ward. Nanyeni. The Projected population is103. Mayoni. Namamali. Lusheya Ward.5. Matungu. Matungu Constituency. Shianda wards. Mwira and Namulungu 3. Koyonzo. Proposals related to Mumias Constituency The following proposals were made during the public hearings as concerns Mumias Constituency:  Split the current Mumias Constituency into two. Eluche Ward. Eshihaka. Eluche. Proposals realted to Matungu constituency Split Matungu constituency into.6Km2. Lung‘anyiro. Bungasi. Aunga. Lubinu. Its Population is estimated at 124. Matungu. Nucleus and Lureko (Total of 18 wards). Alternatively take. Lung‘ganyiro. Mayoni Ward. Nanyeni. Mirere.38 Kakamega County (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries Public Views 1. Namamali Ward.72 people/Km2.8 Km2 and Population Density of 648 people/Km2 . Mwigunda.Wanga Mukulu Division comprise of Malaha. Mumias East Constituency East Wanga Ward. Matawa. and 2. East Wanga Division has Eluchea. Matungu Constituency Matungu Ward. Kholera.will comprise of the following locations/wards: Khalaba. Isongo and Khaimba ward. Shikalame Ward and Musanda Ward of Kakamega County. Emasinjira.will comprise of the following locations/wards: Indangalasia. Emukhuwa. The first part is Mumias which will comprise of Mumias Central Division and South Wanga Division. Shibinga. Munami. . Kholera Ward. Lunga‟anyiro Ward. 2. Makale. Emanani. Indangalasia. The Proposed wards for Mumias Constituency Etenje. 1. Makunga. Mirere. Mukubu.3. Ikama. Mukulu Ward. Buchifi. Mayoni. Eshikalawe. Makhwale. Mbomini.230 and Population Density of 766. Munami. Lureko Ward. Ekero Ward. Indangalasia Ward. Matawa Ward. Koyonzo Ward. Khalaba Ward of Kakamega County.  Koyonzo. Kholera.

Central Kisa Ward. Mahanga Maturu Ward . Mautuma Ward. Central Marama Ward Butere Township Ward and South Marama Ward. and Marenyo. Lugari Ward. Marenyo and Eshitari. Mabuye Ward. Khwisero Constituency West Kisa Ward. Manyala. Marakusi Ward. chekalini. likuyani. 5 Proposals for Lugari Constituency Proposal 1. Lunza. South Kisa Ward. Manyala Ward. 4 Proposals for Butere Constituency (iv) Proposal to split Butere (Butere North Constituency) – to cover Lunza and Butere divisions. kongoni. Lunza Ward. and Imanga. Buchenya Ward. North to be divided into two wards (North and Mundorerwa). and Central be divided into two (Central and Township). Chevaywa Ward.  It was further proposed that the Constituency be subdivided into two: East Bunyore and West Bunyore.  It was proposed that Esherombe to be reinstated as a ward. Munyuki Ward. Shiatsala (Butere South Constituency) – to cover Shiatsala and proposed Marenyo divisions. lwandenti and chevaywa locations and Lugari East will cover nzoia. Alternatively:  Divide Butere into two Constituencies namely South Butere and North Butere and create new wards :Eshitari. Chekalini Ward.  South Butere Constituency should comprise of :Marama South. Shianda. 3. Proposals for Khwisero Constituency (iii) Khwisero Costituency (Sub – divided) Khwisero East Constituency to cover proposed Khwisero North and Khwisero East division and Khwisero West Constituency to cover proposed Khwisero West division and Khwisero Central division.Musambe wards should form Matungu Constituency. Lugari Constituency Mwamba Ward. Mulwanda Ward and North KisaWard of Kakamega County. lumakanda. Marenyo-Shianda Ward of Kakamega County. Shiraha. Shiraha. (v) Split the current Lugari constituency into: Lugari West .will cover lugari. Township. mautuma and 137 Butere Constituency North Marama Ward. Marama Central. Mulwanda should be divided into two wards (Mulwanda and Mushiangubu). Buchenya.  This should comprise of three (3) municipality wards and 12 county council making a total of 15 wards. East Kisa Ward. Imanga.  North Butere Constituency should be formed by Marama North. Luandeti Ward.

Musemwa-Vinyenya Ward and Sinoko Ward of Kakamega County.Shivanga Location. and Chevaywa locations. Nzoia. (vi) Split the current Lugari constituency into: Likuyani constituency. East Kabras Ward.  Malava South. Sango Ward. Shirugu Ward. Central Kabras. Lumakanda. Mautuma and Matete constituency . Proposal 4. Chemuche Ward. Create Likuyani Constituency from the current Lugari Constituency Proposal 5 (viii) It should be retained as it is. Chekalini. Proposal 2.sinoko locations Proposal 2. (ix) Split the current Lugari constituency into:. Chegulo Constituency ) Ward. Kongoni. West Kabras. Sinoko.Lugari constituency and Likuyani Constituency. South Kabras (x) Merge Malava Constituency with Matete District Ward. 6 Proposals for Malava Constituency Malava Constituency Proposal 1. Lwandeti. Proposal 6. Malava South ( or Malava Constituency). Central Kabras. Mahira Ward. South Kabras. West Kabras Ward.would comprise of the following locations.Constitute of East. Shirugu Location and Malava North constitute of East Kabras. Kongoni Ward. Matete constituency and Lugari constituency Proposal 3. Chevanywa and Lwandeti Locations Option 2 138 . Likuyani. Lugari. of Kakamega County. Butali Ward.would be composed of. then Subdivide to: Malava North (or Matete Mugai Ward.Constitute of South Kabras. Shivanga Ward and Manda Ward of Kakamega County. Likuyani Constituency Likuyani Ward. Moi‟s Bridge-Matunda Ward. Proposal 3. (vii) Split the current Lugari constituency into: Lugari constituency . Option 1  Malava South. Shirugu and Malava North.

8 Proposals for Shinyalu Constituency Shinyalu Constituency c) Proposal to split Shinyalu constituency into: . Shibiriri Ward.Comprise of East. Shinoyi-Shikomari-Esumeiya Ward.Ileho Kambiri Ward. Central Butsotso Ward of Kakamega County. West Kabras and Mwisanjiro (Township). and east Bunyala Locations-Navakolo division). Navakholo Constituency and Navakholo Constituencies. Lurambi Constituency Sichirayi Ward. 9 Proposals for Ikolomani Constituency Ikolomani Constituency d) Split Ikolomani Constituency into two as follows: Idakho North Ward. Idakho East Ward. divisions) and Shinyalu Constituency (comprising Virhembe-Mukango Ward. Mahiakalo Ward and Shikoti Ward. Shirugu The need of the people of Matete District to have their own Constituency is because they have never had a stable chance to participate in political election due to individual political interferences after it was curved out of Lugari District.Proposed and Named.Lurambi North. Centaral Butsotso. Malava south. Budonga Ward. South butsotso. and East butsotso Locations). b) Split lurambi into:. Nambacha. Ingotse-Matiha Ward. Proposal 2. and Malava North. 7 Proposals for Lurambi Constituency Proposal 1. Bukhulunya Ward. Amalemba Ward. Matende Ward Musaa Ward. Idakho Central Ikolomani North -( to comprise of proposed Ward. Bunyala East-Namirama Ward. Ivihiga Ward. Constituency (to cover Ivihiga and Kambiri Murhanda Ward. Shing’otoof West and Central isukha divisions) Shiasava Ward. East Isukha Ward. Central Ward. Milimani Ward. Museno-Shirulu-Lukose Ward. Bukura Ward. Shidodo-Shitochi Ward and Ilesi Ward of Kakamega County. Lurambi South.   All proposals Propose that Matete division be returned to Malava Constituency before it is subdivided. Bunyala Central-Nambacha Ward. a) Split Lurambi constituency into: Kakamega town. South. and Lurambi – (will comprise of the current North Butsotso.Shivanga Division. Idakho North Ikolomani North and central divisions) and Ward and Idakho South Ward of 139 . Navakholo – (will comprise of West Bunyala. SidikhoKochwa Ward of Kakamega County. Maraba Ward.

and South divisions).Ikolomani south -(To comprise of Ikolomani East Kakamega County. 140 .

