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Published by: Andrea Padovani on Jan 29, 2012
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Tracker, Box398, cardiff, CA92001 (819) 122-1455 Sand 81.00

xperli e. A oon as th i ue wa rei ased. comp ling or doing demo for Burton. a native of Czecho lovakia now riding in the . Paul keep us updated on the late t information on the World Cup circuit. Any magazin is d pendent on people from differ nt areas for accurate and timely information. Chri Karol from w Hamp hire. and coli tarr all contributed 10 th visual impact of our first i ue. have nev r run out of thing to ayabout what i going on with nowboarding.FdltQri~u Craig Kelly h r pon e to our first i ue of Tran World OWboarding wa overwhelming. Ken and the re t of the crew at th noboard hop. and photo . Peter's storie for both i sue came in unexpectedly. who fir 1 got me intere ted in snowboarding and loaned u our fir t board when he was managing th ims factory. who now live in France. the magazine would be nothing without photographer . this kind of input r ally help u to tay on top of thing . In between traveling. Th y have ent in much more mat rial than we could ever hope to queeze into an is ue. Allen Carrasco. nny Miller. has be n in trum ntal in op ning up ski areas to nowboarding. and is re pon ible for a lot of the growth the port is currently experiencing. H r energy. and thing in g neral. Thi time Au tria' tefan Fi dl r join u with a tunning array ofEuropean photo that really mad our day when th y arrived in mail. and refl cted an insid r' feel for nowboarding gain d through years of pioneering th sport in his home country. ski areas that allow snowboarding. Another per on who de erve mention is Dave Weav r. Credit i also due to Jake Carpenter of Burton nowboards who has don a tremendou job of promoting the sport. w began to get re pon from all ov r the world. Dave Walla from Washington. Wi look forward to sing more from Craig in the future. Without th efforts of people like Jake and Tom. His flamboyant per onality has definitely piced up our pages. T THANKS A BA founder Paul Alden who also erve as competition director Corth World's as w II as working for Burton in betwe n his real job . . Kerri Hannon was our fir t fr elance writer and has been our tronge t contributor overall. KerriHannon Ken Achenbach Of cour e. conte t chedules. Jake allow d u to u e photo and wrote article on nowboarding for TransWorld KATEboarding in past e on. Kerri directs the nowboarding program at Copper Mountain.• -Kevin Kinnear 4 . The biggest urpri e was Peter Kiss. Th e people and many others have helped create Tran World OWboarding and we thank them . Even though it couldn't all be printed. have all been important conta . information. Tom was the one who ugg ted that we go ahead and tart a magazin for nowboarding early last year. metim s w get lucky when good writing arrive by itself. We welcome Men' World Champion Craig Kelly on board this i ue with hi column on aerials. He has given u continuing upport including advi e. Fir t would have to be snowboarding pion er Tom im. thi magazine would till be a dream. Ken Ach nbach. and is the curr nt Women's World Champion. Tom ims. Craig' highly profes ional approach to nowboarding and friendly per onality make him very asy to work with. Calgary's K n Achenbach ha be n an important ourc of information and photo. Colorado. The time was obviou ly right for a highquality nowboarding publication. I'd like to acknowledge allth contributors who hav been so vital in launching the magazine. and willingn s to help us out in any way po ible has been e entialto our ucces . and Laurie A peras.which are featur d in his im' crapbook this issue. Kerri live in Breckenridg .




. I. send for free sticker and info PO BOX 608. . . PROVO UTAH 84603 . .I . .


On the other hand. The adju tments for boot izes are much different in each ystem. th n fastening my two highback buckl s ju t right in ord r to be tight enough without queezing my feet. like the f eling of upport that your ki boots giv you. du t-taping th lop for upport.hell boots are too restrictive and prefer the fre dom of oft boots. or ski boots if you prefer. and had no pres ur pots from th binding. In addition. can range from 100 to $300. if you prefer oft boots. Th price for th hard-sh 11boots. The oft boots have rubber bottom with leather uppers. Th oft boots range from $50 to $120. The only hidden co t can b th tim pent to modify and gel adju t d to th boot . and waterproofing spray. and on easy clip at th h el to fasten the foot in place.onuming than lacing up my oft boot . ride each ytern for at least a coupl of day . B for you make that purchase. there ar too many variable for the rider to decide on which y tern i right for him or h r by ju t reading about th m.a metal or hard plastic plate with a toe and heel bail. Mi cellan ou expen s include duct tap to protect the leather and provid added upport. Colorado by kerri ban n on 10 .hell boots with flat plat binding. I know of one uch manufacturer who produces tcp-cf-rhe-Iin binding. I've found om highbacks asy to adjust while oth rs take way too much tim . Mon y is always a con ideration. The plate binding is just like it sounds. like to hike a lot. Th high-back size adju tm nts vary greatly. Mter going for tho e long. Th plat binding might run 10 to $60 more than the high-backs. In my opinion.hi ea on manufacturers have more to off r in the way of boot and binding y tern . Both sy terns usually require removing the base screw from th bindings in order to change lance from goofy to regular or vice ver a. as w II as b ing more flexible for halfpipe maneuvers and long mogul run . The basic choice i between th more traditional oreltyp oft boot with high-back binding . while oth r need to move th buckle or re ptor with a rewdriver. you should determine which boots best suit your needs. many freetyl r feel that hard. My feet were also much warmer. along with the re ponsiven from edge to edg . Th pri of the binding may vary if th board manufacturer doe n't giv you a choice. along with challenging your If in the halfpipe and moguls. The tiffer plasti hard. extra ho laces. I preferred the upport of the hard-shell boot . B fore d ciding on a binding ystem. then d cide for your elf. In Europe.• Kem Hannon IS /he Women's World Cham/llM and Snowboard Dlfeclor al Copper Mountain. r found going from edge to edg much more responsive and preci e. if you're looking for a Ie tim -consuming y t rn to g t in and out of. Getting into my twobuckle hard-shell boots and on clip plat y tern was I stirn . or hard. th pric of ki boot lin r to replac th non. This y t m has a quick one-clip entry v ruth two or thre -buckl entry of th highba k y tern.upporting felt lin r that com with th boots ranges up to 90. but th ole are more like a hiking boot. both types are very quick and easy. then the high-ba k y tem might be for you. orne pro u e th advantages of each by wearing a hard boot on th ir front foot for power and a oft boot on th ir back foot for flexibility. similar to ki boots. T The plate binding has notches along its metal base which th to and heel bails slid onto. and lace up the front. om only need a larger or mailer buckle bail. I'v also used a plate sy tern which require the 100 ening of two scr ws with an allen wrench. Th y have either one or two buckles.hell boots giv the foot and ankle more upport. fast G and Downhill runs. VI< hould oon ee eparate binding manufacturer like tho e in th ski equipment indu try. Other ven r quire n w hole made with a rivet gun. They are more comfortabl to walk and clirnb in. th n the hardhell boots with the plate binding y tern might be better. me design are Ie flexible than others. The toe and heel are xtended like a ski boot in order to fit into the plate binding y tern.

MA G R B E I A U B S C Z N s \ Craig Kelly E Issues: Canada: S3.S. orders: Please add 12.s.. Foreign u. and possessions. Oceanside. 353 Airport Rd. 00 per Issue. F'unris only to: Tmnsuorld Snuwboarding. CA 92054. .00 poswge Send International Money Order in U. and for surface and S5. OOjor air mail.

