1.how will u check process id?

ps -ef |grep java OR ps -ef|grep java OR Use this to get result with more details /usr/ucb/ps -auxww | grep java 2.How to delete connection pool? java weblogic.admin -url -username -password delete_pool -poolname OR java Weblogic.Admin -url AdminHost:7001 -username weblogic -password weblogic DELETE_POOL demopool false 3.what is the weblogic licence? licence.bea OR licence.xml weblogic platforms uses an xml-format license is called licence.bea.To use WebLogic Platform 8.1, you must have an 8.1 license file. To convert a pre-8.1 license.bea file to a WebLogic Platform 8.1 license.bea file. The types of license files that can be used as the liecense.bea file. 4.Why will the manage server goes to ADMIN Mode and Unknow Status? if the server is already running and again we are attempted to start that server then we get that error i.e. the server is in admin mode (OR) I tried the above by trying to start managed server again,but my managed server is running properly and the second attempt is shutting down. I think if any deployment is fail the server will go to admin mode 5.what are configuration classes in weblogic Config.xml is the main configuration file in weblogic.OR Start, stop, weblogic.management.configuration and deployer are the main classes in weblogic. 6.If we lost Admin password(unfortunately), how will you enter into Admin console? Edit boot.properties file. To recover admin password: http://www.allinterview.com/showanswers/105193.html To reset admin password: http://middlewaremagic.com/weblogic/?p=323 step 1,2 and 3 is enough. 7.what is directory structure of any ear/war file in weblogic directory structure for ear file: App-INF/application.xml META-INF/MANIFEST.MF +jar files +war files directory structure for war file: Web-INF/web.xml META-INF/MANIFEST.MF classes libs 9.suppose we have the thread dump for particular weblogic server.ho can you analyse it manually without using any tool Check for the running threads for a particular Managed server or admin server in Unix box Syntax: ps -ef|grep <managed servername>or(Admin Server)

the above command will show the running process for the server 1)obtain the process id of server $ps -ef|grep java 2)kill the process $ kill -3 PID 3)see the log file of server kill -3 gives javacore dump which is thread dump in wl terminology. open this file in any text editor and check Current Thread details . If there server hanged then in current thread details will give you details that why server was hanged or which particular thread got stuck,. 10.suppose you changed a admin password.in which other file you have to update after this In Boot.Properties file we have to change the changed admin password as it will get the password automatically for starting the admin server. 11.how can you increase heap size from command line there are 2 ways to do that and they are: 1. In setDomainEnv.sh alter the Xmx and Xms values 2. Login to console and click on servers -> Configuration > Server Start -> Argumants. specify the memory arguments in that textbox. jva -msn mxn 12.suppose you deployed a new application and the application is not reflecting to clent. what will be your steps of action First we need to check whether the application is correctly deployed by checking the log files both in Managed server and in admin server. Next thing is to check what url the application is mapped and what url the team is trying to open.We need to check the access logs too for information on what ip are trying to access the server or app. We can also go for a re deployment of the application 13.how can you change the jvm arguments in weblogic server Domain_Home/bin setDomainEnv.sh file u can set the parameters of JVM 14.what are the pre requisite to installing weblogic server 10 u should have jre6 here no need install u just copy paste First thing we need to check is whether Jre is available are not. We need at least 1GB of space to install Weblogic. 1.JDK must be installed in the system first..if./bin file is there then JDK is not necessary(platform dependency).if you are going for generic then JDK must be installed in your environment. 2. All the ports should be opened between webserver and application server and also between application sever and database. 3.check the diskspace in the filesystem.you need min of 1gb of hardware memory for 1 installation.and remeber there

will be logfiles and stackraces to occupy memory so min of 10gb is required 4.check for the file permission issues and access to root for installing JDK

1.what is weblogic server Domain packing and unpacking? Answer: pack & unpack are two commands to similar to creating templates from an existing domain. pack command will pack the domain in to a single file. This file can be copied to a different location and unpacked to recreate the domain. 2.Types of Virtual hosts and how to configure it? Answer: virtual hosts when you want to give an impression to the end users that they are connecting to different hosts, even though all of the urls are being served by the same server. There are two types of virtual hosting availabel - name based & IP based. Weblogic supports both the types. 3.Multicast monitoring and multicast test utilities? Answer: multicast is not used anymore from 9.2 onwards because of its UDP properties. It is recommended to use unicast. but if you decide to use multicast anyway , there is a uitlity that can be used to check the multicast address pings on a network. java utils.MulticastTest -n <some-name> <VIRTUAL-IP> -p <VIRTUAL-PORT> 4.what are the Http session Replication groups? Answer: Used in Session replication of cluster members. When a http session lands on a server, it chooses a secondary server based on the replication groups. 5.How Migrating Security Data? Answer: ? 6.what is side by side Deployment? Answer: It is called side-by-side deployment. Weblogic 9.2 allows two versions of the same application to be active at the same time. Which means if v1 is having connected users, they continue to work on the old version. ( It will be in a state called "RETIRING"). All the new users will be connected to the new version of this application V2. ( This is in state called "ACTIVE") Once all the users connected to V1 finish their work, it will be moved to retired state, and V2 becomes completely active. 7.How to use" weblogic server native io" packs? Answer: : CHECK " Enable NATIVE IO " under servers -> <server-name> -> configuration -> Tuning

oracle. it will be moved to retired state. Which means if v1 is having connected users. they continue to work on the old version.html Re: intella group weblogic telephonic interview ? « Reply #1 on: September 12. ( This is in state called "ACTIVE") Once all the users connected to V1 finish their work. All the new users will be connected to the new version of this application V2.6. Code: http://download. ( It will be in a state called "RETIRING").com/otn_hosted_doc/wls/redeployment/wls-side-by-side-nonannotation_viewlet_swf. and V2 becomes completely active. 2011.2 allows two versions of the same application to be active at the same time. Weblogic 9.what is side by side Deployment? Answer: It is called side-by-side deployment. 10:04:11 AM » .