141 .(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Kakamega County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) a) Malava The Population quota was not adhered to. at a population of 205‘166 in area of and yet was not subdivided.40 sq. The population of Malava is beyond the National quota.

North Maragoli Ward. b) Vihiga Municipal Constituency or ―Wambale‖ for the Maragolis to include: Wamuluma.  Convert the following proposed divisions to constituncy i.  Split Vihiga constituency to create:. and Mbale constituency will incorporate the current Chavakali division of Sabatia district in addition to Mbihi.5. Proposal 2. Ezava Ward. Division 3-West Maragoli and Chavakali locations. iv. 2. Division 5-Central and south maragoli location. Division 4-Izava north and South location v. Chavakali Ward. and vii.locations of Vihiga district. and c) To be curved from Sabatia and Vihiga constituencies. Vihiga municipality. . Mungoma Ward. Mung‘oma location. vi. Izava South and part of Chavakali and West Maragoli locations. Lugaga Ward.Lugaga. Izava North. The current Sabatia and Vihiga constituencies should be brought together so that a new constituency will be curved out to form Mbale constituency. Division 1-Wadonga and North Maragoli location. Sabatia Constituency Busali Ward. Proposal 2. Proposals related to Vihiga Constituency Proposal 1. chambiti. Central Maragoli Ward and South Maragoli Ward of Vihiga County.3. Wodanga Ward.39 Vihiga County (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries Public Views 1. ii. Sabatia constituency and Vihiga constituency. Merge Sabatia and Vihiga Constituency and create and create 3 constituencies namely: Mbale. Proposals related to Sabatia Constituency Proposal 1. Kegoye and Chango sub . Central Maragoli. Sabatia and 142 IIBRC Proposals Vihiga Constituency Wamuluma Ward. Division 6. Division 2-Busali East and West iii. Lyaduywa Ward and Sabatia West Ward of Vihiga County.Mbale constituency.

Tambua Ward and Jepkoyai Ward of Vihiga County. Itirichi Yiitunen (West Tiriki) Proposal 2. Proposals related to Emuhaya Constituency  Split Emuhaya constituency to create:i. Shaviringa Ward. Bunyore North Ward. Shiru. and ii.  Create Hamisi Hamisi West constituency by combining Tambua. Shamakhokho Ward. 143 . Mwibona Ward. 1. Gisambai Ward. Luanda South Ward and Mukhalakhala Ward of Vihiga County. Shamakhokho and Muhundu. Emuhaya Constituency East Bunyore. Proposals related to Hamisi Constituency Proposal 1. 4. Luanda Ward. Shiru Ward.Vihiga 3. and Hamisi East constituency by combining Senende. Banja and Gisambai. Banja Ward. Emuhaya constituency. Jepkoyai. North East Bunyore Ward. Luanda Emuhaya Constituency Wemilabi Ward.  Hamisi constituency split to. Central Bunyore Ward and West Bunyore Ward of Vihiga County. Luanda constituency. Emabungo Ward. Hamisi Constituency Muhudu Ward. Itirichi Yiivwakwe (East Tiriki) 2.

Chemoge Ward. Chepkube. Sasur Ward. Sasuri.3. Kaptama and Kaboywo locations. . Kapkateny Ward. Mt. Elgon West constituency /district (Cheptais) will comprise of Chepatis and Kopsiro divisions with Cheptais. Namorio Ward. Chengeywo Ward. Kongit. Kaptama divisions with Kamuneru. Mt. Elgon Cheptais Ward. Elgon West constituency/district (Cheptais) will 144 IIBRC Proposals Mt. Chepkube Ward. Nomorio.(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Vihiga County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) No major emerging issues. Elgon Ward. Elgon. Kapsokwony. Emmia Ward. Elgon Constituency Option1 1. Elgon East constituency (Kapsokwony) will comprise of Kapsokwony.40 Bungoma County Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries (i) Public Views 1. Cheongenywo and Kapkateny locations. Option 2 1. Mt. Kaboywo Ward and Kaptama Ward of Bungoma County. 2. Proposals realted to Mt. Chepyuk Ward. Chesikak Ward. 5. Chemoge.

Kaptama divisions with Kamuneru.  Proposed that the following locations form the Bumula constituency:-Musikoma. 4. Mabusi. North Bukusu Ward. Lwandanyi and Malakisi division which will cover the entire Bungoma west district with Changara. Cheongenywo and Kapkateny locations. Kanduyi Constituencies Bukembe West Ward. Bumula. Mwomo. Namwela. Kulisiru Ward. Siboti. Mabusi. Kimaeti Ward. Musakasa. Kabula. Nabudalaya. 2. Siboti. Create Endebese Constituency 2. and Kanduyi Division. Khasoko Ward. Sasuri. Siboti. Namwela. Mt. Nasianda. Lwandanyi and Malakisi division which will cover the entire Bungoma west district with Changara. South Bukusu Ward. West Bukusu Ward. Chongoyi Ward. Mayanja. Chwele Ward. Elgon. Elgon East constituency/district (Kapsokwony) will comprise of Kapsokwony. Proposals realted to Kanduyi Constituency Kanduyi constitutes: Bungoma South District. Proposal 2. Lwandanyi Ward. Mukwa. Kabuchai Ward. Mt. Napara. 145 Sirisia Constituency Namwela Ward. Chemoge. 3. Bumula Ward. this will cover the entire Bungoma central district  Sirisia constituency to comprise of the old Sirisia with code 171 and it will cover Sirisia. Chepkube. Bukembe East Ward.  Proposed the creation of Siboti Constituency having the following wards:-Kibuke. Sitabicha-Mwalie East Ward and Tamlega-Mwalie West Ward of Bungoma County.  Sirisia constituency to comprise of the old Sirisia with code 171 and it will cover Sirisia. Namubila Ward. Luuya Ward and Sirare Ward of Bungoma County. Khasoko.  The following Wards were proposed to be created:Nakhawana. Ndakalu Ward. 3. Proposals related to Bumula Constituency Proposal 1. Kabuchai. Lumboka. East Sang’alo Ward. West . Siboti Ward. Chebukutumi Ward. Bukusu. Kabuchai Constituency Mukuyuni Ward. Napara. Kaptama and Kaboywo locations. Napara Ward and Mukwa Ward of Bungoma County. waisawahi and Mukwa. West Bukusu Locations and Sinoko Ward and Siranyi Wards. Isawahi. (vii) Kibabii constituency be created out of Bumula and Kanduyi constituencies and it will comprise of Kibabii. Chwele and Mukuyuni divisions. Kimaeti. Kapsokwony. Nomorio. Bumula Constituency Kabula Ward. Kongit. 1.comprise of Chepatis and Kopsiro divisions with Cheptais. Proposals realted to Sirisia Constituency It was proposed that: Kabuchai constituency to comprise of Nalondo. Elgon Central constituency Option 3. Kimaieti. Watoya.