you could be saving your own ride. Your con ept... looking through th page I noticed omerhing which ha nothing to do with the content of th magazine that bothered me. your mag has IJsom hot photos and arti les. Maybe w can at least scor a demo rid or something. BILL DE G ES Burlington.K. OUCH! Furthermor . In my eyes.. Canada I'm looking at Volume]. We were impressed with your abiliii to captur all aspects of the sporl on your fir t try.. and th« author 0/ the Faces column on page 57 was Kerri Hannon. bad-attitude.. Wom n's or Junior' ra er you did have the am chance. Canada amateur fiasco . Tho e who regi ter d early were automati aHy in the main ev nt (G. th« pictures 0/ Craig Kelly on page 17 and Kevin Delaney on pages 40-41 are really Rocket Reaves from Telluride. and as far as control goe .... The photography is incredible and th writing i excellent.ab olut ly free! If th magazine keep up at th pa e it has tarted at. England ting a r ort. umber and ) had to write and tell you how extraordinary I think it i . mono ki or a board . Thi was my fir t expo ur to snowboarding. In our Fall issue. [lt also made m r alize that I'll probably kill my elf the fir t rime.ju t try to tweak a slob air like Craig Kelly do on the back cover of th fall issue with a pair of ki boot! 0 buy ome real equipment with r al boots. ) . T don't mean to criticize th articl . The photo are excell nt! The .v • ello dud and dudett ! I ju t got the fall is u of your rad mag. r pecially enjoyed your comparison between th Breck nridge World' and th orth American' . and Downhill for the Engli h kateboard Team) and tend to do serious 'boarding over in France where they hav a r all good anitud about what th y call "snowsurfing. editorial. but added togeth r th re are probably no more than fifty riou 'boarder in th whole country. th y had to qualify to b in the main vent. only having on to go to is pretty ad. There ar a few hardcor group dotted around th country.. and you hav th choice of u ing kis. you're extr mely lik ly to catch your thumb in the D ndix and dislocate it-a common omplaint on artifiial slope . We apologize/or any problems these errors my have caused. rule-andertification breakers. very mall. RiCHARD GERMAt Quebec. the day of the Giant lalom was a fiasco for th amateur.). Canada I ju t got your magazine yesterday and have already r ad it cover to cover. it will be wick d! (Engli h for 'totally aw ome!') tay rad and pray for powd r. but it will b worth th pain. d ign and layout wer fanla tic-th re are imply no words to d scribe th photography. but is thi a fair way to go about it? In my opinion. AME A 0 ADORE WITHHELD wicked ju t read your fir t i ue from over to cover. Con idering there are a po ible half dozen daytrip type re orts close by. And if you think that you hurt your tail bon or knees on now. In Le Ar th y even offer you a half day "M et the Re art Ar a" tour with an instructor. nowboard revi wand conte t date . BEVERLY DER AvalancM nowboards South Lake Tahoe. it Damian anders=not Damien. Thanks for a hot magazine.K.th winner in competition.. I r alize th amateur clas was large. A few sugg tions: th ki area li t hould include Canadian ki area . TransWorld OW boarding will be one h Il of a mag! R DO THORKEL 0 Edmonton. How v r. m. p cially the quen e shot of Dave and Jam in the centerfold. Ontario. I was disturbed wh n I read in th World's artie] that " ." Resort like Le Ar s. The shot ident~d as Chris Pappas on page 47 is really his brother George. Gr at job-I'm already looking forward to th next one.. You guys definitely caught the action. he's an xcellent ambas ad or for h r sport. Canada h 1 of your magazine. "'ngratulation .... and-blown Dalla ite. Lauri Asperas of th Burton Team was over here doing a tour and promoting nowboarding. WearMagazine Dallas. Another quality idea is to encourage shop owners who rent or ell board to ugg t thaI rider try and nail down some basi on a local toboggan-type hill befor hit- h The realRocket Reaves Corrections The fint time is never perfect. If I can fe I th thrills of this port as I it here in Texa . U all riders come to a re ort a little prepared. Congratulation . All of thi laid out on a large st ep hill. CLAIRE PAN ERZ Editor.. ElL DAFFER Calgary. But. more leu r. MARTI DRAYTO London. Most of our rid rs ar either urfer or kateboarder like myself (I do lalom. 0 one would make m b liev that becau e ski areas are really opening up to us that we won't be climbing anymor and that ki boots give more control. and th winner outsid the competition. Laurie' demo have been on D ndix-artificial slope mad of diamond-shap d aluminum strip with nylon bri tie protruding from th m. Reading your magazine mad m want 10 hop th next plan north 10 orne now 0 I could try this in r dibl sport. I'm ending a nice.. keep up th good work and pray for now! KARE LE ER Colorado Tignes and er r Ch vali r actively encourage peopl to giV1 it a try and offer h me wh re you an exchange your rental ki for a board for a day at no additional co I. For tho who r gister d late. if you fall with your hand out. The photography was great. V1 ryon had the sam chan e. typed app al Iller to th holdouts.raves ongratulations to you and your taff on your fir t i ue of Tran World OWboarding Magazine. s 12 . . Your workaholic ummer was worth it. On page 19. Thi include kating around 10 g I a feel for lift line and coming off a chair. (l was at th orth Am rican' and thought that your description of it was ju t and exact. You can't use your edges as normal and you r ally have 10 go back to basic liding lurn . ." I'm ure if you were a Pro. I do mean to criticize thi proc dure of qualifi ation. My advice to older riders is to keep an ey on the upstarts b cau if you can pr vent an in ident before it happen .) You guys did a gr at job xpre ing all th aspects of th sport: th high and low . sin I am a land10 ked.K. That's way bogu ! Backhill rul s.) U your future i sue turn out half as good as your flTSI. K p it coming.. I put it up on my wall. I can only imagine how d eply you hit hard cor board r . The quality of both the photos and editorial wer e cell nt. scene is very. California C Your fir t is ue was xceUent! The article were intere ting and th photo arc hot. I've be n now boarding for about four years now and I feel that ther are several factors whi h make our sport one of th be r. advice re in outhern Ontario there will only bone re ort open for boarding this winter. you hould try this luff. I thought Tran World KATEboarding Magazine was rad until I saw thi . Well. Texas Ju t wanted to end you a note to let you know that I thought your fir t is ue of Trans World NOWboarding was very impres ive. it' really cool and ome of th photo are ju t amazing.. The rna t important of all the e factor is: YOU DO 'T HAVE TO WEAR 0 F@#&$%' KI BOOT ! Why are all the e people boarding with something that feels lik a cast which is totally unfunctional for backhill riding. eith r everyone hould have to qualify or no one should have to. r hop future contest organizer realize this wa a mistake. th transition to more and more ki area a ceptan e will be moothed nicely. G. We 10 t our rid at one resort from last eason because of a handful of snot-nosed.

. preparing to rotate 0 that you and th board will point back to the bottom. begin ab orbing the tran ition by compre ing your legs. Choo e a mall jump two or thr e feet high with a moderatel . watching nowboarding excit people. Mo t mov involveenough ed to cau e injur if a colli ion were to occur. A you are pulling our legs up on the upward portion of the move. A simple olution to thi probl m i to hike up a gull that is away from the main ki area. A you near the midway point of the bank. your legs hould be fully compressed and you hould be looking down. ~ by Craig '1 \1-~CJ ~ 'lllQ.. Ju I as though you are hilling a traight jump. begin ab orbing the landing with both legs.. you hould now be pringing your leg out in uch a way as to hop and rotate down th bank. both legs hould be aboul three quarter of the way extended."u h as grabbing your toe edg rather than the he I edg (mut air)..cliff jump on their fir t lime out.... Again. you will probably want to try a backscratcher... imply b nd your legs up high like a ba kscratch r. ridmg MI. .. ot only is landing with stiff legs an uncomfortabl feeling. begin to compress your leg to absorb th Iran ition. From h r you can also easily grab the rail by reaching behind you with our front hand.. If you feel out of control or catch an edge. You can u ually find better banks and have more fun. hand are in good po ilion-about waist-high in front of your body. 0 be ure to concentrate on getting our board back beneath your body. Just after the peak of your aerial. At th peak of the jump. Although you do not have to fly above the pipe 10 do an aerial. Many of th se pectator end up trying nowboarding sooner or later and u ually hav vision of doing giant backside air and two. ab orb the hock of landing bv 'ompre ing as you lou h th ground. Be ur that you have enough airtime to get your legs back down for th landing.. Thi can be a difficult move to land. At the bas of the jump. Oregon and can usually be found World Champion Craig Kelly currently resides 13 . begin heading up the bank on your heel edge. A you becom airborne. A you touch the snow. When indulging in fre tyle. The object of this column i not to how the fir t-rimer how to do such advanc d moves. By the top of the jump. It is easier to wait for the next run rather than picking up the pie s after a hard lam. begin extending your legs back downward. About midway up the jump. grabbing the front of your h I edge eros -handed with your rear hand (nu lear air).. dial d. but try not to lean back while doing so. you will find that halfpipe and one-hit bank maneuver are no trouble to learn. it's also a good way to hurt your elf. Hand position is important for retaining your balance on the takeoff. be ure that you are comfortable and not going too fast. Be sure to follow ki-area etiquette whenever you snowboard..... be ur that you w:e not in a conge ted area and that the landing area is clear befor you tart. To do a backside air. More often than not. Once you have mast r d a straight-off jump.. During your approach.tory. As you near the jump. nowboarding offer many possibilitie . Don'l be afraid to taste them all. but rather to instruct the novice to interm diate rider on how to progress more rapidly while learning fr e tyle tricks.. pringing you off the now... abort the jump.... Youwill oflen find that free tyle can conflict with crowded ki areas. or omeone ju t brow ing through the latest snowboard magazine at 7 -H. keep your weight on your rear foot. your legs should be compi tely compr s ed and starting to push ba k out. Your lBO-degree rotation should now b mo tly compl led so that you can prepar for th landing. At the landing.. UE 1 AERIALS Kelly After pulling a imple air off ucce fully.. To onv rt a imple backside air into a more advanc d m thod air. Ju t after you become airborn. Once you get th m thod air . your legs hould be fully e tended. bend your knee o that the board come all the way up 10 your back. putting mo t of your wight on your rear foot. Do not hold this po ition for any longer than th length of the upward portion of your jump.. A you reach your front hand ov r to grab the heel dge of the board. you should have enough speed to get to the top of the bank.t ep landing..... our I g should again be fully compre ed and tarting to extend outwards.. a movie-goer catching Jam s Bond flying off of a fort -foot cliff.. Bachelor when he's not on the roade tn Bend.. and boning out your rear I g ( traight ning it as much as po ible while pushing the tail out).. begin to pull your legs back up..... oth rwi e the move have a t ndency to make you land on your face. One of th greate t things aboul nowboarding i its ability to catch the eye of an ob erver.. I know I did. th re are a lot of variation to experiment with. Keeping your weight on your r ar foot.. This keep your board under ou and po ition your body for more advanced moves later on. arch your ba k and kick the board up ev n with your head. keep your I gs flexed and knee slightly bent. Keep your leg flexed and mo t of your wight on your rear foot.. Be sure that ~our. it' the aerial maneuv rs that capture their attention. suck up your legs and keep your h ad turned in the direction that your body is rotating (right for regular footers and I ft for goofy). Aerials ar mor easily learn don traight-off jump (irnilar to launch-ramp in kating) rather than off th teep walls of a halfpipe. Whether it' a kier watching a hredder on the mountain. Ke P in mind that many ki areas have policie that prohibit any jumping.


------------------- ~f .