How will u find if the connection pool is connected with database or not ? not by using the console? Answer: use the WLST commnd. upload this log to samurai tool.How can u make the alerts for u r SSL certificate expiration? Answer: check for the validity of the certificate everyday using a cron script. how can u work with jms bridge. u basically look for any dead-locks . when it will be needed? Answer: a JMS bridge is a JMS resource ( created as part of JMS module) that can automatically transfer messages between two queues or two topics.. webserver is for static content & app server is for dynamic content. of days remaining are less than specified days ( for eg. . U dont have to know LDAP administration for weblogic.Authentication Denied 500 . or long running threads. admin console -> domain-name -> security -> embeded ldap -> set password here 6.1. That should help.. All are differences.Tellme the errors u r getting in the browser like 500 ? how many errors are there ? explain? Answer: 404 . U basically take a thread dump first using kill -3 PID ( take atleast 3 thread dumps with 5 sec gap) Thread dumps are now available in console log.How can u provide the security in LDAP servers? Answer: U can set password to the ldap directory.what is the tool u r using for thread dump and tell me how to work with it? Answer: samurai tool ( its opensource) this was shown in the classroom.Page can not be displayed 403 . The majorone being.how can u work with the LDAP server?Do you know LDAP Administration? the embedded LDAP is there in weblogic. If the no. Or check the logs for any messages. If u know it its good. it transfers messages between two JMS implementations. The samurai tool will give a graphical representation of what each thread is doing at that moment. 2. 30 days) send an alert using the unix command mailx 7. 5. 4.what are the difference between webserver and app server? Answer: Yes. 3. Basically.Internal Server Error 8.what is jms bridge.

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Which means. You will get these files from developers. they are not because of connection pool objects but because of some other problem. if u still not able to access. 7.difference between weblogic 10 and 11 ? Answer: 11g is Fusion Middleware . what will u do at that time ? Answer:Check the webserver is running first.how can u get the deployment files from another box and from where u will get ? Answer: scp from remote box to current box. We should try to solve the actual problem.which means it has other components ( coherence server/Enterprise manager etc) in addition to weblogic core server as one package. If there are performance related issues.while deploying the application it will give the error that requested resource is not found ? what will u do? Answer: Look at the error. etc. We take threaddump to see what a thread is doing. if we want to performance tuning on jdbc ? Answer: it is not recommended to change the jdbc connections frequently. Try to hit the URL the client is trying to access. 5. is necessary to change the jdbc connections number frequently in production is there any chance to solve that.if client send the request the web page is appeared at morning but when he sends the request at evening blank page is displaying so.1. ( like application code or batch jobs etc) .what is thread dump ? why we have to take the thread dump? what will happen when we take the thread dump? Answer: Threaddump is the status of a thread at a given point. 11g is more tuned towards SOA architecture and tries to implement Application Grid. It should be stable. Which method its calling. If it is available its still giving error. try to bounce the webserver(after taking the approval) 3. Nothing happens. . See what resource is not available ( usually a JDBC datasource or a JMS resource) . When u execute kill -3 PID the dump of all threads will be written to the log. 6. try to delete and recreate the resource. what the thread is trying to do. 4. Make sure that is available. 2. check if there are any changes that happened during that day that might have caused this problem.what is the major issue u got in u r 3yrs exp? Answer: I think you should pick up any deployment related issue.

(Or) start it from command prompt using WLST 2)Scenario: A datasource is linked to a database and it is running on two nodes.sh file. 2011. Answer: decrease the heapsize ( -Xms -Xmx) parameters of JAVA_OPTIONS in setDomainEnv. the nodemanager is reachable from console) 2) add mng-server to the list of servers for that machine 3) go to servers-> mng-server-name->configuration->remotestartup add the JAVA_HOME/CLASSPATH/ and other parameters required for startup of managed server 4) start the managed server from console. 1) add machine from console ( make sure . Make sure the total of all Xmx parameters is not more than 75% of 4GB Re: TCS Telephonic Interview Questions « Reply #1 on: September 06. If one node is down how the Database knows it is down and how it can start on second node? Explain Answer: What is a node ? And how can a datasource run on two nodes ? i think the interviewer is referring to two managed servers. 12:47:01 PM » 1) when you are starting a mng-server by node manager what are the changes you have to do? Answer: Assuming the domain is already configured to connect to the Nodemanager through a machine. 02:39:09 PM » . if not.Re: BIrlaSoft Interview questions « Reply #1 on: September 09. A datasource is targeted to two managed servers. 2011. How can you fix it. 3)Scenario:I have 4GB RAM and i'm using 4 mng-servers while i'm starting the servrers I have a msg OUT OF MEMORY.

1)what is Proxy pass? Answer: Proxypass is one apache module ( like mod_wl.what is KEDP (i am asking to him. This module is usually used when u want to redirect an incoming request to a different server.what is it? he told it's Data Base don't U know it? I say i don't know it)? Answer: : Never heard of it. Couldnt find anything. If a thread is working for morethan 600 seconds on a specific request . Did a google on this.. 3. for eg. In summary its a redirection module for apache 2. If google doesnt know it.com/ then proxypass will do the job.website1.so that we used to configure weblogic for apache) . just kidding. i think u have picked the wrong name. then it will be declared struck.what is default thread pass time? Answer: : 600 sec. . then we dont have to know it.com/testpage if it has to redirected to http://dir. the user sends a request to http://website1.