 Correct the mistake of wards done by transferring districts and transfer Lwandeti to Webuye and rename it Malaha while Lwandeti ward should remain in Lugari. Mjini comprise of the following areas: Ward. Chetambe Ward.  Ndivisi Constituency should have the following locations:Chetambe. Tongaren Constituency Mbakalo Ward. Bokoli Constituency Bokoli Ward.  Proposed Ndivisi Constituency to comprise of the following locations:. Kimilili SouthWard. Kabuyefwe Ward. Stadium curved out of Bumula and Kanduyi constituency which will Ward. Webuye East Ward.It was proposed for the creation of Sang‘alo constituency to be Sang’alo Ward Kibabii Ward. Kiminini Ward . Misikhu Ward. 1.  Proposed to borrow Mbakalu sub-location and Misiku sublocation to form part of Ndivisi constituency.8 Km2 as per 1999 census. 5. Milo Ward Sitikho Ward. Milima Ward. Kimilili Constituency Chebukwabi Ward. (i) Bukembe location Khalaba Ward.  Requested for Mbakalu and Misikhu Sublocations to be added up the population to 97. 6. Namasanda Ward of (ii) East Bukusu location Bungoma County. The feature that delineates the constituency is river Kamukuywa and it borders Saboti and Lugari constituency. Namarambi and Ndivisi.  The two constituencies should be:-Tongaren constituency should run from River Nzoia to Kiminini River while Naitiri constituency should run from Kiminini river to Kamukuywa river. North Ward. Webuye Constituency Webuye South Ward.  The Bungoma North District should be divided create a new District called Tongaren which should in turn be Split into two constituencies. Kibingei Ward. Tongaren constituency to comprise of the old Tongaren and Ndalu divisions. 146 . Webuye North Ward. (iii) Khalaba sub-location and Parts of Kabula location. Proposal 2. Proposals realted to Kimilili Constituency Proposal 1. Namarambi and Ndirisi.000 inhabitants.  Proposed to divide Webuye into two constituencies: Ndivisi and Webuye.  Requested Kibisi location to be part of Ndivisi constituency.384. Miendo Ward and Kituni Ward of Bungoma County. Nabuyoole Ward. Siritanyi Ward. Maeni Ward. Sio Ward. Makhonge Ward and Nabikoto Ward of Bungoma County. Lukusi. Naitiri Ward and Ndalu Ward of Bungoma County. Lugusi Ward. Lukusi.Chetambe. Soysambu Ward. Tongaren Ward.  It is formed out of current Kimilili and Bungoma North District with a Population 135. Ndivisi Ward and Namarambi Ward of Bungoma County.Sinoko Ward. Musikoma Ward. Proposals realted to Webuye Constituency  An area of 214.

Webuye and Sirisia constituencies 147 .2. the feature that delineates this constituency is river Kamukuywa as the district boundary for Kimilili constituency and Tongaren Constituency. This has been the old boundary for the two divisions and it borders Mt. Naitiri constituency/Kimilili to comprise of two divisions namely Mbakalo and central division. Elgon.

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Bungoma County 148 .

 Geographical area of over 400 square Km. Burumba Ward. 5. Bukani Ward.(ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) No major emerging issues.  Split Budalangi Constituency along River Nzoia into two for easy service delivery and development.000 and floods make it impossible for one Councillor to serve these people. Bukhayo East Ward.  Bunyala East should be split into two: -Bunyala East and Bunyala North. Bulanda Ward and Mjini Ward of Busia County.  There is need recovery of Islands from Uganda: Sigulu.41 Busia County Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries (i) Public Views 1. 149 IIBRC Proposals Nambale Constituency Tangakona-Khwirale Ward.  Changes should be within the existing administrative boundaries. Sio River and River Walati which joins River Sio at Nambale  Nambale Constituency has two districts: Nambale and Busia. This should remain as an entity. Four wards from Busia District. Budalangi Constituency Bunyala North Ward. Bukhayo North-Walatsi Ward. Lunyofu Ward. Matayos Constituency Busibwabo Ward.  Two rivers that interferes with communication. thus. Bukhayo Central Ward of Busia County. Mayenje Ward. Matayos South Ward.  Busia Municipality has four wards from Amagoro.000 people. .  Nambale should be divided into two Constituencies which should be exactly identical to the two districts. 2. Bukhayo West Ward. Kisoko Ward.Ajula ward. Lwanyange Ward. This is due to the fact that it is densely populated with a population of 20. Bulemia Ward.  Nambale District be called Bukhati – (Nambale Constituency) while Busia District which comprises of Matayos and Busia Municipality to be called Busia/Matayos Constituency  There should be no attestation to the administrative boundaries. Proposals related to Nambale Constituency  Nambale is the most highly populated constituency with over 200. Bukoma Ward. Proposals related to Budalangi Constituency  Bunyala South Ward should have two more wards as it was in 1997 . Manyole Ward. and Bunyala South Ward of Busia County.3.

Kwang‘amoru. Akoret. the Bunyala had agreed to divide the Constituency into two. Akoret Ward. Funyula South Ward. Siamulda. Amukura Constituency – Comprise of : Busia town. Nangina Ward. Based on Historical reasons areas from Usonga along the Yala Delta be placed in Bunyala. There were no figures. Amogoro Constituency – Walatsi. Amukura. Siro. Funyula Constituency Funyula North Ward. Odiado Ward. Amoni. Alupe Ward. Amukura Central Ward. Chakol Central Ward. Amukura East Ward. Omong‘ura. The neighbouring road which Members of Parliament grades some roads upto some level and leaves it for Bundalangi i. Kimaeti. Mau Mau road which is graded up to Goi River and beyond the slopes of Got Ramogi. Kaliwa Ward. Asing‘e. Aremit. and Bwiri Ward of Busia County. Proposals related to Amagoro Constituency Teso South Constituency Proposal 1.e. Proposal 2. Akadetewai. Kotur.     Ama. Apegei. Kaujakito. Angorom. Kamolo. Chakol North Ward. Split Amagaro into two constituencies:Teso North. Kamuriai. Proposals related to Funyula Constituency  Split Funyula Constituency into two:-Funyula North and Funyula South. Split Amagoro into:1. Kaliwa. Lolwe and Musambwa. the section should now be officially given to Budalangi.Colonial North Teso Location and Teso South – Colonial South Teso Location Malaba West Ward. 4. Mau Mau road which is graded up to Nyadorera and then its left about 12 Km thus. Wakhungu Ward. Chakol South Ward. Teso North Constituency 150 . The Chairman was not convinced that. Okame. On the Yimbo side. 3. Namboboto Ward. Ang‟orom Ward. Amerikwai Ward and Agolot Ward of Busia County.e. Lupinda (Bukhayo Reverted original name which is Lupinda). Ochude. no maps or memorandum presented on administrative units. Sagiti. okatekok 2. Amagoro. there were requests that Bunyala goes up to some level and leaves it for Budalangi i.

) Mariachi Central (Bukhalalire. Ang‟urai Ward. Okuleu. No expansion or interference with boundaries. Moding. Katakwe.Katakwa. Kotur. Namubira.) Bumala Bujumba. Malaba Central Ward. Elukhari ( Elukhari). Kokare.Aboloi. Proposals related to Butula Constituency  No proposal to split constituency however. Lwandanyi. Sikoma. Requested for more wards. Osajai. Malaba East Ward. Kocholya. (Ikonzo Bujumba )  It is inhabited by Abamarachi Luhya sub-tribe. Bukhalalire Ward. Elugulu (Bukhuma. Elukhari Ward and Tingolo Ward of Busia County. Ang‟urai North Ward. Malaba North Ward. Ang‟urai East Ward of Busia County. Malakisi 5. Split Wards/Locations as follows:Marachi East. Chamasini. Elugulu. They should remain intact. kakapel. (Tingolo. Aboloi. Angurai. 3. Bumala. Elugulu Ward. Changara. Esikoma Ward. Kingandole. Kolanya. Elukongo). Malaba South Ward. Butula Constituency Marachi West Ward.  151 . Angurai. Elukongo Ward.

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Busia County 152 .

