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Executive Summary

Executive Summary

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Published by: Faizan Ahmad Nazir on Jan 29, 2012
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Despite the enormous challenges faced by the higher education sector in Pakistan. • Two (2) faculty members to Southampton University UK for MS leading to PhD (Split PhD Programme) through Overseas PhD Scholarship Program Phase-I under HEC funded Project. • • Two (2) faculty member have been sent to Germany for MS leading to PhD under Overseas PhD Scholarship Program Phase-I. 3 . The Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences) continued the trend of pro-actively managing its academic programmes. focus was placed on strengthening the resources and expertise within the Institute to assist in meeting these requirements. The year 2008-09 saw the launch of the comprehensive programme for the future of the Institution as envisaged in the 15-year Vision. providing with additional training and by fully implementing the elements of the Perspective Plan. This occurred through the hiring of qualified and experienced faculties. the Institute focused its efforts on continuing to strengthen its faculty and infrastructure with emphasis on the following: Faculty Development Programme • The Institute sent three (3) faculty members to Southampton University UK for MS leading to PhD (Full Time) through Overseas PhD Scholarship Program Phase-I under HEC funded Project. These efforts resulted in students’ strength increasing to 2128 from last year’s 1715. our vision was bold and it engendered a confidence which permeated and continues to resonate through our staff and students alike. During the previous year. One faculty member has been awarded HEC Scholarship for MS leading to PhD in New Zealand.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY There are some defining moments in the life of any institution that mean it will never be the same again. During the previous year. developed in 2005.

3 million.8 million. Extending Android Security for Intent Policies (EASIP) received Rs. This has made it possible to broadcast and receive live video lectures throughout the world. The Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) was established with a funding of Rs. A total of 320 students were awarded degrees. Funding Grants for Research and Development • Higher Education Commission of Pakistan provided Rs.2 million were allocated for the project titled “Development of Institute of Management Sciences”. 23. Similarly. 2009. and Development Studies have been started. 20. The British Council sponsored project titled ‘Cultural Interaction Programme for Ulema of Madaris’ received Rs.9 million in ICT R&D funding.62 million. 4 . 13. • • • • • • • Rs.5 million to establish video conferencing facility at the Institute. The Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) contracted trainings amounting to Rs. 0. 13. Dynamic Behaviour Attestation for Mobile Platforms (DBAMP) received Rs. MSc in Computer Science. Convocation 2009 • Second Convocation of the Institute was held on March 16. 15 million by ICT R&D. 80. 20. The project titled ‘US Access Programme for FATA Students’ received Rs.• The Institute is in process of sending 29 faculty members to different universities abroad for MS leading to PhD and through Overseas PhD Scholarship Program Phase-I under HEC funded Project.4 million. New programmes • • The Institute commenced MS in Computer Science in May 2008. The Institute established Centre for Public Policy Research in November 2008.

June 2009. Assistant Professor Co-author: Mr. 2008. 1. Journal of Computer and Information Sciences JCIS Vol 2 No. No. 139-158.1 2009 Trump Plaza Atlantic City New Jersey. proceedings of Global Conference on Business and Finance Vol 4 No.Publications and Conferences/Workshops Books published • Author: Title: Publisher: Author: Title: Publisher: Dr. Author: Ms. Islamabad. • Muhamamd Rafiq and Muhammad Atiq. Syed Waqar Hussain Shah. No. • Dr. • Awais Adnan. 11. Sayed Waqar Hussain Shah. Economic Outlook. M. Nauman. Assistant Professor The Impact of Afghan Transit Trade on NWFP’s Economy Hann Seidal Foundation Germany.1. 1. 2008. Mr. The Lahore Journal of Economics. and Muhammad Atiq. • Muhammad Rafiq. No. “Redistribution Impact of Eid Ul Azha Animals Sacrifice on Rural Economy”. Vol XVI. "Predictability of Returns: A Case Study of Karachi Stock Exchange Pakistan". 5 . Asif Iqbal. “A diagnostic Model Approach to Brand Portfolio Management”. JCIS Vol 2 No. Vol. Germany. • Muhammad Imran Wazir (co-author). • Publications in Internationally Abstracted Journals • Awais Adnan. Vol-41. Journal of Computer and Information Sciences. November 2008. 2008. Research Associate Title: Integrity-based Access Control: A Case Study in Remote Attestation Publisher: VDM Verlag. “The Determinants of Capital Structure of the Chemical Industry in Pakistan”. Lecturer Title: Microfinance and Women Empowerment in Pakistan Publisher: VDM. “Comparative Analysis of Transient-Fault Tolerant Schemes for Network on Chips”. Assistant Professor Adding Functionality to Buttons: A Beginner’s Guide Sun Microsystems and NetBeans. 2008. Jan 6-9 2009. Germany. Salma Amir. • • Author: Mr. 1.13. Jan-June (Summer). Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. Tamleek Ali Tanveer. “Face Recognition using Processed Histogram and PhaseOnly Correlation (POC)”. Saleem Gul.

