Description of the relationship when applying for family immigration with spouse or partner In order to process an application for

family immigration with spouse or partner, we often need supplementary information about the relationship. On this form, you who live in Norway can describe your and your spouse/partner’s shared history. In many cases, the information provided on this form make it unnecessary for us to interview you. Use a separate sheet if necessary. 1. Yours and your spouse/partner’s name

2. When and where did you and your spouse/partner meet each other?

3. How often have you met since the first time?

4. Do you have any children together, or do you have children from previous relationships?

5. Have you or your spouse/partner been married before? If applicable, which periods?

6. The marriage/partnership. When did you decide to enter into marriage/partnership?

When and were did you enter into marriage/partnership?

Who conducted the ceremony?

Did you celebrate the marriage? If applicable, give a description of the celebration.

7. In this section you can fill in other information that may be useful for us in the proceedings.

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