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what you will do when datasource will down? check the jdbc url check the jndi name if it is correct bond to Jdbc DataSource or not 3) In clustering how the request is changed from on server to another if the cluster is configured for High Availability assume there is two mng servers if mng_1 will go down then the request is redirected to mng_2.so <If module mod_weblogic.c> weblogic host 192.put mod_wl_22.c> 2.conf LoadModule weblogic_module modules/mod_wl_22.How U will integrate apache with weblogic steps: 1.download configuration file ( mod_wl_22.so ) 2. there are 3 ways to done replication 1.0.search the word load module in Apache_home/conf/httpd.In-Memory Replication 2.Persistence (file) 3.so file in Apache_home/modules folder 3.JDBC Replication if the cluster is configured for Load Balancing I am not get clear idea for that issue Note: Correct me if any thing wrong Mphasis interview questions ? ? ? « on: August 27. the mng_2 knows the current status of the request by using session replication.1.123 weblogic port 9003 MatchExpression * </if module mod_weblogic. 11:36:09 AM » .168. 2011.


PLZ POST THE MAJOR ISSUES AND SOLVINGS TO TELL IN INTERVIEW) 5.what is the difference b/w webserver and proxy server? 14.How can u rotate the LOGs in midnight? 4.tel me the day to day activities? (please post some points which is used in realtime) 17. 2011.what is mean by daemon.what is the site monitering? 7. is there anything else) 15. 08:20:29 AM » . tell me some difficult errors) 18.bug will raised by u or any else? 12.1.Tel me the concept of workmanager.Tell me the major issue u have encoured and how it will solved?( i hav told the issues and the solvings which i hav encoured in the practice.how can u work with ticketing tool? 13.How can the cluster members will communicate ? 3.what is tuning how can u performance the tuning ? (u told me the only peramereters. where it will use ?( i have searched in web but i didnt understand.is ticket is raised by u or any else? 11. vertical clustering and where both are used? 16. How can u trouble shoot using the admin console. where it will be used ? 20.how can u trouble shoot u r application? 10. plz giv me some idea) 19.what will happen when u will take the thread dump/ 9.How can u provide the security in LDAP Server? 2. wlst? 6. but they are telling only these small issues.difference between horizantal clustering.How can u take the dumps using console ? Re: Mphasis interview questions ? ? ? « Reply #1 on: August 30.what are the errors u hav got? (im telling the errors which i have got but they are telling that very small errors.what is onsite-offshare model? 8.

2.bug will raised by u or any else? Answer: Tester 12. 2011.How can the cluster members will communicate ? Answer: Will communicate through Unicast and Multicast 10. is ticket is raised by u or any else? Answer: End users or Customer will raise ticket through call or application and will assign it to the concerned team. in turn which will be validated by the his/her superior and sits in a pool of logs and then its directed to the concerns teams.low or non priortized. To fallow these information we can work to Ticket 19. PS: CORRECT ME IF IAM WRONG Re: Mphasis interview questions ? ? ? « Reply #2 on: August 30. Every ticket has priority like High. 01:05:36 PM » 12.closed. 15.difference between horizantal clustering. where it will be used ? daemon is a background service of Unix it is used for node manager will automatically Start the managed servers when System boot-up time [/color Note : correct me If I am wrong . 11. part of cluster then it is horizontal cluster If they are in the same box then it is vertical cluster 20.how can u work with ticketing tool? Answer: In my personal experience the end user of the application will raise tickets/logs in a tools. vertical clustering and where both are used? Answer: If managed servers across the multiple boxes..what is mean by daemon.How can u take the dumps using console ? Answer:Server -> <Servername> -> Monitoring -> Dump threads stack. Ticket status will be like open. redirected.. inprogress.how can U work with Ticketing Tool if any Ticket encountered than it have the fallowing details description : Encountered Time: Use full server log file name : Concern team: severity: Dead end Time: more .

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what is mean by daemon.. where it will be used ? Answer : Deamon is a process which runs in background. Re: wipro bangalore Weblogic interview questions « Reply #1 on: August 25. Used in writing startup scripts even when terminal closed still java process can run in background. 2011.How can u rotate the LOGs in midnight? Answer : http://download.oracle.3 .html 19. 09:54:29 AM » .com/docs/cd/E13222_01/wls/docs91/ConsoleHelp/taskhel p/logging/RotateLogFiles.

was a single pool of threads used by all applications Work Managers . i will list few to start with. 6) Most Importantly . In 8x.how can u take the boot in unix ? Answer: Not clear .context ) ( please add any other that u might find on your research) 7) Multipools were removed in 9x ( Earlier 8x has multipools. 1) 9x console application is portal based application ( 8x was a not portal) 2) Embedded LDAP related changes ( multiples user are able to make changes to configuration.1. There is a separate thread for this question that lists an exhaustive list of differences. stage : Admin will copy the application to $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/<servername>/stage directory for all the targets External-stage : Weblogic administrator has to copy the files to above location. 3. Is the question related to boot. ( 9X has $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/<server-name> ( 8x has $DOMAIN_HOME/applications folder) 4) WLST is much stronger in 9x ( earlier it was weblogic.how can u take the back of u r domain ? take the copy of the $DOMAIN_HOME cp -pr $DOMAIN_HOME back_up_directory you can tar/gzip it if required.Execute Queues Vs Work managers EXecute Queue . 9x is more logical and correct 9) JMS related Changes were done.what are the states of the application explain ? Answer: Active . first create Connection Pool then create a datasource. instead of this in 9x MultiSources are introduced) the logic of creation of Datasources in 9x is different than 8x.Allows to prioritize the incoming requests based on various parameters like ( response time.Weblogic Diagnostic Framework introduced in 9x.xml in stages) 3) directory structure changes.external stage ? Answer: no-stage : Application accessed from a common location.nostage. This allowed to create monitoring tools with in weblogic itself. Its reversed in 9x. fairshare.Admin) 5) WLDF .difference between stage.difference between weblogic 8.properties ? 2. 5. Configuration will be saved to config.1 and weblogic 9 ? Answer: There are many. 4.