Malaysia. Third International Conference on Emerging Technologies 2007 (ICET 2007). I. Kuala Lumpur. “Calendar effects in Pakistani stock market”. Pp. Ali. A. • Nafees Ur Rehman. “The Determinants of Capital Structure of Stock Exchange-Listed Non-Financial Firms in Pakistan”. • Shah. No. 971-983. Ali. 605-618. Muhammad Saqib. Mumtaz Ali. Pp. pp. (2008) “Content based image retrieval using geometrical-shape of objects in images”. ISSN. International Review of Business Research Papers Vol. Gul. “Performance of bank stocks on Karachi Stock Exchange”. International Multiconference of Engineers and Computer Scientists. Attaullah and Khan. • Afridi. pp. 3-5 April 2009. Pp. Gul. “Fault tolerant Context Aware Mobile Computing”. • Shah. Islam. 43. 65-75. Brighton. Vol. Winter 2004. A. 4. pp. AugustDecember 2008. (2008) “Edge based real-time weed recognition system for selective herbicides”. “IP Address Look Up Schemes” International Conference on Applied Computing held on June 17 to 19. 280-5. M. 2070-0296. Khan.. S (2008) “Method assisted requirements elicitation for context aware computing for the field force”. et al.• Muhammad Rafiq. • Ahmad Hassan Afridi. Gul. • Shahid Ali.404. S. Gul. Sep-2008. M. (2009) “Time Flux: An Examination of Non-Temporal Considerations in Projects” accepted for presentation at the British Academy of Management (BAM) Conference 2009: End of the pier? Competing perspectives on the challenges facing business and management. Papers Presented in Conferences/Seminars/Symposia • Afsheen Khalid. Muhammad Ali. No. 265-282. 46. 680-4. • Gul. (2008) “Trends and directions in trusted computing: Models. Attaullah and Hijazi. No.1. 4. Jinnah Business Review. • Shahid Ali. • Amin. International Multiconference of Engineers and Computer Scientists. paper titled "Demand Analysis of Recreational Visits to Chitral Valley: A Natural Resource Management Perspective". 4. International Review of Business Research Papers Vol. 6 . S. et al.1. T. pp.(winter 2007). 1 January 2009. S. Syed Tahir. The Pakistan Development Review. "Date Warehouse Performance Improvement Technique Exploiting Materialized & SubMaterialized Views". M. et Al. “Security Issues in Adhoc Networks” International Conference on Applied Computing held on June 17 to 19. Pp. UK. S. October 2007. 1008-13. Pp. 5 No. The Pakistan Development Review Vol. 222-5. Journal of Computer and Information Sciences. 389. Vol. architectures and technologies”. “Determinants of Capital Structure: Evidence from Pakistani Panel Data”. S. • Afsheen Khalid. No. 2009. presented in International Conference on Future Computer and Communication. • Adnan. • Ahmed. ISBN Number (978-1-4244-3754-2) . 3. International Multiconference of Engineers and Computer Scientists. A. Adnan. Safiullah. 2009.