Yet ther are other nte t that are more like a big family reunion and no ne really care about the final re ults. They can ea ily turn into a pontaneou happening. Kid have fun learning in their own backhills. Individuali ts like doing om thing unique. where ev rybody feels like ju t having a good time becau e of the perfect weather and now. At the core are tho e wh nowb ard for the heer 10 e of it. Ty Vare. with all that now ju t waiting to be hredded. Friend nj y haring the exp rience f nowboarding together. t urf down any hill that ha a few inche of now n it. and often prefer riding alone. t have fun. The backhilI fun ha e 01 ed into organized comp tition worldwid . Photo: t efan Fiedler. onte t are definitely a part of mod rn snowboarding. everla ting ride down in perfect. Th r are as man an wer as there are snowboarder -to be free. most p ople nowb ard for other reasons. virgin p wd r. want to know how long ou' e been snowboarding and probably where. (oppo fie) CUlling loose naturally. . They wanted to redefin the wint r in s me way to make it more njoyable. The backhill had alway been empty. Although competition attract a 10(of attention. For many year.16 Preuiou 'pread: Zurich' Dani jost enjoyi71g the freedom that only snowboarding can give.(this page) Hieing up i still the 7110st oulful way to go. Photo: Guy s Motil. The nowboarders have progres cd along with the nowboards.fobn Bing. That i the true pirit of nowboarding. the fir t lonely now urfer traveled from place to place.Pboto. to do om thing different to e ape from the boredom of ev ryday life. The fir t nowboarder had their roots in urfing and skating. to fly in the air. Thi part of nowb arding i till the mo t natural way of fulfilling the nowboarder' dream and de ire -to ati fy the pioneer oul willing to challenge the wild and beautiful mountains for a ingle. the pre ure goe up and relation between the team drop cIo e to the freezing point. to get away from skis and pole. but no ne ver a k why. hidden from the public ey finding fre dom in a world f their own. hiking up the lope where no one would go. While racing for the world title and a big check. It' becoming are pected port now. nowboarding ha come through many change .


(insert) Getting air i one oj tbe most seductive aspects oj nouiboarding.Racing (above) i a way oj lifejor many nouiaoarders tobo love tbe ru b oj pu bing themselves over the edge while trying to beat the clock and eacb otber= Jo e Fernandes. . Photos: Guy Motif.

and make it. There's omething comfortable about having a place where you snowboard all the time. People arc everywhere. you can see the action going on and on ahead until the ide of the natural haIfpipe disappear. you cro from side to ide of the track. you fallon your back in the snow next to your friends.lalom race through the trees. Zigzagging down. Opening a snow board magazine. everyone leapfrogs to stretch their muscle . wondering if you are a snowboarder. Everyone wants to know how long . with many mogul . and sharing stories. It' a challenge between the kier and snow boarder . slowing you down. The skie arc more than deep blue and the sun i bright. The skier are a bit shocked at seeing what now boarders can do. snowboard to the sunny sky. You flash through the cour e knowing you're the winner of your run. From then on. Up again and gaining speed. Back on the plain. All of you know it won't be as easy a powder but still fun. you relax for the long flight ahead. You try to get off early 0 you can e cape the crowds. Guided only by memory. Maybe even that helicopter trip will work out. running in between the trees next to it. Reaching the bottom. After making more arrangements for transportation. the person in the next seat interrupts. This time you'll take the advanced run. landing just in from of the for t where all of you have a mini. Sitting on the plane. You say yes and the conversation goes on the same way as it has many times before. Once down. all wiped out. then cutting down your speed by doing sharp edge turns. The next weekend is perfect. Sometime you go out anyway and lave your way up to the top with the wind whipping your face-s-not really knowing what drives you to do it.. It's chilly on clear days in the middle of winter. Following each other to an out-of-theway trail. you use the otherwise unused banked edge of the slope to perform many surf-like carves. The be t powder u ually fall after Chri tma . everythlng is et. Your friend flie over you in some tweaked position that looks unreal. There's nothing to say becau e you all feel the same-something ecstatic pumping in your blood. Catching air off the wall. you cut a downhill track through the cru r. your frozen finger try to buckle your bindings as fa t as po ible.. and 36Os. On the oppo Ite bank.. you fIy off a cliff. but still behind your friends. There's still time to take one more run. The trail narrows into a halfpipe. Once there. He's frozen there for econds before reentering. Friday cern endle at work or chool. After a while the local get to know you. A traveler's map of the best mountains is in your pocket. Knowing the terrain. Going there often gives you the opporrurury to ride different condition . Up at the top again. there are slalom poles set up by the skiing school.. You want to prove you are as good or even better than they arc. you'll die. The now is almo t ice. you are a part of the community and experience its special atrno phere. Many calls are made to friends to get phone number of their friends in the areas you picked out so you'll have a place to tay. Then the winter is at its peak. another of your friends i actually standing on his hand . You have a vacation coming up and feel an urge to check out other places. From late fall until the last snow. The now there i icy on top and ofter underneath. It's the time of the season for the best powder. you're thinking of the trip ahead-backcountry style. but it doesn't matter. The torm left fresh powder on top of a deep base. staring into the deep blue sky. different colored circles appear whenever you open it. you race to the bottom with 0 much peed that if you fall. During now torms. you sit around the big table at the local pub with your friends-drinking. breathing heavily. Early winter weather i un table and the now is always disappearing. Blasting some air off the moguls. . Then the day is over. hitting the branche and making harp turns to avoid lamming into the trunk . After a while. you stop at the lodge to rest a bit and drink omething hot so you won't freeze while Sitting stlll on the chairlift. you bail. talking about the day. the time is pas cd with long storytelling ses ion. Your friends got into town and it' a classic day for a snowboarding e ion. you're the leader. Tired to death. slides. Out in the open again.

20 .

It' like the endle wa e-it's a four-thou and foot great white wave. Bowl kating was my favorite. Canada "I was fifteen when I tar ted nowbarding. When there' good weather and good now. kled all my life-I was a free tyler.cott Downey. I've windsurfed. I was into it. The tricks every year are changing and evolving. Mo t of the times we g in group -it' safer that way. 'Yeah!" The Spirit of Snowboarding . and cratch a line down there too. weightl air. finding a pole and digging fora ki. I always bring my board Out. that's the most fun-the feeling when you finalJy get it-it' like. pole clinking ar und at your ide. 25 Silverthorn. And then to be able to go up on a hardpack day where it' all ice." -Eugene "Geno" Trinidad. sharpen up your edge.interviews by kevin kinnear "] urfed and kated ince I was about fourteen. There are not too many people Out there.teve Link. 25 Calgary. Colorado . "I look at kating. The carve is more po itlve with all your weight on one edge. but I alway had trouble doing it. we u ed to build jump in the football radium and get enough peed t do back flip with a twist. The e halfpipes are a lot like kating-the arne moves. At night. Ride the bump r the powder in the backhill -you can do it all on a good board. The be t thing i the now conditions. all kinds of up ide-down maneuversheadstands." -Dan Donnelly. They have the arne type of fun people." -Don Smith. It' definitely going to be the mo t radical five year d wn the road. Vernon Washington "The basic attra tion i the ensation f urfing on the now. Thi one area i all fore t and it' the be t powder in town." . and no barding as being one. It feel a lot like urfing with your upper body leaning into it. 28 Rahway. The feeling i fluidyou're floating through powder a confident and so powerful with all that peed and velocity It' ju t a real high. I ju t like air. We hike right up the border of the ki area along the ridge a they can't say anything and ju t snowboard in the out-ofbounds area. It eem you can pull a little clo er to that edge and till orne out the other end tanding up. You can lean into turns and get down lower to the ground-feel the whole sensation more than in skiing. 26 Lake Tahoe. A lot of us were into bicycling. It' ju t a ru h trying to get big air. we'd hook a light on the car. and urfing. kating. surfing. Tho e day are buried in my memory as the funne t times. "I think halfpipe riding has got to be the mo t challenging. 23 Colville. There' a whole different feeling. I'm mo tly a nowboarder by pure heart. On kis.and competitions once in a while. I skated pr fessionally for Pep i Cola for about three years in the late eventie all over the East Coast. We'd go out and tie a rope on our car and find these ditche that would go for miles-it was like water kiing ramptyle. hand rands. It was perfect. Washington "[like backcountry nowboarding. California "Snowboarding is just 0 mooth-no edge clinking together. I skied for twelve years." -Dave Wallace. That wa the tart of the craziness. "I like nowb arding' ver at iiity. It's different-more natural. and plow thr ugh it all. "I just like to get off my skis on the powder day when it' really nice out. table jump. I did mostly free tyle. To be able to board in really cruddy now that' chopped up and lu hy with big h les in it. I was really into kateboarding and used to win cornpeuttons in Michigan during the late evenues. Doing tricks i the funnest. In high chool. you'd be walking up the hill. 20 Mt. When you learn a new trick. did aerials in bump . It' you and the mountain and that' it. ew Jersey "Iu ed to kl for 'even yearsracing and free tyle. It' not commercial.