8. 10. How it is possible if domain will nt allow to create another admin user? follow this URL : its really a smart way to recovering the passwordl .weblogic-training.. U are told me that we can recover password by creating another admin.com/securityrealm-of-weblogic/ hope this helps' .com/security-realm-of-weblogic/5-min-way-to-recoverweblogic-administrator-password/ couple of other related posts are available at http://www. In the config. ( This is more of a developers' job.its a small war file that can distribute the incoming requests to a group of cluster menbers. Write the httpd. what is cmo in WLST ? Answer: Current Management Object 7.xml file there is a tag that defines admin sever.jsp all jsps requests will be sent to backend. http://www. You not have two admin servers defined for this tag.conf configuration to send the request to a perticular server/perticular cluster? MatchExpress *. can an domain contain 2 or more Admin Servers ? if there is more than 2 Admin servers what will happen ? It can not have. Dont worry if you dont know it ) 9. Is there any other techinique is there to achieve the Load Balancing not like h/w load balancer and web server ? Answer: using HttpClusterServlet .weblogic-training.Prepared Admin Failed Distributing 6.

for KSH 3) How to find apache version? Answer: $APACHE_HOME/bin/apachectl -version 4) How you find the memory leak in a particular place? Answer: need to use some kind of memory analysis tool . 09:31:17 AM » 1) What is a pro-filer and how it works? Answer: Profiling is in-build weblogic feature ( part of Weblogic Diagnostic Framework-WLDF) that can be used to monitor every component of the weblogic.oracle.profile .bash_profile . 2011.for bash shell . MAT ( Memory Analyser Tool) 5) How Admin server communicate with other weblogic servers? Answer: Question not clear.profile . we can define profies in this framework that will monitor the specified segments.Re: TCS Chennai Weblogic Interview Questions(Aug 2011) « Reply #1 on: August 25.com/docs/cd/E13222_01/wls/docs90/wldf_configurin g/understand_wldf_config. for eg.html 2) What is a specific file to set class path in UNIX environment? Answer: . More info here : http://download.for SH shell . protocol : t3/http 6) If you shutdown the mng-server from console how the server knows? .

the directory location will be defined in the log4j. 13) Which type of performance tuning you done? HW Level/OS LEVEL/JVM LEVEL/Server level ( i think here we can discuss everything that we did in the session) . If log4j is configured. then ideally the console logs and server logs should give you enough info. 12) While you are installing the server in silent mode. How you knows the message is delivered or not? Answer: JMS guarantees message delivery. if there is nothing. ( Assuming there is no nodemanager) if there is node manager.2) Answer: Admin server sends a shutdown signal to the managed server. You can check this log to find what went wrong. the signal will be sent to nodemanager . But the exact time of the message delivery will be sent by the JMS server to producer application through an acknowledgement. nodemanager sends to managed server 7) What is the message format in Queue/Topic? Answer: Not sure if i understand the question correctly. then. how you know where it goes wrong? Answer: point 1) the installer will exit with error message point 2) silent installation can create a log with the option -log=<log-location>.properties file . 9) How to know the application is running with out seeing the logs? Answer: couple ways : 1) look at the admin console and see the status of deployment is active 2) hit the URL of the application itself (fastest and surest way) 10) If you find the OUT OF MEMORY what is your first step? Answer: Look in the logs for "OutOfMemoryException" 11) Where you find the application logs? Answer: depends on the configuration.

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6. 7. Based on which managed server the application is targeted to . we can tell the running applicaiton.hard ware load balancer configure same box. Not really sure what the interviewer meant. you can add the "-verbose" parameter to the JAVA_OPTIONS in setDomainEnv.how to take heap dump.obviously it is a separate piece of hardware. It looks like a switch in our lab. Answer: need to check the deployments and then check the targets for each of the application.what will be eefect if multicast ip is duplicated for different applications in any network? Answer: Please elaborate the question. also.what steps do you take while upgrading weblogic? Answer: backup the existing DOMAIN_HOME backup the application deployment files backup the DB if there is any execute the SMART UPGRADE or execute the sequence of scripts that were provided by the Oracle Migration Process.if more then one process running in managed server. we dont have to know how to configure the HW loadbalancer.sh .1. 5. If log4j is used then the configuration file log4j.how do you know which application running.how u configure? Answer: "Hardware loadbalancer" -. 4. as weblogic administrators we will not have access to network components.or different box. we give the mng1:port1.mng2:port2 list where we want the requests to come to. It can be configured 'ON' any box.xml or log4j.how do you debug log files. if app1 --> targeted to --> mng1 & app2 --> targeted to --> mng2 and if both mng1 & mng2 are running then it means bot app1 & app2 are running. what a weblogic admin does is . we can configure a HW loadbalancer to transfer the requests to webserver2 incase webserver1 fails. At the very basic level. 3..how to analyse? Answer: . the configuration of hardware loadbalancer is the job of network administrator.properties file need to be updated for the parameter "logging leve" to "DEBUG" 2.how do you give fail over support for webserrver? Answer: that is webserver failover configuration. Answer: The question is probably how to enable DEBUG in log files.