North East. South East Alego. West Alego and Usonga location. South Ugenya 153 . ii). Alego Usonga – (Central Alego. 2. Siaya Central Ward. South Central Alego. Alego Constituency – Eastern part comprising of East Alego. Ugunja Ward. West Alego Ward. Ugenya Constituency Ukwala West Ward. The constituency to be split into three namely. Ukwala East Ward. The constituency to be split into two namely: Alego East – comprising of Umala and Kogelo division and Alego West – Comprising of Boro and Uranga division of Siaya district. iii). 5. Township and North Alego location. Uholo East Ward.3. Proposals related to Ugenya Constituency  It was proposed to split Ugenya Constituency into Two namely Ugunja Constituency and Ugenya Constituency.42 Siaya County (i) Public Views 1. West Ugenya Ward. Jera Ward. Boro EastWard and South East Alego Ward of Siaya County.Alego East (Umala and Kogelo division)Alego Central (Boro division) and Alego West (Uranga division) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals Alego Usonga Constituency Mjini Ward. South Alego. East AlegoWard. Proposals related to Alego Constituency  Three proposals were made: i). Uholo NorthWard. Boro West Ward. South West Alego Ward. Alego constituency be sub-divided into two. North Ugenya Ward. South Alego Ward. Siaya West Ward. Usonga Ward. North West.Ugenya Ward. East Ugenya Ward. SiayaNorth Ward. Siaya East Ward. South West Alego. North Alego (Part) Ward. Ugunja Constituency Ugunja Ward. Ugenya Ward and West Ugenya Ward of Siaya County.(ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) No major emerging issues.

North Sakwa Ward.made of Madiany East and West. Deda Island. Jina Ward. Wagai North Ward. South UyomaWard. Proposals related Bondo Constituency  Three proposals were made: (i) That Bondo Constituency be divided into two namely Nyan’goma Constituency – Comprise Nyan‘goma. North (i) Gem Yala – to include Malanga. Central Yimbo Ward. 3.comprising Wagai. 5. Central Gem Ward. Bar Kalare Gem Ward. Umala Ward. West Uyoma Ward. (ii) Rarieda constituency. Ambira-Ngunya Ward andMagoya-Rambula Ward of Siaya County. Yala Division Gem Ward. Proposals related Gem Constituency  It was proposed that Gem be split into two namely: Rarieda Constituency East Uyoma Ward. Bondo Town Ward. BarKowino East Ward. Ajigo Ward. Nyamninia Ward. Usigu West Ward. East Asembo Ward and Central Asembo Ward of Siaya County.Ward. Bar Kowino West Ward.Marenyo Ward. East (ii) Gem-Wagai. South Sakwa Ward and Central Sakwa Ward of Siaya County. Ouya divisions and Bondo Constituency (ii) To split Bondo constituency into Usigu constituency and Bondo constituency (iii) To split Bondo constituency into Bondo Constituency and Bondo South Constituency Bondo Constituency Oyamo Island. 154 . Central Uyoma Ward. MarandaWest Ward. Nango. Gem Constituency Anyiko-Sauri Ward. Rera. Nyawita Ward.made of Rarieda East and West 4. UsiguEast Ward. Divisions Wagai SouthWard and South Gem Ward of Siaya County. Proposals related to Rarieda Constituency  It was proposed that Rarieda constituency be Subdivided into two namely (i) Madiany constituency.

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Siaya County 155 .

Kondele Locations b. Kisumu Town East constituencyComprised East and west Kajulu.43 Kisumu County (i) Public Views 1. East Kolwa Ward and Central Kolwa Ward of Kisumu County. Manyatta Ward. West Seme Ward. (iv) To split Kisumu Rural into Kisumu Rural and Seme 2.3. Otwenya Ward and East Seme Ward of Kisumu County. (ii) To split Kisumu Rural into Seme East and Seme West and create Luanda Constituency (iii) To split Kisumu Rural into Kisumu Town and Seme constituencies. South West Seme Ward. Proposals related to Kisumu West Constituency 156 Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals Seme Constituency North Central Seme Ward. Proposals related to Kisumu East Constituency  Three proposals were made (i) Kisumu East be split into Kibos constituency and Kisumu Town East constituency (ii) Split KisumuTown East into. Kolwa East and Miwani) Kisumu Central Constituency.Comprise of Town. Kolwa Constituency. Nyalenda and Migosi 3. central and East Kolwa location bordering Nyando Constituency to the South of Muhoroni constituency at the Sidho-Obumba-Lie Lan‘go Border (iii) Split Kisumu Town East into Kisumu East constituency. Kolwa Central. Kisumu East Constituency East Kajulu Ward. 5. Kisumu West Constituency .Nyalenda A Ward. Proposals related to Kisumu Rural Constituency(Seme)  Five proposals were made: (i) To split Kisumu Rural into Maseno Constituency and Kombewa Constituency. Kondele.(Kajulu East and West.comprise of the entire West Kolwa as it is in the current administration structure. a. South Central Seme Ward. West Kajulu Ward.(ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) No emergining issues.

West Kisumu. West Seme.Aerodrome Ward. 157 Nyando Constituency Kochieng’ Ward. EastAwasi. Kakola Ward. Market Ward.Kaloleni-Shauri Moyo (iii) To split Kisumu Town West into two to create Ward and Migosi Ward of Kisumu Kisumu Central and Kisumu Constituency. Three proposals were made: (i) To split Kisumu Town West into two namely Kisumu Town West and Kisumu Rural and Rename current Kisumu Rural to Seme Constituency. S. Kogony Ward. North West Kisumu Ward and West Kisumu Ward of Kisumu County. Kochieng‘ East and West. North Kisumu Locations) Stadium Ward. Awasi Ward. S.W Kisumu. Otwenya. Kisumu. North Kisumu Ward. Railway Ward. Central Milimani Ward.W Kisumu.Bwanda-Kanyagwal Ward.C Seme. Kawino Ward. . and (ii) Nyando constituency to consist of Tura (New). Kombura-Katho Ward.W Seme. Kombura Ward. East Kisumu. Kombura. Kanygwal. Bwanda. Proposals related to Nyando Constituency  Two proposals were made: (i) To split Nyando constituency into Kadibo Constituency and Nyando Constituency (ii) To split Nyando constituency intoWinam Constituency and Nyando Constituency  It was also proposed that the following wards be created: (i) A new Tura ward (ii) Subdivision of Awasi to Osiri.Comprised of Katho. Kisumu Central Constituency Kondele Ward. East Kano Ward. Nyalenda ―B‖ Ward. Kisumu East Ward.C Seme. (b) Kisumo Constituency (To Cover N. County 4. Kisumu Central Ward. (ii) To split Kisumu Town West into two and re-align boundaries of the Current Kisumu Town West Consituency (Proposed Seme Constituency) by transferring West and North West Kisumu Wards/ Locations to the proposed Kisumo Constituency (a) Seme constituency ( To cover N. Kawino North and Kawino South Wards and for Remaining wards to constitute Nyando constituency. Kibuye Ward. Kisumu North Ward. KochogoWard and Onjiko-Wawidhi Ward of Kisumu County. S. East Seme Locations) South West Kisumu Ward. West Awasi wards  Create:(i) Winam Constituency wards.