California . It wa something different. tOO. uiitxerland -Jose Fernandes.' We'd ink down for four turns and wouldn't be able to breathe becau e the powder wa going right over our bodles.22 "It take a lot of practice. You're on the hill with a foot of powder making these thirty-mile-perhour carves through trees and then get air off a cornice-Yahoo!" teue Caballero. Idaho of the year. Before I tarted boarding. If it was a really bad run.1"1/1«' comhrnc» and C()II tlu: I'I (" 111"1' (JJ (0111/1('11/1(111 There is /10 'I'll qutte 111. I'd rather be on my board. 1liked going down the hill tanding ide way . "It's hard to explain. do what you can do. In powder. Washington (([ kateboarded for ten year and wa 'wi Free ryle hampton in 1985. "At the bottom we got pllt up. 20 Calgary. The pray wa 0 big that I had to wait a little bit becau e 1 was getting hit in the face. It' hard. I Coeur d'Alene. It' ju t the greate t sensation of crui ing aero the now as fast as you can go.'. It was about five-hundred feet of aU smooth powder 0 deep that we couldn't really see where we were going. 1 think I'll do bener. "The movement on snow is 0 fluid." "I've been skating since I was even or eight year old-I kate all the time. I tarred kiing when I was about three and skied for thirteen year. 1 Bellevue. It' radical-kind of hard to explain. water ki. but it' nowboarding. it's really cold." -Mike Jacoby.(01111" (I IJIIII'. we'd tick both arm traight up. It was really funny./)U Ill) \lIIUJ/l uitb . It got to where I ju t didn't want to go an more. I windsurf. NI. It's different learning how to control your snowboard. Baker there' a natural halfpipc. I never take my ki out when it nows anymore. It' real trange becau e I teach kiing and when it' solid ice I don't really want to be on my kis. 19 Garden Grove. I haven't skied since I started snowboarding-I can't even see myself Skiing-it look boring. I haven't. J wouldn't go out." =Damian 'anders. Then I aw orne guy jump off a chair with thl lirtle yellow board. I remember following mitty into it and by the ec nd turn." \l'Il'1 e t (. 'Let' wim to the moon . It' not like skating at all-even in the halfpipe. As on your face is wet when there' a minu twenty-five degree wind-chill factor. It' ju t like doing an air on a kateboard-it feel exactly the same.1/- e. California -Keith Wallace. and got a nowboard the next week." Oberbalm.'I" IIi(' jl'l'hllJ. be au e when I enter a snowboard halfpipe. I still ki a little bit but not very much anymore becau e snowboarding i so much more fun. a little bit of runt work-I do every port I can get into." -Mike Ranquet. pcc«. But now I'll take my snow board. I quit a oon as 1started now boarding four year ago. 11.1 '11111( ({III ({III . kydive. It was a whiteout."'I' aru! tasror II IIIii tln! course trot (o/. I've done a little bit of kating and a little bit of urfing but really not much to peak of. JUStthe edging. mluy and I found a section that was all roped off that no kier had hit yet.:1' cart i"~ /t/. 23 =Daue Achenbach. When it' olid ice. pat Mt.. everyone expects me to do good JUStbecau e I'm a professional skater. I think snowhoarding i really very irnilar to surfing. lyle-wise. It does not compare at all with kiing-the feeling i real different. and it's a totally different sport. California (1111' Iltllll -Kerri Hannon. went over to talk to him. nellllis Sazw 1 (01)(1l'£') ('(JIIIK IIII' II too hurd '('tl"I'111 111. I like hitting the jump on the powder run. It' a different feeling. we'd tick one arm out and ne straight up to make an L. 23 'anfose. kied ince and don't regret it at all. The only difference i that the mountain i a bigger wave.'l. ..<. It' aU in learning how to control your bard. but b th of u were wearing purple SUiLS and could till ee each other. 1 kied for about four year before I nowboarded." - "My dad u ed to own a real mall ki area and would lOW me around in a little backpack when I wa two. 0 we tarred doing semaphore ignal . I've kied since I was in second grade." "One day at the beginning "I've skated about five year. Canada Tb« Ihrit! (1 rO'-1II1{ 111. 0 I like to try to convert a bunch of my kating moves to nowboarding and vice er a. We were going so fast and laughing Oul loud to our elves urrounded by all this now and li tening to the Door really loud on hi tereo. I like the way the nowboard can handle different conditions and you feel comfonable on it. Colorado "I kied for eight years. Anyone who knows how to control their board will do good. You can be free to get that board (Q go wherever you want (Q go. now boarding' a pleasure. it' the same as kating in the air. 25 Breckenridge. 0 I'm ju t going to tart practicing more and get to know my board. It' a lot faster than skating. After a really good run. kating i 0 much different. People say it's like katlng and urfing. he was just laughing. tlut! I> nu» "1111/11" "I've been kling since I was four. "I like catching air-just tweaking em.:ill~ t' IIIIe 1'1 <'ITIII/IIK 1IIa}. Then I thought that was as far as 1 ould go and quit skateboarding and started nowboarding eriou Iy-g ing (Q competitions and everything. 18 Grass Valley. 11. there's nothing like it. You have to experience it to know how it feel.


" -Dave Dowd. kiing is related in a way becau e it make you knowledgeable about the now ccndiuons. and ki race like a maniac. 24 Tahoe City. just total control. It reminds me a lot of surfing-especially in real Light powder or any kinds Of bank. 2 Plainfield. Moguls are really fun. I wouldn't know how to put words to it. California tional when you carve turn . -Chris Karol. it's kind of like floating along. I'm till green. I'd say it's a real radical. no matter how good you were. I was always jumping and turning and pivoting my knee -with a board it seems like you flow more. When [ would go urfing. Vernon. Vermont Prubmann. I just did a lot of kateboarding. Colorado -Phil Aupperle." =-Euan Peen. ew Jersey "I've been sn wboarding for about seven years now. Washington "lVhen we fir t started snowboarding. Then I ju t dropped out of the sport when Ir tarred going downhill. I like the fact that you don't have ·ki poles-I think it' afer than skiing. peaking from my experience with kung. The feeling is really cool-especially on powder. kiing eerned to be too much rep-and-rum. I like the fluid feel of it more than kiing. I lap my board around the rums=not ju t let it do what it want . but riding in the e halfpipe and catching air i what really thrill me. I till have the feeling Idid when ] fir t started snowboarding. Ididn't really ski a lot. Colorado "Nosediuerfarosz. 2 Mt. it's similar to that in powder-a powder wave. Canada "It's similar to kiing in the ilent rush of the now and wind going by you. 28 Calgary. and that helps. The feeling i a free-floating explo ion of rhythmic energy-and it' fun. I kated vertical and my basic problem w I could not progre S be au e I had a fear of falling. California . You have the en arion of motion. Washington "Being a kateboarder. unle s you knew omeone. you ju t make it carve. I'll trade a day in a halfpipe for a day of powder any day of the weekcan't get enough. You feel good when you see omeone that used to ski going boarding. You go down and up and down and up. you turn people on to it. aggressive." -Jeffrey a different kind of person-the same kind of kid that is into skating. Even though I'm tanding ideway . I kied for even-and-a-half easons and really cannot ee my elf doing it again. "I just like free-cruising on the mountain. If you want to have sound piped in." Lincoln. Your ankle don't tend ro go off in different direction. I could relate to the snow. and kateboarded. It gives me a real fluid ensation. It's a lot like surfing. There' nothing like it when you're going through trees all alone Out in the wilderness. 'This is it. Powder i till my main thing. There are a lot more trick." -Craig Kelly. there were a few great waves. kied a lot and windsurfed-never urfed. It's kind of hard and jerky when you're on ice. That was a lot of fun just cruising big powder fields. When I was skiing. Or ju t kareboarding down a hill. It' ju t the feeling of catching air off a wall. I already had it clear in my mind exa tly the feeling 1 wanted to get out of alI the e carving sports. It' like talking sight to a blind per on. nowboard for yourself. I JUSt picked it right up. that helped me out a lot. When you ride. but I have the rno t fun in the halfpipe. Being a kier. It was nice to hike up a pas and there would be no one for miles and mile .' 0 it took twenty-some-odd year to get the ab 0lute ultimate carving experience. Washington "I skateboarded. not for fame or money or to impress someone el e. fast ensation. 24 Boulder." -Terry Kidwell. but for me it ecrns moother than skiing. There' nothing like a good carve. kied for fifteen year -was a ski instructor and everything. It's freedom-there are no re trictions there. 23 "BMXhelped me out-ju t the feeling of catching and tweaking air . never got too terribly good at that. I did a little bit of riding BMX in halfpipc too.24 HI katcd for fifteen year . there wa no way you could get into any of the good conte t or get sponsorship. other than it' a whole lot of fun. trees and stuff Like that. It wasn't until Igot metal edge on the nowboard that I finally aid to my elf." • -Tom Sims. I like real steep powder. but I had big troubles with my knees 0 I stopped. surfed and skied before that. Now I nowboard-I get about ixty day of snowboarding in a year-work uck . I race mainly for the money and my pon or now. If you just want to kind of let your mind go and have it quiet. Once you get the hang of your board. Every board' different.ju t 0 I can get in the air. Knowing the snow conditions helps. I've been into now kiing since I was about eight and tarred racing when I got Out of skateboarding. I can do a lot of trick that I can't do on a vertical ramp when I'm skateboarding. and we'd go out and make a day of it. 23 Bou tder. ince I've snowboarded. Otherwi e it' ju t indescribable. "I would ay the be t feeling is passing skiers going down the moguls-just the expre ions on their faces when you fly by with two free hands 0 you can wave to them and mile. When I'm doing a lot f free riding. it wa all powder so it was a lot like urfing. "With kiing." -Ken Achenbach. I've tried urfing a few time. All you hear is the ound of the snow going by. 37 Santa Barbara. You can approach terrain in 0 many different ways." "It attracts '1competed profe sionally in kateboarding from when I wa eleven or twelve until I was about fifteen. It' good training f r lalom and G bccau e you learn how to ride on the edge and keep your line 0 you won't be Iiding and making double turn . it feel like I'm skiing when I'm going down a groomed lope." -Ricky Manchester. urfing. being able to work in one fluid movement. It's JUStunreal. California -George Pappas. 15 Seattle." -leffFulton. but the experience was pretty horr-lived. I have a lot more freedom with snowboarding than with skiing. Not nece arily halfpipe .' -Bert LaMar. and have been riding nurfer and nowboard ince I was twelve. 23 Calgary. 23 ew Hampshire '1u ed (0 kate a Jot. you can alway wear your WaLkman. 22 Newport Beach. I never could really give a bottom turn everything. you can play with it. It's ju t sen a- "Snowboarding i the feeling I've been looking for ince I was riding kateboards in 1961." "Iskated for about four year. snowboarding ha been more open. I've never had any problem with my knee. really. Canada. And that's what nowboarding is-the carving experience taken to the ultimate. lean-and-carve. there's really nothing like it. but I'm wanting to get iruo the green room. There would be three or four of u . 21 Mt. I'd get about five bottom turns and that' it. Iskied for a long time and after a while that got old. That's what we really got into the first few years. but it sure has changed-the ensauon of floating. I've pretty much given up vertical kating and can do all my kate board trick now in the now and don't get hurt as ea ily. you can get in ome good layback and mega-air. step-and-turn. Vernon. whereas snowboarding i more lean-and-carve. Then I got into now boarding and it was a perfect cro over between all the e different ports. Up until now.

and tbe ultimate reality for nowboarders like Terry Kidwell.Photos. Guy Motil. Bert LaMar. Tim \'(Iindell. (right) notoboarder. .oaring tbrougb tbe air uibile tweaking outrageous maneuvers untb ease (above) i tbe ultimate dream for many. (left) Bumps combine tbe peed of slalom witb the fun of freestyle. In ets. are stoked even uiben they're down.