12.2&10.. some one come up with this table. Which objects are consumeing all the space and other stuff. 8. difference between weblogic9. what is sysout . This is an open source tool that shows the current status of the heap objects. so its also called "pinned service" 10. you need to use some kind of tool like HAT ( Heap Analysis Tool ) .. u send the message 4 consumers through topic.how server knows which replication is using? Answer: by looking at weblogic.what is pinned services? a JMS service like ( Q/Topic) is eventhough targeted to a cluster. for analysis . for eg.jmap -heap:format=b <pid> this will create a binary file of heap space. it is available only on one server at any point of time.where it is located? usually /var/tmp/logs 11. where u configure session replication? Answer: under weblogic. 13.xml file 14. This is the reason it is also called Singleton service. This is usually for tracking purpose.what is ticketing tool process? Answer: : For any problem/change a ticket needs to be opened. a ticket typically has the following properties: 1)problem description 2)errors encountered 3)how to reproduce the errror 4)any logs that will help solve the problem 5)responsible group who need to solve this problem 6)dead line 7)severity etc 9.syserror logs. The guarantee is provided because of the acknowledgement received from consumer. have u receave any message from 4 consumers? Acknowledgement will be received from all the 4 consumers. Any singleton service is usually tied to a single server.xml during the deployment . JMS guarantees message delivery.3? Answer: please.

In which load balancing is effective between webserver&application server? Answer: a proxy-plugin ( mod_wl.so) is more than sufficient.what is basic requriment to install wls? 1) 2) 3) 4) Hardware . 17.of jdbc connection --> no. If the DB connection is good and still the server is not coming up .of connection objects in a pool is not one-toone.u got new project . chennai ( production setup ) -. what u do? 1) check the DB connectivity. . the exact setup like production is replicated in another Datacenter.16.how u do? Answer: Disaster Recovery Plan. for this purpose. but the relation between no.earthquake the entire servers need to be availabel at some other location.what is dr plan?.xml and start the server 2) re-create the DS after the server is up. usually if there is a physical disaster like tsunami. 18.1 JVM per CPU ( single core CPU) 50% of free RAM after all the JVMs useup their assigned heap size 2xRAM as swap sapce enough /tmp 19. This means. The relation between session and jdbc connection is one-to-one..> then same setup at Mumbai ( for DR) and he given a scenario: scenario: I have 4 mng servers are in cluster and I want to give 100 jdbc connections. i can have 10 connection objects in a pool.During the startup the server not coming up due to data source fail. Not sure if the question is correct . So how many sessions I have to open/give. eg. then remove the DS from the config. but still can give 100 connections.

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. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) problem description when you have encountered the problem error message if any how to reproduce the problem responsible group ( who will solve this problem) 6) what is the inmanagement in the weblogic ? Answer: there is no such thing.. A weblogic cluster is usually used to achieve high availability ( implemented using the fault tolerance mechanish .thru HTTP Session replication) 3) list the differences b/w weblogic and websphere ? Answer: Everything is different.. 2) what is the cluster ? Answer: A group of similar things to achieve better performance. i think this question is wrong. 1) the architecture 2) the way cluster communicates 3) the way JMS works 4) what are the ticketing and monitoring tools ur using ? Answer: Ticketing : remedy tool clarify Mantis bug tracking tool Monitoring : Introscope ( for JVM monitoring) unix scripts ( for file systems and process level monitoring) BMC Patrol ( for systems/network devices etc) 5) how can u work with the ticketing tools ? Answer: give the followign details in a ticket.1) Tell me the architecture of weblogic ? Answer: Pick any architecture that was discussed in the classroom.

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The configuration is done in httpd.Rolemapping etc.How can the Apache webserver can identify to which managed server the request wil be send ? Answer: Apache server has a plug-in called proxy-plugin that will have the information about the server/cluster to which the requests need to be sent. This new server is called secondary server. its called primary sever.what is LDAP . This is a common protocol used to develop security related products. Welogic internally has an LDAP called Embedded LDAP.1.conf file of apache 2. how it is used in the Production ? Answer: Light Weight Directory Access Protocol. The primary server then chooses another member of the cluster to replicate the HTTP session.Tell me the Architecture follows u r company ? Answer:Pick any one of the architecture that we have discussed in our last two sessions. . 3.autherization.What is Primary. a request from client first lands on a JVM .Secondary Servers ? Answer: This concept is used in Cluster with Fail-over mechanism. A security related product implements authentication.How can u configure the webserver ? Answer: Apache proxy-plugin configuration 4. 5.

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Static Content 4) what are the protocols supported by application server? t3. product related to problem description person raising the ticket person/group responsible to solve the issue time of creation priority . grouping morethan on JVM together.r.t weblogic. t3s. broad-cast .. http. etc 8)tell code for deployment? give the code pls.conf 10)are you configure external lDAP? No ..1)what is SLA with client Service Level Agreement 2) what is clusterinrg?what is the need for cluster? grouping together similar things.. used for a) loadbalancing b) high availability 3)what is differnce between application servers and web server? dynamic content Vs. w. etc. ( its usually copying or extracting the files to the Document Root of the webserver for apache Document Root is defined in httpd. 9)had done deployment in web server? yes. and many other 5)what are applications servers in the market? weblogic/websphere/JBOSS/GLASSFISH and Tomcast ( light weight app serv er) 6)what ticketing tool are using? mantis bug tracker / bugzilla and others 7) what messages are avialable in ticketing tool? environemnt.. https.