. Behavioral Attestation for Web Services (BA4WS). Nafees Ur Rehman.1145/1377836. USA.• Masoom Alam.. and Engineering (CISSE 08) Bridgeport. Heidelberg. SACMAT ‘08. USA. Xinwen Zhang. Zhang. June 11 . T.13. “Comparative Analysis of transient-fault tolerant schemes for Network on Chips”. 2009. Nafees Ur Rehman. International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies” at University of Science & Technology (ICICT) Bannu Pakistan. J. • Muhammad Ali. 175-184. Usage Control Platformization via Trustworthy SELinux. “Check Constraint Site-Oriented Configuration for Improving Database Performance”. Remote Attestation of Information Flows and Attribute Updates in a UCON System. and Seifert.. • Danish Wadood & Nafees Ur Rehman. VA.org/10. “A Programmatic Approach to Achieve Integrity between Archived and Current Databases”. • Nauman. and Jean-Pierre Seifert. X.. M.1377864 [ACM Digital Library Link] • Xinwen Zhang. New York. • Norren Fayyaz Khan.. DOI= http://doi. 2008). “Clustering Based High Trend Identification In Data Set”. USA. and Communication Security. Masoom Alam.2008. 2008. Germany. M.acm. International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies” at University of Science & Technology (ICICT) Bannu Pakistan. and Tamleek Ali. 2008. • Nafees Ur Rehman. in ACM Symposium on Information. Proceedings of the 13th ACM Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies (Estes Park.2008. 2008. "Specific Hand Skin Classification for Real Time Application" presented in International Joint Tele-Conferences on Computer. ACM. WASET 2008. • Masoom Alam. Nauman. “Cluster-Description Using Fuzzy Logic”. Xinwen Zhang and Tamleek Ali. International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies” at University of Science & Technology (ICICT) Bannu Pakistan. Information and Systems Sciences. April. Muhammad Islam. International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies” at University of Science & Technology (ICICT) Bannu Pakistan. UK. ACM. Ali. • Anwar Shah. International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies” at University of Science & Technology (ICICT) Bannu Pakistan. Oxford. “Analyzing the Effects of Mobility Models Pattern in MobileAd hoc Network”. and Qi LI. Muhammad Kamil. M. Electrical and System Sciences and Engineering. 2008. • Shahzad Rizwan. September 24-26. October.2008. Masoom Alam. Nauman. Fazal Masud Kundi. Awais Adnan . Springer. 2nd International Conference on Techncial and Socio-Economic Aspects of Trusted Computing (Trust2009). CO. International Conference on Computer. Fairfax. 2008. Said Ahmad & Nafees Ur Rehman. Model-based Behavioral Attestation. Computer. • Fazal Masud . Nafees Ur Rehman. Proceedings of International Workshop on Secure Web Services (SWS’08) at the 15th International ACM Conference on Computers and Communication Security (CCS’08). 7 .2008. NY.2008.