Th.. natur.".rplpe th.rt...1 qu.ocI.ln I••••• ntl.1 for .t 'ormeet lust out of bound•• t Sun. rl.ht t.hln.ttlng . .lr. J•• n M. In Banff..lton flipping on.. •..


But there is a big difference between lifting a few inches off the ground and tweaking a fully contorted maneuver while soaring six feet up.. re .. Those who can... and those who can't. Whether doing them or iust watching....... iumps. cornices. Snowboarding is one of those rare activities where this fantasy can be realized. Aerials create a feeling of absolute freedom. .. Whether launching off cliffs.. ~ . . no one is immune to their spell..InK i II 1/ LYINGis mankind's primal fantasy. Most snowboarders consider aerials to be the best high..... fly. Almost anyone can get air.... b. banks........ or the lip of a halfpipe. THE OUTER LIMITS ARE CONSTANTLY BEING PU!iHED BACK BY DARING PILOTS LIKE CHRIS PAPPAS.. bumps. the sky is the limit.. once in the air. dream about it.. WHO WAS BLOWING A FEW MINDS WITH HIS BARREL ROLLS AT BRECKENRIDGE.





...... .... " " " ....



............. Over twenty years of being involved with snowboarding has given Tom a unique perspective which he has documented with photographs....... scrapbook The name Sims is synonymous with snowboarding...... Tom Sims has been one of the leaders of the sport.. Weasked him to share a few personal favorites from hi collection......... Ever since he made his first "ski board" for an eighth -grade project while living in NewJersey back in 1963........ ....... 36 ..

" "I was trying to get the ultimate shot of a guy doing a backside air. because he didn't hit the spot we marked with a dirty snowball. Shirley Jones. We got it. I gotta go to lunch. 'Shaun. is one of the hottest guys up there. This was during the big shindig on closing day in 1986. 'Really?' and ran back up. I knew it was out of frame and figured he'd ride right over it. John Grieber. I couldn't believe the dirty snowball was in the frame. "When I got my slides back. I knew that if I made a white snowball.' After that Shaun treated us all to a thirty-dollar lunch. that was unbelievable. I laid another dirty snowball right on the spot where he was to hit. 'That's it.took the photo of me and my fiancee Michelle. he'd never see it. 'Shaun. Our spirits had been finely honed after a few hours of partying. I'd been shooting with Shaun Palmer all morning and he was exhausted.' Shaun said."MY favorite ski area is Jackson Hole." .' So I said. He took a run. Shirley's son. Youcan see it under the nose of Shaun's board. Shaun wanted to split because he was tired and hungry so I felt it was only fair to flow him a ten spot to hit it one more time. The mountain marketing director. I popped the shot and knew I didn't have my focus right. "Then he goes. He hit it and I go. I need a twenty-dollar air.


it's a lot easier to get a bio shot like this one of Craig Kelly." 39 . and in the middle is Joel Gomez. Terry Kidwell is on the right. Shaun Palmer is on the left. These three continue to be some of the most influential snowboarders in the Tahoearea. When it's sunny and the walls of the halfpipe aren't icy."THE Wolf Creek Contest in 1987 had the best halfpipe of the season. who owns Sessions. Everybody was raging." • • • : " THIS is the classic Tahoecrew watching the halfpipe action at the 1987 World' in Breckenridge.

link was a four-year-old baby and I'd have to make sure he didn't drown." tfo . We'd have to ride the powder in the woods early. It was pretty funny when we crossed paths years later and he had already become a hot snowboarder. He was considered one of the top guys in Colorado and I barely beat him. at the Sugarbowl Ski area. It was truly a non-existent sport. "This dates back to the days when there were no snowboards on the market-zero. and I really like his style. They lived around the corner and would come over to go swimming in our pool back in New Jersey. I didn't see him from the time he was four or five until I bumped into him at Berthoud Pass at a contest. Rob won the World's and the National's the last year hewas a junior. Corporation had already taken the Snurfer off the market and there were no other snowboard companies. This was the board we marketed as the Skiboard with the lonnie Toft skateboard deck on top. He actually started Snurfing in Michigan when his family movedthere. lonnie was endorsing that model and helped me with it. I always schedule Rob any time we are going to go shooting because he's fearless. lonnie and I were test riding a new binding strap. He's totally bionic. He'll be one of the top pros. he was trying to get his heel to be held down with a bungy cord." "STEVELink. and when it got soft about eleventhirty. We were up there in spring snow and would get out in the morning when it was all icy and just slide out.E. we could finally come out onto the open slopes. This board had his experimental fin. I used to babysit link when he was a kid because his parents and my parents were friends.• • • • • • • • : • • "ROB Morrow is one of the most underrated boarders. April '85.M. "It was about. J." "NOW this goes way back to the mid-seventies-lonnie Toft during an Rand 0 session at Mammoth Mountain.the time that I decided that we just had to abandon this type of construction and go to something that was going to work on the hard-pack. We had no problem snowboarding there then.

I'm grateful that Steve did that part. This was when we were all riding the newer boards. I knew that if I went over there by myself. I could get all the surfers turned on to snowboarding. I invited Steve to go to Vail with me to film the Willy Bogner movie 'Fire and Ice. So hats off to the skateboarders who don't have the vanity problem."THIS photo's a classic of Steve Caballero at Slide Mountain near Tahoe in '81-'82." r by Tom S i m s. Caballero liked the super-lightness of our older seventies model. I like this photo because it's a microcosm of the early Tahoe days-a few skate rats coming up and hanging out with Mike Chantry. '/1 . Terry Kidwell. Tahoe is still one of my favorite areas to ride and shoot because there are so many cool secret spots." "SCOTT Downey with a classic layback at Breckenridge in '87. Scott is a real shredder and a real stylist. But right now some surfers are chicken to go snowboarding 'cause they don't want to be kooks all over again. Allen Arnbrister and Bob Klein. So I took link over as the death squad man and sure enough. they'd want me to jump some gigantic cliff and I was going to disappoint them. so he still bummed around on that because he could move his feet around. "Steve was always willing to go for the mega-air. He's the man to contact if you want to learn how to do a layback. so that's how I got him into the James Bond movie.' This photo was taken during that shoot right by Vail Ski Area. he did the huge jump in the Bond movie and took me off the hook. This ought to get surfers excited-if this was back in the larry Bertleman days." "AFTER the contest.

July 17. . "Hey chick.ummer seemed endless. The snow melted much too fast and waitressinq in the local restaurant was bumming me out. ~ At exactly one o'clock in the morning. but every night all I could dream about was snowboarding. Mountain biking pacified me during the day. what's happening? Are you coming to Europe for Jose Fernandes' summer snow board camp or what? The first two weeks were washed out by floods but we can make it for the last two. the phone woke me up. " The next thing I knew I was on a plane with Lori Gibbs headed for Europe.

Craig Kellyflying at tubai Glacier in Austria. BY K ERR I HAN NON . Photo: tefan Fiedler.