Solution : Either check the called application or Bounce the servers ( calling & called ) both 6) how do u find patch levels usually in the server logs 7) difference between unicast and multi cast addresses Quote Unicast MULTICAST .UDP how u trouble shoot when server is down or crashes Quote Note: start from the logs. Its different from threaddump 5) what is thread stucking an how u resolve it Quote A thread waiting for some operation to complete on HD or some other thread.. 2011. ( process of elimination) 9) how u trouble shoot when application is down Quote same as above TCP/IP . YOu cant take thread dump when the process is not running. and follow the errors.HD etc Quote 'top' or 'free' for RAM 'df -h' for HD 4) when server crashes can we take the thread dump Quote Nop. 03:49:32 AM » 1) how you know which process is running by using port number Answer: lsof -i tcp:<port-number> sometimes lsof is not available then u can use the below netstat -nap |grep <port-number> 2) what is command used to know at what time the system is rebooted uptime 3) what is the command to know the RAM. a CORE dump is generated. This usually happens when the application that the thread is calling is not responding.Re: hexaware weblogic-interview questions « Reply #1 on: May 18. Usually when a server crashesl.

As you can see. The messages arrived on to this queue are guaranteed to remain even if the JVM crashes. They differ in terms of memory management. Most of these questions were discussed in the classroom. A subdeployment is used to target the Queues/Topics to individual servers while the parent JMS Module is targeted to a cluster. garbage collection and other algorithms implemented inside the JVM. The first one ( Jrockit) is from bea systems ( now it is Oracle ) and the 2nd one JDK was from Sun Microsystems ( Again now it is Oracle) Any of these two can be used to run Weblogic servers.interview questions « Reply #1 on: May 12. 02:04:09 PM » Nice bunch of JMS Questions. A . I am giving a brief answer to all these questions again. Only when you have JMS Module targeting to Cluster & that JMS Module has a Queue/Topic that needs to be targeted to a JMS Server 6)Is sub deployment needs a store? Answer : No 7)difference between J Rocket an Jdk? Answer : Jrocket & JDK are both two JVMs provided from different vendors. 3)Is queue and topic are application dependent? Answer : No 4)what is a sub deployment explain? Answer : A Sub Deployment is a subset of resources inside a JMS Module. 2011. 8)what is dispatch policy? Answer : It defines how a Queue/Topic handles the messages. Questions 8 & 9 we will include it in the next classes. 2) queue and topic are synchronous and asynchronous? Answer : The entire JMS is for asynchronous. How did you manage to get him to JMS. 1)which is reliable queue/topic? Answer Reliable Queue/Topic is nothing but persistent Queue/Topic. A Reliable Queue requires a persistent store. i am assuming you have answered all these questions except couple. 5)Is it always need a sub deployment? Answer : Not required. 9)what is http tunneling an how you enable it ? Answer : A method of accessing a server/process on the same port as a webserver..10) what is WT ls backlog buffer ? Buffer for waiting connections before they are being served. Re: wipro weblogic .

where does weblogic gets the revenue when they provide us the server on open source Quote Weblogic is not opensource.when a shutdown command is issues.class file in lib folder and second one in some other place. Two Engined Train There will not be any change in the load. The class files are added to the CLASSPATH in the server startup script or in setDomainEnv.JP Morgan « Reply #1 on: May 07. lets say a MYSQL server that can also listen on port 80 its easy to communicate.sh shutdown classes . what would be the reason because the log file was not showing the status Quote check if there is a coredump ls -l core there will be a file named core --7.startup and shutdown classes Quote startup classes . Re: Weblogic Administration Interview Questions .how to search a word in zip file Quote pgrep --5. If there is another process . But if one engine fails. --3. But. weblogic server executes these classes before shutting down the server. the train can still run --6.class loader Quote the sub-system of the weblogic application server that loads the class files is called the classloader.webserver usually listens on port 80.classs files that need to be loaded/executed while the server is booting up. But the engine can still fail.can balance load & server more no. 08:13:52 AM » --1.differenc between load balance and failover Quote the difference between a "Double compartment bus" & a "two-engined train" Double Compartment Bus . ( JBOSS is from Apache Foundation which is supported by a lot of commercial companies and lots of developers) There is a good article about how Open Source softwares survive . So. This usually involves sending an alert message or performing a clean up operation. --2. a classloader loads class files in the order in which they were mentioned in the CLASSPATH.there is one hello. --4. 2011.the weblogic server was down. which class will be loaded Quote if both lib and other directory are in the CLASSPATH both will be loaded. JBoss is . of passengers. the one that was loaded AT THE END will take precedence.

Quote 1)What is replication Replication in general. it is with weblogic clustering. Quote 5)Primary memory replication it is Primary server & secondary Server. Quote 1) check the entire system for different bottlenecks. 2011.what are the different activities involved in performance tuning.wikipedia. is creating a duplicate. Quote 2)What is http replication the above process when used for replicating ( or storing the session information in secondary server) HTTP requests. initially the request comes to one JVM or managed server..http://clarklane. 2) try to tune it from HARDWARE -> OS --> JVM --> JDBC --> JMS & also the sql queries in DataBase. in case of weblogic.html http://www. you can store it in a Database. There is also a second server in the cluster . that can store current status of the request or what is called "THE STATE OF THE REQUEST" .php http://en.org/wiki/Open-source_software --8. the first server where the request arrived is called primary server(JVM) & the second server (JVM) is called Secondary Server..cmswire. In that case that replication is called JDBC replication or DB replication. this jvm(managed server) is called primary server. Re: Replication « Reply #1 on: April 17.com/2005/01/how-do-you-make-money-from-open-source.blogspot. Instead of storing the STATE/SESSION in 2nd JVM . 04:05:02 AM » here you go. While using weblogic clustering for High Availability ( by implementing fail over mechanism) .com/cms/enterprise-cms/how-to-make-money-with-open-sourcesoftware-007097. I have never heard of "Primary Memory Replication" . Quote 3)what is http session replication same as above. "THE CURRENT STATE" is nothing but "Session" Quote 4) In memory replication JVM --> JVM replication is in-memory replication.