Trends and Directions in Trusted Computing: Models. 2009. at PC Peshawar. Daar-ul-Aloom Haqqania issued Shariah compliance Fitwa regarding this Model. “Higher Education has Failed the Nation”. 2009. Architectures and Technologies.• Muhammad Nouman. o Bacha Khan Trust Education Symposium on “Role of the Private Sector in Promotion of Education in Pakistan” held on March 19. S. M.” • Sajid Anwar. “CSR Back home: A review of Literature from Pakistan”. o National Conference on Public-Private Partnerships for Higher Education in Collaboration with Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) held on May 26. March. IAENG. • Amin M. 2009. International Multi-Conference of Engineers and Computer Scientists (IMECS 08). 2009 at Sarhad University Peshawar. Nouman. M. March 27. 2009. proceedings of Conference of ICTTA held in April 2008. M. Nouman. o Nominated to participate in “Capacity Building of Executives of Universities in Pakistan”. Forthcoming Publications: • • • • Karimullah. o Seminar on “Socio-Economic Stability in Pakistan” held on February 16-17. 2008. at Islamabad. Hong Kong.. "Need to Redifine:Value and Case for a new Software Valuation Technique and Analytical Study”. Islamic Financial Service Industry. Director. • Sohail Yunis. 2009. “Customer Interest and Demand Model”. held at UK. The event was held at the Governor’s House on February 18. Developing Countries. “Capturing value from innovation in Pakistan’s SMEs: revisiting the trident of appropriability regime. 2009. & Gul. and Tamleek Ali. organized by Higher Education Commission Islamabad in collaboration with Leadership Foundation UK and British Council from November 17 -27. 8 ... 2009. Shahbaz Khan.. 2008. Assistant Professor delivered a seminar at the University of Southampton (November 2008). Nouman.. “Understanding innovation and its relationship with value creation in marble small businesses of north-west Pakistan: towards a conceptual framework and research agenda for case study”. • Prof. British Academy of Management (BAM). IMSciences presented his papers in following events: o Symposium on “Education Sector Reform”. Nasser Ali Khan. The seminar focused on “International Aspects of Technology Entrepreneurship: Developed vs. “Conceptualizing innovation in Pakistan’s SMEs: making the case for coupling model and looking beyond”. and presented paper titled. dominant design and complimentary assets”. York University UK.

Venice. Wales. Money. Director. dated. Imperial College London. September 2009. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences of University of Peshawar. o Nominated as a member of Elementary and Higher Education Advisory Committee. “Stability and predictability of betas in Pakistani context”. UK. o Nominated member of USAID-Competitiveness Support Fund for advice on “National Policy Platform for Competitiveness and Economic Growth” on March 24. Shahid Ali. International Conference on Business. Oslo. 2009. “Working capital management and profitability of manufacturing sector”. Electrical. “The Determinants of capital structure in the textile sector of Pakistan” Journal of Business and Economic Review (forthcoming issue of Institute of Management Sciences).• • • Shahid Ali (co-author). UK on July 3-4. 9 . 2009. IMSciences has been nominated for the following memberships: o Nominated by Prime Minister of Pakistan as a member of Panel of Economists vide letter No. and Systems Science. Forthcoming Presentations: • • • • Muhammad Ali. International Conference on Internet Technologies and Applications. “Calendar effects in Pakistani Stock Market”. 8(1)EG/Admn-II/PD/2008. 2008. Economics. September 8. Shahid Ali. “Using Remote Attestation for End-to-End Protection in Web Communication Paradigm”. Awais Adnan. Shahid Ali. to be held in July 2009. Pakistan Development Review of Pakistan Institute of Development Economics Islamabad. and Engineering". “Object Identification with Color and Texture in CBIR System” CESSE 2009: International Conference on Computer. Memberships in Professional Organizations • Prof. Nasser Ali Khan. Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops / Panel Discussions / Trainings Organized by Centres • Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) HRDC organized and conducted 52 trainings for capacity building of the employees of different public sector organizations/departments at Peshawar. Italy in October 28-30. 2008. Tamleek Ali. Economy and Management. Finance and Management Sciences. Shahid Ali. “Corporate governance and financing choices of firms”.

3 panel discussions and 1 workshop on following issues. Charsadda. microfinance institutions and NGOs attended the following trainings: o Loan Portfolio Management o Effective Branch management o Islamic Mode of Financing and Microfinance. 37 participants from banks. Nowshera. Total of 2271 employees attended these trainings in the following knowledge areas: o Cultural interaction programme o Gender Based Governance o PC-I Preparation and appraisal o Hospital Management o Project Management • Centre for Excellence in Micro-Finance (CMF) CMF organized and conducted trainings. • Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) CPPR organized 4 seminars. Karak. Kohat. Swabi. Kohat. Haripur. Lakki Marwat and Mansehra.I. Dir. Khan.Mardan. Havalian. Shangla. o Tribal Policy: Historical Perspective and Current Developments o Mental Health: Impact of Conflict and Social Distress o Tribal Governance o Local Government: Prospects and Problems in Pakistan o Constraints on Social Policies: Examples from Pakistan o Issues in Provincially Administered Tribal Areas o Issues andChallenges in Economy of NWFP o Concepts of Borders and Frontiers: Since Colonialism Scholarship Funding: • The detailed chart regarding scholarship funding is given as under: 10 . Abbotabad. D.