then Bert LaMar and his girlfriend. a skateboard. Eveline would either plan an activity or we'd watch videos. (What's a vacation for if you can't take all your toys?) We brought our bikes. ~ Sunday. Photo: Stefan Fiedler. I volunteered to ride the train with our bikes. If conditions were favorable. Everyone hoped to make it up to the mountain on time. Mylene Ducloz. shocked to see our pile of stuff. ~ ~ We split into three groups. ~ That night Jose held his first meeting for the camp in three different languages so we all understood the planned activities. ~ At first there were more Americans in the lobby than any other nationality. Photo: Kerr. escorted by the instructors. Only afew. French. he discovered a major crevasse right at the finish line. During that time we learned how to get around on our bikes and dodge the street trams. BMWs. ~ No one wanted to ride the bus. Jose couldn't believe how much baggage we had. at five 0 'clock in the morning we attempted to depart for Austria in a friend's car. which Bert had warned us about. tried to hold their camp two weeks earlier but had to be flown out by helicopter when the town was flooded by heavy rains. VWs.• we arrived in Zurich. train until noon. Kelly [o Leqaz. Hannon. (top left) Lori Gibbs reappeared in Europe 10 stay. Breakfast was from seven to eight o'clock. (top opposite) The French Women's Champion. Bert would lead them for a few runs down the hill. Photo: tefan Fiedler. made it up the first day. Peter Bauer. Lesa Klein.~s. ~ Craig Kelly coached the racers. In the ev:::. They were. They had to leave all their belongings behind and were just now recovering them from the hotel. Craig and I set gates according to which course we felt like training on. and Italian than English. If not. arrived at the Fernau Hotel in Neustift. August 2. ~ Snowboarders who wanted to learn freestyle went with Bert. The halfpipe surface ranged from solid ice to very soft slush. ready to play. Craig Kelly and his girlfriend.A . Laurie Asperas arrived with Donna Carpenter and Marianna Fruhmann. - . so everyday after breakfasl the scramble would begin to find people with cars. That was one obstacle we didn't count on. E:. Beginners were taught by Jose. Switzerland and were greeted by Jose Fernandes and Bert LaMar. After their first lesson learning the basics. but we all had one thing in common-snowboarding. (above) Kerri Hannon preparing to defend her title with a preseason tune-up. with all of our belongings. appeared. and then have free time until dinner at seven. One morning when Craig was setting up. vans and motorcycles departed for the drive up to the base of the mountain that took twenty minutes-sometimes thirty if we had to stop forcows or road work. After a while there were more people speaking German. By late Sunday afternoon Lori and I. after a lot of near misses and one hit. Then there was the gondola ride 10 the base of Stubai Glacier that lasted another Iwenty minutes. We would meet on the mountain by ten. they would practice in the ::!Jiipe. having fun in the balfpipe. (top) The crew. Eveline Wirth. ~ We spent only one week in Zurich before leaving for Austria and Jose's snowboard camp. Alfa Romeos.44 ourleen hours afler taking off from L. Porsches. ~ Jose and his partner.r. and Lori's wardrobe just in case she stayed for the winter. The course was moved while a snow cat came over and filled in the crevasse. afew snowboards. Of course all of it didn't fit in. they struggled to ride the Tsbar to the top.:e and Micke Frueh.

Two hours were usually enough for the beginners. or a duffle bag. We had a photographer come up and take pictures of the pros in the . Tsshins. Thur days were race days. The pros would practice more on their own. ate lunch. The racers. usually in the halfpipe. even if they took a wrong turn orfell. We would do whatever felt good that day-whether it was setting gates and making run after run or riding the halfpipe. while [o e took off to go parasailing. It was more for fun than competition and gave the beginners a chance to race for their first time. Visibility was poor both times. prodded by their screaming coaches. and then everyone was left to do what they wanted for the rest of the afternoon. There were beginner and pro divisions. yet not enough for the pros. The beginners watched the pro and the pros studied each other. were constantly doing drills. After race day. Bert was the race commentator for the first week and had us aI/laughing so hard-even if the snowboarders didn't understand English.I 1. The cour e was set so everyone could make it down. Winners received trophies along with Swiss chocolate. The beginners and race days were Videotaped and played back in the evenings along with Jose '5 sus] and snowboard videos. the rest of the week became more fun than training. they understood Bert. e trained until noon. The [reestylers practiced trick after trick while being spotted by their specialty trainers. Our snowboard camp was definitely laid-back compared to the intense training camps for the freestyle skiers and kamikaze racers who shared the glacier with us.


h. The next group was smaller yet more personal. Rain started pouring on the last day. There were no qutters. jaggertea. efore we knew it. The crazy Italians also left along with the wild Frenchman. The pros focused mainly on riding the halfpipe. our last meal together. half had finger holes and half didn't. It was their only night out and they dressed as if it were Mardi Gras. Laurie Asperas returned to southern France. ~ Dittman.faces. Photos: Stefan Fiedler. and a couple of girls painted their bodies. Bert LaMar and Lesa headed for Greece. Everyone had more fun playing pin- and Eveline added a second session to t e camp because the first two that were scheduled had been cancelled by the Jlooding. . we went to a mountain house overlooking a spectacular wateifall for dinner and drinks-Glue wine . Gerd Elfgen of Elfgen Technie also demon trated his lonqboardinq skill. "!:.. Then Wolfgang from KoJiach arrived and everyone headed for an evening at the local bowling alley. the balls just bounced off the wooden alley walls. Saying good-bye was sad. steam or auna room. ~ In the middle of the week. Camp was over as soon as we retrieved our equipment from the base of the glacier because the river was threatening to wash out the road to town again.~ Bowling in Neustift was like nowhere else. jean Francois. and even most of the beginners attempted it before the session was over. Some painted their skiers. and our European friends will be there to cheer us on. they shot theirs. Because there were fewer snowboarders. they both laughed after recovering from the jolt.. minorities among the ski racer Some of the snowboarders were also avid skiers.t really made some heads turn-especially the photographers: ~ In the evenings we would head for the hot tub. the first week's session ended. ~AI/ during the camp it rained and snowed. The bowling ball were mailer than those in the U. But we knew we would meet again this winter for the contests. showed up with his skateboard and decided to do a few tricks late one night. and an after-dinner special of potent schnapps served in shot glasses. The Europeans usually sip schnapps because it is so strong. The pins were carved of wood with strings attached to the top in order to reset them. Everyone danced to punk-rock music and got along great. the beginners benefited from getting more individual allention. Bert distributed Zinka to everyone. but before anyone could tell Craig and Kelly [o. Speechless at first. Titus of Titus Skates. We shared something in common-being crowd. who painted his face every mo~nin Zinka as if he were working at the circus with jose it funny to raise the pins before the bal1 reached them. The pin-sellers-whoever had their hands on the controls-thought setter than bowling. e . ~ Eveline arranged our first excursion to a European disco with the freestyle halfpipe. The presence Ofthe World Champions really added to the value of the camp. ~ Everyone met in the hotel restaurant for Bert laMar (left) taught the free tyler and Craig Kelly (above) was tbe racing coach. The Americans quickly learned about the European style of bathing-the Americans wore suits and the Europeans didn't. with occasional sunshine.

/ Dana Nicholson Photo: Yasuzi Sasaki .

5 now life .

50 .

Michi Schoberl Photo: Stefan Fiedler Jim Zellers Photo: Larry Prosor .

Brian Harper Photo: Mark Zemnick .

SNOWLIFE Sonny Miller Photo: Allen Carrasco 53. .

l_ 1\ 1- ,1- () \\1 S1~() ........................
World Champion Craig Kelly, Kerri Hannon, Mike Jacoby, and Brad Ree er hav all joined the Burton Team after lengthy negotiations with Paul Alden. Burton also scored Suzuki as a pon or for their big d mo tour. Th t am will be driving Suzuki Samurais with rag tops paint d to match Burton' Safari nowboard. 1986 Women' World Champ Jenny Hahn will be joining the Burton tour and competing again this year after a erious knee injury prevented her from racing la I eason. Funky nowboards ha invad d th U. . from Europe and hired Chris Karol to be their new marketing and race director. Chris took a trip to Italy to t t board and check out the gigantic Funky factory. He has also switched to u ing a new flexible binding ystem for hard boots called the Snowboard Precision System (SPS). Barfoot i fielding a radical crew this ason-Ken and Dave Achenbach, Don Smith, Corey Longewar, Karen Leser, Keith Kimmel and Evan Feen. Watch out for th e guy . The long-anticipated expan ion of aki companies into nowboarding has begun. K2, Ro signol, and ailboard manufacturer Mistral all have snowboard on the market. Don Donnelly and !\farcella Dobis are already riding for K2, who developed their board with Gnu. All indication are that the big boys are testing the mark t b fore jumping in full force. Sims has hired Debbie Hendr-ickson to be their new pro team manager. An avid amateur bicycle racer, Debbie has skied ince he was twelve and competed in both freestyle and downhillonce bing clocked going 76 m.p.h. EAST Andy Coghlan has opened his own nowboarding shop called The Boarding Heuse in Burlington, Vermont. Chri8 Karol has also launched the Karol Snowboarding Center in Lincoln, ew Hamp hire. Burton team rider John Gernt is on hi feel again after being swept off his windsurf, r by a 26foot power boat off the coast of ew Jer ey in October.

Stowe, Vermont i open to snowboarding this year for the fir t time according to director Lowell Hart. towe may also join oth r ki areas like Stratton Mountain, Smuggler'S Notch, Pico, and BromJey in making a halfpipe. CALIFORNIA veral top now boarder dropp d by Tran World's offices in Ocean sid and went urfing. Legendary surfer! haper Donald Takayama 108Jled longboards to Kevin Ciampini, Karl Achenbach. and Kerri Hannon so th y could try riding waves. Ev ryone had fun in pite of the stormy condition . On another trip. Dave Wallace also got turn d on to longboard when he improved rapidly on a nine-footer after £lound ring on a friend' hortboard. They all swore they'd be back for more. Carlsbad clothing ompany Life' a Beach select d Calgary' Ken Achenbach and Don Smith to join th ir California crew of Todd Finney, Dana Nicholson, Jim Alesi, and Sonny I'liller. Which world champion's address is in care of a 7-11 in Tahoe? The be t news in California i that June Mountain i open for snowboarding. Southwest Snowboards owner Rob Kuehne has been working closely with general manager Kandi McCoy and pu blie relation director Robert Jewell to develop a program including a race seri and a permanent halfpipe. Snow Summit i also going to allow nowboarding for the first tim on 8Jl experimental ba i with orne r trictions, and MOUIItain High i also upposed to be building a halfpipe. COLORADO Steve "The Mi sing Link," "Linkman," and "007" Link i pumping out Summit Snowboards in, of cour e, ummit Count . He i engaged to b marri d 10Jill wanson this April in Minnesota. Boulder's Dave Dowd is now a dad. Congratulations. Paul Alden fiji d up a huge truck with board and boots and t up a d mo at Vail for top manag m nt and th - ski chool. Kerri Hannon and Da~d Alden instructed and their tud nts lov d it. Vail is willing to try anoth r demo in January b fore they make their final d cision on whether or not to permit nowboarding. Twenty people howed up from allover the country for the fir I PSIA Snowboard In tructional Clinic also taught by Kerri and David on December 8-11. It was a gr at succe and th y arc looking forward to more clinic later on in th year. Kerri aI 0 h Id a ra e clinic on the 15th and 16th of

