ALL BURMA STUDENTS' DEMOCRATIC FRONT CENTRAL COMMITTEE HEADQUARTERS Press Release by Ihe Clialnrvm o( (lie ABSDF ilng with th« spies those nrresled In Northern ABSDF. 10 Kachin Stale for one mnnlh. I hate suffered l>it I erne ss of brutality oftht diclntnoreihan before. 1 read the sincere statement • HMiluofDuxe Northern Stale. .

Tijey have n-eD-concrctf pliinning w seek tli( confusion »nd disunity anionj tht opposiliun to

i'tn <ji tlifir stuifgy. ABSDF became niaintnrgct tobt innilrnled, those epits we sen! under (he ..,^rMion nsineJ "Wder Wave". The" aciions nr«: - W control the higher posts, - to mete misundcrilanding with ihe allied organ rations and support group; - to hive depression lo surrender; and. ~ to assassinate tlitir strong opponent. 1 he deadline for the target is (he end of 1992 which will bo ihe lime convening the Nwlonal Convention. Sonic group* h*>e ic surrender bclorc the Nulional Convention and Ihcy pusli hunl (he remaining groupto Eunvndtr BI General Amnesty which will be held in the aftermmli of the National ConvcmioH.

(he end 1992.) The remaining group nflci ar

f (he CentralCoiiimiliw,have thefespo ,, ,„. .„„.„,„„ „„ , ..„,..„., , <n by the Cirira! Coinmiiifr on dwision pruccss. We would like (o explain lo the internai community thm ut must hu^e more irrltmioH to iolve Hie future orrenxainlflfi arreited

AUSDr is nol griine lo E'" thc *illn penally lo those reniflitilng epiei "HiiiLr whocliaiiee the adiiudc and slBnce towards our tuovtmrnis nrc lo be accepted as ordi-

'(lilt (pies wfiom LVH'I,'! in K; tvtj by »t will be Iransfe is for llwrir safe tondilipu and future. For ih»i, ABSDFhi •iialions and democrBllil governments 10 accept Ih

._ _ iiimlctobrti.ueih.-iii _ . mies; we accept thaHhew persons are victim* of Ihchruul didlMoritf lyslcin. Thai isnhy wa arc looking forward for Ilic Ions tennbenefiuwd human;infi.m eoncepis. And \>c coniinus (oclicil ttieaeiall documeati MM<telMieiiHi of (he •V.- flicrclttrr, would like loajipc^l 10 the loteniaiianal ofijnniifltionsand govcnHnenUtofind '!•. *.ij fin 11 if fu In re sell I tint nf of ihese spies and give Ui coopcrntiw} Imiedon uiidtrstaftdinj

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