4 million @ Rs. IMSciences Staff Fee Rebate Donor Scholarships IMSciences On Campus Job Placement Details Total Scholarships Student Loan Programmes National Bank Loan Scheme for Pakistani Students No of Slots 250 74 512 323 1159 25 percent of total applicants Amount Per Student 130375 278.424. 11 . Since the on-going operations are expanding a detailed list along with tuition fee and other charges of 184 students from Malakand Division is also attached.000/.were deposited in the account of HEC. 1. The total financial outlay for one year works out to Rs. 502. 5.000 IMSciences Contribution towards Internally Displaced People (IDPs): IMSciences Financial Aid for Swat Students The Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences) living up to its motto “management education with public spirit and market dynamism” has provided upto Rs.200 30.each to 51 students from Swat. Programme / Discipline IMSciences Partial Scholarships Brother / Sister.968.872. It is therefore requested that the amount may kindly be released to these deserving students so as to at least offset their families financial stringencies during these tragic times. 24 million only. IMSciences Contribution to Higher Education Relief Effort (HERE) The faculty and staff announced three days salary contribution towards the Higher Education Relief Efforts (HERE) and an amount of Rs.300 1425436 81900 Scholarship Amount 7642750 1. 3.248 3954600 44. 5. alone (Rs.798 60. IMSciences as member of HERE has helped disburse over Rs. 50.800/. 4.955.000/. Higher Education Relief Effort (HERE) The Director.in total). 2. 2.991/.Sr # 1. This effort by the Institute shows our commitment towards those patriotic Pakistanis who have made their lives miserable so that we can live in relative peace.per IDP family living outside designated camps.

Rs. Ali Hadi got second position in NUST Declamation Contest held on February 21. 3. IMSciences participated in HEC Debate Competition for Allama Iqbal Shield and got 4 positions out of 6 in the Provincial Round. 2009.000/. Feroz Faisal Shah. A detailed report of the Social Committee is also attached. 2. The total financial impact of the relief efforts undertaken by the Institute on its own amounts to Rs. 150. Six (6) FATA students of IMSciences were selected by USAID to visit and stay in USA for eight weeks. Four (4) students of IMSciences represented the Institute at South Asian Partnership (SAP) for Indo-Pak Peace Camp and International Peace Conference held at Chandigarh from September 27 to October 2. Mr. 0.Efforts by IMSciences Social Committee With an initial contribution of Rs.2 million. IMSciences got 2nd position in dramatics. IMSciences’ student participated in the Youth Camp for Asia’s Future 2008 held in South Korea. in Islamabad.4 million @ Rs. Afzaal Humayun represented IMSciences in All N-WFP Debate Competition and got 2nd position.per family has been disbursed through HERE. 2008. 2008. 12 .000/. 2008. • • • • • • Mr. held on November 29-December 1.by the Institute an additional sum of approx. Moreover. The students of IMSciences participated in LUMS Olympiad 2008 and competed with 55 institutions.6 million was raised by the faculty and students for the IDPs’. 5. Students of IMSciences participated in National Youth Summit. 4th in music and 5th in singing. an additional sum of Rs. Extra-Curricular Activities: • • Mr.

Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences. IMSciences got 1st position in Photo Essay. 3rd position in music band and music singing. from February 6th to 8th. • The students of IMSciences participated in LUMS Olympiad 2009 and competed with 23 institutions. 13 . which was arranged by SOPHEP Society of GIKI. 3rd position in dramatics. Swabi. 1st position in Speed Filming. 2009. 3rd position in declamation contest.• A delegation of 14-students participated in Model United Nations Conference. 3rd position in music video.

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