December before the fir t race of a n w eri s at Copper I'10untain wh re h now works as Snowboard Supervisor. Copper is also suppo ed to b con tructing a halfpipe along with Purgatory. Gayle Guerin and Tim Windell have moved back to Purgatory aft r bing gone for the summ r. While vi iting Breckenridge, they joined Kerri Hannon and Karen Leser for some preason riding on man-mad now. Also taking advantage of the ituation were nowboards of the Rockies team members Brad Reeser, hawn Farmer, Zach Bingham, Steve VanderBeek, Reed Sal.her and Theresa Willett. nowboard of the Rockies owner Brent Reeser ay he just op ned up another now board shop in Fri co. Chris Forre t appeared in Breckenridge. AI 0 urfacing was Scott Downey, along with his dog Iider. colt i ready to ride the gr at white wav after spending the summ r working and urfing in New Jersey. Wolf Creek conte t director Mike Mayner has opened a new hop in Durango call d New Wave . Hays that nowboarding i finally gaining ace prance al ki areas in New I'fexico aft r m8JlY year of effort. A new instructional nowboarding video called "Snowboarding: A Visual Lesson" has been rei ased by Aspen's Jeff Grell and Chri topher Tribble. For more information call 303-945-1385. They have also been getting snowboarding on cable TV, including a pot on MTV, and a on hour program of th A pen Grand Prix of Snowboarding on Madison Square Gardens Network. NORTHWE T Craig Kelly moved to Bend, Oregon for the season along with his girlfriend, Kelly Jo Legaz, and Mike Ranquet, who is now riding for Sims. Craig will help Mt. Baehelor get their snowboarding program off to a profesional start. Dave Wallace, author of "How to Snowboard Born in the U.S.A,," founded the Northwe t nowboard A o c i a t io n (NWSA) thi y ar to be th governing body over eeing the Northwest Race eries which he i organizing along with Bob Barci and Jeff Fulton. Dave is al 0 teaching Snowboarding 101 at Ea tern Wa hington Univereity in Cheneymaking him po ibly the first official coil gnowboarding in truetor in th

CANADA Is Ken Achenbach going to marry Corey Longewar becau e h ' now a tewarde ? He can fly to Paris for twelve dollar and Frankfurt for tw nty. Ther might be anoth r c rernony be ide the award at The North American's this y ar, The other Achenbach brother, Karl, reports that Lake Louise i finally allowing snowboarding"experts" only for now. Lyon Mountain. a half hour out of Calgary, is making a halfpipe, po ibly spon ored by Coca. Cola and the noboard Shop. !\ft, Norquay al 0 opened up to nowboarding thi year and i suppo ed to hav the te pest lift ervice run in orth Ameri a. Marmot Ba in in Ja per i al 0 building a halfpipe - they ven have snowboarder on their bro .hure. Karl also caught ight of om vintage nowboarding on the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famou . Jon Boyer has finally learned a new trick but it's a secret.



EUROPE Laurie A peras ha been all ov r th continent bouncing from demo to amp to trade how. he did an unu ual demo tour for Burton in th United Kingdom on dry lop covered with a carp t of "dendex" (a broad wire me h base with plastic loothbru h-like bristle) covering old slag heaps left over from coal mine wa te dumps. A a re ult of a meting in Annecy, France, a new federation wa formed - the A sectatton Francaise du Snowboard (AFS). The group con i ts of a pool of snowboard manufacturer who repre ent 80% of the market in France and 90% of the top French racer , and is headed up by Gerard Rougier. 0 longer will nowboarder be called urfer in Fr8Jl e. The latest thing in Europ i coin-operated wax machines that you walk onto. Kerri Hannon, Brad Ree er, Craig Kelly, Mike Jacoby, David Alden, and Todd Van Belkum, pent Thanksgiving and the w ek after in Europe at Burton's Snowboard Camp at Stubai Glacier in Austria. They were all treated like royalty by Burton owners Donna and Jak Carpenter. The team was d finitely psyched up for the oming eason after the camp. Mike Jacoby return d home with tales of a m di val feat where the gu ts w re arm d with only knive and one of the our e w flying food.



, JOSE FERNANDES .····hy···k·e;;"/·h~'~';'0.;;..... ;
Jose Fernande i one of the best known European nowboarder. Hi popularity i due to his wild clothe, wi accent, and all the vi torie thi past eason thai hav placed him among the top pro performers in th world. Jose and hi girlfriend, Evelin Wirth, who is also a top pro snowboarder as well as a former World Champion freestyle skier, make up the wi s nowboard Team. Thi urnmer Jo e and Eveline h Id two ummer snowboard camps, one in Au tria and one in Italy. with participant from allover the and Europe. Born on March 7,1964, Jose i now twenty-three year old. H ha b en nowboarding for ven year and competing for thr e. His fir t onte twas th 1984 orth American nowboard Champion hip in Banff, Canada where he look a third place in G racing against the big name and went home a hero. His first board was a im, but over two year ago Jose was approach d by Hooger Booger to d sign and rid for them, and has ince built up both their name . After erving a thre -year bu ine apprentice hip, Jose worked hard at promoting hi nowboarding career and has been very sue essfuJ in gaining spon or . A complete li t would be 100 long, but 10 name a f w: Mitsubi hi


(car ), OakJ y (unglas ), Hooger Boog r (snowboards), Lowa (boots), Quiksilver (clothing), Reusch (gloves), and Inter- port. Thanks 10 hi ponsors' upport, ]986/87 was Jose's fir t full s ason making a living as a prof ional snow boarder. Jose started kateboarding when he was around tw Iv y ar old and Jaim d th wi Fr e tyl Champion till in 1985 before moving on to nowboarding. H has been surfing ince h was ixteen and has done om fr e t 1 kiing. mong the many ports he parti ipat in, on of hi favorite is para- ailing. It' like skydiving without the plane. Jo e was een man time at his camp in Au tria jumping off on of the high t mountain and gliding down 10 th hotel' parking lot in a rig similar 10 a parachute. In the '86-'87 race season, Jose claimed many victori including wi s nowboard Champion, World Champion in Giani laIom, and Ov rail Champion in the orth Am riean nowboard conI I held in Banff, Canada. After the 1987 World Champion hips held in Breckenridge, Colorado, the orth American nowboard As 0 iation A BA) held th ir fir t m eting, Jo e and Eveline w r among th Ii w invited. In the m ting it was d cided that a et of rul and formats needed to b drawn up in ord r to tandardiz race for a World Cup circuit. Jose volunteered to write the fir I draft and pent many hours preparing it. The fir t draft was ubmilled 10 the European and American nowboard organization and both groups greatly valued his idea. That draft ha since gone

through many chang s 10 borne th offi ial tandard for the World Cup of nowboarding. Thi coming eason Jose will probably be standing on top of many winner' platform . Whelher racing or organizing, h will alway b around nowboarding. Jose's motivation is easy 10 und r land, " All th pre ore, the paperwork, the letters J have to write, having to maintain the right image in order to get pon or 0 J can make my living-I'd rather do that than bitting in an office. That what pu he me 10 beat th other guys." •

Jose surrounded

by happy campers.


