Key Warehouse Management Challenges

Standardized Inventory SKU Creation Expiry Batches Alerts & Tracking On hand Inventory Inventory Replenishment Inventory Counting

Managing the Client/Project Life Cycle
Project/ Contracting/ Client Client Setup/ Project Setup Management

Identify Opportunity

Proposal/ Bidding

Project/ Contract Closing

Communications Communications Documents/Project Assets/Work Product Documents/Project Assets/Work Product Project Transactions Project Transactions

Integrated Functionality Project Accounting
‡ Flexible planning, hierarchy, and analysis with configurable work breakdown structures (WBSs) ‡ Ability to create template matrix rules for WBS, roles, rates, billing rules, expenses ‡ Web-based, workflow-enabled time and expense entry ‡ Powerful revenue recognition, retain age, and project billing rules ‡ Configurable alerts and notifications ‡ Microsoft® Office Project 2007 bi-directional integration to project accounting ‡ Single sign-on portal provides access to all critical systems and data through a central interface

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