when ever u r sending the request the web page is not retriving what will u do ? 14) when u got the web page with different fields and u have filled the fields and click on submit and it is displaying the message record is saved but wehen ever check in the database it is not stored what will u do at that time? 15) how will u monitor in weblogic write the script to monitor the jdbc? 16)what is connection pooling . 02:58:43 PM » 1) Tell me about u r environment architecture ? 2) till now what are the perameters hav u tuned? 3)what is the weblogic memory ? 4)what is the heap size ? when it will be used ? in u r experience max how much heap size u have changed ? is there any limit for heap memory ? 5) what is the optimal memory in weblogic ? 6) what is the concept of deadlock in weblogic ? 7) have u worked with HPOVO tool ? tell me how to work with? What are the tool r u using for taking the thread dump ? 9) what is thread dump why we hav to take the thread dump ? 10) if u hit an website in one place the web page is displaying but in another place the web page is not displaying and giving the message the page cannot be displayed den what will u do ? 11) if the SSL of a website is expired . 2011. if u got the message like connection pooling is failed what will u do? 17)how can u support on call support ? Re: TCS Interview « Reply #2 on: December 24. 2011.Quote 6) secondary memory replication same as above. there is an interesting article about HTTP-replication here "HTTP SESSION REPLICATION/IN-MEMORY REPLICATION" polaris interview questions ? « on: October 13. 06:00:37 AM » . how will u get the alerts of u r SSL expiration and what will happen if SSL is expired ? 12) is an website having the SSL or a Project is having the SSL ? 13) u hav deployed u r application successfully and it is in active state .

he wanted to know exactly how WL manges and stores this information.128. 05:50:22 AM » tech Mahindra recent interview questions. 5. 1.9:9030) 3. In deployment time error "out of memory error" how to solve it? Answer: You will need more info about what the "out of memory error" is of . can anyone please give the answers 1.168. What are the various types of NM . no stage and external stage 9.in online u can get run time information 8. I hope you have answered all these questions. What is XA (in respect to JDBC) . These stats can change from project to project 6. If the error is still not solved. What is multicast and is it assigned to servers or cluster . Difference between online and offline WLST . 2. What is cmo 7. Onsite means whereever the client is.192. how other servers in cluster get to know in which state the request was in .how to see the high cpu usage in solaris? Answer: top command or cpustats 5.9:9020. What you know about WLST 6. If it is the first time that you are deploying the application. Try to run the server in debug mode and see what classes are being loaded at the time of "out of memory error" 4.192. techMahindra interview question « on: December 16. Try to increase the permgen space.. if the application is an old one. try to increase the heap size.9:9010.168. Various types of deployment -staging. 192.. its possible that there is not enough memory in the heap.assigned to cluster 5.architecture of ur app? Answer: Pick up one of the architectures that were discussed in the training sessions.i said state is also being tracker. Possible reason could be because of the permgen space . 2011. What is cluster and how it works 4. When a server goes down. possible reason could be a bug in the application itself. Offshore is usually india for us. We have discussed all of them in our sessions.Here are the answers.128.what is cluster address? Answer: Comma separated list of member addresses ( eg.168.how many members in ur team and how to share the work in 24x7? Answer: usually a 24x7 support is handled in on-site/off-shore model.tell me network commands? Answer: ifconfig -a netstat -na ping traceroute 7. 12 hours will be handled by offshore and 12 hours will be handled by onsite.128.i said there is only 1 type of NM 3.what is the multicast? Answer: Virtual IP used by the cluster members to communicate among themselves. How to install nodemamager 2.

the GC kicks in too frequently. use mkfile to create a swap file. # mkfile filesize /path/file e. Add the file create above in the swap area.9:9001 -username wlsadmin -password wlsadmin GETSTATUS 3. As root.128. The problem is usually. It is the decision of the JVM to kick off GC if a particular generation of objects ( NEWGEN or OLD GEN) requires clean up.Your Garbage Collector runs so faster How do U slow it ? Answer: The frequency of Garbage Collector ( GC) is dynamic. 02:50:41 AM » 1. Login as root: 1.. Once this is identified .i said netstat Re: Garbage Collector « Reply #1 on: November 15.how can U troubleshoot any problem? with out seeing any log files? Answer: its called stupidity..# mkfile 1024m /usr/local/swap 3. 10:06:31 AM » if you are working on solaris. 2011.write a unix script to get severs and application status ? Answer: java weblogic.Admin -adminurl 192. # swap -l 2.. This can be seen by enabling the GC logging. 2011.g.168. 2011. then here is the process. 02:19:35 PM » how many Systems(or) boxes your environment how many Server over there how many member for responsible for production. To prevent GC kicking in too frequently the JVM parameters need to be tuned. the first two things you should look at is a) total heap size of the jvm b) the particular generation which is triggering more frequent GC collection. # swap -a /path/file . you can fire the interviewer Manager round questions « on: November 11. Check how much swap space you have from the following command.Development Re: swap space is low « Reply #2 on: October 24. What is the difference between WLS8 and WLS 10 A few question from Unix.how would you search a file in unix/linus how would u check which ports are used .10. 2. the size of that generational compartment needs to be increased.