East Awasi(New). Miwani Locations (iv) Nyando Constituency to be renamed Kano East Constituency (v) Kano west Constituency – Comprise of Bwanda/Kanyagwal. Tamu Ward.Ward. West Awasi Kochogo. Kochogo. Kochieng‘Kombura/Katho. Fort Tenan.  . Chemilil Ward. God Nyithindo. God Nyithindo Ward. (v) North Nyakach be split into South Nyakach and 158 Nyakach Constituency North Nyakach-Rangul Ward. Fort Ternan Ward. Koru. Kakola. Onjiko. N.E Kano. Nyakach-Nyalunya Ward and Pap Onditi Ward of Kisumu County.Kakola. North East NyakachWard. Masogo Ward.Comprise of Muhoroni and Miwani constituencies (Boundary of the Settlement will be adopted) and Muhoroni Constituency. Ombeyi.Nyang’oma Ward. Miwani Division Boundaries (i) Muhoroni to remain as it is. Muhoroni Town Ward. Onjiko wards. Ombeyi South Ward And for North East Kano constituency to adopt the and Kabar Ward of Kisumu County. Proposals related to Muhoroni Constituency Six proposals were made:  Split Muhoroni settlement Constituency. Muhoroni and Kisumu East Constituency boundaries and names to include Awasi. West Nyakach Ward. Ayweyo (New). Owaga Ward. (ii) Split Oboch to form Oboch and South West Nyakach wards (iii) Split Nyalunya ward to form Nyalunya and Central Nyakach wards (iv) Split North nyakach to form North Nyakach and Rang‘ul ward. Ombeyi North Ward. (ii) To review Nyando. South West Nyakach Ward. Wawidhi. Thurdibuoro Ward. Nyang‘oma. The following was proposed for the wards: (i) Split Asawo to form Awaso and pap Onditi wards. Chemelil. Kawino. Kolwa East and Central 6. East NyakachWard. Sigoti Ward. Proposals related to Nyakach Constituency  It was proposed that the existing Nyakach constituency be split into Upper Nyakach Constituency and Lower Nyakach Constituency. Kikolo. SouthNyakach Ward. (iii) Muhoroni Constituency to be renamed Kano North Constituency to nclude Muhoroni township.formed by the remaining part Muhoroni Constituency Miwani Ward. Magina(New) East Kano wards 5.

South East Nyakach ward (ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Kisumu County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) No major emerging issues. 159 .

2. Proposals related to Rangwe Constituency Proposal 1. Gumba-Jieri Ward. Central KarachuonyoWard. Kabondo Constituency Kawuor Ward. (ii) Karachuounyo West (To Cover West and North West Divisions). Comprising of Gem Asumbi. Homa Bay Town. Kagan WestWard and Kagan East Ward. Kojwach Ward. Kibiri Ward.Mawira-Rabuor Ward.  Split Ragwe constituency into.Kakdhimu Ward. Kabondo Constituency created to comprise of the current Kabondo Division.5. Kochia West Ward. Central Kasipul (Part) Ward. Rangwe.44 Homa Bay County (i) Public Views 1. Rambira Ward. though respective wards not indicated at all: (i) Karachuonyo South (To Cover Kanyaluo and Kibiri Divisions). Kasipul West Constituency. Gem East Ward. 2. Wang‟chieng Ward and Kakelo Ward Karachuonyo Constituency Kanam Ward.GendiaAwach Ward. and (iii) Karachuonyo East (To Cover North East and Central Divisions)  Split into two as follows: (i) West Karachuonyo ( Covering current West Karachuonyo Divisions). Ayoro Nyadong‟e Ward.  Split the Constituency into three as follows.3. Kochia East Ward. Kokoth Ward and Wang’chieng-Karabondi Ward. Rangwe Constituency Gem West Ward.Kabondo-Ramba Ward. Proposals related to Karachuonyo Constituecny Proposal 1. Comprising of Homa Bay town. Gem Central Ward. Kokwanyo Ward. Kanjira-Kobier Ward. Kasipul East Constituency. Obisa Ward. Kabondo Constituency 2. Proposals related to Kasipul-Kabondo Constituency Option 1 The constituency to be split into two namely. Kasipul Constituency created to comprise of the current Kasipul Division Option 2 The current Kasipul Kabondo Constituency be split into three. and Kachien Ward. Kochia and Kagan Locations 160 Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries IIBRC Proposals Kasipul Constituency West Kasipul Ward. East and West Kanyadas. Simbi-Kogembo Ward. Wire Hill-Migwa Ward. 3. 2. Sikri Ward. 1. Kasewe Ward. Kanyaluo Ward. . 1. (ii) East Karachuonyo (Covering current East Karachuounyo Divisions) 3. 1.

Katuma Ward. 2.Proposal 2. Gembe Central.West Mfangano Ward. and other small island. West Kanyada (Part) Ward and East Kanyada (Part) Ward.  Split Ragwe constituency into. Lambwe East and Lambwe West locations 2. Mfangano. Mfangano South Ward. . (ii) Ndhiwa West (To cover Kobama and Nyarongi Divisions). North Kanyamwa Ward. Kamasengre Ward. GembeEast Ward.  Split Ndhiwa into two to create the following: (i) Ndhiwa (To Cover Kobado and Ndhiwa Divisions). Rusinga. Kaswanga-Wanyama Ward. South Kanyamwa Ward. East Kwabwai Ward. (iii) Ndhiwa West or Nyarongi Constituency (To cover Kobama and Nyarongi Divisions) 5. Posta-Bonde Ward. Atego. Along the present Rangwe Division Boundary 4. Ringiti. Ndhiwa Constituency West Kwabwai Ward. Ndhiwa and Kobodo Divisions). a constituency be created along the boundaries of Lambwe Valley Settlement Scheme curved out of Mbita constituency with its original boundaries as prescribed by the beacons to include Ruma location now in Gwassi Constituency. Central Kanyamwa Ward and West Kanyamwa Ward.  Split Ndhiwa into two to create the following: (i) Ndiwa East (To cover Pala. (ii) Rangwe. Lambwe Constituency that. Gembe West. Mbita Constituency Takawiri Island. Rusinga East Ward. Remba Island. Gembe Central Ward. Mbita East Constituency to comprise Mbita Mainland made up of Gembe East. Kanyikela Ward. Proposal 2. Kanyadier-Kothidha Ward. Option 2 1.Central Kabuoch Ward. WestKanyidoto Ward. (i) Homa Bay Constituency. Mbita West Constituency to comprise all the Mbita islands namely. South Kabuoch Ward. Remba. The constituency is named Lambwe Valley Settlement Scheme.Lambwe West Ward. Riana West Ward. Riana. Mfangano Constituency 161 Homa Bay Town Constituency Kanyabala Ward. Proposals related to Mbita Constituency Option 1 1. Riana. Kasgunga Central Ward and Kasgunga West Ward. Takawiri. Lambwe East Ward. Along the present Asego Division Boundary. WawareWakinga Ward. (ii) Ndiwa East or Riana Constituency (To cover Pala. Proposals related to Ndhiwa Constituency Proposal 1.Hospital-CentralMarket Ward. Divisions). Kalanya Ward.

162 . That. Owich Kibwer Ward and Gwasi WestWard of Homa Bay County. Proposals related to Mbita Constituency  Suba Central constituency. Mbita and Gwassi constituencies should cede some of their parts and it shall be formed by Sumba. Central and Gwassi north divisions.e. Takawiri and other small islands. a new constituency be curved out from the old Suba district. Gwasi Constituency Migingo Island. To this will also be added the islands of Ringiti. Mbita constituency 6. (ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Homa Bay County (ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) No emerging issues. Kaksingri West Ward. Remba.  Suba Central constituency comprising parts hived off from Mbita constituency. Ruma Ward. i.3. namely the Mfangano division and Central Division hived off from Gwassi constituency. Kaksingri East Ward. Gwasi Central Ward. Gwasi North Ward.

