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Before I Was

Before I Was

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Published by Sarah Groover

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Published by: Sarah Groover on Jan 29, 2012
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Who am I I am Sarah. I am Boo. I am a Groover. I am Korean. I am 5'1". I am a bad driver. I am awful at arguing. I am not well-balanced.

I am in love with Jesus. I am a romantic. I am awkward. I am respectful. I am going to Peru this summer! I am so excited. I am living in Verdigris. I am nearly blind without eyewear. I am a terrible swimmer. I am aware that I need to lose weight. I am sensitive. I am easily brought to tears. I am a friend. I am learning how to be a better one. I am a girl. I am a daughter. I am impatient. I am an occasional perfectionist. I am good at following a recipe. I am good at eating. I am missing Elizabeth. I am going to be a farmer when I grow up. I am quick to make decisions. I am aware of most of my mistakes after I make them I am a student. I am tired of being one. I am an open book. I am good at reading people. I am addicted to the smell of babies. I am often a failure. I am inspired by Bible verses and famous quotes. I am an early bird. I am unaffected by caffeine. I am going to follow Christ until I die. I am enjoying listening to the trains. I am always ready to laugh. I am a picture-taker. I am not a photographer. I am clingy. I am loyal. I am a day-dreamer. I am an over-thinker. I am learning new things everyday. I am burdened with the gospel. I am a procrastinator. I am punctual. I am looking forward to living by myself. I am openly affectionate. I am not liking this snow right now. I am annoyed with selfishness and hypocrisy. I am saddened by the hopelessness of people. I am most happy with people around me. I am excited for today, and tomorrow, and the rest of my life.

blah blah. He liked to read. she said yes. He took the bus there on his day off. One couple named their son Gene. and the other couple named their daughter Chong Nan. and after a few years they had ME! And my brother David. She said no. Can I legally marry David? No. One couple was in America. he saw this gorgeous girl working the register. That is my defense. He got up the nerve to ask her out to coffee. and raised them up. I asked him to be my brother a couple years ago at kid's camp. because polygamy is illegal. the other was in Korea. They had their wedding. Gene asked Chong Nan's dad if they could get married. Gene kept coming back (he sure is stubborn) and eventually Chong Nan's dad said yes.Before I Was. IN THE BEGINNING there were two guys and two girls. He's the best brother ever. Wait. you can't call him your brother. and he kept asking her out. B) their crush. Gene was shipped to Korea. Oh«well«then«long story short. blah blah blah.. They dated for a few months and fell madly in love. and he said no. Gene decided to join the Army. and after finding him a book. blah. There Was. Gene kept coming back. moved to America. a couple hours away. . You know how some girls refer to a guy-that's-not-their-brother as their brother? But it just so happens that he's either A) hot. Finally. David's not my actual brother«and my parents didn't actually have him« Truth is. but the nearest bookstore was at the next base over. And he sure has held true to that title. or C) both? If you can legally marry the guy. Chong Nan decided to work in a bookstore on an American base in Korea during college. had kids. They fell in love.

I have no doubt in my mind that I¶ll see her again. I was also wearing an ugly teal-and-orange outfit that was terribly unflattering. We would pick cherries from the tree in the backyard. And that is terribly embarrassing for me. We would play house. Nevertheless. I hear that one day I just decided that I had to go. you don¶t have to laugh either. He even took a picture. she would always let me crawl in bed with her late at night and help her with her word searches. I started to tell Mom about my new high score until I saw that she had been crying.Suddenly. My parents were proud. last week. like. ³PEDAL PEDAL PEDAL!´ And I¶d fall off and cry. and the rest is history. and heard Mom come down the stairs. even though everyone knows it¶s not true. on his day off. Anyways. During sleepovers she would make me the most wonderful pillow bed at the foot of her bed. . It was frustrating. Another story Dad likes to tell is when he taught me how to ride a two-wheeler and we made it into the newspaper. I Became Me Dad likes to tell people that I just learned how to use the toilet. She would play games with me. there happened to be a journalist at the park that day. I actually potty trained myself. like dominoes and tea party. We went to a local playground that had a big grassy hill. We would watch I Love Lucy together. and Dad and I just kept going down it while he¶d yell. In the toilet. I was playing a typing game. She was my great-grandmother. Yeah. He thought that Dad and I were story-worthy. they¶ll teach themselves at least by the time they start dating. and one of my best friends. and she would always let me be the mommy. She held me and told me that Granny had died. when I was two or three. Dad¶s advice to new parents is not to worry about potty training. so I went. and she would mention how great it was that the birds left some for us. I think my favorite memory of when I was little was of Granny. When I was seven.

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