INTERVENTION PLAN Method of Nurse-Family Contract Analyze with the couple critical issues related with Home visit marital relationship and the parent s responsibility for love and life as basis for maintaining family size. Discuss with the mother the alternative courses of action. Analyze with the mother the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative/method to encourage better decisionmaking on the best option given the family s situated possibilities. Explore with the family especially with the mother ways of encouraging growth-promoting activities to enhance marital relationship for family life education. Provide information on the consultation hours of the nurse. Nursing Interventions

Resources Required Material resources: Human resources: Time and effort of both the nurse anf the family. Financial resources: Money for the nurse transprtation

1. Knowledge deficit

Inability to make decisions with respect to taking appropriate health action due to lack of knowledge as to alternative courses of action open to the family

After nursing intervention, the family will decide on appropriate action(s) to maintain family size based on a sense of responsibility for love and life

After nursing intervention, the mother: a) Can explain what planning the family is all about; b) Can enumerate the various ways of proper care for new born baby c) Will select a method most appropriate to them; d) Will consult the nurse after delivery for guidance on alternative/met hod chosen






b. Ensure that Mrs. Discuss the implications of the signs and symptoms presented by Mrs. A especially in the areas of laboratory workup. nutrition/diet physical activity. burner test tube holder. test tubes. and y lack of knowledge on the nature and extent of nursing care needed 3. and b. Inaccessibility of the required service for urinalysis After nursing intervention. Transportation and expenses of the nurse and the family . c. or b. Decide on a hospital delivery for Mrs. Inability to recognize the possible complication in pregnancy due to lack of knowledge. Inability to provide adequate nursing care to a pregnant member due to: y lack of know-ledge on the nature and management of the health condition. and the consequences of the health actions of the health actions on the family. Time and effort of the nurse and the family. Broaden the knowledge of Home visit and the family on complications Clinic visit of pregnancy specifically: a. Inability to utilize resources for health care due to: a. Discuss the consequences of action on the problem. the family will take the necessary measures to prevent or properly manage preeclampsia After nursing intervention. The agency set up its own laboratory for simple tests especially if accessibility of a laboratory service is a major problem of clients in the community. either by having: a. b. rest and sleep and genral hygiene. A family member bring the specimen to the nearest laboratory and have the results available. 2. reagents. A will have regular prenatal check-up at the clinic. Possible preeclampsia 1. Failure to perceive the benefits of health care.HEALTH PROBLEM FAMILY NURSING PROBLMES GOAL OF CARE OBLECTIVES OF CARE 2. Implement agreed-upon health actions for Mrs. Explore ways by which urinalysis can be done. A INTERVENTION PLAN Nursing Method of Interventions Nurse-Family Contract 1. Resources Required Material resources: Visual aids and possibly. bottles if urinalysis will be done by the nurse. A. 3. Discuss with the familythe courses of action open to them. the family will: a. 2.

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