Kanyarwanda Ward. Currently there are six wards. Got Kachola Ward.45 Migori County (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries Public Views  1. Proposals related to Uriri Constituency It was suggestions that Uriri be divided into two constituencies:Uriri Constituency and Rapogi Constituency. Kanyasa Ward. There were suggestion to split the existing 11 constituencies to 61. West Kadem. Central Kadem. Central Kanyamkago Zone Ward.3. East Kadem. South East Kadem. East Kanyamkago Zone Ward and Kamgundho Ward of Migori County. Kater. These will be named as Central Kanyamkago. and North Kadem 2. Muiru East. West Kanyamkago Zone Ward. Karatini. South Kanyamkago Zone Ward. Kaler Ward. The new ones should be:. Mpper 163 IIBRC Proposals Nyatike Constituency Kachieng’ Ward. East Kadem Ward. Proposals related to Nyatike Constituency Split into Nyatike into two Constituencies along river Kuja as follows: North Nyatike Constituency  South Nyatike Constituency North Nyatike Constituency should include: West and Central Karungu (Thakanchieng ward)  East and South East Karungu (Kanyasa ward)  North and North East Kadem (Ndhiwa ward)  Central Kadem (Nyakwere ward)  South East Kadem (Macaldar ward) South Nyatike Constituency to include: West Kadem ( Got Kachora ward)  Southern Kadem (Kanyarwanda ward)  Karer Location (Karer ward)  Muhuru West location (Muhuri West ward)  Muhuru East (Muhuru East ward) Others suggested not to be split Nyatike due to uneven distribution of resources.5. Rapogi Constituency should include Kambogo division and Rapogi division. Mairu South East. The Boundaries for Uriri Constituency should cover Oyani division and Uriri division. Ndiwa Ward. Macalder Ward.     Uriri Constituency North Kanyamkago Zone Ward. Muhuru East Ward and Muhuru West Ward of Migori County.West Muiru. Nyakwere Ward.     . thus suggestions that each ward be divided into two = 12 wards to create 15 wards up from 12. Muiru Central.

Boundaries for Awendo constituency to cover two divisions Awendo and Dede. Awendo Constituency North Sakwa Ward. Suna Nyabisawa Ward. Ngege ward.  5. God Jope ward. Genge Ward and Nyasare Ward of Migori County. Kwa ward. College ward. Rahaa ward. Mukuro ward. Proposals for Rongo Constituency The Constituency be divided into two:.      Kamgundo. Or it can be divided into Migori East and Migori West being split along river Migori. East Sakwa Ward and West Sakwa Ward of Migori County. Suba West which has seven locations and seven wards. Bware (New). Kinjope (New). Kawere. it can be divided into Suna West Constituency and Migori East ConstituencyKakrao Ward. Mukuro ward. Suna East Constituency.     Awendo Constituency. Komosoko following divisions. Kwa Ward. Rongo Constituency West Kamagambo Ward. Mapera ward. Kegonga. God Jope ward Rabuor ward. Ntimaru. Upper Suna ward. Tagare Ward. and Lower Kangundo. Proposals related to Kuria Constituency Kuria West Constituency Split Kuria Constituency into two constituencies:Nyamosense Ward. Ragana ward. Constituency should be divided into two:. Every location to have a councillor 3. God Jope Ward. Proposed that all existing locations should become wards. South Kamagambo Ward. Getonga’nya Ward. Lower Kamgundo. Lwala. Kadika Ward. Suna East ward. Ngege ward .Suba West Constituency and Suba East Constituency. Kombe Ward.Rongo Constituency and Migori West Constituency Giribe Ward. Central Sakwa Ward. Kwiho Masaba Ward. Karateng (New). Nyamaharaga 164 . Proposals related to Migori Constituency Migori district has 2 divisions. Suna South Ward. Milimani Ward. Taranga’nya o Kuria East Constituency that will comprise of the Ward. Alternatively.Giribe ward. Oruba Ward and Ragana Ward of Migori County. Otacho ward. Wasimeeti ward. Oruba ward and Nyanguma ward 4. East Kamagambo Ward. Chinato. Lower Central Kamyamkago. South Kanyamkago. Kinyupe. and Ward. South Sakwa Ward. Buware. North Kamagambo Ward and Central Kamagambo Ward of Migori County. North Suna ward. Rongo Constituency to have two divisions of Rongo and Chamgi Wadu. Mukuro Ward. o Kuria West Constituency that will comprise of the Ikerege Ward. North Suna ward. and Suba East that has six locations and six wards. The following existing wards Giribe ward. Ragana ward and Oruba ward should be divided to form the following new ones .

Ward. 165 . Gokeharaka Ward. Gwitembe Ward and Kebaroti Ward of Migori County. Getambwega Ward. and Isebania. Maeta Ward. Nyankore Ward. Prposed 7 additional wards to the existing 25 to form a total of 32 wards. Wangirabose Ward. Kehancha Ward. Nyabasi North Ward. Siabai Ward. Masaba. Kuria East Constituency Nyabasi West Ward. following divisions:. Ikerege. Bukira Central Ward.Kehancha. Mabera. Ntimaru Ward. Nyabikaye Ward and Nyametaburo Ward of Migori County. Kegonga Ward.

(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Migori County (Kuria Excluded) 166 .

Kiobegi Division 2.3.  Alternatively. Kenyerere and Orogare Division. Suguta. Proposals related to Bobasi Constituency It was proposed that Bobasi be split into two using tea processing zones to make demarcations as follows: Sameta Constituency and Bobasi/Borabu Constituency or Sameta Constituency and Nyancheki Constituency.Comprised of Nyacheki. Basi Borabu Constituency. Boochi Borabu Ward. 5. Kenyenya Ward. 2. Bassi Chache. Maji Mazuri Ward. Mosora Ward.  The Constituency comprise of two (2) districts namely:Kenyenya District.  Sameta to be a Constituency (Bobasi Chache). Bokione Borabu and Kenyenya. and 2.  Nyacheki & Nyamache Division to form another (Bobasi Borabu). Nyachogochogo Ward. and 2. Nyantira Ward. Nyacheki Ward.  It is suggested also that the formation of the following Wards: Kerongoroni.46 Kisii County (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries Public Views 1. Kimonge. Bobasi to be split into 2 1. Majoge Masaba Ward and Magenche Ward of Kisii County 167 . and Ogembo District. Nyangusu Ward and Bobasi Borabu Ward of Kisii County. Ogembo Constituency (Gucha Constituency). Bomachoge Chache Constituency (Current Gucha District). divide Bomachoge into: 1. Majoge Borabu Ward. Proposals related to Bomachoge Constituency. Kenyanya Constituency. Bomachoge Borabu Constituency (Current Kenyenya District). Bogetaorio. Alteranatively: IIBRC Proposals Bobasi Consitituency Emenwa-Nyoera Ward. Bobasi Masige Ward.(ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) No emerging issues. KiobegiGionseri Ward. Bomachoge Constituency Mokubo Ward.  The Constituency be divided into two Constituencies as follows:1.  Turwa sub-location and Nyabisia Sub-locations to be part of Mosora ward because of communication problem.Comprise of Itibo.

5. i. South Mugirango Borabu. 4. with intact boundaries as it is now. Misesi and 4 from Bobasi Ward. Sameta Ward. ward. There was suggestions to form the following wards for Kenyenya Town Council: Central Ward. Enamba Ward and Nyabirongo Ward. Kiburunga Ward. Getenga Ward.     Nyaribari Masaba Constituency  ii. Proposals related to Nyaribari Masaba Constituency Two suggestions were given as follows:i.Nyang‟iti Ward. Otendo-Nyansakia Ward. Bobasi Chache Ward. Metembe Ward. Bukeira Ward. Gusii Town Council should formed by Bomariba West Bogiakumu South Ward of Kisii County. Bomwancha. Township ward Ensaria Ward. Omobera Ward. Boikanga West Ward. be as follows: Bonyanchaire. Borabu Ward. It was further suggested that Bokiomonge and Bosoti should have two wards each and Kenyenya society to be called Nyangweta Ward. Tendere Ward. South Mugirango Chache. and 3. Proposals related to Bonchari Constituency Bonchari Constituency It was suggested that Bonchari remains as it is currently – no Riana Ward. Borabu be given first priority for a constituency and Ikorongo Ward. Getare Ward. Nyachenge Ward. Kiamokama Ward. Egetuki Ward. Bomariba Ward. Boikanga East The Constituency be divided into two using river Kuja as a Ward. Nyaisero Ward. Ekware Ward and Nyaribari Masaba constituency should remain undivided Ibacho Ward of Kisii County. Central Ward. Mobamba Ward. Bogiakumu North Ward and (Suneka) and Suneka Town ward. Kerema Ward. and Ward. 168 . Chitago boundary between:Ward. Proposals related to South Mugirango South Mugirango Constituency Constituencies Nyansore Ward. Bomokora Ward. Amabuko Kitutu Chache to be given a constituency. Nyakoiba Ward. Nyangoii. Bogetenga Ward. Kabiero Ward and Bomonyara Ward of Kisii County. NOTE: Above presentations led to the creation of Gucha Gucha Constituency Constituency that comprises of 7 wards from Bomachoge Bosoti Ward. Ichuni Ward. Keberei Ward. It was suggested that the wards for Suneka Town Council Nyamokenye Ward. and Central-Ikoba Ward. Gesusu Ward. subdivisions. Mokwerero Ward and Bobasi Boitangare Ward of Kisii County. Bomokura North ward and Riara South ward. 4.