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Men's Amateur....A. NH (GS and Slalom) 30-31 Donner Ski Ranch.. or British Columbia to be eligible for overall championship title.~ Notes: 1.C.. MA Kissing February 6-8 Bridge... Plymouth. 234 February 13-14 Aloe-Up Snowboard Championships Crested Butte... Downhi I) Snowshoe..Hood Meadows. 2.. Because the 1987 qualifying events (Stratton and Breckenridge) for the 1988 World Cup events consisted of Men's Pro...S. Mill City.. ME 2nd Annual N/S Snowboard Bash North/Sout~1 St. Halfpipe) FEBRUARY 13 Mt. WA January 29-31 Mt. WI 19-21 20 Japan Open Championships HooDoo Challenge. The 1988 qualifiers and World Cup events will have only Men's and Women:S divisions.. U I (Halfpipe..... January 6-10 Zurs......... Aspen Grand Prix ~~en Highlands.. Bumps) 16 16-17 16-17 16-17 23-24 23-24 Angel Fire Snowboard Chalieng'!'l NM Quadna.. Calgary. racers must participate In at least three out of the four races. CO Greg Johnson (303)968-2882 February 13-15 February 20-22 February 20-22 February 27-28 February 27-28 March 5-7 Crested Butte.:64 March 10-13 Suzuki Samurai U.... CO January 3O-Feb... BaRer... and Moguls) Europa Cup.ltaly Paul Alden (303) 398-5. Bumps) Shred Camp ~en Highlands. JANUARY 9-10 Silverhorn .....m Lachlan Clarke (207) 236-2991 Steve Matthews 377-~iJ~ 26-28 27-28 AZ MARCH Ski Sunlight 5-6 GlenwooO Springs... BC.... CO Skier Services (303)453-2368 Paul Alden (303) 398-5264 NEW ENGLAND CUP SERIES February 6-7 Stowe VT Lowel( Hart (802) 253-7311 Ext.. Hood..... W.. linco!').. CO GS and Halfplpe Kevin Duncan (303) 247-9000 Ext...l ASPEN VALLEY RACE SERIES Every Thursday Aspen Highlanas CO Andy' Hanson (303) 925-5300 Ext. France Tim Strong or Bill Parsons (801) 394-3238 Philli Chenu~ Ken Achenbach 270-~'WlJ 786-~f28~ Kurt Hanlon Thomas Pajhe 697-~322 TimStr0"R 394-&~38 Jerry Kozan 252-~.S. Kim chafo1b~1 536-Y719 KazuoOgura (201-5~:J Brad Stewart (602) 526-3232 Tom Jankowski (303) 945-7941 Joan per~ (91 426-363 SteveKlmm (208) 786-9521 Jeff Grell 925-~~~ R. Eden. and fifth through tenth place results were included...INFO CALENDAR OF EVENTS WORLD CUP SERIES A four-event series with two races in the U. Canada Bob Barci (206) 641-5435 Mid-February and Mid-March pac-West( Snoqualmie Pass.... CA(Pro/Am.. All competitors must be current members of NASBA... Smith (303) 925-5300 BiIIWa~~er 572-~~ Beach Blast"_powder Mountain...... The format will be similar to the Alpine World Cup.. GS) 48-55-91~i{ . VA 87Jff66J 24 29-31 Ext 0400 NORTHWEST CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES (Must be a resident of WashIngton. Bellingham. 10 (Moguls Halfpipe. the best three finishes will count towards the overall title.. Open Championships Stratton Mountain1 Burton (802) sea-aooo March 24-27 Swatch World Snowboarding Championships Breckenridge. NH (Dual Slalom) Hokkaldo.. Snoqualmie Pass. 270 JUNE MOUNTAIN SURF SERIES January 10 and 24 February.. Plymouth...... OR .. CO Vernon Valley/Great Gor~e NJ ParK City.4 NH Kim Chappell (603) 536-171 ( March 6 New England Cup Finals Loon Mountain. Halfpipe. OR Howard Weiner (503) 223-0409 COPPER MOUNTAIN SKI AND SURF SNOWBOARD SERIES December 18 January 15 and 29 February 12 and 26 March 11 and 18 (Finals) Copper Mountain. UT Fortress Mountain... Halfpipe. Canada Camden.... 10 (Halfpipe. CO Jeff Kee (303) 349-2304 April 2-3 Rocky Mountain Snowboard Championships Copper Mountain... Master's Division Michael Mayner (505) 898-7872 February 6-7 The Pepsi Pro/Am Snowboard Challenge Purgatory. The competitors named are guaranteed entry positions in the first two World Cup events (Austria and Italy).:IS. WA Dave Wallace (50~) 684-4660 USSBA Snowboarding Camp Loon Mountain Lincoln....CA Ski Roundtop.. WA Bob Barc (206) 641-5435 February 27-28 (Finals) Timberline... Japan Fairfield Snow Bowl.. Mary's. Halfpipe) KazuoOgura (201-535-8) 463 Chris Karol or Andy Coqrlan 74s-66flj 19-20 APRIL 2-3 Joan per~ (91 426-363 12-17 (503) 342-5540 29North American May 1 Championships (Mgguls... 0400 Y. Japan 21 Steve Kimm Funky Snowboard Bash Tenney Mountain.. ~H Patti Edwards (603) 7~111 ROCKY MOUNTAIN RACE SERIES January 9-10 4th Annual Wolf Creek Open Wolf Creek. \. WA Bob Barel (206) 641-5435 or Joe DOCKery (206) 734-6771 Mid-February (Tentative) Cypress Mounlain. Juniors and Women's divisions.... 208 February 20 GunstocK NH John Cardell (603) 293-4341 February 27-28 Nashoba Valley. MN Powder Mountain Amateur. (Slalom I GS. To be eligible for the overall World Cup title.. Slalom. Qualified competitors who do not enter either the first two events will lose their guaranteed entry for the third and fourth events (Stratton and Breckenridge) and must apply for entry Ext. GS. GROUP I David Alden Zachary Bingham JodV Borzilleri Noall Brandon Jeff Brushie Victor Coyne Todd Davidson Sean Dillard David Dowd Scott Downey Tara Eberharil John Flynt Lori Gibbs John Griber Gayle Guerin Kerri Hannon Brian Harper Mike Hayes Mark Helngartner Mike Jacol>y Chris Karol Craig Kelly Terry Kidwell Tom LaCrosse Bert LaMar Kelly Jo Legaz Shaun Palmer Mike Ranquet Brad Reeser Mike Reilly Suzanne Rueck Chris Roach Paul Tefft Beau Thebault Keith Wallace Mark White Tim Windell Jim Zellers GROUP II Laurie Asperas Tom Bockering River Brandon Tom Burt Matt Cummins Tom DeFrancia Marcella Dobis Tad Dobson Dan Donnelly Jim Easton Tucker Franson Jay Fulmer Jeff Fulton Jim Gardner Scott Godsil RandyGrunow Greg Hall Bill Rarris Charlie Henrikson Amy Howat Patrick Lanahan Brian Laroche Perry linquist Karen Leser lisa Lombardi Heath Maddox Chad McDaniel Chriss Molello Paul Parsons Monty Roach Tom Routh Damian Sanders Vince Sanders Mike Schultz Steve Smith Peter Solimene Bryce Spreecher Kns Soruit Craig Story Tim Strong Mike Tedesco Jared Thompson Todd Van Belkum Steve VanderBeek Rich Varga BobWhife 1988 WORLD CUP QUALIFIED COMPETITORS ~U. CO (Slalom...... GS. 1 Butternut Basin.. 7 and 21 March 6 (Finals) June Mountain. If you compete in all four races. In order to qualify for World Cup standings a competitor must enter three of the four World Cup events. CO GS. Austria Paul Alden (303) 398-5264 January 19-24 Madonna Di Campiglioj. At each event there will be winners In each discipline and an overall winner of the event.. NH through Group III.. All four events will be limited to 220 competitors.. Oregon. MA Pia Besnett (617) 692-3033 March 5 Tenney Mountain. Idaho.PA Gunstock... OR eGS. and two in Euro~..... all competitors with first through fourth.. CO Greg Johnson (303)968-2882 January 2-3 (Tentative) Ski Acres. Tignes..... Freestyle) Nagano...... CA Rob Kuehne (619) 648-7955 SUZUKI SAMURAI SNOW· BOARDING SAFARI DEMO TOUR December 19-21 Winter Park.. At the end of the tour there will be an overall World Cup Champion crowned. NY February 6-8 Mt. Halfpipe) 10-13 Donner Ski Ranch....) December 19-20 49 Degrees NQrt~ Spokane.. UT Snow Summit..... LaCrosse. CA 12-13 17-18 19-22 SilverhornJD (Halfpipe.S. Mt.


along with tho e u ed to sanction race in th . 32935 (305) 259h4804 Vertical Sports Inc. Th World Champion mu t comp t in at I ast three of the four race to re ive the title. Each country was allotted a certain numb r of spaces for th World Cup Race . Chri Karol.. and th total number of ompetitor for each race was tat 220. 80238 303-398-2246 .O. as well as r pon es from snowboarder in th .. fir t week of 0 tober. When the final draft was complete. Paul Aid n. and Europ who reviewed the first draft drawn up by Jo e F. Box 38836 Denver. met with the European nowboard As ociation. lalom. Jake Burton Carp nter. For further information contact: A BA P.S... rnande . to finalize the rule and formats for the World Cup races. and Kerri Hannon. JI tho e rid rs don't make it 10 th contest. The fee to join A BA is 20 the first year. in Zurich. Send check or money order (U. They fir t took into con ide ration all the input from thi meting. M n's and Women' . which took th m a day and a half. and $10 th cond year. many nowboard rs were in attendance.Info A BA BA (whi h r pia' A A) stands for orth American nowboard As ociation. Junior and amateur men may compet and retain their amateur tatu if th y don't a cept mon y.. x curive dir tor of A BA. Tom ims' d ign for a halfpipe was adopt d. EA.. Dollars) SIO BARRY 3447 Pheasant Ct.•.. then the open slot goe to group Ill. INC..•. and Europe. Bert LaMar Jim chre t. wilz rland.. A chart wa drawn howing how th World Champion was to achiev th title and the rule involved. The vents will b the am at each of th conte t : Halfpipe.. nlike th fir t meeting of A BA.K rri Hannon 62 • . patch. Mark H ingartner. and nowboard Downhill-a combination of Giant lalom and Downhill.including Tom ims. which include a pin. Rod R e er. It was d cid d to have only two division in the World Cup.. The debate on th proposals was endle until a elect group was appointed to draw up a final draft. decal. the competitor mu t also be a memb r of ither A BA or E .. ju t to nam a f w. Th Ii t of tho e riders cho en for Group I and Group II are automatically qualified to race in the World Cup. 4747 Pearl SIre' • Bould r Color<ldo • 80307 • WAVE RAVE 3034499550 Hlp Padding . Melbourne. In ord r to race.•. th Fl rul s were used wh r they applied directl to nowboarding. Craig Kelly. Dealer Inquiries Invited. CO CLOTHING BOULDER BOARDS. Paul Aid n took their ideas and que tion ov r to Europe to submit at the me ling along with a copy of th FI rule and formats used in ki racing. and member hip card. to whi h only a few were invited. Moguls.• _______ Waist Size $20 _____ State _ Zip --_I Foreign orders add $5 shipping & handling.

B. IS NOW E OF .C.... North Vancouver.00 for sticker and price list 92 Lonsdale... Dealer inquiries welcome SALES-SERViCE-RENTALS SIMS·BURTON GNU ·AVALANCHE Send a 1. Canada V7M 2E6 (604) 984·8559 .



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