Check the swap space again # swap -l You should see new swap file in the output.g.how do you search for a word? vi . webLogic Interview Questions What do you mean by weighted based server instance? How do you configure it? How to enable EJB available to servlet? Assume servlet on apache.e. ejb on WebLogic cluster What is the silent mode installation file contains root element? When do you require this mode of installation? Why do you need multicast address in Clustering? What are all the ant command options? What is the ant version last you used? How to get it? How do you config eclipse with WebLogic? What is the source to identifying the Connection pool failure? What is the remedy? What is thread dump? Why we need it? How do we get it? When the thread dumps helpful? What is the procedure for Queues config? How to make them to free? Describe yourself about your daily activities @ work What is the way to find the impact on the database connection changes on a server instance? How do you identify the Server instance is overloaded? (Idle Threads) How do you connect to ORACLE RAC with WebLogic Connection Pool? How do you do create Thread Dump?(kill -3 refer above) How do you connect HP -OVOto WebLogic? How the message are generate into the monitoringtool? Usually which language you prefer to write code like options are C/C++/Java? What is JVM? What is the EJB? How do you measure the heap size of a WebLogic server? How do you copy files from one machine to other? (scp/sftp/ftp) How do you take the backup of the files to tape drive? (tar) How do you create a directory? (mkdir) vi .how do you replace words? vi .save a file how? (:wq or :w or ZZ) Which scripting shell you have used? How do you export a env variable in a shell script? . # swap -a /usr/local/swap 4.

WebLogic Portals? What is the difference in normal WebLogic JMS and WLI JMS queues? What kind of preventions you take for troubleshooting? How do you proceed in the finding theculprit? Do you know how to write a script? Have you ever written scheduled jobs? Have you ever written rc scripts? Which version of Solaris you have been worked? If you have given high severity script to update how do you do that? Have you ever written any schedule scripts? How do you assign a cron job? What is the architecture you follow for your current project? Do you require JDK/JRE for installing a WL Domain? What is the basic requirement for starting a WebLogic server?Why do you feel that there is need for WebServer like Apache as frontend before to WebLogic? How do I provide user credentials for starting a server? Can I start a Managed Server if the Administration Server is unavailable? What is the easiest way to set the classpath? How do I edit the config.How do you check the script is already existing or not? How do watch the memory size for a mounted device? (df -k) You need to handle whole and sole responsibilities to handle WebLogic Admin activities are youyready to accept? What is the experience with WebLogic Administration activities you do in last project/current project? What is a cluster? What is High Availability and Fail over? What is the major difference between managed server and admin server? What is the difference between Connection Pool and data source? Do the user can use Connection pool in their program? How do you configure ORACLE RAC env to WebLogic Connection Pool? What are theconditions applied for this? How do you use WebLogic Admin tool? what for it is used? What is the Thread Dump? when do you need it? What do you analyze from thread dumps? What is a web server? how it is different from Application server? What is level of comfort in architecturing/designing? What do you mean by multipool? how does it differ from connection pools? Have ever worked on tuning of the WebLogic? Have you ever installed WebLogic on UNIX env? Have you installed from a CD? Why do you choose Type-4 driver instead of Type-2? What are the features of type-4 driver? When do you go for WebLogic jDriver? What advantages with jDriver? What is the recent Exception you had faced in troubleshooting activity? Do you ever experience the WebServer configuration for WebLogic? Do you have the steps to implement IIS WebServer for WebLogic 9 Server? Do you have any idea about WLI.xml file? Is there a quick way to create and start a remote Managed Server? The Tree View pane of the WebLogic Console is not visible in my browser How do I enable it? Which platforms are available for WebLogic Server? .

1 and 10.rar files differences? 9.I downloaded the WebLogic Server installation file. scalability purpose) 4.how u will write script to create datasource in wlst or shell? 11.whats the use of patch in real time? . after that I uninstalled it to install new one.ear.What is the toughest issue u faced in ur experience? 12.diff between pack and unpack commands?whats the realtime use? 15.I will give one scenario tell me how u will trouble shoot it? In weblogic 8.What is node manager? 5. have u write wlst or shell script in ur experience? what r the commands u use?Explain? 7. if two servers failure how to troubleshoot?ow the If admin server crash?ever is struck(hang) how to trouble shoot? What r the reasons?cluster is crashed how to trouble shoot?4 manager server msuster.what r the main config files to configure sun one ldap or iplanet webserver? 13.1 I deployed one file. but the installation program will not run What should I do? Do I need to install WebLogic Server as root on Solaris? Can I run the Configuration Wizard outside the installer? I love the new domain configuration wizard Can I create my own templates? How do stubs work in a WebLogic Server cluster? What happens when a failure occurs and the stub cannot connect to a WebLogic Server instance? How does a server know when another server is unavailable? How are notifications made when a server is added to a cluster? How do clients learn about new WebLogic Server instances? How do clients handle DNS requests to failed servers? How many WebLogic Servers can I have on a multi-cpu machine? Should I use a separate network for multicast in a cluster? What should I do if my cluster "hangs" or "freezes"? How can I set deployment order for applications? Can I refresh static components of a deployed application without having to redeploy the entireapplication? gure multiple Authentication providers to work together in a securityons for an application?ons folder tial steps?the difference of the session EJB¶s and entity EJB¶s?to troubleshoot if configu starts the server?sk full when I have try to start the server what happened?the permission u needs while configure the JNDI in cluster? (process)?ever is struck (hang) how to trouble shoot? What are the reasons?another cluster. But in console its showing the file then how u will troubleshoot it? 8.diff between weblogic 8. war.x? 2. how the cluster communicates each other? what components u use? 14.Weblogic networking commands? 3. I deployed abcticast address in Clustering?ties you do in lastogic jDriver? What advantages with jDriver? 1. load balancing.purpose of domain? 10. if two failure how to troubleshoot?the permission u needs you can configure the jndi in cluster? (steps)ow the while creating the DNS?(permissions)u connect to weblogic server to webserver?ticast?on in weblogicme flow of application. What is unicasting? 6.What is cluster?What r the advantages?( Cluster is a group of n managed servers. It is used for high availability. I deleted in system also.

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