Riamakanda and Bogeche. Kisii Town ( Getembe) Constituency Option 2. Nyatieko Ward. Masongo. Marani Constituency and Mosocho Constituency. Bogeka Ward. Nyansira Ward. Marani Constituency to cover Marani district while Mosocho Constituency covering areas of Mosocho and Kisii Township in Kisii Central District. Nyabururu Ward. Nyankononi. Nyamesocho. ii. Nyaura Ward. Bobaracho Ward. Ikuruma Ward. Nyasacha. Mwembe Tayari Ward and Boronyi Ward of Kisii County. Central East.  The Wards within Kisii Township should be Nyabururu. Masimba township. and Nyaguta. Keroka. 2. Keroka Township should include Keroka township ward. Keumbu Ward. Nyakongo. 6. Riamichoki and Riabitutu. Kiamuasi. Kitutu Chache Constituency be divided into two i. Bomuagi. i. Marani Ward and Matongo-Gesangero Ward of Kisii County.e. and Hospital ward. North Kitutu Chache Constituency . Nyamage. Ibeno Ward. Taracha. Mososcho Constituency Mosocho Ward. Birongo Ward. Kanga Hill Ward. Nyamarwe. Nyosia. Sensi Ward. Nyataro. Proposals related to Nyaribari Chache Constituency   Nyaribari Chache Constituency Kegati Ward. Masaba.  Split the constituency into three constituencies namely: 1. Mwamonari Ward. Magonga and Nyasike. It was suggested that the Wards for Masimba County Council should include the existing wards (4) Geteri. 7. Matunwa. Ikenye. Kiamirega. and County Council of Gusii should include Nyamasibi.  Kisii Municipality should include 5 existing wards namely:Kiamabundu. Nyakoe Ward.comprising the upper part. . Central Ward. Proposals related to Kitutu Chache Constituency  The following suggestions were presented:Option 1.comprising the Lower part. Masongo. Nyankororo.  Gusii County Council should comprise of the 6 existing wards:Nyamimiso. Nyamawa. Daraja Mbili Ward and Kiongongi Ward of Kisii County. Nyankongo Ward. Kiogoro Ward. Kionganyo. It was suggestions as follows: Nyaribari Chache remains intact with its boundaries. Nyanko. South Kitutu Chache Constituency . Nyanchwa. Nyongusu. 3. Kiamwasi Ward. Daraja Mbili and Kiongongi but 169 Marani Constituency Kegogi Ward.

Mwagichana. Mwamogesa. Matongo/Gesangera and Sesi. Further create Bogisero South and Bogisero North wards. Nyanguru ward and Nyatieko ward.  additional ones such as Getembe. Kegogi. Nyambira and Geticha wards. Bogeka ward. Nyakoe ward. They further requested for two more wards: Mwakibagendi and Gesangero wards It was suggested that Mosocho should comprise of Bogisero ward. Marani County Council should comprise of Mwamoriari. Ikuma. 170 .


IIBRC Proposed Map for Kisii County



Emerging Issues

 Nyaribari Chache The Community of interests were not considered. For instance a ward was curved out of Nyaribari Chache and taken to Borabu.  Bobasi The re- drawing of boundaries was not consultatively done. The transfer of wards from the neighboring Bobasi and Bamachoge constituencies to the new Gucha constituency was not consultative.

5.3.47 Nyamira (i) Public Presentations and IIBRC Proposals on Constituency Boundaries Public Views
1. Proposals related to Kitutu Masaba Constituency  Kitutu Masaba comprises of Manga and Masaba Districts;  Manga district has three divisions namely:- Magombo Division, Kemera Division and Manga Division;  Masaba District has Gesima Division, Rioma Division and Gachuba Division;  It was suggested that Kitutu Masaba be split into two as follows: Kitutu Masaba Constituency  Central Kitutu Constituency  It was also suggested that the constituency can be along river Kuja  Kitutu Masaba South Constituency.  Kitutu Masaba North Constituency. (i) There was a proposal that the existing 11 wards to the following:- Nyamakoroto, Riamoni, Esami, Rigena, Geni, Nyaganya, East Kitutu, Sirate, Nyaguku, Gekano, Nyakongo, Ritongo, Nyikuro, Kianguso, and Nyangina. 2. Proposals related to North Mugirango/Borabu Constituency (ii) Divide the Constituency into two as follows:i. Borabu Constituency (Borabu district) ii. North Mugirango Constituency (iii) Recommended that the Constituency has 17 wards and should be increased to 30 due to population of the area. The following should be divided:-Omonono ward 2, Mekenene

IIBRC Proposals Kitutu Masaba Constituency
Magombo Ward, Gachuba Ward, Rigoma Ward, Getare Ward, Biticha sub-location in East Kitutu Ward, Nyankoba Ward, Tombe Ward, Omogonchoro Ward, Bugwendo Ward, Miriri Ward, Kemera Ward and North Manga Ward of Nyamira County.

North Mugirango Constituency
Omonono Ward, Nyaramba-Nyangoge Ward, Mageri Ward, Magwagwa Ward, Itibo Ward, Bokeira Ward, Obwari Ward, Mokomoni Ward, Ikonge Ward, Bomwagamo Ward and Nyankono-

ward 2, Esakia ward 1, Central ward 2, Central ward 2, Kerumbe sublocation in Kiangeni Nyanamba ward 2, Matutu ward 1, Mageri ward 2, Magwanga Ward of Nyamira County. 3, Kiang‘eni 2, Umwagamo 2, Itibo 3, Bokeira ward 3, Obwani 2, Mokunguni 2 and Ikonge 2 Borabu Constituency Matutu Ward, Ensakia Ward, Gesima Ward, Embaro sub-location of East Kitutu Ward, Mochenwa Ward,Central Ward, Bocharia Ward, Nyasore Ward, Esise Ward, Manga Ward, Mekenene Ward and Kitaru sublocation in Kiangeni Ward of Nyamira County.

West Mugirango Constituency 3. Proposals related to West Mugirango (iv) The constituency has currently 12 wards and it is suggested Rangenyo Ward, Kebirigo Ward, that each ward be divided into two to form 24 new wards. Sironga Ward, Nyamira Ward, Bigege Ward, Motagara Ward, Bogichora (Part) Ward, Keera Ward, Bonyamatuta (Part) Ward, Ikobe Ward, Miruka Ward and Motontera Ward of Nyamira County.


(ii) IIBRC Proposed Map for Nyamira County 174 .

The requested number of constituencies were not granted. Note: the wards used by IIBRC in delimitation of constituencies are the local government electoral units as per 2007. b) North Mugirango Some wards were moved to the existing or new constituencies. The community of interest request for North Mugirango to be splitin two was not given.(ii) Emerging Issues (Acording to the JLA Report) a) Kitutu Masaba It emerged that about 60.000 people were moved to Borabu constituency without consultation while some constituencies with less people were given more constituencies. 175 .

(iii) be subject to the use of enumerated national census figures and not projected figures. (b) subject to the Constitution. addressing issues of new constituencies falling outside the population quota as provided for by Article 89(6) of the Constitution but at the same time ensuring that such a process shall – (i) take into account the provisions of Article 89(7)(b) of the Constitution that requires progressive efforts and not instant demographic equality of all towards attaining the population quota in each constituency and Ward for the purposes of the first review. 5. (ii) not be subject to new definitions of cities. Under the first step. Specifically. and (b) thirty per cent for the other areas.1 IEBC Determination of County Assembly Wards The IEBC has applied a three-step process to determine the number of County Assembly Wards. According to the Report of the Task Force on Devolved Government (TFDG). as applicable. 2010). Article 89(3) of the Constitution of Kenya.450 is proposed1.0 Introduction The criteria for delimitation of wards is provided for in Article 89 (5) and (6) of the Constitution of Kenya. In this respect. names and boundaries of wards periodically. 2010 provides that the IEBC shall review the number. each of the 290 constituencies will have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 wards. the Commission determined the total number of wards into which the country shall be divided.CHAPTER V PROPOSALS ON DELIMTATIONS OF COUNTY ASSEMBLYWARDS 5. Volume I 176 . Article 89(12) of the Constitution defines ―population quota‖ by dividing the number of inhabitants of Kenya with the number of constituencies or wards. The number of wards was determined using the number of constituencies in each County with the primary consideration for equity in representation in the 1 Final Report of the Taskforce on Devolved Government. an upper limit of 1. the Commission is given the following mandate as regards completion of the first review (a) re-distribution of such wards or administrative units in the affected constituencies as may be appropriate. urban areas and sparsely populated areas or to new population figures. The Act requires that the Commission shoulr resolve all issues arising from the IIBRC review. Article 89(6) provides that the number of inhabitants of a constituency or Ward may be greater or lesser than the population quota by a margin of not more than— (a) forty per cent for cities and sparsely populated areas.

County. The TFDG in effect proposed to reduce Ward representatives from the current 3.628 has been arrived at by dividing the total national population by the total proposed number of wards. The computation is based on a formula which serves to maintain equality between wards and the number of electors.097 = 26. the population quota for the Ward which is 26.450 The IEBC obtained the number of wards applicable to each constituency by computing the proportion of the population of the constituency in relation to the total population of the County and multiplying by the number of wards which the County is entitled to.138 was determined by the Constitution of Kenya (Total national population divided by the total number of constituencies).000. For the constituency population quota. a figure of 133. This is because counties were created by the Constitution without regard to their populations. Total Population of Constituency Total Population of each County X Number of wards allocated each County Applying the above formula ensures that even the smallest County has the required members of the County Assembly to perform its function. the IEBC has been guided by the constitutional provision that the number of inhabitants of a constituency or Ward may be greater or lesser than the population quota by a margin of not more than 40 per cent for cities and sparsely populated areas and 30 per cent for the other areas. This approach takes cognisance of the inherent inequities in the populations of various counties and the imbalances in each constituency.610. National Population as at 2009 Census =38.628 Total Number of Wards 1.465 including nominated councillors to about 2. In computing the number of wards nationally. 177 . The IEBC considers this national limit plausible as it enables a County to effectively fulfil its representation and oversight functions. The table below presents the proposed determination of wards by IEBC based on the above approach and deviation from the quota. In a similar vein. The approach therefore achieves equity of representation within the County and is therefore preferred by the IEBC. The population quota for the Ward obtained using the formula below is consistent with the population quota for the constituency as provided for under the Section 27(1)(b) of the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of Kenya. The proposed county wards are annexed.

Various boundary concerns were brought to the attention of the IIBRC as it emerged that Kenyans were aware of the historical injustices in the delimitation of electoral and administrative boundaries of Kenya.0 Introduction The creation of electoral units in Kenya started with the creation of 117 Constituencies in 1963. the IIBRC was mandated to determine the names and boundaries of wards against the criteria provided under the Constitution 3also to generally apply in the delimitation of county wards.2 With the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010. 6. Notably. followed by Constituency reviews in 1966 which then culminated in the creation of 210 Constituencies. 6.1 Methodology applied by the IIBRC In reviewing constituency and ward boundaries.4It is documented that the IIBRC held eight provincial visits and a total 106 public hearings whereof 20. the authority and criteria for delimitation of local authority electoral areas has been the same at that of Constituencies.CHAPTER VI BOUNDARY DELIMITATION PROPOSALS & WAYFORWARD 6. 2 3 As provided under the Local Government Act Article 89(5) 4 Article 89(7) of the Constitution 178 . These criteria guided all the boundary reviews by the ECK and generally remained in place until the Constitutional Amendment of 29th December 2011 under which the criteria that guided the work of the IIBRC were enacted. In consideration of the criteria under Article 89 of the constitution. public submissions and petitions should be presented within three key limits.726 attended the public hearings.2 Applicable Framework Many of the submissions received offered suggestions on delimitation with emphasis on constitutional criterion. The Independence Constitution of Kenya provided key criteria to guide the delimitation process. All stakeholders were requested to present to the Commission oral submissions or written submissions either as individuals or groups and the public invited to give presentations through scheduled public hearings in existing constituencies. The objective of the public consultations was to collect views regarding electoral and administrative boundaries. the Constitution of Kenya 2010 requires the Commission to consult all interested parties.

land use and road networks and land cover for communications (TV. ii.a) Community Interests: This relating to the historical. These were structured to clusters of a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 12 constituencies per public hearing based on vicinity of selected constituencies per region and were conducted for a consecutive period of 3months. c) Communication Protocol: Means of communication also considers roads networks. hospitals. including best practices. telecommunications (mobile and radio telephony) and postal and courier services. either individuals or groups seeking to have their views equally taken into consideration. iii. mobile telephony). 179 . Memorandum Written submissions-memoranda were presented to the IIBRC by all interested parties. As such areas of economic interest to the community and the existence of a favorable economic infrastructure (schools. Field visits by the IIBRC were organized to sensitise the general public and stakeholders on the mandate and responsibility of the IEBC and providing Kenyans and opportunity to contribute their views. 6. Collection. All submissions should focus thereof on access to these services and infrastructure and the Commission in retrospect shall take into account views of the communities affected. Analysis and presentation of data Information and data collected having been interpreted and legally analyzed informs the delimitation exercise. market centers). b) Geographical Features: For purposes of delimitation focus is on patterns of human settlement. natural and water resources and national security. economic and cultural conflicts existing in various parts of the country. Literature review undertaken not only covers the relevant documents cited under the IEBC Act but also covers maps and archival data on boundaries and boundary delimitation in Kenya.Also inclusive of equities in resource allocation. political. This will also offer immediate feedback on emerging issues on suggestions for boundary variations. This involves collection and analysis of population data based on the constitutional provisions. Field Visits Public hearings provide a tool for gathering and compiling relevant information from the general public on matters of concern in delimitation.3 Work Plan The workplan for the delimitation exercise is developed on the basis of the mandate provided under the fifth schedule to the IEBC Act 2011. presence of harmonious co-existence between communities and political stability that also protects the rights of minorities and marginalized communities posit as boundary concerns. i.

geographical features and means of communication.These too were strictly based on the mandate of the IIBRC and Constitutional criteria for delimitation. which strategy may be further supplemented by interactive media briefings. And to achieve optimum results. it is expected. that the general public will be equipped with the requisite knowledge on the process of delimitation to enable them submit their views against the constitutional provisions. Analysis of data collected The IIBRC analysed data against the constitutional provisions using analytical tools-ICT and GIS The most appropriate media for communication will be identified and employed by the Commission to reach the stakeholders and general public. Stakeholder. consultation will focus on key principles in the public and private sector. iv. 180 . Data from field visits and public hearings is to be analysed in relation to constituency and community groupings on community interest. through civic education.

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